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Chapter 76

Song Gui was somewhat puzzled as he looked at Yuan Kejie and said, “what did you say?”

Yuan Kejie looked at him with a serious expression and said in a straightforward tone, “soluble in water. They must be the type to become soluble in water!”

When he heard what she said, Song Gui shook his head, “I don’t agree with your statement, I think their bones might become weak and brittle after getting exposed to water.”

Qian Zhen, “……”

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Luo Qi took two steps back, and looked at Yuan Kejie as she said, “a science student?” Then, she looked at Song Gui and said, “a hole in your brain?”

Yuan Kejie shyly scratched her head, “I just wanted to say that these guys might also have weaknesses.”

Song Gui ignored Luo Qi’s poisonous tongue specifically targeted towards him.

Lu Chu focused and stared at the situation across the river, and felt that it was unbelievable and was sceptical about it at the same time — would the enemy’s army really be so easily blocked by a river?

“Let’s stay away from this place first,” Lu Chu cautiously said, “we still aren’t sure about the situation below the water. If there aren’t any movements from them once they entered the river, we might be in danger if it’s because they simply don’t need to breathe, and can dive over to emerge from the other side. It’s better for us to stay away from the shore.”

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The rest thought what he said made sense, but everybody wanted to ensure if those monsters were actually afraid of water. Since they would end up rolling the dice again after returning to the tower, they might end up choosing a square with a similar icon again, and encounter the same monster. Under such circumstances, knowing their enemy could help them win a battle.

Since this was something they were concerned about, they first moved away about 20 meters from the shore, then had a little discussion.

During the discussion, 7 said, “I’ll dive into the water and have a look.”

Lu Chu was worried as he stopped him, “the current’s really fast, and it’s night now. If you dive to the bottom, you might not even be able to see anything. Furthermore, this is such a dangerous situation, so I don’t think this is a good decision. ”

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“There’s no need to worry,” 7 said, “I’ll only enter into the water for a few minutes and come back up right away.”

Lu Chu understood what 7 wanted. Since there was a long time before the tower would once again appear tomorrow evening, it would be inevitable that they would end up meeting those fellas again. Now, would be the best time to find those monster’s weakness.

In the end, Lu Chu chose to believe in 7, but before 7 jumped into the water, he couldn’t help but tell him many times, “the most important thing is safety. ”

7 nodded, placed the excess things on his body on the ground, then untied the sword that had been with him and handed it to Lu Chu, “wait for me.”

They had protected their weapons well during the run, even for one as heavy as Luo Qi’s shovel, she had first removed the stick then tied the head to her back.

Lu Chu took his sword,The instant the word “run” was said, Luo Qi had already pulled Yuan Kejie and jumped down, while Lu Chu followed behind them and slid down the tree trunk. “okay, be careful.”

Their conversation seemed as if itThe moment their feet landed on the ground, everyone ran towards the southwest with all their strength. There were still singular terrifying skeletons around them, but they didn’t pose any threat. was in a world of its own, and the others couldn’t enter in at all. By the time they had a chance to speak, things had already been decided.

7 jumped into the river once again with a graceful posture.

Although the moonlight was bright and clear, it couldn’t change the fact that it was night.Currently, the night was dark, and the moonlight was shining brightly. They took advantage of the moonlight to move through the woods, careful to maintain both their speed and the attention that they had to pay to their ground, in order to prevent them from falling down since they couldn’t see the ground clearly, thus causing some delays. 7 held his breath and dove into the water, and as expected, he found that the range he could see was small, as he slowly swam towards the opposite bank.

The river’s current was still turbulent, but it didn’t hinder 7 at all. He cautiously approached where the multi-armed monsters were, and after swimming for some time, he finally saw what had happened to them after they sank into the water.

7 frowned and turned back immediately after he saw the situation at the bottom of the river, and quickly returned to Lu Chu’s side. As he climbed onto the bank with clean movements, the first thing his eyes met were Lu Chu’s.

Seeing that he returned safely and unharmed, Lu Chu whose concern was clearly present in his eyes finally let out a sigh of relief.

