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Chapter 75

As they gradually approached the river, the sound of the river water flowing became louder and louder, and simply listening to it gave them an idea of how wide and huge it was.

Sure enough, once the strange dark and silver river shimmering in the night entered their sight, everyone was stunned by its width and turbulence. The river that was emitting a strange scentplease read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this!
flowed down rapidly and violently, and sometimes there were even huge splashing waves, accompanied by the endless sounds of water crashing against each other. It was nearly 100 meters wide from one side of the river to the other.

The moment they reached the river, they all paused for a moment as they stared at the river in show.

However, reality didn’t give them that much time to stay in shock.

Song Gui said with worry in his tone as he looked at the river, “it’s not a problem to swim for more than 100 meters, but the problem is that with such rapid currents, there’s a high risk of being washed away. Is there no other way?”

Lu Chu shook his head, “behind us is an army of multi-handed monsters, and we can’t predict how many of them there are. Even if we run along both sides, as long as we don’t cross the river, they will be able to overtake us eventually. Under this double-leveled difficulty, in order to survive, there’s no choice but to cross the river in front of us.”

It wouldn’t be an impossible fight if there were only a few of those stronger multi-handed skeletons chasing them. However, right now, they were facing thousands or even tens of thousands of monsters, and it would be almost impossible to engage in melee combat. No matter how they thought about it, the only way was to swim across the river.

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Luo Qi opened her backpack, tied a few packs of compressed biscuits and tools to her waist with a rope, then turned to Song Gui, “in order to survive, what kind of danger haven’t we encountered before, what have we not done in front of life and death? Why are you such a damn wimp this time?”

After she said that, she was the first to jump into the river and swim towards the other side as the swift river waves covered her whole body several times.

Lu Chu was a little shocked. Sometimes, Luo Qi’s strange strength and calmness really made him forget that she was just a 13 or 14-year-old girl who was barely tall enough to reach his chest.

The price they needed to pay for wanting to survive in a ‘game’ couldn’t be summed up with a simple phrase of ‘tightrope between life and death’.

Yuan Kejie had no fear at all, and followed Luo Qi’s as she tied several small bags of biscuits around her waist,This tree was much smaller compared to the giant tree, and all of them almost swung to the same branch. Yuan Kejie and Luo Qi had to climb up two times after they came over. After Song Gui and Qian Zhen received Lu Chu, Qian Zhen climbed up again, leaving Lu Chu and Song Gui behind to receive 7. then jumped into the water, with Qian Zhen following closely behind them.

The reason behind Song Gui’s restraint this time was actually Lu Chu. He was never a hesitant person, however,At this time, there were three men standing on the branch, and the branch seemed to be unable to withstand all three of their weight as it let out a creaking sound. this time, he needed to ensure that Lu Chu wouldn’t be placed in danger, and this was related to why he requested Lu Chu to be his team mate in the first place. Lu Chu looked at the skeleton army that was getting closer and closer to the top of the giant tree, and couldn’t help but think, “say, they’re all crowding around there, what are they planning to do?”If his guess wasn’t wrong, then ‘Lu Chu’s existence held their hope to break free from the ‘rules’.

He took a deep look at Lu Chu, then realised that both Lu Chu and 7 had taken the things from their backpacks and tied them to their waists, so he stopped thinking and followed them as he organised his own items.

Lu Chu knew that Song Gui was definitely hiding something from him, but since Song Gui didn’t say anything, he would go with the flow. After all, as a formal team, Song Gui would eventually tell them what needed to be told.

Before jumping into the river, Song Gui once again told 7, “Qi Li, Lu Chu, both of you must be careful.”

Qi Li nodded.

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At this time, Luo Qi, who had jumped into the water first, had already arrived on the other side. She was somewhat small, when under the moonlight, when she waved over to the other side, they could still distinguish the disgust and impatience on her face from a distance.

On this side, 7 brought Lu Chu into his arms and said, “hold onto me.”

It was only then did Lu Chu notice that the two of them were still holding hands. He let go of 7’s hand, then wrapped his own around 7’s strong waist, and said a soft ‘en’.

Behind them, the noise of the monsters running became louder and louder, and although those monsters didn’t scream or roar, the noise that they caused when they moved together was so loud and deafening, making them feel ill, as if a drum was beating on their hearts.

