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Chapter 82

Since the tower was only a couple of steps away from them and directly facing their door, everybody naturally lined up and walked in.

Even until they entered into the tower, they were still in somewhat of a daze.

After each of them sat in their seats, the expressions on their faces changed from “is this real or fake” to one that was more likely to be on a parent, with “Lu Xiaochu is really great” written all over them.

“Ay,” Yuan Kejie sighed, “everything’s going so smoothly, if feels like I’m dreaming.”

Although this lucky physique had nothing to do with Song Gui, he still had an expression on his face that showing how honoured he felt, “it’s a good thing that Lu Xiaochu is awesome.”

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Luo Qi glanced at the rest and asked, “who’s going next?”

“Qi Li, Yuan Kejie, and me.” Qian Zhen said.

The next six squares were ‘skeleton’, ‘skeleton’, ‘animal claw’, ’empty’, ‘eyes’, and ’empty’. With a glance, they could see that six was the best, which was the safest and would reduce their distance the most.

Yuan Kejie glanced at Qi Li, then at Qian Zhen, and asked, “how do you guys feel about your luck?”

Without thinking too much about it, 7 answered, “normal.”

Qian Zhen, “me too.”

“What shall we do now……” After hearing their answers, Yuan Kejie slumped onto the table with a sad expression. With asorry to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl voice filled with her emotions and hope for life, she said, “I really want Lu Chu to throw it again…… ah, no, throw a hundred more times.”

When Luo Qi heard that, she said, “if all six of us finished rolling the dice, and we have to go for another round, will it become Song Gui’s turn again?”

Thinking that Song Gui might have to throw it once more or even twice more, Yuan Kejie was even sadder.

Song Gui, “I’ve lowered our average standard.”

While everybody else was talking, Lu Chu was observing all the squares on Monopoly board that they had to pass by.

Upon seeing this, Yuan Kejie also looked at the continuous squares that led to the end on the table, and exclaimed, “I feel that I might become so extremely tired, there’s still so much more to the end.”

Song Gui touched his chin, “single-person missions generally only have one or two difficult points. Multi-player missions are far more complex than single-person missions.”

After all, they wouldn’t be ableFor the first time, Lu Chu felt heart-wrenching fear and panic. This panic that he felt was so much stronger and more painful that when he himself was in danger. That moment, he only had the time to cry out Qi Li’s name. to get the time that was several times longer than a single-person mission for free.

Luo Qi counted the squares and said, “we’ve thrown the die three times now. The first was a three, then a five,If was as if time had been slowed down, as each second and minute slowly yet clearly, as the panic in Lu Chu’s eyes gradually turned into despair. He had long forgotten the fact that as long as he took a step back, he would be able to enter the tower and become safe. and the third was a six.”

Three plus five plus six was fourteen, and this game had fifty-two grids in total.

From now, it seemed that even if the dice rolled the largest number, it would still take them 7 more times before being able to complete this game. Not to mention that the chances of them rolling six points every time was extremely small.

“Seems like this war will still beJust as desperation surfaced in Lu Chu’s eyes and he lost the will in his eye, uncaring about the fact that the centipede-like monster was about to rush towards him, a Japanese sword brought along a couple of severed arms from the side of the giant ball, and immediately after that, a tall and handsome man covered in blood flipped out of the hole where the sword flew out off. extended for quite a bit.” Yuan Kejie sighed.

“I calculated it a little,” Song Gui tapped the table with his hand and continued, “if we want to end this game as soon as possible, that means we have to throw the die for seven times, and the first six throws must reach six. The probability of it reaching six is one out of six. For the seventh time, as long as the number is ‘two’ or more, including ‘two’, we’ll be able to reach the end, which means that the possibility of this happening is five out of six. Like this, the final probability of this happening is one-sixth to the power of six multiplied by five out of six — five divided by six to the power of 7.”

After Lu Chu listened to him, he added, “is this calculation complete?”

Song Gui nodded, “indeed, there’s more than this for the actual situation.”

“Well,” Lu Chu quickly made a calculation, “if there’s five dice rolls that hit six, and the next two rolls aren’t six, they only need to be eight and above. The probability of this situation happening is one over six to the power of five multiplied by one over nine, or four over six to the power of 7. Furthermore, there’s still the possibility of rolling two sixes, and two fives and one fours or three fives, or three sixes and three fives……”

After finishing this calculation in one breath, Lu Chu paused for a moment and continued, “the sum of all of these conditions is the final probability. Although it’s slightly more possible than the number you gave, but because the denominator is too large, that gap is actually negligible.”

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Yuan Kejie, ​​”……”

Luo Qi said with disdain, “you said so much, but it all depends on your luck in the end.”

Yuan Kejie was somewhat at a loss and turned to look at Luo Qi, “So, you understood?”

