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Chapter 84

After passing this tree by, everyone continued to walk forward.


Everybody naturally had their own considerations as they continued to move forward. There might be some hidden danger they wouldn’t be able to think about in this vast wasteland which didn’t have anything other than those strange trees.

Getting too close to those strange trees was definitely not a good idea, as they still hadn’t figured out the rules behind the biological changes in this ‘game’ up till now. Before this, they’ve experienced the many-armed skeleton army that could grow flesh, dissolve in water, and then merge. Nobody could guarantee that those disgusting trees wouldn’t suddenly grow hands and feet to break free from the ground then attack them. At the same time, this didn’t mean that it was safe to stand in an open and endless area.  There wasn’t any absolutely safe place in this world, and the soft barren land underneath their feet might end up becoming a monster that swallowed them.

This square was too desolate, there wasn’t even a place for them to rest or take shelter. Even after they walked for a long time, they still didn’t see any other plants or animals.

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After they passed by several strange trees, Lu Chu stopped for a moment and looked back and forth, then said to the others, “we can rest here.”

All around them was a wasteland, and the strange trees surrounded them over hundreds of miles, stopping a while to take a break was a good idea.

The night was getting darker, and with only a crescent moon and a couple of stars in the sky, the light shining on them was weak and gloomy.

They took out some stuff from their backpacks, and ate and drank some water. Then, they split into groups of two for night watch, while the others would use their backpacks as pillows and slept directly on the ground.  The things that they had in their backpacks were quite messy, irregular in shape, and hurt a little when used as a pillow, but everybody eventually found a comfortable position.

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The difficulty of this square was only a little more difficult than that of the blank square. The monsters weren’t that difficult to deal with, and the main issue was with their appearance, which could make some people feel hesitant due to psychological reasons, and they would end up being tentative while taking action, then lose.

One had to know, with how that monster looked, other than Yuan Kejie who had an intensive phobia, even Lu Chu, Song Gui, and the rest all felt quite revolted.

In the middle of the night, they had encountered two surprise attacks by the monster. The night watchman 7 and Lu Chu quickly killed one, and Yuan Kejie, who was awake, took some time to kill the other.

After that, nothing happened until the next day.

It might be that these monstersLu Chu laughed, “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint everyone. Since young, nothing really lucky has happened to me before.” rested at a time similar to a human. They had only encountered two attacks at night, but once the sun rose from the east and the night faded away, their group countered several attacks.

By the time it was noon, and the sunshine was scorching, the number of monsters attacking them reached a peak.

The sight of dozens of“I think Yuan Kejie makes sense,” Song Gui touched his chin and said, “why don’t you try Lu Xiaochu? Don’t be scared, we won’t hit you even if you can’t throw six points.” naked monsters covered in nothing but eyes of various sizes rushing towards them was very shocking to their senses. Fortunately, Lu Chu and the rest’s mental qualities weren’t normal. Even Yuan Kejie became more and more used to fighting after going through it again and again, changing from her initial frowning as she endured to an emotionless state.

Finally, after the six of them“You can try,” Luo Qi agreed, “no matter how bad it is, it won’t be worse than Song Gui’s scummy one.” solved the eleven monsters that had just attacked them, they finally had time to breathe.

“It was quite cool last night,b but now it’s becoming so hot at noon, I’ve almost sweated a layer of my skin off. What kind of climate is this?” Yuan Kejie panted as she wiped the sweat off her face.

Fortunately, they still had some water on them, otherwise, in this barren land without even a single blade ofLu Chu glanced at 7, and picked up the dice when he saw 7 nodding towards him, “then I’ll throw it.” grass, they wouldn’t know how to replenish their water.

“It’s getting hotter and hotter,”Although Luo Qi and Qian Zhen didn’t speak, both of their expressions relaxed slightly. Song Gui was also sweating, “in such a situation, if we continue to fight on, our body will end up losing too much salt and water.”

