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Chapter 69

Yuan Kejie couldn’t help sigh, “Song Gui, you can go and buy a lottery ticket. You perfectly avoided the two good choices before and after the hell difficulty.”

Song Gui clicked his tongue, “I am also very embarrassed.”

Just as everybody was sighing with regret, the little paper people that represented them moved five squares forward from the third square, and stood right under the two skeletons, which also started to emit a strange black light. At the same time, the same line of words appeared directly above the table again — Twenty-four hours later, the game table will appear again, have a good game.

Lu Chu also noticed that the number of these paper figures also changed from five to six.

Knowing that the game had begun, they immediately stood up to took their backpacks, and were ready to go.

The game table and chairs all disappeared, and the tower’s dark walls started to gradually fade and turned transparent until they fully vanished. The view outside started to clear up, with countlessplease read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this! flourishing trees slowly coming into view, looking completely different from before. Just before they entered the tower, the sun had already set. They had spent some time talking in the tower and rolling the dice, and it was now dusk outside.

It seems that the time of the fifty-two sqaures should be connected, but they weren’t located at the same place.

The tower was completely gone, and there were restless shadows in the surrounding areas. Lu Chu looked up, and he could only see a forest that didn’t have an end. The forest was deep and dark, as if it was the entrance to hell, brandishing its claws and teeth at them. The roars and howls of beasts surrounding them came and went; the sounds they made were intertwined, and couldn’t really be differentiated.

“There is no place to hide around here.” Lu Chu said after looking around.

They became nervous. This was a hell-level difficulty, and there was no place to hide. There were surrounded by trees, and to them, it reduced their mobility and made things very disadvantageous. This time, they didn’t know if they’ll end up meeting a monster similar to the one they had encountered in the previous square. If it was that kind of monster, although they were taller than ordinary human beings, but their jumping ability was shocking and they were very agile. Granted, they haven’t seen them climb much, but Lu Chu felt that this terrain would be very suitable for them to move around.

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7 placed the weapon in front of him, and slightly stood in front of Lu Chu. He frowned slightly, “it’s already dark, we need to find a place to settle down.”

Under such circumstances, if they encountered any danger, 7 would be able to deal with it and withdraw unharmed. He would also have the ability to protect Lu Chu, but now there were four other people around them, and with these people dragging him, he couldn’t guarantee that Lu Chu would not be harmed if they ran into a dangerous situation.

He couldn’t tolerate any possibility of Lu Chu getting injured.

When Lu Chu heard this, he also took his weapon and looked around. There were too many strange smells and sounds in the woods, which affected his judgement. After some time, he looked in a direction and said, “let’s go that way.”

Everybody else understood what his abilities were capable of, and when they heard his instructions, they immediately set off in the direction he pointed towards.

Everyone tacitly used the formation that had just used to evaded the monsters — Luo Qi, who was petite and nimble, led the way, her range of movements increased a lot in such an environment, and she went through obstacles very quickly. Lu Chu was behind her giving directions, while 7 was standing beside Lu Chu. Song Gui and Yuan Kejie followed behind them, while the tall and strong Qian Zhen was at the back.

The night turned gloomy, and the sounds of beasts roaring became louder and louder, going on and on.As this house was more remote, there weren’t many buildings around it, and Lu Chu had already confirmed that there weren’t the smells of any other monsters in the surrounding houses. Like this, after they carried out their plan to draw out the monster in this house, there was no need to worry that a chain reaction might occur from the fierce battle, attracting out the other dormant monsters in the place, if the monsters weren’t afraid of the light and were simply asleep but used to a nocturnal life.

After going forward for a while, Lu Chu said, “this is it.”There was some skill needed to attract a monster’s attention. If Luo Qi went, she might accidentally strangle the monster to death; Qian Zhen wasn’t nimble enough, and wouldn’t be able to accurately position himself. Like this, this difficult task could only land on 7’s head.

Everyone immediately stopped, and looked around.7 held the sword in his right hand, and entered the house with light steps. The others quickly got out of the way and stood on their assigned spots.

