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Chapter 7 – The Senseless City (5)

Carrot was particularly sensitive to this pungent and bloody smell, and at this moment, was rubbing against Lu Chu’s trousers with his head. Before they went out, Lu Chu told him not to bark randomly, therefore, even if it was difficult to restrain his animalistic nature, Carrot still didn’t call out.

The man also didn’t make any sound, because he couldn’t hear or see, so he couldn’t judge the current status. If Lu Chu was afraid of startling something, and he spoke without carefully considering everything, it could only make the situation worse.

When he first received a whiff of that smell, Lu Chu involuntarily took a step back and pulled the man’s hand, slightly missing the little girl’s stretched out hand.

“Big brother……” The little girl seemed to be asking a question, and said in an innocent tone, “where are you?”

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The girl was very close to him, and according to the direction of her voice, Lu Chu was already able to determine her height — around his waist, and probably about six or seven years old.

“Big brother? I can’t see you……” The little girl’s voice sounded wronged, and she reached out randomly to grab, “where are you, I’m so hungry, so tired……”


While Lu Chu was thinking about how to talk to this little girl, a shout suddenly came from a place not that far away, and Lu Chu subconsciously pulled the man and took two steps back.

“Spurt–” The sound of a blunt object piercing into flesh rang, a warm and sticky liquid splashed on Lu Chu’s face, and at the same time, the little girl screamed.

Realising what had just happened, Lu Chu shouted at the newcomer, “what did you do?!”

“What did I do?” The man’s voice was hoarse and grumpy, “I’m saving your life!”

“Ah! It hurts…… it hurts……” The little girl’s sharp cry upset Lu Chu’s eardrum, Lu Chu stepped forward towards the direction of the sound, and wanted to help the little girl up, but was pushed away by the man with the hoarse voice.

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After being shoved, Lu Chu anxiously held the hand of the man next to him, and his voice was angry, “what on earth are you trying to do?”

“Trying to do?” The man’s volume increased, and became insanely shrill, “didn’t I tell you? I’m saving you, if it wasn’t for me, you! You guys! Will all be eaten by this little demon! Do you know what it means to be eaten? The meat on your legs would be torn off and eaten raw!”

Lu Chu’s heart felt cold, and the man’s words seemed to confirm his earlier guess.

hat would you be like then — hopeless, confused, or indifferent?

Just then, the little girl lying on the ground started to sob again, “hurts…… wu…… it hurts……”

“Not yet. After today, whatever you want to do, do as you like.”

Lu Chu squatted down. He didn’t think what a little girl around six or seven years’ old who had just lost her vision could do anything to him. In fact, the occurrence of this ‘senseless city’ didn’t have much influence on his ability to live, judge things, and even protect himself.

Lu Chu slightly lifted his head, his sightless eyes were covered with wisps of hair. After a few days, his cheeks had thinned and his face was a sickly pale, “you’re letting me go?”

Lu Chu softened his voice, “tell big brother, when did your Mama fall asleep?”

This was the eighth day the city became senseless.

He didn’t know where the man with the hoarse voice had hit her, and only knew that she was shouting that it hurts, “Mama, Mama’s been sleeping…… for a long time……”

When Lu Chu woke up, the man wasn’t sitting by him as he usually did, and there weren’t any hot meals on the table. He got up, picked up the walking stick next to him, and walked out of the bedroom.

“Did Mama say anything before?”

“Said…… said what……” The little girl muttered, “Mama said it didn’t hurt, said that she’ll find me food…… raw, can be eaten, very fresh and bloody meat, also can be eaten……”

Hearing this, the man with a hoarse voice rushed over again, but fell to the ground because he couldn’t find the direction. He was gasping, yet it was difficult for him to conceal the hostility from the bottom of his heart, “haha, how did her mother teach her, let me tell you. Do you find her pitiful? A small little girl…… hahaha……”

The man suddenly burst into laughter, then couldn’t help but cough uncontrollably, “cough cought! At first, I thought so too. This world has already become chaotic and it is not easy to survive. That day, this little girl crawled in front of my house. My wife said that since this world was already so chaotic, how could a little girl survive? So we let her in.”

“It was all good at first, but after two days, my wife died……” He fell silent for some time, and then suddenly burst into tears and growled out, “died? You say, you tell me, how could a healthy person just die like that?!”

“Then I smelled the bloody scent in the house, and when I touched my wife’s leg, it was covered in blood, and even the flesh was showing!”

