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Chapter 72

Despite having already jumped onto the other tree, they still couldn’t immediately escape from this area.

They had no place to go as they watched the seemingly endless and dense army of skeletons rushed towards the giant tree. Those fellas were stronger, and with the way that the skeletons were all crowded together, they would only end up being ripped apart if they rushed down.

Thus, Lu Chu and the rest firmly gripped the tree trunk to prevent any instability or accidents.

Lu Chu looked in the direction of the surging army of skeletons. Although the giant tree was tall and almost reached into the clouds, but the skeletons weren’t slow at all — although they sometimes fought each other, they were also steadily climbing forward. The centipede-like skeleton at the front was getting closer and closer to the top of the tree.

The skeletons at the bottom were still rushing towards the giant tree.

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Finally, the numbers of the seemingly endless army of skeletons began to lessen, and one by one, the scattered members started to crawl towards the giant tree. With the moonlight, Lu Chu could already see that the ground was gradually getting exposed, and turning to look at 7 next to him, he realised that 7 was also looking at him.

Their eyes met, and they understood the intention in each other’s eyes.

Lu Chu said, “in a while, it’ll be a good time to escape.”

7 nodded, and informed the rest.

Looking at how the skeleton army was gradually starting to gather around the giant tree and how their numbers were decreasing, in a while, there would only be one or two skeletons standing alone at the bottom. This would be an excellent opportunity. Nobody would be able to predict what would happen to the remaining skeletons that were unable to climbed on the giant tree once it was totally covered, of if the skeletons would end up returned to where they came from. Therefore, they must descend and escape when most of the skeletons had gather on the giant tree.

Lu Chu stared at the skeletons below, and said to everyone after finding the right time, “it’s almost time, I’ll count ‘one, two, three’, and everybody should jump off the tree and run to the southwest.”

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The others nodded, and looked to the southwest, to find any potential escape routes.

As the skeleton shaped like a centipede got closer and closer to the top of the giant tree, the number of skeletons beneath everybody lessened.

Seeing that it was about time, Lu Chu squatted down and rubbed his legs to relieve the pain there.

At night, other than the noise made by the thousands of dry bones when they collided together, there was no other sound.

Under such circumstances, Lu Chu’s voice wasn’t particularly loud, yet he could be heard clearly. They simply heard him go, “one, two, three — run!”

The instant the word “run” was said, Luo Qi had already pulled Yuan Kejie and jumped down, while Lu Chu followed behind them and slid down the tree trunk.

The moment their feet landed on the ground, everyone ran towards the southwest with all their strength. There were still singular terrifying skeletons around them, but they didn’t pose any threat.
Lu Chu took out a few wooden sticks, tied one of them in a string, then placed them in a cylinder and shook. The five of them except Luo Qi drew one wooden stick at the same time, and Song Gui managed to get one with a rope at the end.
All six of them carried a backpack filled with supplies on their back. These were the ones they had quickly picked up and carried on their backs before they had escaped onto the giant tree. Right now, everybody was tightly pulling on the straps of their backpacks and running as fast as they could. After a while, Yuan Kejie couldn’t bear it anymore, and started to sweat. When Qian Zhen saw this, he took the backpack on her back and carried it on his own.

Yuan Kejie could finally control her breathing,Song Gui muttered to himself in shock, “this can’t be……” and gave Qian Zhen a nod in thanks as they ran together.

Since Lu Chu had been attacked by a skeleton that By this time, Luo Qi, who was as nimble as a monkey, had climbed over several branches in quick succession.time, he didn’t have time to grab a larger backpack. Instead, he’d picked up a smaller one to carry, and seeing that he had injured his leg, carrying a smaller one could be considered a way of lightening some of his burden.

Currently, the night was dark, and the moonlight was shining brightly. They took advantage of the moonlight to move through the woods, careful to maintain both their speed and the attention that they had When 7 noticed the changes happening below, he immediately picked up Lu Chu with one hand, lifted him up then said, “climb up.”to pay to their ground, in order to prevent them from falling down since they couldn’t see the ground clearly, thus causing some delays.

They didn’t know how long they had run, but they didn’t encounter any danger along the way, and there were no traces of the monsters that they had seen before.

While running, from time to time, Lu Chu looked back in the direction of the giant tree.

The further that they ran, the less they could see of the giant tree. The bottom half of the tree had been covered by the woods, and with the moonlight, they were still able to see an approximate outline The four people above them heard his words, and carried their bags as they continued climbing up.of its upper part, which was much taller than the other trees.

The magical thing was that the moon that gave off that white light was positioned directly above the giant tree, causing the branches and leaves of the giant tree exude a weird shimmer. The dark blue sky, the bright white moon, and the upright and giant tree came together to form a Lu Chu understood what 7 meant, and as he climbed, he stretched out his arms to grab the branches above him.magnificent picture. If one looked at it carefully, one could occasionally see a white object crawling on the main trunk through the lush leaves and branches — that would be the skeletons with strange shapes.

