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Chapter 8 – The only one that can get out of this town is you.

Lu Chu could imagine; how chaotic the city would have been when the city first lost all its senses. But now, only seven days later, standing somewhere not that far away from the crossroads, there was only the sound of the wind blowing through the papers and plastic bags left on the ground. Occasionally, there were rustling sound made by clothes rubbing against each other, and Lu Chu held his breath, trying to distinguish between the sounds more carefully. A little further away, there seemed to be some vague low roars that came from many people, and at times, there was a sharp cry mixed into it.

There must have been many “senseless people” blocked by the vehicles at the crossroads.

Lu Chu guessed, after people who had lost their vision panicked for a moment, they would follow their human instincts and fumble around to find a place to hide, and then do everything in their abilities to find food, water, and other necessities while ensuring their own safety.

As for those that were wandering about outside, they were people that likely lost two senses, or even more. The more senses they lost, the lesser their ability to survive was, without friends and family, they were likely to wander around randomly, ignorant of everything.

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But surprisingly, amongst the people that Lu Chu had met, there weren’t any that couldn’t speak.

Holding the man’s hand tightly, Lu Chu didn’t dare to relax at all. He followed the map of the town in his mind, and after making several turns, Lu Chu walked into the small path that not many people would have entered.

It was quite a smooth journey. Lu Chu carefully made his way, and occasionally, there were obstacles, but they could easily get around them. Just as he was about to walk out of this path, and reach the end of the crossroads, Lu Chu stopped.

— Later, be careful. After we cross this path, I’ll pinch your fingers. Index finger is left, ring finger is right, middle finger is forward. If we need to step back, I’ll pinch your palm.

— Okay.

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Very familiar. Lu Chu suddenly remembered, that this little girl was a resident of the building in front of his house. Smart and cute, and she was also quiet and well-behaved. Currently, she was still in kindergarten, and her parents loved her very much.

An hour ago, Lu Chu had just fought with a ‘senseless person’, and until now, the strange and rotten smell of blood that the ‘senseless person’ gave off still lingered in the living room. Carrot was very sensitive to scent, and became anxious once he neared the security door.


Lu Chu explored the road beyond him with one hand using his walking stick that had a knife tied onto it, and firmly held onto the man’s hand with the other. On his back was an average sized mountaineering bag.

Lu Chu leaned over to listen to the movements outside the door, and after confirming that there wasn’t anyone, he opened the door, pulled the man along with their fingers intertwined, and Carrot followed along behind them, a whole team.

The journey from the second floor to the first floor was smooth, and there weren’t any ‘senseless people’ who suddenly attacked, occasionally, there were several human-shaped obstacles before them, and Lu Chu’s index finger lightly scratched the man’s palm, and the man raised his feet to step over it.

“Crunch, crunch–”

Under such a state of extreme vigilance, the sound of every single step would be amplified to its maximum.

Even Carrot had lightened his steps, his paws gently touching the ground.

Other than the hand Lu Chu was holding his with, the man couldn’t feel anything else. Silent and colourless, his current world was only the temperature passed over by Lu Chu’s hand, but in a situation like this, he didn’t feel the slightest panic or fear.

Does entrusting your life to someone else come from trust? The man himself wasn’t certain. The only thing he knew was that he wasn’t afraid of death, ever since he chose to confine Lu Chu to his own room and do his best to protect Lu Chu’s safety, he had long considered the countless possibilities, including destruction.

The closer they got, the louder the noise, which cause Lu Chu to become even more on edge.

They still needed Carrot’s cooperation to get through this area. Coming out from the small path, Lu Chu held the man’s hand and stood against the wall, then, he placed his walking stick down, squatted down to feel the area around his feet. When he touched a stone, he picked it up and felt its weight.

This piece.

Lu Chu took the stone, and threw it towards the centre of the crossroads.

‘Crash!’ The sound of glass getting broken reached them, and this was similar to what Lu Chu had estimated. At this distance, the stone had probably smashed into one of the car windows in the middle of the crossroads.

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It was such a loud and shrill sound, yet it didn’t attract the attention of the people wandering about at all. Lu Chu could finally determine that in addition to vision, all of them had at least lost their hearing.

If this was the case, it would be much simpler for them to pass through this place. As long as they tried not to touch these people, it wouldn’t matter if they made some noise at times. This area was so chaotic, presumably, no other person with good hearing would come over.

If Lu Chu was the only one bringing the man who had lost both of his senses, it would be difficult to get past these ‘senseless people’. However, they had Carrot, so things would become a lot easier.