Luo Qi carried her shovel, and looked at the trees surrounding them, “we’re still inside the woods, there isn’t even a hut around here?”

Song Gui said, “we’ve been running for such a long time, and we’re still in the woods, so it seems that things like house really aren’t present here.”

Luo Qi rolled her eyes, “who knows which idiot was it that threw the dice.”

Yuan Kejie nodded in agreement, “this is really some remarkable luck.”

Song Gui had no choice but to admit that he was someone filled with bad luck, and because of him, the whole team fell into a relatively dangerous situation, and there could be a lot of unforeseen things that were likely to happen next. With this in mind, he gave a sincere apology, “I’m sorry, my luck’s too bad.”

At this moment, there was no use in complaining about each other, they settled down, and started to observe their surroundings.

Qian Zhen asked Lu Chu, “why did you choose this place?”

Lu Chu explained, “the sounds and scents of the creatures are relatively weaker in this direction, so there’s a small possibility of encountering danger. As for why we’re stopped here—” Lu Chu paused, and pointed in a direction, “look over there.”

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Everybody looked in the direction that he pointed to, and in the dark, they could only vaguely see that it was a huge tree.

While they were collecting materials, they couldn’t find a flashlight that could work, the batteries inside most of them of were broken, so everybody’s bag could only hold a few candles and a couple boxes of matches. The wind was blowing in the woods, the area that the candles could illuminate was very small, so they weren’t suitable for lighting up the area at the moment.

Yuan Kejie wondered: “what’s that?”

Lu Chu replied, “a huge tree, where the lowest branches are all at least five meters above the ground, and it looks relatively strong. So maybe, we’ll be able to rest on it, only, it’s a little troublesome to head over there from here, and it’s a little steep, so that’s why I told everyone to stop. ”

Yuan Kejie squinted and looked over, and still couldn’t see the gigantic tree, then she exclaimed, “Lu Chu, your eyes are very good, you can see so clearly when it’s dark. ”

Lu Chu was a little stunned when he heard this, but smiled and didn’t say anything.Soon, the roars of two monsters sounded one after another, along with the sound of furniture being knocked down.

“No,” Yuan Kejie suddenly thought of something, “I’ll make a torch first. A light to scare away the beasts is a necessity.”

Lu Chu looked at her and smiled, “you have so many skills.”They didn’t split into teams, as they didn’t need to worry about the sunlight-fearing monster doing a sneak attack, but instead, they went out one by one. After they collected enough items, they would return to the house they started out from, in order to maximize their effectiveness.

There were all sorts of things in their backpacks, especially Yuan Kejie’s backpack, which contained many things that everybody else couldn’t think of where they would be used, in addition to the necessary food and medicine. She couldn’t choose between them, so she carried all that she could on her body. At this moment, these things came in handy, and Yuan However, they didn’t stay idle, but instead, immediately separated the work needed to be done, and took advantage of the fact that the sun was still up and went all over to find useful items. The longer they played, the more and more dangerous this game of real life monopoly became, so they needed to be well prepared. Kejie first took out a few thin wires and a lighter, then took out a strip of cloth from her backpack and tore it into several pieces.

When Song Gui saw this, he leaned forward curiously, “there’s no gasoline or anything, how can you make a torch?”After ending this battle, 7 held his sword, and walked towards Lu Chu.

Yuan Kejie didn’t look up and said, “learn.”

After saying that, she confirmed the tools and materials she had, and took out a bottle of Florida Water1花露水, a cologne/ Eau de Cologne, that contains alcohol. .

Lu Chu couldn’t help but say, “you really have everything in your bag.”

Yuan Kejie was a little bit shy, “ah, there aren’t really that many things, just stuff that I think might be useful.”

If one wanted to make a torch, in the absence of gasoline, it could be replaced with Florida Water. Yuan Kejie picked up a wooden stick from the ground to act as the handle of the torch, soaked the cloth strips in the Florida Water, before using the wires to attach the cloth strip on the wooden stick, making a simple torch. The torch successfully lit up, and Lu Chu also stepped forward to help when he saw this, and soon, another three torches were made.

