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Chapter 85

At the end of the day, by the time they had entered the tower again, their mental state had once again returned to an excellent state.

Up till this moment, all six of them had thrown the dice. In order, the numbers they threw were three, five, six, four, one, and five. Even after adding up everything, it only added up to twenty-four, and since there were fifty-two in total, this meant that they hadn’t even finished half of the way.

Lu Chu looked at the Monopoly board in front of him — the squares with the various symbols floating above them were winding towards the end.

Normally, this would be a game filled with childhood joy, but right now, it was a death game that could kill them at any time.

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In her seat, Yuan Kejie glanced at the next few squares, then pointed towards a direction on the table. With an excited tone, she said to the rest, “look, another heart!”

Luo Qi had already noticed the heart, and nodded, then threw a question to the rest, “so, this time, who would be the one throwing?”

The rest of the people looked towards the table and saw that the next six squares were ‘eyes’, ‘blank’, ‘animal claws’, ‘blank’, ‘blank’, and ‘heart’.

After Qian Zhen looked through it, he waved his hand, “I’ll pass.”

After all, not only was he a man who rolled out a one, he also unlocked a new difficulty.

Song Gui touched his chin, “thissorry to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl difficulty is quite low. As long as it’s not the first three, I’ll accept.”

Luo Qi looked at Song Gui out of the corner of her eye, and tsked, “are these your only requirements?”

Song Gui had long been accustomed to Luo Qi ridiculing him, and didn’t take much notice of it, but looked towards Lu Chu, “Lu Xiaochu, I think it’s better if you throw it.”

Yuan Kejie immediately clapped her hands in agreement, then looked at Lu Chu with bright eyes, “Lord of Luck, hello, Lord of Luck, you’ve worked hard!”

Lu Chu felt a little embarrassed, “the previous time might just be an accident. The probability of rolling one to six on a die is the same, it’s best that everybody doesn’t place too much expectation on me.”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter,”Lu Chu brought back several sets of clothing. In the previous square, they had to cross the river to escape, and their clothes had long become extremely unclean, especially 7’s. After that last fight, the blood on 7’s clothes couldn’t be washed off, so he had to change to a clean set of clothing. This would also benefit any subsequent actions they had to take. Yuan Kejie quickly added, “we’ve already thrown and landed on a double skeleton square, to be honest, I’m not afraid anymore.”

Song Gui also said, “we’ve already gone one round and everybody has already thrown once. Looking at the result,After searching for some time, they didn’t encounter any danger, and brought back quite a lot of tools and food. if we really wanted to choose someone to roll the dice, it would be Lu Xiaochu without a doubt. But don’t feel too much pressure, it doesn’t matter if your luck this time isn’t good, we’ll just change to someone else.”

Truthfully, what Lu Chu was worried about wasn’t whether his luck was good or bad, but because the others held himLu Chu measured their clothing by eye, and they were basically around the right size. Yuan Kejie couldn’t help but praise when she saw it, then said with some annoyance, “pity that there’s no water in the bathroom, if not, we can wash up.” in high expectations. If his luck really was bad later, then the disappointment would be even greater.

Now, after listening to them,Although it was impossible for them to take an actual bath, Qian Zhen found several water dispenser buckets in this house, so it should be enough for them to take turns to wipe the stains off their bodies. Lu Chu put down the worries in his heart and took the dice, “then, I’ll throw it.”

After speaking, he threw the dice out.

Under everybody’s eager gaze, theAfter this break, all of them felt refreshed. dice slowly rolled twice, then stopped at six.


Lu Chu couldn’t help but smile.

Song Gui, who was still thinking about how to comfort Lu Chu fell into silence; and the tower disappeared, and once again they were in that extremely safe environment. Yuan Kejie, who stood there, thought in her heart, perhaps this might be Lu Chu’s ability.


This time, everybody knew that the square with the ‘heart’ symbol was relatively safe, so they found a house to rest in, then started their long night — even though they knew that it was safe, they didn’t forget to send two people out to take turns to night watch.

Once it became daylight the next day, they started to walk around the deserted town and replenish their backpacks as they checked out their surroundings.

After walking for a few hours, Yuan Kejie couldn’t help but say, “there really isn’t even a bird here……”

Lu Chu pulled the backpack on him a little higher. Along the way, perhaps they had collected too many things, and even though they’ve already reduced the amount, their backpacks were already filled, and the zipper could barely be pulled up.