Carrot could see these people, could see all the obstacles, so he could bypass these obstacles and dangers. The ‘senseless people’ around them couldn’t hear, so whenever Carrot found the right way, he would bark several times. Following his bark and with the tacit understanding Lu Chu and Carrot had over the ears, Lu Chu could judge where to go or even how many steps to take.

Then, Lu Chu would pinch the man’s finger, telling him which direction to walk.

Several times, Lu Chu felt as if that the breathing of those ‘senseless people’ were lingering around his ears, and at the same time, there was that scent of blood that didn’t dissipate.

On a normal day, with Lu Chu’s normal speed, he could walk from the crossroads to the next corner in about ten minutes, but now, they had been slowly advancing for more than half an hour.

His mental state was extremely tensed, and this made Lu Chu thirsty.

Finally, they crossed this road safely, and the next street was Lu Chu’s favourite place to go. When he was a child, his parents had described the flower shop, supermarket and small clinic to him, and he had always been yearning and longing for this place.

Just a few steps around the corner was a small clinic, Lu Chu stopped for a moment, and both he and the man drank some water.

After crossing this first hurdle, Lu Chu inexplicably found himself feeling relaxed.

— This is also a strange experience.

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The man was as calm as usual, and lowered his voice as he gave an ‘en’ in response.

Lu Chu touched around for some vegetables and made a rich breakfast, and brought it to the bedroom. Originally, he was planning to feed the man, but the man insisted on eating by himself, so Lu Chu did not force him, but went to prepare food for Carrot. In a while, they would have to leave, and they didn’t know what would happen. First, they had to fill their stomach, then they would have the strength to deal with all sorts of unexpected situations.

Lu Chu ate quickly, and after he had finished eating, he got up to clean up. Currently, it was 9:26 in the morning, and around this time of the year, the sky would get dark around 6:30pm. The tower in the centre of the city was some distance away from the residential area that Lu Chu lived in, and in the past, it took Lu Chu more than an hor to walk there if he took a fast pace. Now, he didn’t know how long it would take.


It wasn’t advisable to pack too many things; two bottles of water, two packets of hardtack biscuits, and they could use them to replenish their energy when they were out. A simple medical kit for emergencies, a fruit knife tied to a baseball bat. Since he couldn’t see, it would be better to minimise the amount of hand to hand combat. The other things that needed to be brought are things like his walking stick.

Before they exited the small community, Lu Chu heard a very strange sound, at first, he couldn’t really identify the gender, but after listening carefully, he felt that it sounded like a young girl.

“Be careful! Don’t run about!”

Suddenly, a voice came from inside the small clinic, Lu Chu’s whole body jolted, and he immediately held his breath and went on the alert.

“Hehe1name of the child, 贺贺. Not laughing, didn’t Papa tell you to not run about?”

Hehe…… was the son of the doctor who ran that clinic, and listening to the sound of the man’s voice, he should be the clinic’s Dr. He.

Dr. He was quite a good person, nice and honest. Before this infectious disease started, Lu Chu often went to him to get some medication, to replenish his first aid kit at home. The two of them were quite familiar, and Hehe could vaguely be regarded as someone he had watched growing up. However, despite this, Lu Chu wouldn’t take to risk and go up and acknowledge him that easily.

After encountering the little girl, Lu Chu didn’t dare to believe anybody, even if they were someone he knew before.

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Seven days; it was enough to change an originally honest person.

“Didn’t I say it? Papa is going out to get something to eat, and I’ll return right away. When I’m not here, you must definitely close the shutter door, and wait for me to return after knocking the code, right?”

“But I want Papa to come back earlier……”

“Didn’t Papa come back? Come, let’s go back in, if not, the bad guys outside would eat Hehe who can’t see.”

“Papa…… scared……” After listening to the man’s words, the little boy’s voice suddenly brought a tang of fear, and perhaps he had even ‘seen’ such a scene before.

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“Don’t be scared, don’t be scared. The shutter is closed, and we can use the iron cabinet to support it, so they can’t come in……”

“Click, click– Clang!” The sound of the shutters closing sounded, and both voices also became softer until they disappeared.

Lu Chu stood far away, and there was neither joy nor sorrow on his handsome face.

— If we can leave from the tower, can’t we save more people?

The man seemed to have expected that Lu Chu would have asked this, and wrote in Lu Chu’s palm, one stroke at a time:

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— In this town, the only one that can exit from the tower, is you.

The author has something to say:

7: You, are the chosen one!

Lu Chu: ……

The translator has this to add: 

7: Take this sword on your journey.
7: It’s me, I’m the sword. 

Lu Chu: ????

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