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Chapter 87 – Outside the ‘game’

Outside the ‘game’.

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Bright light flashed across Lu Chu’s eyes, and he returned to standing in the white space that he had gradually gotten familiar with.

The contact between 7’s lips and his own was fleeting, but the warm sensation lingered on Lu Chu’s lips.

He unconsciously curled up his lips, and his ears became hot.  There was also a slight dampness in his eyes as a thin layer of pink dusted across his cheeks.

“Beep–” Just at this time, the sound of the bracelet brought him back from his drifting thoughts.

Lu Chu waved away those sweet emotions within his mind and looked down at the time on his wrist.

Before the start of the last ‘game’, the time remaining on his bracelet was 74’59”. After going through that multi-person mission, the remaining time he had increased by 65 minutes.

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Lu Chu didn’t know the rules and basis behind the increase in time for multi-person missions, but at this moment, he was a little confused upon seeing the 139’59” displayed.

Just as he was deep in thought while staring at that unchanging number, it jumped from ‘139’59″‘ to ‘134’59″‘, then the time started to move, going down every second.

Lu Chu took back his gaze from the bracelet and looked into the white space, and sure enough, a door appeared in front of him.

He didn’t think much more about it and walked through the door.


The moment Lu Chu stepped out of the door, the amount of things he could see suddenly increased, and the bright light caused him to be unable to open his eyes for a moment.  Lu Chu was only able to see what the illusion this time looked like after his eyes got used to the strong light.

This was — a sports field?

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What entered his eyes was a wide circular running track, while Lu Chu himself was standing in the middle of a field of fake green grass, which was surrounded by the track. There were two iron football goals at the two ends. Lu Chu looked in the distance, and the building nearest to them in the west had the three words ‘Yi Fu Building’ 1https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run_Run_Shaw. A building Sir Run Run Shaw’s name. As one of the most famous Hong Kong entertainment mogul and philanthropist, he donated billions to educational institutions across Hong Kong and China, and more than 5000 schools have a building with his name on them. written on it, and towards the back were buildings that looked like a canteen. To the east was a basketball court, a library, and other buildings that were blocked from his view.

The illusion this time looked like a university campus that occupied quite a large area.

Just as he was thinking about this, Lu Chu had taken a few steps to the side, to avoid blocking other people’s way when they walked out from behind him.

He didn’t know if Song Gui and the rest had already exited the room, but thought to himself that they probably hadn’t. He had exited as soon as the door appeared. If someone entered the illusion before he did, they wouldn’t be that far away from the exit either. However, this place was very spacious, and other than himself, he didn’t see anyone else.

As his thoughts drifted, somebody suddenly appeared in the door behind him.

When Lu Chu heard the footsteps, he immediately turned back, only to see a man he had never seen before. The man’s expression was solemn and cold, and his brows were deeply furrowed. Furthermore, he looked extremely fierce with yellow-ish brown pigmentation all over his face.Yuan Kejie sighed, “let’s just call it a tree, although there’s as many eyes on it as there are stars.” After he exited, he didn’t even look at Lu Chu who was next to him but walked alone in one direction after confirming the surrounding situation.

This person was probably one ofGetting some shade under such a tree, even if they could cool down, it wouldn’t feel that good. the more than twenty people Song Gui knew who still remained under this ‘rule’.

Luo Qi was the next one to walkWhen Yuan Kejie heard that, she said, “is it safe? If it’s safe, we’ll go there, don’t care about me, I’ve gotten used to it already.” out of the door.

After she saw Lu Chu, Luo Qi gave him a nod, then stood beside him, waiting for the rest of them with him.

After that, several people that Lu Chu hadn’t met before exited.

In the past, Lu Chu always appearedThe tree that Lu Chu and the rest chose was much larger compared to the other strange trees. It was strong and had luxuriant branches, and looked full of vitality. Of course, it also had many eyes. in the illusion a little later, and ventured off to somewhere else after he exited, so his time rarely overlapped with the other people. This was the first time he had seen so many strangers.

Soon, Song Gui, Qian Zhen and Yuan Kejie appeared in the illusion.

Since the identity that 7 gave them was that of a player under another ‘rule’s management, although he was able to complete tasks with them their ‘rules’ were different and hence they wouldn’t be able to enter the same illusion. Thus,  nobody had any suspicions or doubts.

Just like that, all their people had arrived.

Song Gui glanced at the crowd, “it isn’t really convenient for us to guard the illusion’s door, so let’s find another place to talk.”

Lu Chu nodded in agreement, “en.”


They went to a forest behind one of the southwest’s classroom buildings.

This area seemed to be somewhat underdeveloped and was a little remote. The bushes in this area were growing luxuriously and disorderly, and to the side was a small lake that had a slightly unpleasant smell with green water plants. The small pavilion above the lake hadn’t been cleaned for some time, and some of the corners had fallen off. The wooden planks inside it meant for sitting and resting also showed signs of decay.

Upon seeing this, Yuan Kejie couldn’t help sighing, “there was such a place in the university that I attended. At night, it would become a holy location for young couples, as waves and waves of young men and women, or two men and two women entered the area.”

Qian Zhen, “……”

Luo Qi was the first one to walk to the pavilion. She bent down and picked up a piece of brick that had been left on the ground, threw it upwards and caught it. The handiness of this brick made her very satisfied.

Song Gui went in and found a spot that could still be considered okay to sit down, then asked the rest. “How much time did you get? I got sixty-five minutes.”

