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Chapter 68

They quickly traversed across a number of obstacles, before the sky had turned fully dark, and was just about to reach the tower.

Lu Chu couldn’t help but think that they had to rush around like crazy even when the game was set at an ordinary level; they wouldn’t even know what to do once the level increased.

Once they got closer to their goal, they could vaguely see the open doors of the tall tower through the gaps between the trees and houses, which wasn’t that far away. There seemed to be some sort of restriction on the pitch-black tower, and even when the aimlessly wandering monsters were near it, they still wouldn’t enter the tower through the door.
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“Guys, faster, we’re reaching soon!” Song Gui kicked a monster that came up to them, and encouraged the rest.

They made a dash and broke through. 7, Luo Qi, and Qian Zhen found it easier than the others, and 7’s breathing wasn’t even messed up. Song Gui and Lu Chu had a thin layer of sweat, but also didn’t have too much issues. Only Yuan Kejie was already tired. She was panting and sweating, but didn’t say a word and ran as hard as she could in order not to drag the others down.

Lu Chu calmly directed them in the direction they should run in, and finally led everyone to the tower.

7 and Luo Qi quickly cleaned up the monsters that surrounded the tower, and stood guard at the door to let the others pass through. Once Qian Zhen, who was the last, entered into the tower, they let out a sigh of relief. The tower was extremely quiet, and it was as if the chaotic roar of the monsters outside were completely cut off from them, and even if the tower’s door was open, they couldn’t hear it at all.

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Everyone stood at the same spot, panting.

While they were resting, the door to the tower slowly closed, and in the center, a table and six chairs slowly rose.

Upon seeing this, Lu Chu turned to look at 7.

At the beginning of this ‘game’, there were only five chairs, but now there was one more. Lu Chu felt that it was probably done by the ‘rule’ that 7 belonged to. As expected, it was really a ‘rule’ from the first ten, and it seemed to have more rights compared to a regular ‘rule’.

They looked at each other for a moment, then placed down their backpacks together, and each of them took a seat.

After they sat down, the middle of the table began to concave inwards, and slowly, a square game board started to rise, with many different symbols floating above it. At the same time, a dice appeared in each of their hands.

Song Gui had just came out of his previous state and said as he picked up the die in his hand, “Luo Qi threw it before, who should be the next one?”
7’s hand went down to the sword at his waist. With his head slightly lowered, his gaze swept across everybody, “whether it’s the case or not, we’ll know if we try.”
Luo Qi knew that this round had nothing to do with her, They kept in mind the fact that these monsters appeared when they landed on a normal square, and based on the percentage that the normal squares stood on the board, they would have lots of other chances of running into these monster, so figuring out their habits and weaknesses was a vital thing to do. so she took out her grindstone and started sharpening her shovel.

The others looked at each other, and didn’t speak.So, they packed up and made their way out of the secure villa. This time, their motive was to test out these monsters.

There were fifty-two squares in this game of real-life monopoly, and the further they went, the denser the black symbols above the grids were.

The throw this time was completely different from the first. Everyone knew that a dice had six numbers, and when they threw it for the first time, there would only be an equal chance of throwing into any one of the first six squares, and in these six squares, only the second one had a skeleton, while the rest were ordinary squares.

Now, they were in the third grid, and starting from the fourth one, the first three squares were ordinary squares, the fourth had a pink heart symbol, the fifth had two skeleton symbols, and the sixth had one skeleton.

Yuan Kejie asked, “one skeleton’s already that dangerous, then what about two? What’s the difference?”

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Lu Chu explained succinctly, “the difference between a normal difficulty and a hell difficulty.”

Yuan Kejie looked at the dice in her hand, and said worriedly, “forget it……”

All of them hoped to roll for something further, this way, there would be few rounds, yet at the same time, they wanted to avoid the dangerous areas as much as possible.

Qian Zhen hugged his elbows, “roll a four?”

Lu Chu looked at the Monopoly’s tabletop and thought for a moment: “actually, although it’s a good idea to aim for four, but I think it’s still better to roll a six. Although there’s a skull above number six, but if we look towards the at the back, we can see that the dangerous squares in the later parts of the game are getting denser. Some of them are even located straight in a row. This means that we’ll definitely throw onto the dangerous areas in the future, so choosing a dangerous area now could count as preparation for the future.”

After speaking, Lu Chu added, “but it’s better to leave hell difficulty alone first, best if we throw a six and four, or even one, two, three, as long as we don’t roll a five.”

7 nodded in agreement.

Song Gui placed his hand on his chin, and looked at the rest, “so, who’s going?”

Lu Chu said, “let’s draw lots.”

Everyone agreed.
Luo Qi and Qian Zhen luck was quite good when they went about searching for food, as they didn’t run into any monsters, while Qi Li only encountered two monsters that were sleeping in a corner.
Lu Chu took out a few wooden sticks, tied one of them in a string, then placed them in a cylinder and shook.Song Gui said, “throw? Who’s throwing? You? Not afraid of rotting your hand off?”

The five of them except Luo Qi drew one wooden stick at the same time, and Song Gui managed to get one with a rope at the end.Luo Qi waved her shovel around and said, “if it’s sleeping, wake it up. As for whether it’s afraid of the light, we’ll know once we throw them under the sun.”

Song Gui laughed, then threw up the dice and caught it. He said, “I’m going.”

The next moment, he threw the dice out.Yuan Kejie looked at the sun, then at the small and quiet town, and nodded, “we’ve been walking for a while, and so far, we haven’t seen any living people or monsters. Who knows, they might still be asleep.”

The dice hit the table with a crisp sound, then kept rolling and spinning due to inertia.

Everyone held their breath and stared at the dice, and even Luo Qi stopped sharpening her shovel, and her young face was filled with seriousness.

After a while, the dice stopped.

The moment she saw the number on the dice, Yuan Kejie took in a deep breath.

Song Gui leaned back against the chair, and had a bitter smile, “feels bad.”

Luo Qi scoffed, “trash.”

Lu Chu looked at the five dots, and sighed, “there’s actually some sort of joy, as if we’ve won a prize.”


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