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Chapter 80

Lu Chu looked up.

Against the light of the setting sun, 7 stood upon the still twitching and shaking monster, looking down towards him. There were traces of scarlet blood on 7’s angular fears, and against the blood-red setting sun, his eyes seemed to flash with dangerous red light.

7 jumped down from the top of the monster, and landed lightly in front of Lu Chu.

He wanted to reach out to touch Lu Chu, but lowered his raised arm and looked directly towards him after remembering that his body was covered with filthy blood.

“Lu Chu.” 7 called his name.

Lu Chu returned to his senses, “en?”

“At any time, you can’t lose yourplease read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this! will to fight, even if,” 7 paused, and fixed his gaze on Lu Chu. Lu Chu’s slightly blank expression was reflected in his eyes, and he said, word by word, “even if you discover that I might die.”

Lu Chu knew what he was referring to. It was the way he had gone motionless before that centipede-like monster when he saw 7’s figure swallowed by the giant ball

The him at that time didn’t feel any emotion other than despair, and towards the danger that was coming in his direction, he simply felt a little dazed.

In that seemingly short time of watching 7 being swallowed by the giant ball to the centipede-like monster coming to attack, too many things had flashed through Lu Chu’s mind. Those things were memories that had happened not too long ago, but felt as if they had been sealed for a long time — the pitch black world he lived in as a child and the occasional yelps of the naughty Carrot, his gentle and kind parents that taught him everything, and that quiet and peaceful small town.

It was as if Lu Chu was separated from the outside world’s noise by a well as he fell into a sea of his memories, untilsorry to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl it fixed upon the scene where he first met 7–

That time, he had noticed that somebody was following him, but he didn’t feel afraid. Instead, he stood at the door to his house, and with his unfocused eyes, gave a smile towards the air and said, “do you want to come in and have a seat?”

Then, that tall and handsome quiet man had walked out of the shadows, bringing with him a sharp sense of standoffishness and loneliness that could be detected even without sight.

Everything, started from that moment.

Somewhat in a daze, Lu Chu thought, ever since his parents had passed on, he was working hard to continue to stay alive. One reason was because he promised his parents that he would live on, and the other was because he had Carrot with him.

Afterwards, when he realised that the place he lived in was just a mirage, and Carrot was forever buried within that endless loop of death, after he broke free from his original world, and entered“Let’s hope its a blessing,” Yuan Kejie pressed her hands together and prayed, “we’ve already ran for the whole night, and if it’s a curse, we’ll end up being caught sooner or later once we exhaust too much physical strength. To be honest, till now, I haven’t thought of any way to fight against such a large group of monsters. “ the ‘rules’, then struggled on live on through different games, when in the beginning it was just to pursue a truth.

But now, looking at the same man“Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, just beat it back if it’s a curse.” After saying that, Luo Qi took off the head of the shovel tied behind her back, wiped it clean with gentle movements, and then sighed, “unfortunately, the whetstone has been thrown away.” in front of him, Lu Chu started to gradually realise, that 7’s place in his heart had started to slowly exceed the value of ‘truth’.

His parents have passed away,Lu Chu was a little stunned when he heard those words, hope would always be placed where he could see it…… was it? and Carrot had been buried.

In every minute and second that Lu Chu himself was still alive, he couldn’t think of anyone else other than 7 who would be able to share his troubles, who deserved his trust and love.

Who else was there…… who was able to make him wish they died together.

A faint light gradually gathered“The ‘rule’s bad habit,” 7 said, “hope will always be placed where you can see it, that way, it’ll hurt even more when you’re in despair.” in Lu Chu’s eyes. He couldn’t help take a step forward, then used all his strength to hug the blood-covered man, and with a smile on his face, he said, “as long as you’re safe.”

This hug was extremely sudden, and 7, who had just been ruthlessly killing his enemy felt somewhat helpless“The ‘rule’s bad habit,” 7 said, “hope will always be placed where you can see it, that way, it’ll hurt even more when you’re in despair.” for a moment, before the expression on his cold face softened.

Because of the blood stains on his hands, 7 couldn’t hug him back, and only looked down towards Lu Chu’s hair and said, “I can easily kill those monsters.”

Lu Chu nodded, “en, I know.”

