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Chapter 81

The moment Song Gui saw them, he immediately leaned forward to check their status, and after he realised that other than the blood on their body, they weren’t injured, he finally felt relieved.

Song Gui thought that if he hadn’t entered the tower so quickly when he received them, he could at least help the both of them out when they were in danger. At least, they wouldn’t have to stay outside the tower for such a long time. Until this moment, he was still reflecting about his own abilities.

They were a team, and nobody should be left behind.

Lu Chu could tell that Song Gui was blaming himself, and comforted, “we’re fine, and your reception was very successful.”

“What did the both of you encounter just now?” Yuan Kejie asked, “we were worried. You guys took so long to enter; we were afraid something might have happened to you both.”

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Lu Chu heard what she said, and explained, “just when we were about to enter the tower, Qi Li and I got attacked by that centipede-like monster. Since it’s more difficult to deal with, it took more time.”

Although Lu Chu only used one sentence to describe the situation, when they looked at the blood stains on 7’s body and the time that they took, all of them knew that it must have been an extremely fierce battle. Fortunately, both of them returned safely.

Luo Qi placed the shovel head down to rested it against the wall, then leaned forward and scanned Lu Chu and Qi Li up and down, “as long as you’re alright it’s fine.”

Yuan Kejie handed a piece of cloth to both of them, “the cloth that we had on the bags before, wipe a bit.”

Only then did Lu Chu remember that the two of them, especially 7, were looking quite bad at the moment.

Lu Chu thanked her and took the cloth, naturally using it to help 7 wipe off the filth on his face, “when we enter into the next square later, let’s see if there’s a chance to take a bath. For now, let’s just wipe clean.”

Just like that, 7 looked down to watch Lu Chu’s movements.

Yuan Kejie and the other three didn’t notice anything unusual about the atmosphere surrounding the two men, but Song Gui stared at Lu Chu’s hand that was wiping 7’s face, thoughtful.

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Lu Chu and 7 cleaned up for a bit, then everybody went to find their own seats, and they sat around the table once again.

Yuan Kejie looked at the dice in front of her, “so, who’s going to be the one throwing this time?”

Luo Qi didn’t“Understood.” Yuan Kejie nodded, her strength didn’t lie in combat, and at this sort of time, it would be the best choice to follow Lu Chu’s advice. answer her question, and instead said, “the next six squares are a little interesting.”

“Indeed,” Song GuiOn the other side, Song Gui and the others were getting closer and closer to the tower, and when he saw that it was just about the right time, Song Gui shouted in Lu Chu’s direction, “come over!” rested his cheek against his palms as he stared at the six squares behind the double skeletons, “there’s four squares with an image that symbolise danger. The third one is blank, which represents normal conditions, but there’s a heart on the sixth one.”

When they threw the dice for the secondLu Chu immediately said to Yuan Kejie, “run!” time, the unlucky Song Gui threw out a ‘five’, and the difficulty level on that square was two skeletons, while the sixth one was one skeleton.

This was the third time they were throwing the dice, and the ‘one’ corresponded to the single skeleton that was theJust as he said that word, Lu Chu picked up a stone under his feet and threw it towards the giant ball. sixth square from before, and following there was ‘fangs’, ‘blank’, ‘animal claws’, ‘bomb’, and ‘heart’.

Yuan Kejie asked, “is there a big difference between one skeleton and two skeletons?”

Song Gui smiled and asked her, “how many of those guys just now do you think you could defeat?”

Yuan Kejie, ​​”o…… one?”

“The difficulty level of a single skeleton square should be half of that,” Song Gui said, “but there was a huge number of those guys, and both their abilities and body shape was strange. We don’t have any ability to fight back in front of them, and can only escape. Under such circumstances, even if the difficulty level was cut in half, our situation might not be much better.”

Qian Zhen agreed, “I feel the same too.”

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Seeing that Yuan Kejie was still looking a little puzzled, Song Gui gave an example, “it’s only when you and the difficulty that you’re facing are of similar levels will you end up getting an idea that ‘one of them is more difficult compared to the other’. However, when the gap in strength between you and the goal you’re aiming for is too wide, then this sort of comparison wouldn’t exist.  To use an analogy, if you let someone who has poor English skills take an exam, Level 4 and Level 6 would be the same thing for then, and they wouldn’t think that ‘Level 6 is more difficult than level 4’, because they wouldn’t be able to understand either one at all.”

“……” Yuan Kejie was silent for a few seconds, “I sort of understand it now, but you hurt me deeply.”