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Hearing this, Lu Chu felt nauseated, and the extreme emotional discomfort instantly made his hands and feet cold, and the man who felt that there was something wrong tightened the grip on his hand and wrote a few words in his palm.

— What happen.

The people in this town have all lost their sight, so a little action like this would go unnoticed.

— I’m okay. Don’t worry.

“She eats people.” The man with a hoarse voice finally said these words.

“Mama said, it doesn’t hurt…… doesn’t hurt……” The little girl’s innocent voice sounded again, but it made people’s hair stand on its ends in horror, “people who don’t feel pain, can, can be eaten……”

“Hahaha, my wife lost her sense of touch, so even if her leg was sawed off she wouldn’t know!” The man yelled in pain, “do you think she’s still human?”

As soon as Carrot saw him, he came over. Lu Chu could obviously hear the sound of the man breathing in the living room, he leaned forward with his ears and asked softly, “are you there?”

The naiver, the crueller.

“Ha.” Lu Chu chuckled, “I want to ask you ‘why’ again. Ever since I met you, I seem to be always asking, ‘why, why’.”

The word “instinct” in an innocent person, expressed the original even clearer.

The man had been touched, suddenly woke up and sat up.

Lu Chu asked, “what’s the matter?”

“Hurts…… hurts–” The little girl’s non-stop cried suddenly stopped.

No one answered. Lu Chu frowned, groped towards the sofa, and reached out to touch the man’s cheeks. This was the first time he had touched the man’s face. The bridge of his nose was high and he had well-defined features; he must definitely be a very good-looking person.

“Dead?” The man’s voice rose, bringing with it joy and resentment, “she deserves it! Everyone in this world, should just die! Die!”

The man was already half-mad, muttering random words, then, he staggered and suddenly fell to the ground

“I should, die too.”

For a long time after, the man stopped speaking.

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Lu Chu stood at the same spot, and his heart felt tired.

Carrot nudged against Lu Chu’s trousers, and Lu Chu lowered his head, gave a slight sigh, and wrote on the man’s palm — let’s go.

Couldn’t hear, too late to hear.

Lu Chu didn’t say anything and Carrot kept running around him in circles. The man pursed his lips, and with a hand, knocked Lu Chu out. Seeing this, Carrot lowered his body and growled fiercely at the man, but became rooted to the spot because of the man’s glare.


The man neatly grabbed Lu Chu and lifted him up, stepped into the bedroom and placed him on the bed. He got up, closed the door, blocking out Carrot’s barking as he sat by the bed, staring at Lu Chu’s sleeping face without saying a word. “Fate? What?”

The man walked behind him, looked down, and said softly, “chaos, ruin, panic — until annihilation.”

Just a few steps outside the gates of the community was a large crossroads, and if he was right, that area should already be blocked.

Under such circumstances, Lu Chu didn’t dare to speak freely, because he didn’t know how many desperate people that were on the verge of madness were lurking about in unknown areas. Seven days — just a week, and the once peaceful town had completely disappeared.

If this was this so-called fate, then what was the origin of all this?

Because Lu Chu couldn’t see, he had always been receiving different gazes from others since he was young. Since then, his personality had developed into a more mature and stable one. Later, after his parents had passed away, his character had become even more independent and resilient.

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But this didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be afraid or confused upon encountering such a thing.

“Where’s Carrot?” Lu Chu changed the subject.

“Carrot, is there a way ahead?” Lu Chu lowered his voice and asked.

The man’s voice was calm, “regret letting me in at the beginning?”

Carrot barked twice, indicating that the road in front of them was blocked, and there was no way to go.

The first thing he thought of was these words.

The man’s tone was flat, like he was just conducting some business affairs, “no, this is inevitable, and you were just an accident. “

Sure enough.

Lu Chu shook his head, “there’s nothing to regret. You’re very strange, but even if I didn’t let you in, what was going to happen would still have happened. If you wanted to imprison me, I still have no room to resist.”

Lu Chu knew another path that twisted here and there, and even people with normal eyes would easily get lost. But for Lu Chu, who was familiar with every nook and cranny of this town, it wasn’t that difficult to use this road to go around the crossroads.

— Later, hold my hand tightly.

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— En.

Lu Chu took a step forward, but found that the man didn’t move.

— What’s wrong?

— When you enter the tower, you will know what you want to know.

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