When 7 saw this, he placed his hand under Lu Chu’s backpack to support him, and asked, “is it heavy?”

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Lu Chu shook his head, “it’s not heavy, I just wanted to change the position.”

7 helped him to adjust the position of his backpack when he heard this, and Lu Chu looked at him and smiled, “thank you.”

As Yuan Kejie walked, she looked around and asked, “speaking of which, why does it seem like this town is boundary-less? We seem to be walking in one direction, where will we walk to?”

When he heard her question, the image of his old town, as well as the blank void outside of it suddenly appeared in Lu Chu’s mind, and he couldn’t resist replying, “the end.”

Yuan Kejie wondered, “the end?”

“En,” Lu Chu recalled his own thoughts and explained, “we’ll reach the end, until the boundary of this game.”

Yuan Kejie was surprised, “have you been to the boundary before?”

Lu Chu’s answer evaded the main point, “in a previous ‘game’.”

When Song Gui heard him, he quietly glanced towards Lu Chu.

While Song Gui turned to stareYuan Kejie rushed to Lu Chu and cupped her hands before her chest in a salute, “thank you, Lord of Luck!”  at Lu Chu thoughtfully, 7 suddenly went to stand beside Lu Chu to block his line of sight, then turned his head slightly to meet Song Gui’s eyes, with an inquiring and examining gaze.

Song Gui quickly looked away, and gave the same casual smile as always, then said, “isn’t this the same as theLu Chu nodded, “I think so too.”Luo Qi raised her eyebrows, “what significant thing did we do today?” illusion within the ‘rules’?”

“Maybe it is, it’s just that theSong Gui said, “since the location of the tower isn’t fixed, then we don’t need to run out and guard at where it disappeared. This time, the level of danger is low, so we might as well stay in this house before going out in the evening.” range of activities within a ‘game’ is larger,” Lu Chu said, then paused for a moment before he continued, “and more like a complete world.”

After some careful deliberation,A night passed. The next day, they gathered together for a little discussion. Lu Chu didn’t know what a complete world looked like.

As an ‘insider’ within aThis square was too desolate, there wasn’t even a place for them to rest or take shelter. Even after they walked for a long time, they still didn’t see any other plants or animals. ‘game’, his knowledge of the ‘world’ was lacking from the moment he was born.

After listening to what Lu Chu said, Luo Qi dismissed it and said, “no matter how much they resemble reality, these ‘games’ can’t be a complete world, and are nothing more than illusions.”

When Lu Chu heard her, he smiled and agreed, “yes, how could it be considered a world?”

It was still incomplete, after all.


They continued walking in their original direction, and since they didn’t have to worry about monsters attacking them, they wanted to walk further, to see what that ‘end’ that Lu Chu mentioned looked like.

If this ‘game’ was too large for them to reach the end, then they would take this distance as a warmup walk; and if they were lucky enough to get to the end, that would naturally be the best.

However, even until it became late and dusk fell, they didn’t manage to reach the so-called end.

Silently, the tower appeared in front of them.

Yuan Kejie was a little disappointed, and Luo Qi glanced at her then said, “as long as you live longer, you’ll always be able to see the edge of the world.”

After speaking, she carried her shovel and walked into the tower.

Yuan Kejie laughed, “that makes sense, that makes sense.”

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Then, the rest of them walked into the tower one after another.


Until this point in the ‘game’, they had already reached the thirtieth square out of fifty-two.

The six of them looked towards the table.

Only to see that the thirty-first to thirty-sixth grids were ‘blank’, ‘double eyes’, ‘skeleton’, ‘blank’, ‘blank’, and ‘double animal claw’.

This time, they didn’t ask who would be rolling the dice again, but instead, all turned to look at Lu Chu.

Lu Chu, “……”

“Come on!” Yuan Kejie clenched her fist and encouraged him.

Lu Chu gave a helpless smile, then took the die and threw it.

Five points — a blank square.

Yuan Kejie couldn’t help but show a pleased smile.

Song Gui praised, “Lu Xiaochu, you really are great.”


After that, all the dice thrown defaulted to Lu Chu, and Lu Chu didn’t disappoint everybody’s expectations. He threw a five, four, or six every time, and they all fell onto a blank square, as if he had the help of the gods.

