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Chapter 78

Compared to the nighttime, the danger level of the woods had lessen by more than half during the day, and they weren’t as anxious or eager to hide compared to before.

However, this didn’t mean that there weren’t any dangers during the day.

Although the river had trapped the multi-armed skeletons, they still remembered the two monsters that they had encountered in the previous square. The ones that Yuan Kejie and the skeletons had destroyed in the beginning. They didn’t know how many similar monsters existed, and while they were afraid of light and didn’t dare to act during the day in the previous square, Lu Chu couldn’t guarantee that they would also be afraid of light in this square as the difficulty was different.

Lu Chu said what he was thinking about, and Song Gui looked warily towards his surroundings and agreed, “I also thought of this. If the difficulty was the same, then we’ll be able to apply theapologies to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl conclusions that we came to in the previous square, but in this double skeleton difficulty, no matter what happens, it wouldn’t be strange.”

Yuan Kejie couldn’t help but sigh and lament, “if we get through this square safely, then no matter what happens later, we’ll be able to easily pass through them. After all, this is hell difficulty. ”

“Not necessarily,” Luo Qi mercilessly poured some cold water on her, “there’s still a few squares that are equivalent to this difficulty, and what might happen at that time could be different from this time, which means that whatever we concluded from this experience might not be of any use.”

Yuan Kejie sighed, “saying it like that……” Of course, she knew this.

Seeing that Yuan Kejie had started to feel down, Lu Chu said with a smile, “if we can get through this squareSong Gui passed the mini binoculars in his hand over and motioned for him to take a look. safely, I just hope I won’t have to see Song Gui throwing the dice again.”

Resentment instantly surfacedAt this moment, under the shower of moonlight, Lu Chu could clearly see that the centipede-like skeleton could no longer be called a ‘skeleton’.It was slowly growing out red flesh and blood. in Yuan Kejie’s eyes, “seconded!”

Luo Qi squinted at Song Gui, “I think this is feasible.”

Even Qian Zhen made a softAfterwards, Yuan Kejie and the rest took turns to use the binoculars to see what was happening at the top of the giant tree, and all of them fell silent. “en.”

Song Gui instantly cried out, “you guys aren’t interesting enough, Lu Xiaochu, you’ve changed…… we’re comrades, what happened before was just an accident, accident.”

Saying that, Song Gui turned to look at 7 and said, “Qi-Bro is still the best, when I was utterly isolated andLu Chu concluded with certainty, “these skeletons are growing flesh.” betrayed, he didn’t hit me when I was down, and still stood firmly on the side of justice.”

7, who had originally been observing their surroundings and didn’t get involved with the conversation, looked towards Song Gui, then said flatly, “I’ll listen to Lu Chu.”

Song Gui: “……”

Song Gui was speechless, and he felt super complicated. This wasn’t ‘exactly’ his fault, it’s just that he was born with this (unlucky) physique.


After that, they didn’t lower their vigilance for even the slightest moment.

The strange thing was that nothing unexpected or difficult to deal happened till the afternoon. They occasionally ran into a couple wild beasts, and 7, Luo Qi, or Qian Zhen would solve them in a few moves.

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Time passed, and everything went unexpectedly smoothly.

This made it more difficult for Lu Chu to feel at ease.

However, it was useless to think too much about it, and Lu Chu placed his thoughts aside. They’ll had to cross that bridge when it came to it, and be ready to fight at any time.

The strange sort of safety continued until dusk.

As they looked at the orange sunset towards the west side and the slowly darkening scenery, everyone knew that the tower was about to appear.

They jumped onto a nearby tree to get a wider view, and waited with bated breath as they looked around.


At this moment, after being immersedWhen he heard what she said, Song Gui shook his head, “I don’t agree with your statement, I think their bones might become weak and brittle after getting exposed to water.” at the bottom of the river for the whole night, the large number of multi-armed monsters had melted and turned into a huge and soft ball-like object. Numerous arms stretched out as they flowed along with the river, following the direction of the current, staggering, dense and gruesome. Looking closely at the part where the skin fused together on the fleshy ball, one could distinguish the outlines ofYuan Kejie shyly scratched her head, “I just want to say that these guys migt also have weaknesses.” the different torsos. Right now, the torsos were tangled together like conjoined twins.