Lu Chu didn’t know what abilities those innumerable number of ‘games’ gave 7, it was only at this moment that Lu Chu realised that this man was already so powerful. There wasn’t any monster within this ‘game’ that could pose a threat to him, and he could come at go at will without any restrictions at all, and he even had the ability to protect Lu Chu and the rest while retreating.

But he kept controlling himself.

Lu Chu released him, took a step back, then looked at him at said, “I can probably guess the reason why you haven’t done anything, is it because you want to train us?”

“En.” 7 answered.

Blindly being protected by or hiding behind others would only end up making people weaker and weaker. The correct way to let a person become stronger was to let them experience a fight that was within the scope of their own abilities, and slowly let them become stronger on their own.

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“Thank you,” Lu Chu sincerely expressed his gratitude, and the sides of his lips curled up and his eyebrows softened, “I will grow to the point where I don’t need your protection anymore.”

When 7 heard this, he repeated what he said before, “even if I might die, you cannot lose your will to fight.”

Lu Chu still smiled that beautiful smile, “this, I can’t do.”

7 frowned.

When Lu Chu saw that, he stretched out his palm, and said to 7 in a solemn tone, “this gentleman over here, please give me the right to live and die with you.”


Inside the tower.

Song Gui and the rest had gathered together.After Lu Chu and the rest divided up into two teams, they went into a ‘V’ formation and ran towards the giant ball, without any intention of dodging.

Logically speaking, after Song Gui and Qian Zhen entered into the tower, Lu Chu and Qi Li who weren’t that farThey were waiting, waiting to see which group the giant ball will target. Once it launched an attack, the ones who were targeted would be responsible for attracting its attention, while the other group would rush to the tower as quickly as possible and prepare. away from them should enter the tower soon. However, ten minutes had already passed, yet there wasn’t any sign of both of them.

After theyIn this way, the ones who were attacked have to bear much more danger, but this was something that they had to do, since from the moment that Lu Chu saw this giant ball, he understood that there was almost no chance of killing this giant mountain in front of them. entered the tower, they weren’t allow to exit, so, even if everybody was worried, there was nothing that theyAs the giant ball got closer and closer, Lu Chu and the rest became the tensest they ever where. could do.

Song Gui couldn’t help but blame himself, “I shouldn’t have entered so quickly, I should be thereSuddenly, the giant ball deviated from its original straight path. with them.”

There was also a look of worry on Qian Zhen’s usually resolute expression.

In the past, Yuan Kejie, who always liked to make fun of Song Gui would have started to launch an attack on him, however, when they really encountered a problem, Yuan Kejie started to comfort him. She knew that at a time like this, a team shouldn’t blame each other,Song Gui’s pupils shrank sharply and he gave a loud shout, “Lu Chu, it’s going your way!” but instead, they should trust and rely on one another.

Even Luo Qi didn’t say anything to target Song Gui, but since she couldn’t say anything to comfort him, she simply chose to keep silent.

READ THEAt this moment, a line of wordsUNSCRAMBLED VERSION appeared on the tableAT THE in the middle of the tower —POTATO in twenty minutes, it will be forbidden to enter the tower.ROOM

This meant that if both of them didn’t enter the tower within twenty minutes, they would never be able to return.

The instant Song Gui saw that line, he rushed to the wall, looking for a secret door that could be opened.

Yuan Kejie frowned, “it’s useless. I just took a look, there’s only a wall and nothing for us to pass through.”After Lu Chu replied Song Gui, he and 7 looked at each other, and understood the meaning in each other’s eyes. both of them sped up and ran forward a little, blocking the way to where Yuan Kejie was.

Qian Zhen stared at the wall that they entered in and said, “they’ll be fine.”

Luo Qi raised her eyebrows, “why are you so sure?”

Qian Zhen looked at her and said inLu Chu tilted his head slightly and said to Yuan Kejie, “in a while, after Song Gui and the others have approached the tower, we’ll lead the monster, and you can find a chance to follow in after Song Gui’s group.” an affirming tone, “that man is very strong.”

That man named Qi Li, was unfathomably powerful.



As seconds passed by, the silence surrounding them became thicker and thicker, then, the wall started to loosen.

The next moment, 7, who had blood all over him and Lu Chu, who was stained with the blood on 7’s body appeared inside the tower.

“Sorry,” Lu Chu smiled apologetically towards Song Gui and the rest, and his expression slightly softened, “kept you waiting.”

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