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“There’s only so much.” Yuan Kejie said regretfully, “there isn’t enough cloth or Florida Water.”

7 said, “I have good night vision, there’s no need for me to take one.”

Luo Qi also shook her head and said, “you don’t need to give one to me, I’m responsible for guarding and fighting, just lead the way.”

Nobody said anything else, and they started to move in the direction of the giant tree.

After climbing over a steep slope, they finally arrived under the tree. Lu Chu and the rest lifted up two torches, and used it to keep warm as well as drive away the wild animals. The fire was burning strongly, and just at this time, Qian Zhen’s stomach let out a sound, which sounded particularly clear in the woods.

Qian Zhen said calmly, “hungry.”

Song Gui touched his chin and said, “we have been moving around for a whole day too, it’s about time to eat. ”

Lu Chu looked at the woods around them, then glanced at the food in his backpack again and said, “we have a limited amount of food, and there’s no place to collect any materials here. Nobody knows what we would encounter in the next square, so we should save what food that we could.”

7 looked at Lu Chu’s fringe on his forehead, “I’ll go hunt.”

This square was different from the previous one, and it wasn’t lifeless, but there were traces of various birds and beasts, and in such a place, hunting was a really good solution to their problem of food and clothing.

Lu Chu looked at him after hearing what he said, and even though he knew that he was tough, he still couldn’t help but say, “be careful.”

7 looked at him, “okay.”

Luo Qi and Qian Zhen also went out hunting together.Like this, Lu Chu once again thought about the ‘infinite’ issue that Yuan Kejie had mentioned yesterday, and his thoughts started to drift.

By the time they returned, they all had a good harvest. 7 returned carrying a doe and two hares, while Luo Qi and Qian Zhen brought back two pheasants.There was only one Lu Chu that would enter his eyes. This Lu Chu was gentle, determined, had been through a lot of different hardships, but always gave a nice smile. A smile that could enter his heart.

Lu Chu and Yuan Kejie worked together to kill their food, cleaned it up, placed it to the side, and was ready to roast and eat it. Yuan Kejie looked happy. Just at this time, Lu Chu smelled a familiar stench.People with the same background, the same appearance, and the same starting point could go down different forks in the road at any point. The slightest error or deviation could result in a completely different future, and form a completely different life.

Lu Chu immediately shouted, “get out of the way!”

As soon as he said that, everyone else instinctively jumped away from their original place. At the same time, the sound of something landing quickly came from behind them, and because of its extremely fast landing speed, it brought with it gust of wind.

Everyone looked back, only to see two monsters standing where they just stood, with a smelly, salty stench emitting from its ugly mouth as its saliva dripped from its lower jaw.

The ingredients that they had prepared for roasting were trampled under their feet.

Yuan Kejie saw this, and instantly became angry as she roared, “fuck! That’s our food!”

She picked up the blade and rushed forward, and with a single forceful chop, beheaded a monster instantly. Immediately, her gaze switched towards the other monster, and her eyes were full of anger, “who let you touch my dinner, bastard!”

The next second, the monster’s arm was smoothly chopped off, and Yuan Kejie didn’t pause or hesitate as she swung her blade again. As it turned out, people could perform extraordinarily in situations of extreme anger, she was surprisingly flexible as she moved to avoid the monster’s claws, and her blade slashed at the monster’s other arm. Taking advantage of the gap between the dodges, Yuan Kejie waved her blade again and again, and each swing was filled with extreme anger and ferocity.

The rest of the team was frightened by her sudden outburst, and by the time they reacted, the monster’s four limbs were separated.

After the battle, Yuan Kejie wiped her face with her arm, pressed her lips together, and her mood instantly fell, “ah, what are we going to eat……”

Song Gui stood up and applauded, “this is the power of food.”

Lu Chu looked at the monster’s body which was still wriggling on the ground after it had lost all its limbs, and walked forward to add another cut, cutting off its head. He smiled gently and comforted her, “let’s eat the food we have in our backpacks first, we’ll replenish the supplies later.”

Just then, a withered hand burst out of the ground, and suddenly grabbed Lu Chu’s calf.

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