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Chapter 70

Along with Yuan Kejie’s cry of alarm, Lu Chu immediately felt a pressure that seemed as if it was going to crush his bones.

There were still two lit torches, and other than Luo Qi and 7, the torches in the others’ hands haven’t been extinguished yet. Currently, Lu Chu was still holding a torch, and with the fire, he lowered please read this at the pot ato room for more bl like this!his head to looked at the leg which had been caught, only to see an adult-sized skeleton arm that had emerged from the ground, with mud-covered white bones, clasping one of his legs.

The skeleton’s arm had an extremely strong grip, and Lu Chu felt as if his leg bones had been broken, causing him an uncontrollable surge of pain. Lu Chu immediately started sweating, and when he was just about to break free, another skeleton arm emerged from the ground the next second, and caught his other leg.

When 7 saw this, he frowned, and instantly stepped forward then swung his knife. In a couple of swings, the two skeleton arms that were holding Lu Chu’s legs were cut off, and 7 gently brought Lu Chu into his arms, moving away from that stop.

Just at this time, Yuan Kejie suddenly shouted, “woah, lots of them are coming out!”

Straightaway, Lu Chu looked at his feet, and before they knew it, the original solid ground had become soft. The soil, the half rotten or dead leaves in the ground, and the animal carcasses were flipped out of the soil as the skeleton arms burst out of the earth one by one, wantonly waving around, illuminated by the fire; looking extremely eerie and strange in the night.

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After Luo Qi reacted, she instantly picked up the backpack closest to her, and used her nimble figure to quickly jump onto the giant tree, and climbed up as she shouted at them, “run, what are you standing about for?”

When the rest of them heard her, they quickly left their spots. Qian Zhen and the rest quickly followed behind Luo Qi and climbed up the giant tree.

Lu Chu’s legs had just been grabbed by those skeleton arms, and when he lifted his foot, every single movement caused him to take a slight pause. 7, who had been looking at him all the time, immediately noticed that something was wrong, and carried him. Lu Chu instinctively placed his arms around 7’s neck. 7 had great physical strength, and his breathing didn’t even get disturbed while carrying him. His movements didn’t slow down at all, and soon, he ran under the giant tree.

Standing under the giant tree, 7 kicked and broke a couple of skeleton arms that wanted to touch them, and placed his hand on Lu Chu’s bottom and lifted him up, as he whispered, “step on my shoulder and climb up.”

Lu Chu knew that he hadn’t recovered from the pain in his calf after being grabbed by the skeletons, he didn’t know whether it was a broken bone, which made his movements slow and inconvenient. Right now, making a fuss about it would only slow down the whole team, so he didn’t say anything else, and stepped on 7’s shoulder to climb up.

Lu Chu climbed up, and 7 followed along with his pace, so that he could have a place to put his feet at any time.

Like this, with 7’s help, Lu Chu climbed onto the lowest branch of the tree, which was a good five meters high.After Lu Chu collected another backpack full of items, and just was about to return, he ran into 7.

Although this branch was the lowest one,Lu Chu discussed with 7, and started to sort through the things that they had collected. Then, they started to think about the possible difficulties and problems that they might encounter in the future. it wasn’t the thickest and the most stable, and seemed to have been grown out later.

Lu Chu stood there and looked down.

As they needed to climb, they threw their torches into the fire, and picked up the nearest backpack before scaling up the giant tree. Currently, Lu Chu could only use the light of the fire to see the changes on the forest ground. From what he could see, the ground around it hadAfter arriving at the house, Lu Chu realised that only the two of them had returned. softened, the soil loosened with countless skeletal arms bursting out from the ground. The small trees and weeds that were growing around it were all mixed up and had sunk into the earth, leaving behind a vast expanse of brown land, with skeleton arms swaying and waving in the air as they let out ‘clicking’ sounds when crashing into each other.Both had them had already gathered their supplies, so they headed back together.

Yuan Kejie, who was on a branch above Lu Chu’s, couldn’t help but exclaim, “damn, it’s spectacular…”

Song Gui and Yuan Kejie were on the same branch.

When Lu Chu’s leg had been caught by the sudden appearance of a skeleton hand, Song Gui wanted to go forward to rescue him, but realised that Qi Li had reached Lu Chu’s side faster. He paused for a moment, before following Luo Qi and Qian Zhen up the tree to protect Yuan Kejie. Now when he saw that Lu Chu had difficulties in climbing the tree, he was a little worried, “Lu Xiaochu, are you hurt?”

Lu Chu raised his head and looked up, and saw Song Gui’s head. He shook his own and said, “it’s nothing much, I’ll be all right soon.”

Beside him, 7 raised his eyes to look up at him.

Song Gui rubbed his arms, “the tree’s a little cold, and the higher areas are colder.”

“What’s the situation below?” Luo Qi, who was beside Song Gui, asked.

Song Gui shook his head, “nothing much.”

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As they observed the situation below, more and more hands emerged from the ground, sticking out from the earth one by one as they set off a white wave.

“I can’t,” Yuan Kejie shivered, “my trypophobia is about to get set off.”

Lu Chu stared at the moving arms underneath his feet, then frowned, “they’re not afraid of fire.”

Below them, countless of white skeletal arms emerged from between the fires they made, and because of their large numbers, the firewood beneath the fire had been lifted up, scattering indiscriminately all over the place. Even though the fire on the scattered firewood was still going strong, and burned the white skeletons that were around it black in no time, the burnt black arms were still surging and waving, unaffected by the high temperature of the flames.

Seeing this, they fell into deep thought.