Yuan Kejie remembered the fear she would have when facing a Level 4 and Level 6 test, because thinking about it from another angle, she was the type of person Song Gui was referring to when he was talking about a person ‘being unable to tell the difference between a Level 4 test and a Level 6 test’, since she was the type that couldn’t understand it at all.

Luo Qi, who had never experienced a Level 4 or Level 6 test before, looked at Song Gui, then looked at Yuan Kejie and sneered, “isn’t it just because you don’t have enough brain cells to use.”

Yuan Kejie let out a silent sigh and felt bad.At the same time, the moment Yuan Kejie heard Lu Chu’s words, she ran towards the opposite direction, and the moment Lu Chu attracted the giant ball’s attention, she ran towards the tower..

On the other side, Lu Chu couldn’t help but look at 7 when he heard Song Gui talk about the gap between them andLooking at the waving arms of the giant ball up close, the visual impact of such a sticky looking flesh wrapped up in skin made Lu Chu feel a little uncomfortable. the monster.

Indeed, the gap between the five of them and the monsters was still wide, not to mention the fact that theseOn the other side, after the giant ball started to attack Lu Chu, 7 stood opposite of Lu Chu and picked up a stone to anger the giant ball, causing the giant ball to attack him instead. monsters appeared in groups, but 7 alone could erase this gap.

Recognising this didn’t make Lu Chu feel relaxed, but instead, made him feel bad for what 7 hadLike this, the two cooperated to constantly anger the giant ball, giving Yuan Kejie a chance to escape. Luckily, in the last game, Lu Chu learned a lot of fighting skills under 7’s teaching, and had also greatly improved his physical fitness and reaction ability while exercising. It’s just that he hadn’t had the time to undergo any actual combat experience, and while responding to the giant ball’s actions, Lu Chu started to get more and more comfortable with fighting. experienced, and made him eager to get stronger as soon as possible.

“So, after having said so much,” Yuan Kejie glanced around, “who’s going to throw the dice this time? We have to be cautious now. Not only is the heart on the six point square the safest and the furthest, it could let us skip a few battles.”

Luo Qi leaned back on the chair, “I threw it before.”

Song Gui waved his hand, “I threw it before too, and I don’t think you guys want me to throw again.”

Qian Zhen looked at the images on the table and shook his head, “my luck has always been normal.”

Yuan Kejie said, “my luck isn’t good at all. This time, we should be careful, and see if we can get to check the heart square out.”

After speaking, Yuan Kejie turned her gaze onto Lu Chu, and her eyes were gleaming, “Lu Chu, why not you do it!”

Lu Chu was puzzled, “me?”

“That’s right,” Yuan Kejie confirmed, “my sixth sense tells me that you’re a very lucky person.”

Lu Chu laughed, “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint everyone. Since young, nothing really lucky has happened to me before.”

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“I think Yuan Kejie makes sense,” Song Gui touched his chin and said, “why don’t you try Lu Xiaochu? Don’t be scared, we won’t hit you even if you can’t throw six points.”

“You can try,” Luo Qi agreed, “no matter how bad it is, it won’t be worse than Song Gui’s scummy one.”

Song Gui got attacked out of the blue, but since he wasn’t actually innocent, he just shrugged then turned to continue looking at Lu Chu with a pair of sincere eyes.

Lu Chu glanced at 7, and picked up the dice when he saw 7 nodding towards him, “then I’ll throw it.”

Song Gui, “go on, Lu Xiaochu.”

Yuan Kejie, ​​”Face the wind, young man!” 1A Chinese League of Legends meme, featuring Yasuo, who shouts ‘Face the wind!’.

Lu Chu closed his hands around the dice, and shook it before casually throwing it out.

Everybody stared at the dice, and held their breath.

After being thrown out, the dice rolled quickly for some distance, then its speed slowed down, rolling around in a circle for some time, before finally trembling to a stop at six under everyone’s attention.

Subconsciously, Lu Chu looked towards 7, and there was a smile in his eyes.

Song Gui clapped his hands, “perfect.”

Yuan Kejie praised, “awesome.”

Although Luo Qi and Qian Zhen didn’t speak, both of their expressions relaxed slightly.

Just at this moment, the walls of the tower gradually faded away, and a sentence appeared on the table–

“Please enjoy this day.”

The tower completely disappeared, and what appeared in front of everybody’s eyes was a town with an architectural style very similar to the one in the first square. This town was just as desolate, and there wasn’t anybody out on the streets. The street lights down the side of the roads had long rusted, and became mottled.

Even if this ‘Heart’ probably meant that something good would happen, nobody lessened their vigilance.The giant ball became angry, and Lu Chu and 7 ran towards the giant tower at the same time.

After all, a moment of carelessness was often fatal.

