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Chapter 71

The unified skeleton army was extremely strange and terrifying.

The skeleton with arms on both side and looked like a centipede was the one leading the way, and used all of its arms to clutch onto the trunk of the giant tree. With its torso facing the front, it climbed up the tree like some sort of disgusting giant reptile, with eager skeletons of various shapes following behind it.

Song Gui muttered to himself in shock, “this can’t be……”

Luo Qi couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him.

When 7 noticed the changes happening below, he immediately picked up Lu Chu with one hand, lifted him up then said, “climb up.”

The four people above them heard his words, and carried their bags as they continued climbing up.

Lu Chu understood what 7 meant, and as he climbed, he stretched out his arms to grab the branches above him.

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“Shit, you guys, faster,” Yuan Kejie glanced down, and suddenly cried out, “they’re climbing super-fast!”

Lu Chu looked down towards 7, “my leg is fine, you don’t have to worry about me, climb up first.”

7 didn’t say anything, but simply stood firmly on the tree branch as he lifted Lu Chu up.

Yuan Kejie glanced down in between climbing, and immediately shouted, “wah, wah, wah! Lu Chu, Qi Li, hurry up, that multi-legged insect-thing is about to reach you guys!”

After saying that, she climbed even faster.

By this time, Luo Qi, who was as nimble as a monkey, had climbed over several branches in quick succession.

Lu Chu’s leg was still aching, but he resisted this pain as he knew that 7 would always be behind him to protect him. Thus, in order not to drag 7 down, he did his best to climb up quickly. 7 followed closely behind him, moving carefully to protect him, as he looked down from time to time to observe the situation of the skeleton army below.

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Lu Chu climbed the tree very quickly, and 7 followed closely behind him.

After they had climbed over three branches, Lu Chu stopped to look down, only to see that the centipede-like one at the front had already climbed to the first branch. The countless arms of that skeleton grabbed a section of that branch, and with a seemingly relaxed grip, it immediately snapped. When it fell, it smashed several skeletons below it.

Although this section of the tree was thinner than the other branches, but it didn’t even move after bearing the weight of two grown men; Lu Chu and 7. Now, it was easily broken by this skeleton, which made Lu Chu re-evaluate the strength of their enemy in his heart again.

Without stopping for long, they continued to climb upwards.

Soon, Yuan Kejie was already out of breath, and as she climbed she shouted, “what do we need to do now? No matter how big this tree is, Luo Qi knew that this round had nothing to do with her, so she took out her grindstone and started sharpening her shovel. there’s an end, and we have to consider that if we keep going up, the branches there won’t be able to hold our weight!”

Song Gui’s voice was also a little roughed up, There were fifty-two squares in this game of real-life monopoly, and the further they went, the denser the black symbols above the grids were.“we definitely can’t keep climbing upwards.”

Lu Chu also knew that continuing to climb like this would only lead to hopelessness.

There was one thing that they needed to know – was the skeleton hoard targeting them, or was there some other reason, and these skeletons was simply rushing to the giant tree. With they way that they were The others looked at each other, and didn’t speak. climbing onto the giant trunk, as they rushed forward in a densely packed manner, from afar, it looked as if the tree was covered with a bunch of white moths.

This giant tree was extremely tall, and it was hard to find other trees of similar heights. Its trunk was strong, with its branches and vibrant green leaves spreading outwards. The branches and leaves closest to the top of the tree were very young, and seemed pretty flexible, like it could bear the weight of an adult man.

Lu Chu pointed to the tree closest to the giant tree, and said, “find a good time, and we’ll use the top of this tree to swing to the other.”

When the others heard him, they looked at the numerous treetops surrounding them. Yuan Kejie said, “will this treetop be able to bear our weight? It feels a little unstable……”

“It should be okay,” Qian Zhen said as he climbed and looked at the trees around them. “I’m the heaviest and strongest among us, so I’ll find the right time to jump in a bit. If I manage to, it means that there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Lu Chu said, “okay, thanks for doing that. After you jump over, Luo Qi and Yuan Kejie will follow behind, then it’ll be Song Gui. Qi Li and I will be the last.”

Nobody had any objections.

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They kept climbing upwards, as the skeleton army beneath them were on their heels. Seeing that they were climbing higher and higher, they knew that if they climbed any further, the height difference between them and the tree next to them would become too large, and it would be extremely dangerous to use the treetop to swing over.

Qian Zhen knew that he had to get the right time.

He carefully observed the distance between this giant tree and the nearby tree, and after choosing the best time, he ran along the giant tree’s branches without any hesitation. Once he almost reached the end, he squatted down, grabbed the branch above his head and jumped to dangle on the tree top as he swung back and forth. The branches were very strong and elastic, and there were no traces of it being unable to bear his weight.  Qian Zhen swung himself a few more times, and once his momentum reached the highest point, he let go and leap to the other tree.

After Qian Zhen landed and steadied himself, he gave the others an ‘ok’.

Luo Qi didn’t hesitate when she saw this, and leapt over once she chose the branch that suited her. Yuan Kejie followed closely behind her, and also successfully landed on the tree.

