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Chapter 73

The minute they were told to run, they did, and even ran at a much faster speed compared to the speed they were at when they had just jumped off the tree.

After several rounds of fighting and fleeing, the rough edges around their team had been ground down, and they had sort of decided on each other’s position. Luo Qi ran at the front and moved fast, as the others followed closely behind.

“Why are we…… running now?” It took Yuan Kejie a while after they started running to react, and she panted as she asked 7, “I think…… it’s better…… if we see what they’ll…… become. To know yourself and your enemy…… is key to winning a battle!”

7 turned back to look at the giant tree behind him, and calmly explained, “over there, the first skeleton has already jumped off the tree.”

In fact, those guys who have grown flesh could no longer be called ‘skeletons’, it’s just that they haven’t thought of a better term to refer to these beings.

Yuan Kejie was so shocked she even forgot to pant when she spoke, “jumped down the tree?  What kind of move is that?”

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Lu Chu he glanced back to look at 7 when he heard their conversation, then frowned, “they jumped down in our direction.”

After hearing those words, everyone looked back.

Only to see that the bright moon in the sky had become brighter and clearer, and the originally blurry outline of the giant tree that could only be seen faintly in the night had gradually become clear. The branches and leaves on the top of the giant tree started to fall off, and the weird-looking skeletons that were on the main trunk were no longer covered by leaves, and completely exposed under the moonlight. Those skeletons at the top already had flesh and blood covering them along with abnormally smooth skin, and the skeletons at the bottom also started to change.

Dark red blood and flesh gradually started to cover the monster’s white bones, and if they were closer, they would have been able to clearly see the veins and arteries.

There were more and more flesh and blood covering the white bones, and once their whole body was covered with a layer of smooth honey-colored skin, the skeletons that climbed to the top started to jump straight down from the highest point one after another. Their bodies looked even stranger after they grew flesh and blood, and under the moonlight, their skin seemed to glow white.

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The direction that they had jumped to was towards Lu Chu and his party.

“Tsk,” Luo Qi ran while breathing heavily. She squinted at Song Gui behind her, and said contemptuously, “could your luck be even worse?!”

Song Gui laughed, said with a very humble attitude, “who knows, do you want me to try the next one?”

Luo Qi rolled her eyes at him.

“You guys… still have the strength to laugh and joke,” Yuan Kejie wailed, “we can’t all be running…… for the whole night, right? Won’t we…… become dead tired!”

When Lu Chu heard the her, his tone was firm and convincing, “keep going forward. There’ll always be a way.”
This giant tree was extremely tall, and it was hard to find other trees of similar heights. Its trunk was strong, with its branches and vibrant green leaves spreading outwards. The branches and leaves closest to the top of the tree were very young, and seemed pretty flexible, like it could bear the weight of an adult man.
They didn’t know how fast those monsters were, Lu Chu said, “okay, thanks for doing that. After you jump over, Luo Qi and Yuan Kejie will follow behind, then it’ll be Song Gui. Qi Li and I will be the last.” or if they were aiming for them after they had jumped down in their direction. The only thing Lu Chu and the rest could do was stay as far away from the giant tree as much as possible. Luckily they had already run for some time away from their previous “It should be okay,” Qian Zhen said as he climbed and looked at the trees around them. “I’m the heaviest and strongest among us, so I’ll find the right time to jump in a bit. If I manage to, it means that there shouldn’t be a problem.” location, and would be safe for the time being. With this distance, they didn’t When the others heard him, they looked at the numerous treetops surrounding them. Yuan Kejie said, “will this treetop be able to bear our weight? It feels a little unstable……” have to worry about being overtaken immediately, however, they had to quickly find a place to hide, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to bear the physical strain.

7 glanced at Lu Chu, and gave him a gaze filled with a slight smile and Lu Chu pointed to the tree closest to the giant tree, and said, “find a good time, and we’ll use the top of this tree to swing to the other.” confirmation when Lu Chu looked back.