Song Gui had already swam to the middle part of the river, and the rest had already reached the opposite bank.

7 leaned against Lu Chu’s ear,They had no place to go as they watched the seemingly endless and dense army of skeletons rushed towards the giant tree. Those fellas were stronger, and with the way that the skeletons were all crowded together, they would only end up being ripped apart if they rushed down. and whispered, “trust me.”

Lu Chu nodded, held his breath, and 7 jumped into the water holding him.

Lu Chu didn’t understand the water, and what he knew of drowning only came from listening to what others said.Thus, Lu Chu and the rest firmly gripped the tree trunk to prevent any instability or accidents. Once he entered the river, he realised that he couldn’t even perform the most basic of breathing. Under the water, the rapids of the river rushed towards him instantly, and the resistance made him totally unable to focus, and he could only stay near to 7 beside him. The river water flooded his nose and mouth, and he closed his eyes,Lu Chu looked in the direction of the surging army of skeletons. Although the giant tree was tall and almost reached into the clouds, but the skeletons weren’t slow at all — although they sometimes fought each other, they were also steadily climbing forward. The centipede-like skeleton at the front was getting closer and closer to the top of the tree. held his breath, yet there was still an unbearable pungent feeling in his mouth.

It was extremely difficult to hold onto a person and swim in such rapid river waters, but for 7,Finally, the numbers of the seemingly endless army of skeletons began to lessen, and one by one, the scattered members started to crawl towards the giant tree. With the moonlight, Lu Chu could already see that the ground was gradually getting exposed, and turning to look at 7 next to him, he realised that 7 was also looking at him. who couldn’t even remember how many ‘games’ that he had gone through, it was extremely simple — there was only one difficulty. The person he was bringing along was Lu Chu.

Worry brought about cautiousness.

Lu Chu adjusted his breathing to 7’s movements, and in the icy river, the coldness penetrated deep into his bones. Then, a slight warmth and soft feeling suddenly landed on his forehead, like a dragonfly.

The river rushed against his face, and Lu Chu couldn’t really open his eyes, so he squinted slightly and saw the outline of 7’s chin against the moonlight through the blurred drops of water.

The two of them swam to the other side of the river smoothly, and 7 held Lu Chu in his arms and patted him on the back.

Song Gui came up and asked, “okay?”

Lu Chu wiped off the drops of water on his face, then smiled and nodded to the rest, “I’m fine. ”

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“As long as you’re okay,” Yuan Kejie patted her chest in shock, “these waters are really rapid, I almost thought I was gonna get washed away.  You guys didn’t know, but when I stood on the shore and watched how Qi Li brought you over, I was afraid that with another wave, the two of you would be gone……”

Qian Zhen, who didn’t really speak much, looked at 7 and said, “you’re very strong.” In many aspects.

From the first time they saw each other, this feeling he had when he met someone strong had always been there, and Qian Zhen even suspected that Qi Li could deal with dozens of multi-armed flesh covered skeletons at once.

7 nodded politely towards him, and neither confirmed nor denied anything.

At this moment, they could vaguely see the figures that were chasing them, and the one at the front was still theLu Chu stared at the skeletons below, and said to everyone after finding the right time, “it’s almost time, I’ll count ‘one, two, three’, and everybody should jump off the tree and run to the southwest.” disgusting centipede-like monster with arms running down both sides of its body.

Seeing this, Lu Chu stood up.

Song Gui said, “Lu Xiaochu,At night, other than the noise made by the thousands of dry bones when they collided together, there was no other sound. are we going to start run again?”

“Wait a minute!” Yuan Kejie suddenly called out, “look at the opposite side!”

Everybody looked towards the other side.

Only to see the first centipede-shaped monster pausing as if it had sensed something dangerous, and didn’t jump into the river. On the other hand, the other multi-armed monsters leaped into the river,Under such circumstances, Lu Chu’s voice wasn’t particularly loud, yet he could be heard clearly. They simply heard him go, “one, two, three — run!” and didn’t surface again.

Yuan Kejie couldn’t help but ask Lu Chu about this strange situation, “Lu Chu, do you think they’re…… soluble in water?”

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