These two swims across the river caused 7’s hair to stick to his cheeks, making his handsome face look even more angular.They didn’t know how long they had run, but they didn’t encounter any danger along the way, and there were no traces of the monsters that they had seen before. 7 nodded, and the sparkling drops of water flowed down his cheeks as they dropped onto the ground or flowed into his clothes, outlining his muscular body with the way they clung to him.

Lu Chu, who had the worries in his heart somewhat eased, noticed this and looked away somewhat uncomfortably.

Then, Yuan Kejie leanedWhile running, from time to time, Lu Chu looked back in the direction of the giant tree. over and asked excitedly, “how is it? Are they soluble in water!”

7, “technically.”

“……” Yuan Kejie fell silent for a moment, then said with a complicated expression, “really? I was just joking……”

Because of Yuan Kejie’s words, Lu Chu once again turned his attention towards the multi-armed mosnters, which eased some of the awkwardness in his mind and asked 7, “what’s happening at the bottom of the river?”

The others also looked at 7 curiously, as they waited for his answer.

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7 looked at Lu Chu and explained, “after those monsters that grew flesh jumped into the water, their bodies started to rapidly soften. Their bones, flesh, and blood melted into their skin, making them look like some sort of soft-bodied creature. There were countless arms growing out like an aquatic plant at the bottom, while they floated across the riverbed.”

Yuan Kejie praised, “impressive……”

Lu Chu was puzzled, “did they only get softer?”

When 7 heard that, he casted his eyes towards the turbulent river, and said, “not only that. After they melted, their torsos became interwoven with one another, and it’s no longer possible to tell which parts are the original individual bodies.”

Lu Chu murmured, “interwoven….. did they fuse?”

“So,” Luo Qi said, “our finalLu Chu turned his head back and ignored the situation behind him. Listening carefully to his surroundings, Lu Chu tried to find a suitable place to settle down, so that the team could pause for a moment and rest. conclusion is that they melt when they encounter water?”

Song Gui tilted his head, “that seems to be the case, but according to what Qi Li described, it’s still unclearThe further that they ran, the less they could see of the giant tree. The bottom half of the tree had been covered by the woods, and with the moonlight, they were still able to see an approximate outline of its upper part, which was much taller than the other trees. if the water is a blessing or a curse. ”

“Let’s hope it’s a blessing,” Yuan Kejie pressed her hands together and prayed, “we’ve already ran for the whole night, and if it’s a curse, we’ll end up being caught sooner or later once we exhaust too much physical strength. To be honest, till now, I haven’t thought of any way to fight against such a large group of monsters. ”

“No matter if it’s a blessing or a curse, we’ll just beat it back if it’s a curse.” After saying that, Luo Qi7 had been following beside Lu Chu, and his breathing wasn’t even disturbed at all. In fact, he looked quite relaxed. took off the head of the shovel tied behind her back, wiped it clean with gentle movements, and then sighed, “unfortunately, the whetstone has been thrown away.”

After wiping the shovel head clean, Luo Qi picked up a long hard wooden stick nearby, tied the shovel head to it and carried it on her shoulders. She asked, “by the way, we’ve run for so far, and we’re not sure where the tower will appear. When it appears, would we be able to see it if we’re too far away?”

This question baffled the rest of the people present, in his heart, Lu Chu felt that they would be able to see it, but since this feeling was too vague, he didn’t know where to start speaking about it.

Then, 7 said in a firm tone,“Lu Chu, Qi Li!” “we’ll be able to see it.”

Song Gui raised his eyebrows, “you’re so sure?”

“This is the ‘rule’s bad habit,” 7 said, “hope will always be placed where you can see it, that way,Suddenly, Lu Chu heard Song Gui calling his name from behind, and Lu Chu turned to look at him questioningly. it’ll hurt even more when you’re in despair.”

Lu Chu was a little stunned when he heard those words, hope would always be placed where he could see it…… was it?

The author has something to say:

The people in this round are to confirm Lu Xiaochu and 7’s comrades in arms. The subsequent games might not necessarily be team mission, but as long as it’s a multi-person mission, it would just be them together.

So this game actually exists to establish their friendship through battle.

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