They must have the time to rest and adjust, and if they were unable to find such a time, it would be up to them to create it.

Because he would definitely lead Lu Chu to the end.

Not to the end of this ‘game’, but to the end of the ‘rules’.


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On the other side, the first centipede-looking one that grew out flesh and blood had jumped off the tree in the direction where Lu Chu and the rest’s fled, it didn’t try to catch up with them immediately. Instead, it paused and stayed under the giant tree, as if waiting for something.

One, two, three…… as time gradually passed by, those skeletons that had reached the top of the giant tree had all grown flesh and jumped down. As waves and waves of skeletons alternated between climbing and jumping, the amount of skeletons under the tree had become as dense as before. The skeletons once again covered the brown ground, only, it had turned into a sea of skin compared to the surging white ocean from before. The impact this caused to their sight increased with this change in colour, and in a weird and disgusting manner, these irregular and indefinite number of arms on a human body waved in all directions and through whatever gaps there were.

The centipede-like skeleton that was the first to grow flesh stood in the middle of that endless sea, facing the direction where Lu Chu and the rest had escaped to, and stood as if it was gazing far away.


Lu Chu and the others ran for a long time, and after confirming that nothing would catch up to them for the time being, they finally knelt on the ground, exhausted of their strength.

This vicious running took too much effort for everybody, and for some time, everyone could only lay down and pant. Amongst them, only 7’s breathing remained stable.

After Yuan Kejie’s breathing calmed down, They kept climbing upwards, as the skeleton army beneath them were on their heels. Seeing that they were climbing higher and higher, they knew that if they climbed any further, the height difference between them and the tree next to them would become too large, and it would be extremely dangerous to use the treetop to swing over. she didn’t forget to admire, “Qi Li, where did you learn that? Amazing.”

Luo Qi glanced at 7 and pressed her fist and palm together1 to express her willingness to concede defeat.

7 only said a single sentence without much emotion, “practice makes perfect.”

When Lu Chu heard that, he looked towards 7, and he became increasingly afraid to imagine what 7 had experienced before. Behind that simple sentence of ‘I’ve completed all the single-person missions,’ how many times was 7’s life hanging by a thread, how many times was 7 treading the thin line between life and death, until he had practiced enough to perfect these skills in order to survive.

Seeing that Lu Chu was looking at him, 7 curved up his lips and gave him a nod.

Lu Chu was slightly embarrassed, but he still smiled, “we’ll rest here for a while and eat something to replenish our strength.”

Everybody took out the food in their backpacks, and after Lu Chu distributed it, they returned the remaining ones to their bags, and ate the rest for dinner.

They lit the fire again as they sat in a circle around it and ate. At the same time, they didn’t forget to remain vigilant, Qian Zhen knew that he had to get the right time. and always paid attention to their surrounding situation, carrying their backpacks and supplies with them at all times.

Yuan Kejie combed through her hair with her hand, Luo Qi didn’t hesitate when she saw this, and leapt over once she chose the branch that suited her. Yuan Kejie followed closely behind her, and also successfully landed on the tree.“to be honest, in fact, I’ve always felt as if we are in a movie.”

It’s just that the scenes, props, enemies, and even all the life and death in this movie were too real.After Qian Zhen landed and steadied himself, he gave the others an ‘ok’.

The rest silently agreed.

“Speaking of movies,” Song Gui thought of something, then looked at the rest and asked, “do you guys know what’s the scariest thing about horror movies?”

Lu Chu glanced at 7, and after looking at the rest, he used a branch to reach into the bottom of the fire and flipped it up, to make it burn more vigorously. The red, and pulsating fire light reflected on the side of his cheek, and the lines of his cheeks became softer under the glow of the flames.

He smiled and said, “I’ve heard of something like this before, a ‘based on a real story’ at the end of a movie.”

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Song Gui nodded, “the current us, isn’t that the scariest state that we’re in?”


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