Lu Chu turned his head back and ignored the situation behind him. Listening carefully to his surroundings, “Shit, you guys, faster,” Yuan Kejie glanced down, and suddenly cried out, “they’re climbing super-fast!”Lu Chu tried to find a suitable place to settle down, so that the team could pause for a moment and rest.

7 had been following beside Lu Chu, and his breathing wasn’t even disturbed at all. In fact, he looked quite relaxed.


“Lu Chu, Qi Li!”

Suddenly, Lu Chu heard Song Gui calling his name from behind, and Lu Chu turned to look at him questioningly.

Only to heard Song Gui yell again, “Luo Qi, Yuan Kejie, and Qian Zhen, you guys, wait for a minute!”

The ones in front stopped.

Luo Qi and Yuan Kejie had a thin layer of sweat on their foreheads, and Yuan Kejie slouched slightly with her hand on her hips as she panted and asked, “what’s wrong?”

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Song Gui had a solemn expression on his face, “there’s something I need to confirm.  ”

Luo Qi raised her eyebrows, “what’s the matter?”

“Look,” Song Gui turned and pointed in the direction of the giant tree, “look at that tree top.”

Even though there was the bright moonlight to assist them, but they had run quite a distance, and under the dark night, they could see nothing else but a general outline of the tree.

When the others all looked in the direction of the giant tree with their naked eyes, Song Gui placed his backpack on the ground and began to search for something. After a while, he excitedly took out a mini binocular from his bag.

Seeing him take such actions, Yuan Kejie went to him curiously, “where did this come from? Why didn’t we see it while sorting through the supplies yesterday?”

Song Gui shook his head helplessly, “I took it out that day, but you probably didn’t hear it.”

Lu Chu looked at the binoculars and nodded, “en, it’s something that Qian Zhen collected. ”

“That’s right,” Song Gui answered as he picked up the binoculars and looked at the giant tree, then muttered to himself, “let me see……”

A minute later, Song Gui, who was looking at the giant tree with the binoculars, froze to the spot.

Luo Qi leaned in and hit his arm hard, “what’s the matter with you? You said that you want to confirm something, but now you’re standing here without moving like a fool.”Lu Chu climbed the tree very quickly, and 7 followed closely behind him.

Song Gui returned to his senses after getting hit by Luo Qi, then he looked at everybody, and his tone wasn’t as relaxed Although this section of the tree was thinner than the other branches, but it didn’t even move after bearing the weight of two grown men; Lu Chu and 7. Now, it was easily broken by this skeleton, which made Lu Chu re-evaluate the strength of their enemy in his heart again.as before, but very serious and solemn, “it might be a little troublesome.”

Lu Chu frowned, “what?”

Song Gui passed the mini binoculars in his hand over and motioned for him to take a look.

Lu Chu was puzzled, and picked up the Without stopping for long, they continued to climb upwards. binoculars as he looked towards the northeast in the direction of the giant tree.

Lu Chu stared at it intently, and after a while, he also froze to the spot.

In the distance, the top of the giant tree met with the bright moon, affecting the branches and leaves at the top of the tree, causing them to become inexplicably bright, until its outline looked as if Soon, Yuan Kejie was already out of breath, and as she climbed she shouted, “what do we need to do now? No matter how big this tree is, there’s an end, and we have to consider that if we keep going up, the branches there won’t be able to hold our weight!”it had been covered in a silver light. The giant tree trunk behind the layers of leaves loomed, and it was covered with white skeletons. The centipede-like skeleton that had been crawled at front of the skeleton army had reached the top.

At this moment, under the shower of moonlight, Lu Chu could clearly see that the centipede-like skeleton could no longer be called a ‘skeleton’.

It was slowly growing out red flesh and blood.

It stretched its neck, and its arms on both sides of its body tightly grasped the branches as it affixed its body to the top, to let the moonlight shine on its bones. The bright red coloured flesh started to cover its bones layer by layer, until a wheat-coloured skin grew over it. This process was very slow, and Lu Chu was able to see how the hideous veiny flesh and blood wrapped around its bones.

After discovering that Lu Chu had also fallen silent, Yuan Kejie became anxious and worried, “what’s wrong, what did you guys see, it is serious?”

Lu Chu handed her the binoculars.

Afterwards, Yuan Kejie and the rest took turns to use the binoculars to see what was happening at the top of the giant tree, and all of them fell silent.

Lu Chu concluded with certainty, “these skeletons are growing flesh.”

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Yuan Kejie nodded with difficulty, “en…how do you say it, it was still okay when they were still skeleton, but now that they have flesh and blood, its…… a little disgusting, with so many arms on a naked body.”

Song Gui placed the binoculars back into his backpack, then carried it again, “so, now, what should we do?”

7 looked at the weird white moonlight in the distance, and whispered a single word, “run.”


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