Luo Qi gave a direct reply, “nope.”

When Qian Zhen listened to the conversation between Lu Chu and Song Gui, his normally unwavering eyes became empty for the first time.

7 was as calm and always and didn’t show much emotion.

“Actually, Luo Qi’s right,”The man who escaped from the giant ball didn’t pause for the slightest moment. The moment Lu Chu was about to get attacked, his aura burst out of him, and that gaze that had seen countless of deaths and blood instantly turned sharp. He instantly rushed towards Lu Chu, restrained the centipede-like mosnter with his bare hands, and stabbed through its torso. Lu Chu laughed, “no matter how precise we calculate everything, it won’t affect the final result at all. Since all of us agreed in the beginning that we’ll take turns to throw the dice, then let’s continue to throw it in order. Maybe Qi Li or Qian Zhen will have better luck than me.”

Just as Lu Chu finished speaking, 7 had already picked the dice up and threw it with everybody’s attention.

The dice rolled twice, andHowever, this centipede-like monster didn’t have a heart, so while this blow pained it, it failed to strain its actions. stopped on a four.

Although the number thrown wasn’t large, but that position was good. The fourth square as the blank one.

Normal difficulty, a good result.

Just like before, after the result of the dice had settled, the walls of the tower gradually became transparent,On the other hand, although the giant ball had lost a couple of arms, but because it was fused together, this physical damage caused to it only served increased its rage. and the outside world was once again revealed in front of the six of them.

As they had experienced the blank square before the first time around, this time, the actions they took were exceptionally smooth. They easily won the battle with the black-coloured monsters this7 calmly drew out the sword that he had stabbed into the centipede-like monster, then turned to stand in front of Lu Chu as he faced the huge and ugly monster. time around, and a day and night passed by quickly.


This was their fifth roll of the dice.

This time, the one rolling was Qian Zhen, and Yuan Kejie insisted on wanting a perfect ending to their first round.

“Throw it!” Yuan Kejie stared eagerly at Qian Zhen and encouraged.

In the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice, Song Gui also said, “brother, I believe in you.”

Qian Zhen looked at the symbols floating above the table. This time, the six squares in front of them were ‘eyes’, ‘blank’, ‘blank’, ‘skeleton’, ‘animal claw’, and ‘blank’.

Luo Qi pointed to the sixth blank grid, “do you see that blank grid?”

Yuan Kejie clenched her fist, “you can do it.”

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Lu Chu couldn’t help laugh when he saw them like this.

Qian Zhen, “I’m rarely this nervous.”

Song Gui just happened to be sitting next to Qian Zhen, so he casually reached over to pat him on the shoulder, “go on, be brave, don’t be nervous.”

Qian Zhen threw the dice in his hand, and it flew a perfect arc across their eyes, and landed on the table with a ‘dong–‘. The dice bounced up and down a few times, then rolled three times, before coming to a halt.

— One point.

Everybody, “……”

Qian Zhen, “sorry.”

For a moment, Yuan Kejie didn’t know whether to grieve or comfort Qian Zhen.

Song Gui felt that he had finallyThis fight to the death with all their weapons drawn could happen at any moment. found a comrade-in-arms, and in another point of view, he wasn’t alone anymore.

The square corresponding to one point was the eye.

Eyes. What kind of monster wouldLu Chu stood behind 7, and felt some strong emotion that he couldn’t describe as the looked as his strong back. that look like?

The ‘rules’ didn’t give them the time to imagine, and the moment after Qian Zhen threw out the dice and the number was confirmed, the walls of the tower started to gradually become transparent,By the time everything was over, the giant ball that had previously been forcing them to run around had lost all of its arms, and the blood that flowed down it’s body seeped into the ground, staining the original dark brown soil, giving off a weird light under the glow of the sunset. Its body was constantly trembling, but it couldn’t move anymore. There was countless arms scattered and overlapped on the ground, with some fingers even twitching slightly. then disappear without any warning.

Everyone immediately carried their backpacks, held their weapons, and were all on the alert as they looked out of the tower, ready to deal with unfamiliar dangers at any time.

Of course, when the tower disappeared, and the outside world slowly appeared in front of everybody’s eyes, all of them froze.

Yuan Kejie endured and endured, but still couldn’t help but swear, “fuck, I have trypophobia!”

Before, if the countlessAnd the powerful man that performed that killing named ‘7’ stood victorious upon that monster’s body. skeleton arms that appeared made Yuan Kejie feel a little uncomfortable in her heart, the shock she felt this time couldn’t be physically controlled by her at all.

Even Lu Chu and the others felt a little unease, and only 7 remained unmoved.

Lu Chu thought to himself, there was probably nothing more horrifying in the world than a creature’s body being covered in eyes of all sizes that made someone with trypophobia want to kill someone.


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