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Chapter 79

The round ball was as large as a hill, and from a distance as it bounced and jumped towards them, the arms all over its body made it look like a hairball covered in thorns.

After Lu Chu and the rest divided up into two teams, they moved into a ‘V’ formation, running towards the giant ball without any intentions of dodging.

They were waiting. Waiting to see which group the giant ball would target, and once it did, the ones targeted would be responsible for attracting its attention, while the other group would rush to the tower as quickly as possible to prepare.

This way, the ones who were attacked might have to bear much more danger, but this was something that they had to do.please read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this! From the moment Lu Chu saw this giant ball, he understood that they had almost no chance of killing this giant mountain before them.

Since they couldn’t kill, they could only dodge.

There were too many obstacles in the woods, and the speed at which they could run was obviously limited. However, that giant ball could directly and roughly make its way forward, as it pushed down, uprooted, or crushed all the trees in its path.

As the giant ball got closer and closer to them, their senses became the tensest they had ever been.

Suddenly, the giant ball deviated from its original straight path.

Song Gui’s pupils dilated sharply and he gave a loud shout, “Lu Chu, it’s going your way!”

Lu Chu and 7 glanced at each other after he replied Song Gui, and they understood the meaning hidden behind each other’s eyes. Both of them sped up as they ran forward, and blocked the path to whereapologies to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply get rid of the parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl Yuan Kejie was.

Lu Chu tilted his head slightly and said to Yuan Kejie, “in a while, after Song Gui and the others reached the tower, we’ll lead the monster, and you can find a chance to follow in after Song Gui’s group.”

“Understood.” Yuan Kejie nodded. Her strength didn’t lie in combat, under such circumstances, it would be best to follow Lu Chu’s advice.

After deciding upon the plan, Song Gui’s team immediately took the opportunity to circle behind the giant ball and ran towards the tower while the giant ball was already heading towards the three of them. On Lu Chu’s side, the three of them dexterously avoided the giant ball’s attack and deviated it from the original path.

Due to the giant ball’s size, just the area it rolled across would be enough to crush the three of them, andThey had protected their weapons well during the run, even for one as heavy as Luo Qi’s shovel, she had first removed the stick then tied the head to her back. the shockwaves caused by its abnormal movement brought them a certain amount of discomfort.

On Song Gui’s side, the otherLu Chu took his sword, “okay, be careful.” group was getting closer and closer to the tower and when it was just about the right time, he shouted in Lu Chu’s direction, “come over!”

Immediately, Lu Chu said to Yuan Kejie, “run!”

The instant he said that word, Lu Chu picked up a stone under his feet and threw it towards the giant ball.Their conversation seemed as if it was in a world of its own, and the others couldn’t enter in at all. By the time they had a chance to speak, things had already been decided.

The stone wasn’t damaging enough to cause any hurt to the monster, but it successfully angered it. Instantly, the giant ball, who didn’t have a specific target when chasing the three of them shook and trembled its countless arms, baring their claws as it locked ontoThese two swims across the river caused 7’s hair to stick to his cheeks, causing his handsome face to look even more angular. 7 nodded, and the sparklign drops of water flowed down his cheeks to drop into the ground, or flow into his clothes. The way his cothes clung to his body, outlined his muscular body. Lu Chu as a target. It rolled in Lu Chu’s direction, and as quick as lightning, Lu Chu bent his knees and leaped to one side, avoiding the attack.

At the same time, Yuan Kejie ran in the opposite direction the moment she heard Lu Chu’s words, and once he attracted the monster’s attention, she rushed towards the tower.7 jumped into the river once again with a graceful posture.

Discomfort flooded Lu Chu was the visual impact of seeing the giant ball’s waving arms and the sticky flesh wrapped up in skin assaulted his sight.

On the other side, after the giant ball started to attack Lu Chu, 7 went to the opposite of where Lu Chu was, and picked up a stone to anger the giant ball, causing it to attack him instead.

Like this, the two cooperated in taking turns to anger the giant ball, giving Yuan Kejie the chance to escape. Luckily, Lu Chu had learnt a lot of fighting skills under 7 in the previous game, and had also greatly improved his physical fitness and reaction ability through exercising. However, he hadn’t had the time to undergo any actual combat to gain experience, and as he responded to the giant ball’s actions, Lu Chu began to get more and more comfortable with fighting.

Yuan Kejie didn’t hesitate, and soon arrived at the tower, then gave a signal to Lu Chu and 7.

Lu Chu and 7 looked at each other.

READ THECurrently, 7 was tied up with the giant ball, andUNSCRAMBLED VERSION couldn’t remove himself from the situation. Lu Chu provoked the giant ball when he saw this,AT THE and just when the giant ball chose to head to Lu Chu, 7 jumped up and delivered a kick so strongPOTATO that an arm broke off from behind it.ROOM

The giant ball became infuriated, and Lu Chu and 7 ran towards the giant tower at the same time.

The giant ball’s blood boiled until the point it forgot to chase them as the countless arms of its body trembled violently. By the time it could react again, Lu Chu and 7 were already close to the tower. Song Gui and Qian Zhen were already outside waiting to receive them, and Luo Qi and Yuan Kejie had entered it.

Seeing as they were getting closer and closer to the tower, 7 naturally took a step back to guard Lu Chu.

Just as both of them were just about to enter into the tower under Song Gui’s and Qian Zhen’s help, the angered monster leapt and bore several dirt pits into the ground. Countless trees were crushed and broken as the ear-piercing rumbling sound attacked their senses, then, as if in response to the giant ball’s anger, something that looked like a centipede jumped out from behind the giant ball, darting in Lu Chu and 7’s direction.