Lu Chu placed his hand in front of him to block the dazzling sunlight and looked up at the sky. The hot sun hung directly above them, and its dazzling white light seemed to burn people’s eyes as its strong ultraviolet rays scorched everything on this land, including them. The temperature of the barren ground was also rising, and the air a meter above the ground was getting distorted by the excessive heat rising from it, like steam.

They estimated the temperature to be about forty degrees, and there was the possibility that it would continue to rise.

Lu Chu licked his dry lower lip, and said, “perhaps, this time, the difficulty of this square not only lies in the strange creatures attacking us, but also in this harsh living environment.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a bottle appeared before him.

Lu Chu’s gaze followed the slender hand holding the bottle, and looked at the person holding the bottle, as expected, it was 7.

7 had just seen him lick his lips, and knew that he had long been extremely thirsty, so he opened his own bottle and handed it over.

“Thank you.” Lu Chu smiled gently at him, then took the water bottle and took two sips.

After Lu Chu drank the water, he handed the bottle back to 7.

7 took back the bottle, and before he screwed the lid back on, he gently used his thumb to rub against the place where Lu Chu’s lips had been pressing against.


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As time went by, the weather really got hotter and hotter, and currently, it was so hot that even if they carried their backpacks for a moment, the gap between their back and the backpack would become so drenched in sweat that it became transparent.

Under such an extremely hot environment, they would still have to fight against the monsters that attacked them from time to time. After going through this several times, they had almost finished their water since they had to replenish their energy.

Luo Qi was dragging her backpack with one hand and her shovel in the other, and her sleeves had been rolled all the way to her shoulders. She glanced at Yuan Kejie and asked, “about what time is it now?”

Yuan Kejie used her hand to cover part of the sunlight, and squinted to confirm the position of the sun. After a moment, she replied, “about one or two o’clock.”

“The hottest time of the day is about three o’clock, and even at sunset, the temperature wouldn’t drop that quickly,” Song Gui said when he heard her, “so we still have some more to suffer.”The tower completely disappeared, and what appeared in front of everybody’s eyes was a town with an architectural style very similar to the one in the first square. This town was just as desolate, and there wasn’t anybody out on the streets. The street lights down the side of the roads had long rusted, and became mottled.

“And there is no shelter in this place,” saying that, Lu Chu pointed in the direction of those strange trees, “expect for those…… trees?”

Yuan Kejie sighed, “let’s just call it a tree, although there’s as many eyes on it as there are stars.”

Song Gui teased her, “it seemsEven if this ‘Heart’ probably meant that something good would happen, nobody lessened their vigilance. like you’ve already gotten used to them, you’re even describing them as stars.”

Yuan Kejie sighed again, “there’s no choice.”

Then, Qian Zhen, who had been staying silent for some time, suggested, “let’s go there to cool down?”

‘There’ naturally referredIn the last square, everybody had run away in a hurry and discarded most of their supplies, so now, they only had their own weapons and a couple of compressed biscuits, which was indeed very horrible. Now, when they looked at the houses in front of them, they all glanced at each other, and understood what each other meant. to the place where those strange trees were.

Getting some shade under such a tree, even if they could cool down, it wouldn’t feel that good.

When Yuan Kejie heard that, she said, “is it safe? If it’s safe, we’ll go there, don’t care about me, I’ve gotten usedSong Gui and the rest turn their attention towards Lu Chu.  to it already.”

Song Gui laughed and looked at her, then said, “sorry, our bad, but we didn’t think of caring about your feelings.”

Yuan Kejie, ​​”……”

They couldn’t judge the safety based on what they saw, after they discussed it, they decided to head over there first.Lu Chu closed his eyes, then listened and smelt carefully. After a while, he opened his eyes and nodded to everybody, “there’s no danger for now, but it’s better to be careful. I can’t guarantee that my sense of smell and hearing will be right every time.” As for whether that strange tree’s shadow could really bring them some coolness, it was still unknown.