In the last square, everybody had run away in a hurry and discarded most of their supplies, so now, they only had theirSeeing as the tower was getting closer and closer, 7 naturally took a step back to guard Lu Chu.The black shadow that was kicked away soon stood up once again, somewhat wobbly. Only then could Lu Chu see what it looked like, and as expected, it was the centipede-like skeleton. own weapons and a couple of compressed biscuits, which was indeed very horrible. Now, when they looked at the houses in front of them, they all glanced at each other, and understood what each other meant.

Song Gui and the rest turned their attention towards Lu Chu.The giant ball was in the midst of anger, until the point it forgot to chase them for a while as the countless arms on its body trembled violently. By the time it reacted again, Lu Chu and 7 was already close to the tower. Luo Qi and Yuan Kejie had already entered the tower, while Song Gui and Qian Zhen were outside recieving them.

Lu Chu closed his eyes, then listened and smelt carefully. After a while, he opened his eyes and nodded to everybody, “there’s no danger for now, but it’s better to be careful.Right now, it’s body was covered in flesh and blood, with dozens of arms distributed randomly along both sides of its body and supporting it’s weight against the ground. Lu Chu realised that it’s torso was facing up, and there were no sense organs on it’s face, only a whole unblemish piece of smooth and pale pink skin. I can’t guarantee that my sense of smell and hearing will be right every time.”

“Okay,” Song Gui said, “then let’s find a safe place to make our base.”

As Lu Chu didn’t feel any danger from any house, they chose the house nearest to them and walked in.

There wasn’t anybody in the house, but the furniture was all neatly arranged, and there wasn’t any dust on it. Their group separated and took a look around, and found some unexpired food and some tools that might be of use.

Yuan Kejie was very enthusiastic about weird little things, and soon, she had gotten half a bag, and smiled to everybody as she said, “amazing, I found so many. These little things are very useful.”

Thinking that Yuan Kejie’s strength was those strange survival skills, and that she knew her own limit, so she wouldn’t take a weight that she was unable to bear, nor would she forget the importance of food, everybody just let her do what she wanted.

After searching through this house, everyone discussed for a moment, and decided that before it became dark, Qian Zhen and Yuan Kejie would guard the house, while the others would go to other places to see if there was anything useful, as well as replenish their supplies.

After searching for some time, they didn’t encounter any danger, and brought back quite a lot of tools and food.

READ THELu Chu brought back several sets of clothing. In the previous square, they had to cross the river to escape, and their clothes had longUNSCRAMBLED VERSION become extremely unclean, especially 7’s. AfterAT THE that last fight, the blood on 7’s clothes couldn’t be washed off, so he had to change to a cleanPOTATO set of clothing. ThisROOM would also benefit any subsequent actions they had to take.

He had measured their clothing by eye, and they were basically around the right size. Yuan Kejie couldn’t help but praise when she saw it, then said with some annoyance, “pity that there’s no water in the bathroom, if not, we can wash up.”

Although it was impossible for them to take an actual bath, Qian Zhen found several water dispenser buckets in this house, so it should be enough for them to take turns to wipe the stains off their bodies.

After this break, all of them felt refreshed.

At night, they all took turns to night watch in pairs.


A night passed. The next day, they gathered together for a little discussion.

Song Gui said, “since the location of the tower isn’t fixed, then we don’t need to run out and guard at where it disappeared. This time, the level of danger is low, so we might as well stay in this house before going out in the evening.”

Lu Chu nodded, “I think so too.”

The rest also agreed.

Soon, it was evening, and when it was time they expected the tower to appear, they carried their supplies and opened the door of the house.

The tower appeared abruptly in“Crack, crack” The sound of human bones returning back to their original place made chills run down their spine as the centipede-like monster took turns to stretch its many arms. The giant ball also rushed over, aiming towards the two of them. the courtyard of the house where they were staying, and its door was facing them. From the door of the house to the door of the tower, it was only two or three steps away.

Qian Zhen, “……”

Luo Qi raised her7 brought Lu Chu into his arms and dodged the giant ball’s attack, then lead him to the tower’s doors. eyebrows, “what significant thing did we do today?”

Yuan Kejie rushed to Lu ChuSeeing that both fo them safety arrive, Song Gui and Qian Zhen didn’t delay as they entered into the tower. Then, the giant ball used up exhausted all the strength as it smashed all of it’s arms towards them. At that moment, 7 immediately pushed Lu Chu into the tower, and in the next second, 7’s body was enveloped by the giant ball. and cupped her hands before her chest in a salute, “thank you, Lord of Luck!”

Song Gui wiped his face, “I concede defeat.”

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