As the number of multi-armed monsters that jumped into the river increased, the ball of entangled flesh became largerSong Gui ignored Luo Qi’s poisonous tongue specifically targeted towards him. and larger, and the number entangled arms became even more and more disgusting, until it became large enough to be seen above the river surface.

Thousands of arms waved around excitedly.

They stretched, shook, and tore at each other, like they had entered into a new life. In their excitement, some armsLu Chu focused and stared at the situation across the river, and felt that it was unbelievable and was skeptical about it at the same time — would the enemy’s army really be so easily blocked by a river? even pulled out other arms next to them, causing those arms to be washed downstream by the turbulent river without leaving behind any traces.

After some energetic moving around, countless arms held the ball of flesh up and started to move slowly towards the shore — that was the side that Lu Chu and the rest had went to.


On the other side, they were still waiting.

At present, there weren’t much danger. They stood atop the tree, each responsible for for monitoring different directions as they waited for the tower to appear in their line of sight.Since this was something they were concerned about, they first move away about 20 meteres from the shore, then had a little discussion. They would then rush towards the tower at the fastest speed, and once they entered, they would be safe.

In order to rush to the tower as soon as possible, and cope with any dangerous situation that might occur at any time, they didn’t move as they stood on the tree, to recharge for even the slightest moment.

“Here!” Suddenly, Luo Qi shouted.

The others immediately looked towards Luo Qi’s direction, and saw a pitch-black tower that wasDuring the discussion, 7 said, “I’ll dive into the water and have a look.” reaching into the clouds quietly appear in the direction they came from.

After they confirmed the tower’s direction, they jumped down from the tree at the same time then ran towards it.

Judging from what they saw, the tower wasn’t that far away from them, so they probably didn’t need to cross the river that had trapped the multi-armed monsters. This way, it should be much safer, but for some reason, Lu Chu felt more uneasy.

This unease quickly proved that it wasn’t groundless.

READ THEAs they got closer and closer to the tower, Lu Chu started to smell a strange combination of river waterUNSCRAMBLED VERSION and a rancid stench,AT THE and with countless guesses flashing in this mind,POTATO he immediately shouted,ROOM “be careful!”

At the same time, a giant ball of flesh, large enough to block out the sky rolled towards them.

That behemoth was really exceptionally huge, but its size didn’t hinder its movements at all.  Some of the thousands of arms that made up its exterior swept away any trees that blocked its way forward, and the rest were underneath it, cushioning its body as they climbed forward, like feet. Its speed was terrifying, and it soon passed by the tower and went straight towards Lu Chu and the rest.

Although they didn’t know what had happened when they first heard Lu Chu’s warning, none of them hesitated as they entered into a state of preparation, until they sawLu Chu was worried and stopped him, “the current’s really fast, and now it’s night. If you dive to the bottom, you might not be able to see anything, furthermore this is such a dangerous siutation, so I don’t think this is a good decision. “ the ball of flesh getting closer and closer to them.

Yuan Kejie couldn’t help by say, “holy shit……”

Luo Qi frowned, “it’s really disgusting.”

As the ball of fleshIn the end, Lu Chu chose to believe in 7, but before 7 jumped into the water, he couldn’t help but tell him many times, “the most important thing is safety. “ approached them, the sound of trees collapsing and being crushed became louder and louder, and the ground under their feet started to tremble with shocks that were becoming stronger. Song Gui turned to look at Lu Chu, “let’s change the formation.”

Lu Chu agreed, “okay.”

The six of them immediately divided into two teams, and spread out on both sides. Song Gui, Luo Qi, and7 nodded, placed the excess things on his body on the ground, then untied the sword that had been with him and handed it to Lu Chu, “wait for me.” Qian Zhen were a team, while Lu Chu, 7, and Yuan Kejie were another. They started sprinting as quick as possible, with the high tower that was left behind by the ball of flesh as their aim.

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