Yuan Kejie’s emotions gradually changed from excitement to numbness.

Lu Chu didn’t have any special feelings about this matter himself, but he couldn’t help but glanceAfter they passed by several strange trees, Lu Chu stopped for a moment and looked back and forth, then said to the others, “we can rest here.” at 7. He had thought all of his luck had been used up meeting 7.

In this manner, with the thirty points thrown before and the twenty from Lu Chu, they soon reached theAll around them was a wasteland, and the strange trees surrounded them over hundreds of miles, stopping a while to take a break was a good idea. fiftieth square.

The last two squares were ‘blank’, and ‘heart’ respectively.

There were only three heartThe night was getting darker, and with only a crescent moon and a couple of stars in the sky, the light shining on them was weak and gloomy. squares, and the one on the fifty-second one was the last one. After that, was the end. This meant that as long as they rolled three or more points, they would be able to pass this ‘game’ directly. Of course, if they rolled two points, it was harmless, since it meant that all they needed to do was to talk a walk and rest. As for rolling a one, even though they had already figured out the living habits and weaknesses of the monsters in that square, having to fight one less battle would be one less. They wouldn’t want to waste their energyThey took out some stuff from their backpacks, and ate and drank some water. Then, they split into groups of two for night watch, while the others would use their backpacks as pillows and slept directly on the ground.  The things that they had in their backpacks were quite messy, irregular in shape, and hurt a little when used as a pillow, but everybody eventually found a comfortable position. on unnecessary battles.

Seeing that it was only two short steps, Song Gui, who had been remaining silent, suddenly said, “why not, I’ll give it a throw?”

Luo Qi sneered, “you? I reject.”

“Forget it, bro…..” Yuan Kejie sighed.

Song Gui laughed, and his tone was filled with regret, “I thought that it was time for me to prove my strength.”

Qian Zhen didn’t know what to say.

Lu Chu looked at the symbols on the table, and said, “as long as it’s three and above, it’s very good. The possibility of directly clearing the ‘game’ is two-third, which is very high.”

Song Gui, “rolling a two would get a heart, which has the difficulty equivalent to a holiday.”

Yuan Kejie tilted her head, “even if it ends up being one, it…… doesn’t seem like much?”

“That’s it,” Song Gui nodded, “but I don’t think I’m that bad.”

READ THEIt could be seen that Song Gui really wantedUNSCRAMBLED VERSION to throw the dice again, but he wasn’t the type of person who would ignore the situation because of his own personal reasons. Now, when he said that he wanted to roll it once more, itAT THE was because he knew that even if his luck was bad enough that he threw out a one, it wouldn’tPOTATO cause any harm to the team.ROOM

Of course, as long as a teammate disagreed, he would not do it.

Whether or not he would be able to roll this round, this decision was up to his teammates.

Luo Qi glanced at him, “allowed.”

Qian Zhen said, “I don’t care.”

Lu Chu smiled, “luck isn’t absolute. You should try, perhaps the previous time was an accident.”

7 didn’t object, because Lu Chu was right.

Yuan Kejie thought for a bit and nodded, “okay, we’ll give you this chance. Anyways, it’s probably just staying for two more days, and maybe, we’ll be able to see the ‘end’ of this ‘game’.”

“Your toneThe difficulty of this square was only a little more difficult than that of the blank square. The monsters weren’t that difficult to deal with, and the main issue was with their appearance, which could make some people feel hesitant due to psychological reasons, and they would end up being tentative while taking action, then lose. seems to confirm that I wouldn’t be able to roll more than a three,” saying that, Song Gui looked at everybody, “but still, thank you.”

Immediately afterwards,One had to know, with how that monster looked, other than Yuan Kejie who had an intensive phobia, even Lu Chu, Song Gui, and the rest all felt quite revolted. he picked up the dice on his hand, cupped it in his palm and shook it up and down, then threw it out.

The dice rolledIn the middle of the night, they had encountered two surprise attacks by the monster. The night watchman 7 and Lu Chu quickly killed one, and Yuan Kejie, who was awake, took some time to kill the other. across the table, letting out a faint rolling sound, and trembled to a one.

Song Gui raised his hand and surrendered, his voice filled with regret, “okay, I accept my fate.”

Yuan Kejie hugged herself and wept, “something must be wrong with my brain to let you throw that dice again……”

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