Song Gui reported his numbers first, and theirs were the same as his. Lu Chu and the rest replied, “me too.”

READ THE“It seems that the reward time for multi-person missions is the same for everybody,UNSCRAMBLED VERSION but the time each round isn’t fixed,”AT THE Song Gui stroked his chin, thought forPOTATO a moment, “a lot of different factors might be taken into consideration, and there might be bonusesROOM in many aspects.”

Lu Chu turned to look at him when he heard that, “for example?”

“Number.” Song Gui said solemnly.

Yuan Kejie wondered, “number?”

“En, the number of people,” Song Gui added, “specifically, it should be the number of people left alive.”

Lu Chu was interested, “why do you say so?”

Song Gui didn’t answer, but asked him, “do you remember that I told you about a multi-person mission I did before?”

Lu Chu nodded. Song Gui had mentioned before that only he and Luo Qi had survived then, it definitely must have been extremely dangerous.

Seeing that he nodded, Song Gui continued, “that time, the time we got when we completed the mission was only twenty minutes.”

Yuan Kejie was surprised, “twenty minutes?”

“Yes, twenty minutes,” Song Gui glanced at Luo Qi, “under that situation, where only Luo Qi and I survived.”

When Luo Qi heard Song Gui say that ‘ Luo Qi and I survived’, she raised her hand and threw a brick at Song Gui.

Song Gui immediately got up and swiftly avoided her attack.

Only then did Lu Chu remember that every time he had seen Luo Qi, she was always directly attacking Song Gui. However, during the last ‘game’ that they were in, other than occasionally mocking Song Gui, Luo Qi didn’t take any other action or attack him.

From another perspective, perhaps this might be her way to distinguishThis sort of stuffy and warm feeling had long been permeating in the air, and each breath brought along a feeling of anxiety that could no longer be gotten rid of by standing in the shade. between work and private situations?

“Well, Qiqi, don’t cause trouble,” Yuan Kejie stopped Luo Qi, “we don’t have that much time, and the reason we gatheredLuo Qi, who disliked the feeling of sweat on her feet, felt uncomfortable wearing shoes, so she chose to take them off and hung them around her neck. After stepping barefoot on the barren land for a while, the soles of her feet turned red.  this time is to discuss serious matters.”

Luo Qi immediately stoppedWhen Yuan Kejie saw this, she couldn’t help but say, “Qiqi, your feet are going to get cooked soon.” attacking Song Gui, and picked up the brick on the ground, threw it upwards and caught it again, then silently went back to her position.

Then, Song Gui asked everybody, “I wanted to ask all of you, what did you think about how we cooperated this time?”

Qian Zhen was the first one who spoke, “can be trusted.”

Yuan Kejie added “I’ll be fine with entrusting my back, and there’s no shitty teammate.” Of course, this excluded Song Gui’s and Qian Zhen’s horrible luck.

Luo Qi also said, “not bad.”

“I think we can continue to work together.” Lu Chu concluded, and curled up the side of his lips.

After listening to their answers, Song Gui gave a sincere smile, but immediately put away that smile, and said in a serious tone, “I think so too, so, from this moment on, we’re all in this together.”

“Now, there’s a piece of information I want to share with you guys.”

Luo Qi and the rest had long known that Song Gui had information that the rest of them didn’t know, so they all immediately looked towards Song Gui in anticipation.

Although Lu Chu didn’t know about this matter, he had some guesses in his heart as to what this information was.

Then, they heard Song Gui continue, “all of us know that time is very important. Not only does it reflect the time that we can stay in the illusion, but also–”

Having said until that point, Song Gui lowered his voice, as if he was afraid of being overheard, and said softly, one word at a time, “how to get out of this ‘game’.”

The four other people’s eyes widened when they heard this.

Get out…… of this ‘game’?

This was the dream of many players, to break free from this endless loop of suicide-like games and return to their normal lives. Even if their normal life was ordinary and unremarkable, and that they wouldn’t be accomplishing anything at all, it would still be a peaceful and happy life.

Yuan Kejie frowned and said in a grave tone, “where did you hear this information from? Is it reliable?”

“The source is a ‘game’ that I had experienced before. Because it involves the contents of another ‘game’, speaking too much about it will result in censoring by the ‘rules’, so it’s not convenient to explain the source of the information.  As for whether it’s reliable or not–” Song Gui paused and looked at them, “I don’t know, and I’ve never tried this method before. Alternatively, even if somebody had tried this before and succeeded, they would have returned to their original world. Then, the successful people who return to the other world wouldn’t be able to share their joy nor experience with us. As for whether it’s reliable or not, we’ll only know after we try it out.”

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Luo Qi raised her eyebrows, “so, what is the method?”

Song Gui glanced at their surroundings and said, “do you remember the rules behind how this illusion appears?”

How could they forget this?

Yuan Kejie replied, “at the same time every day, the door to the illusion would open, and lead to different worlds.”

“That’s right,” Song Gui said, “every twenty-four hours is a cycle, and the door to the illusion will automatically appear. The time that a person can stay in the illusion is determined by the time that they have left on their bracelets, and once their time is up, they would have to return to their respective blank rooms. As such,  if the time on our bracelet exceeds twenty-four hours, more specifically, what will happen when we end up staying in the illusion for more than twenty-four hours, when the illusion’s cycle starts? Have you ever thought about that?”

They thought deeply about this.

Lu Chu pondered for a moment, and replied, “this is an intersection, and also a breakthrough point.”

“Yes,” Song Gui said, “at this intersection, there’s the possibility of breaking free.”

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