The tree that Lu Chu and the rest chose was much larger compared to the other strange trees. It was strong and had luxuriant branches, and looked full of vitality. Of course, it also had many eyes.

Several people walked under the shade of the tree with anticipation.

Qian Zhen, “……”

Yuan Kejie, “can you feel it?”

Luo Qi, “no.”

Song Gui, “we can go now.”

Lu Chu and 7 looked at each other.

This sort of stuffy and warm feeling had long been permeating in the air, and each breath brought along a feeling of anxiety that could no longer be gotten rid of by standing in the shade.


It was approaching three o’clock, and the temperature of the ground was so high that they could feel it through the sole of their shoes.

Luo Qi,READ THE who disliked the feeling of sweat on her feet,UNSCRAMBLED VERSION felt uncomfortable wearing shoes, so she chose to take them off and hung them around her neck. AfterAT THE stepping barefoot on the barren land forPOTATO a while, the soles of her feet turned red.ROOM

When Yuan Kejie saw this, she couldn’t help but say, “Qiqi, your feet are going to get cooked soon.”

Luo Qi wiped her sweat, “it’s nothing.” After speaking, she didn’t forget to add, “also, don’t call me Qiqi.”

The rest of the people were also uncomfortable.

Luckily, it was probably because those monsters couldn’t stand such a high temperature, the amount attacking them had lessened, which saved them quite a bit of strength.


Saving water, reducing their movements, and avoiding talking.

In the next few hours, they followed theseYuan Kejie was very enthusiastic about weird little things, and soon, she had gotten half a bag, and smiled to everybody as she said, “amazing, I found so many. These little things are very useful.” three rules, and finally managed to get to sunset.

The heat that made them feel like they were being grilled finally started to slowly dissipate. Although the air was still filled with traces of that stuffy and suffocating heat, everybody wasAfter searching through this house, everyone discussed for a moment, and decided that before it became dark, Qian Zhen and Yuan Kejie would guard the house, while the others would go to other places to see if there was anything useful, as well as replenish their supplies. feeling much better.

Finally, under everybody’s eager expectations, the tower appeared in the wasteland out of thin air.

It was as if they had seen their saviour, and all for them ran to the tower with their fastest speed and rushed in.

The moment they enteredThinking that Yuan Kejie’s strength was those strange survival skills, and that she knew her own limit, so she wouldn’t take a weight that she was unable to bear, nor would she forget the importance of food, everybody just let her do what she wanted. the tower, a refreshing coolness hit their faces, and they finally relaxed.

Yuan Kejie let out a sigh, “I’m alive again.”

Song Gui proclaimed that he would never want to step foot into a sauna in his life ever again.

Lu Chu nodded in agreement, although he never had the chance to visit a sauna.

Currently, their lips were chapped and pale, and that was enough to see how bad their previous environment was.

They took their seats.

After a while, the six of them finally looked towards the grid in front of them. The previous time they threw a dice, it was Qian Zhen’s ‘one’, so they only moved a single space. Therefore, the six squares this time were ‘blank’, ‘blank’, ‘skeleton’, ‘animal claw’, ‘blank’, and ‘eyes’.

The person throwing this time was Yuan Kejie.

As the final one, Yuan Kejie closed her palm around the dice with a solemn expression, raised her hand to her ear, squinted, then shook it violently.


Following Yuan Kejie’s roar, she threw the dice high into the air.

Because she used a lot of strength, the dice ended up rolling for more than ten seconds before finally stopping, and stabilising at five points.

Yuan Kejie breathed a sigh of relief — fortunately, she wasn’t the same as Song Gui and Qian Zhen.

Lu Chu praised, “you have good luck.”

Everybody else nodded.

This was the third time that they’d faced a blank square. As the saying went, practice makes perfect, and this time, not only did they manage to replenish their food, water, and other tools, but they also took a good rest to recover the energy.

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