Song Gui had seen the injury on Lu Chu’s leg before, and knew that it might be inconvenient for him to move around, so he looked at Lu Chu worriedly, then was shocked to discover that 7 was already All of them hoped to roll for something further, this way, there would be few rounds, yet at the same time, they wanted to avoid the dangerous areas as much as possible.close to Lu Chu, while Lu Chu seemed very accustomed and got along quite well with him. Song Gui had a moment of surprise, but then soon returned to his senses, and followed Yuan Kejie to the other tree.

As they jumped to the tree beside them one after another, the skeleton army below gradually got used to climbing.

Even the sluggish and slow-looking giant skeleton with arms all over its body, stabilised its heavy body and climbed the tree step by step. As its whole body was covered with arms, it looked Qian Zhen hugged his elbows, “roll a four?” quite round. From head to toe, all the arms were waving, which made people feel extremely uncomfortable. Because of its sheer size, it soon lagged behind the team.

After it noticed that it was falling behind the group, it started to get angry and anxious. Half of its body was holding the tree trunk, while the other half of its body started to wave and attack the skeletons beside it. The skeletons made no noise, and there were only the sounds of bones crashing one after another.

The movements it made were too large, until the point that such a sturdy tree had started to shake. The branches and the leave let out creaking noises as it fell together with the other skeletons.

“Careful!” Yuan Kejie, who was standing on Lu Chu looked at the Monopoly’s tabletop and thought for a moment: “actually, although it’s a good idea to aim for four, but I think it’s still better to roll a six. Although there’s a skull above number six, but if we look towards the at the back, we can see that the dangerous squares in the later parts of the game are getting denser. the other tree, said with fear, “quickly, come over!”

Lu Chu endured the pain in his leg, quickened his speed, and went to the top of the tree. Below, the battle between the skeleton army had also escalated. The centipede-like skeleton crawling at the front had also started to become anxious, and as it climbed up the trunk, it used its strength to vigorously shake its body. Along with its shakes, the tree also started to wobble from side to side, and most of the skeleton army behind the centipede-like skeleton fell.

7 kept paying attention to the large army of skeletons below him, and just as that skeleton started to shake, he climbed up to stand beside Lu Chu’s side in a couple of steps, hugged him tightly with one hand, and grabbed onto the giant tree with the other.

The violent shaking caused Lu Chu to be unable to grab onto the trunk for several moments, and he almost lost his grip a couple of times. Fortunately, 7 had held onto him extremely tightly, in order to avoid a disaster.

Once the shaking became lighter, 7’s calm voice sounded next to Lu Chu’s ear, “take advantage of this time.”

They were too close to each other, until the point the warm breath that 7 breathed out tickled the side of Lu Chu’s neck, making him move somewhat uncomfortably.

When 7 saw this, he asked, “what’s wrong?”

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“It’s nothing,” Lu Chu smiled, “let’s go, if not there’s no time left.”

7 nodded, “go.”

“Okay.” Lu Chu climbed to one side of the tree top and went forward, as the night concealed his burning ears.

Lu Chu grabbed onto the branch, copied what the others did, and kicked hard, swinging his body to move.

Due to the fierce battle between the skeleton army, his swaying wasn’t as stable as the rest, and it was easy for his direction to change while he was trying to swing himself. However, he couldn’t waste too much time on this. 7 was still on the tree, and would only go over after he went over.

His hesitation would wear away at the chances of 7 surviving.

Lu Chu didn’t hesitate anymore, and the moment he swung to the highest point and determined his direction, he let go and jumped.

Song Gui and Qian Zhen on the other side reacted, and grabbed onto Lu Chu’s hand, pulling him to a branch on the tree.

After Lu Chu steadied himself, he immediately turned around and waved to 7.

Even though it was a dark night, and at such a distance, 7 could not fully see Lu Chu’s face, but he could still imagine the worried emotions present, and his lips curled up slightly. As the skeleton Some of them are even located straight in a row. This means that we’ll definitely throw onto the dangerous areas in the future, so choosing a dangerous area now could count as preparation for the future.” army beneath him gradually approached, 7 looked down, and then moved nimbly along the tree top and swung over.

This tree was much smaller compared to the giant tree, and all of them almost swung to the same branch. Yuan Kejie and Luo Qi had to climb up two times after they came over. After Song Gui and Qian After speaking, Lu Chu added, “but it’s better to leave hell difficulty alone first, best if we throw a six and four, or even one, two, three, as long as we don’t roll a five.” Zhen received Lu Chu, Qian Zhen climbed up again, leaving Lu Chu and Song Gui behind to receive 7.

At this time, there were three men standing on the branch, and the branch seemed to be unable to withstand all three of their weight as it let out a creaking sound.

When Song Gui heard this, he quickly Song Gui laughed, then threw up the dice and caught it. He said, “I’m going.” climbed onto the branch that Qian Zhen was on.

After this bit of strenuous exercise, they were all a little tired. For an unknown distance, all that entered their eyes was an endless sea of white. At this moment, they were all going towards the direction of the giant tree, and looking down from above, they couldn’t even see the slightest bit of brown land. There wasn’t even a single place they could land.

There were more and more skeletons gathering on the trunk of the giant tree, and they hung there one by one as they tried to climb to the top.

None of them notice Lu Chu and the others departure.

It seems that the skeletons’ target wasn’t them, or to be exact, it wasn’t them for the moment.

Lu Chu looked at the skeleton army that was getting closer and closer to the top of the giant tree, and couldn’t help but think, “say, they’re all crowding around there, what are they planning to do?”


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