“Be careful!” Song Gui, who saw everything, immediately yelled towards the both of them.

7 quickly reacted and turned back to landLu Chu, who had the worries in his heart somewhat eased, noticed this and looked away somewhat uncomfortably. a kick on the monster going towards the both of them, then drew out his Japanese sword to block his front.

The black shadow that had been kickedThen, Yuan Kejie leaned over and asked excitedly, “how is it? Do they dissolve in water!” away soon stood up once more, somewhat wobbly. Only then could Lu Chu see what it looked like, and as expected, it was the centipede-like skeleton.

Right now,Because of Yuan Kejie’s words, Lu Chu once again turned his attention towards the multi-armed mosnters, which eased some of the awkwardness in his mind, “what’s happening at the bottom of the river?” He asked 7. its body was covered in flesh and blood, with the dozens of arms that were randomly distributed along both sides of its body supporting its weight against the ground. Its torso was facing up, and Lu Chu noticed that there weren’t any organs on its face, just a whole unblemished piece of smooth and pale pink skin.The others also looked at 7 curiously, as they waited for his answer.

“Crack, crack-” The sound of human bones returning back to their original positions made chills run down their spine as the centipede-like monster took turns to stretch its many arms.  The giant ball also rushed over, aiming towards both of them.

7 brought Lu Chu into his arms and dodged the giant ball’s attack, then led him to the tower’s doors.

Song Gui and Qian Zhen didn’t pause as they entered the tower the moment they saw both Lu Chu and 7 arrive safely. Then, the giant ball that had exhausted all of its strength hurled its arms towards them, and with a push, 7 sent Lu Chu towards the tower, before his own body was engulfed by the giant ball.

For the first time, heart-wrenching fear and panic overwhelmed Lu Chu. This feeling was so much stronger and more painful compared to whatever he felt when he himself was in danger. At that moment, he only had the time to cry out Qi Li’s name.

It was as if time had been slowed down, as each second and minute passed by slowly yet clearly, the panic in Lu Chu’s eyes gradually turned into despair. He had long forgotten the fact that all he needed to do was to take a step back, and he would be able to enter the tower and become safe.

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In a moment such as this, that so-called safety had lost everything it meant.

Then. The centipede-like monster took aim at the startled Lu Chu.

Desperation surfaced in Lu Chu’s eyes as the will to live left him, and just when he didn’t care about the centipede-like monster was about to rush towards him, several arms dropped from the side of the giant ball, followed by a Japanese sword, and a tall and handsome man covered in blood flipped out of the hole where the sword flew out.

The man who escaped from the giant ball didn’t pause for the slightest moment. His aura burst out of him the moment he saw that Lu Chu was about to get attacked, and that gaze that had witnessed thousands of deaths turned sharp as he rushed towards Lu Chu, restrained the centipede-like monster with his bare hands, then stabbed through its torso.

However, this centipede-like monster didn’t have a heart, so while this blow pained it, it failed to constrain its movements.

7 had long expected this, so he didn’t make any moves in haste, and quickly dragged the centipede-like monster several meters away. He picked up his Japanese sword that had fallen to the ground, then swiftly used it to chop off two arms belonging to the centipede-like monster.

As expected, the arms were actually the main body instead. The centipede monster that had its7 looked at Lu Chu and explained, “after those monsters that grew flesh jumped into the water, its body started to rapidly soften, and its bones, flesh and blood melted into the skin, looking like some sort of soft-bodied animal. There were countless arms growing out like a aquatic plant at the bottom, as they floated across the riverbed.” arms chopped off shook violently, and its actions slowed down and its attack power was reduced by nearly half. 7 took this opportunity to swing his sword again, and completely separated the centipede-like monster’s arms from its body.

On the other hand, although the giant ball had lost a couple of arms, the physical damage only caused it toSong Gui tilted his head, “it seems to be the case, but according to what Qi Li described, its unclear if the water is a blessing or a curse. “ get angrier, since it was something that had originally been fused together.

7 calmly drew out the sword that he had stabbed into the centipede-like monster, then turned to stand in front of Lu Chu as he faced that huge and ugly monster.

This no holds barred battle to the death could occur at any moment.

A strong emotion he couldn’t describe flowed through Lu Chu as he stood behind 7, looking at his strong back.

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Just when Lu Chu was a little stunned, 7 had already first rushed towards the giant ball before it moved.

7’s speed was so fast that his figure blurred, and under the glow of the blood-red sunset, Lu Chu could only see an afterimage swinging a sword and jumping around on the giant ball.  One after another, arms fell from the monster’s body, and the bright red blood shone more than the setting sun.

Strange, the blood of these monsters were also red.

Lu Chu didn’t know what he was thinking. He felt as if he was watching a movie. A powerful scene, where the protagonist stood there, omnipotent and invincible.

And the monster that was getting dismembered by the protagonist completed this magnificent image.

By the time everything was over, the giant ball that had previously been forcing them to run around had lost all its arms, and the blood that flowed down it’s body seeped into the ground, staining the original dark brown soil, giving off a weird lustre under the shine of the sunset. Its body was constantly quivering, but it couldn’t move anymore. There were countless arms scattered and overlapped on the ground, some even had fingers still slightly twitching.

And the powerful man named ‘7’, who accomplished that feat stood victorious upon that monster’s body.

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