Yuan Kejie said, “this won’t be easy, I originally wanted to ask if they avoided the flames, luckily, they’re just on the ground, and can’t climb out.”

The rest of them also had some lingering fears.They quickly traversed across a number of obstacles, before the sky had turned fully dark, and was just about to reach the tower.

Just at this moment, a monster rushed over, and when it approached the white ocean, the monster obviously paused for a moment, then suddenly turned around and let out a panicked cry – it was obviously extremely afraid and trying to escape. However, the moment it ran forward, itsEveryone stood at the same spot, panting. hind limbs were seized by a skeleton arm. The grip of this arm was so strong that the monster actually couldn’t break free. The skeleton arm exerted some force again to directly crush the monster’s hind legs, and the monster only had time to let out a shrill cry, before it was caught by other arms that emerged from the ground. For a moment, the white colour covered the monster’s black body, as the dark and rancid black blood seeped through the layers of white bones.“Guys, faster, we’re reaching soon!” Song Gui kicked a monster that came up to them, and encouraged the rest.

The next second, something even more surprising happened. They only saw the arms that they thought couldn’t leave the ground continue to grow upwards, before finally and slowly climbing out of the earth.Once they got closer to their goal, they could vaguely see the open doors of the tall tower through the gaps between the trees and houses, which wasn’t that far away. There seemed to be some sort of restriction on the pitch-black tower, and even when the aimlessly wandering monsters were near it, they still wouldn’t enter the tower through the door.

With the help of the fire and moonlight,Lu Chu couldn’t help but think that they had to rush around like crazy even when the game was set at an ordinary level; they wouldn’t even know what to do once the level increased. after Lu Chu saw what the entire skeleton army looked like, his eyes widened in shock.

Those arms didn’t look like what a normal human would look like after they had stretched out from the ground. This didn’t not mean that their body was of another creature. On the contrary, judging from the bones of their torso, these bones did indeed belong to human beings, however, it’s just that their appearance was too strange.

Lu Chu thought for some time, before finally managing to get a suitable adjective to describe this – random.

That’s right, these bones were too random, especially their arms.

Although most of them maintained the original appearance of a human skull, spine and leg bones, the position as well as the number of their arms weren’t fixed at all. Amongst these skeletons, some of them had three arms on their legs, and when walking, both their hand and foot bones would support their weight against the ground together, increasing their speed. Some of them would have arms in their original positions, with an extra arm in front of their chest and another one growing out of their spine. The front, back, left and right would all be within its attack range, looking at this skeleton from the top down, there was a strange sense of symmetry. Some would be covered in arms from their shoulders to feet on both sides of their body, densely packed, as they crawled on the ground like a centipede. Even more, some had such a great number of arms that its human body could no longer be seen, and all that could enter their eyes were countless of skeletal arms sticking out, intertwined with each other. While it looked terrifying and bulky, in fact, it was extremely dexterous.

At this moment, the skeleton army was cramped together, and the collision of bones produced a shrill clicking sound.

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Song Gui and the others also looked down, and after seeing their present situation, they all took in a deep breath.

Yuan Kejie inhaled, “god……”

Luo Qi, who always had a relaxed look on her face also said with a serious expression, “after so many games, this is the first time I have seen this kind of monster. It’s going to be difficult.”

Qian Zhen had already tensed up, took up his weapon, and was ready to fight at any moment.

Lu Chu was holding onto the giant tree with one hand, and his fingers tapped the trunk involuntarily. After a while, he said to himself, “I wonder what these fellows looked like when they were alive.”

Song Gui had always been paying attention to Lu Chu, and hearing what he had said to himself, he replied, “there’s still a time when they were alive? I thought they were like this the moment they were born. ”

Yuan Kejie looked at the monster below and shivered, “woah, stop talking, you guys. As soon as I thought about what they would look like if those bones were wrapped in flesh and blood, my whole body starts to feel cold. I’ve thought too much, and am actually starting to think that the skeletons below are a little bit cute……”

Lu Chu agreed with this, compared to looking at these skeletons if they were covered with flesh and blood, with arms growing all over their body in such a weird manner, he preferred to face them in their current form instead.

After all, moving skeletons and living people weren’t the same kind of things, no matter how weird they were, While they were resting, the door to the tower slowly closed, and in the center, a table and six chairs slowly rose. they were simply just a ‘monster’, but a person covered with arms would be a ‘person’, and this was much creepier compared to a monster on its own.

Everybody fell into a strange silence.They looked at each other for a moment, then placed down their backpacks together, and each of them took a seat.

After a while, Song Gui suddenly asked, “hey, what do you think those skeletons did to that monster?”Song Gui had just came out of his previous state and said as he picked up the die in his hand, “Luo Qi threw it before, who should be the next one?”

Luo Qi said, “ate it.”

Song Gui shook his head, “ate it? After they sat down, the middle of the table began to concave inwards, and slowly, a square game board started to rise, with many different symbols floating above it. At the same time, a dice appeared in each of their hands.There’s no tongue, no gullet, no stomach, how could it eat? I don’t think that’s the case.”

Yuan Kejie looked at him, “if you want to know, then go down and see for yourself.”

“I’m afraid that if I go down, it’s not going to be me watching them, but them watching me,” Song Gui laughed and said, “luckily these things are just crawling out of the ground, and won’t come up the tree.”

Lu Chu, who had been observing the situation below the whole time, was a little taken aback when he heard everything. Then, he said bitterly, “everybody, must each one of us set up a flag?”

When Song Gui heard this, he was quite confused, “what’s wrong?”

Lu Chu pointed to the bottom of the giant tree, and sighed, “they’ve started to climb the tree.”

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