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Chapter 88 – Outside the ‘game’

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Lu Chu organized his thoughts.

After listening to what Song Gui said, Lu Chu roughly understood what he was trying to express.

As everyone knew, the contents of the illusion within the ‘rules’ were different every day.

The time within the illusion moved in a cycle of twenty-four hours — under such circumstances, when someone had enough time on their bracelet to stay in the illusion for more than twenty-four hours, they would likely be able to experience the intersection between changing illusions

And within this instant of an intersection, there was a chance to leave the game.

Thinking of this, Lu Chu’s first thought went to 7, who had already completed all the single-person missions.

Lu Chu didn’t know how many single-person missions there were in the ‘game’. However, since it had already been so long till 7 had already forgotten his own name, Lu Chu could imagine thatplease read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this!
thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of games wouldn’t be impossible.

If that was the case, then when 7 was still a player, and not the so-called ‘cleaner’, then the time that he was able to stay within the illusion of the ‘rules’ would probably have long surpassed twenty-four hours.  However, why didn’t 7 break away from the ‘rules’, and the ‘game’?

It was that either the method that Song Gui suggested was wrong and unreliable; or, there were other necessary conditions to get out of this place.

It seems that when he sees 7 in the next ‘game’, he would have to ask him carefully about this matter.

On the other side, Yuan Kejie, Luo Qi and Qian Zhen were in deep contemplation for a long time.

Twenty-four hours, when converted to minutes, would be 1,440. How many ‘games’ would they need to survive in order to save up that amount of time?

They had never thought about this question before.

Luo Qi frowned slightly, tossed the brick in her hand and said, “in other words, we need to do dozens, or even overapologies to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl twenty group missions in order to meet this requirement?”

Yuan Kejie worried, “it would be difficult to survive so many ‘games’ in the first place.”

After Song Gui told them about this news, on one hand, they were excited about the possibility of leaving this place. Yet on the other hand, they were also worried — not only were they worried about whether they could accumulate twenty-four hours, but they were even more afraid that if they had saved up enough time and found out that the news was fake, all those happy futures they had envisioned were nothing more than their wishful thinking.

Song Gui slowly rubbed his index finger and thumb together, as if he was thinking about something, then glanced at them, “however, we can’t just casually accept any multi-person missions, some of them are too difficult, and simply choosing any will only lead to the destruction of the group. The prerequisite for getting more time rewarded is that you’re still alive. Once you’re dead, there’s nothing.”

Lu Chu heard this, thought about it, and couldn’t help but voice out his doubts, “just now, you said that there’s an intersection and replacement every 24 hours, and there would be a chanceLuo Qi wiped her sweat, “it’s nothing.” After speaking, she didn’t forget to add, “also, don’t call me Qiqi.” to leave this place, but what’s the specific method to leave? It can’t be that all we need to do is just stand in the illusion and watch how the illusion changes?”

Yuan Kejie also echoed, “I alsoThe rest of the people were also uncomfortable. want to ask this question, it can’t be that this is just some reality game that will be automatically cleared once we accumulate 24 hours?”

Song Gui shook his head, “it’s still difficult to understand the specific situation. There is still a longLuckily, it was probably because those monsters couldn’t stand such a high temperature, the amount attacking them had lessened, which saved them quite a bit of strength. way to go before we can accumulate enough time, so we need to find a way to collect enough information when we go through each mission.”

“Collect information?” Yuan Kejie was even more confused, “what information, and how do we collect it?”

Seeing that she asked about this, Song Gui’s expression changed again, he asked them in a serious tone,Finally, under everybody’s eager expectations, the tower appeared in the wasteland out of thin air. “what do you think of the people living inside the ‘game’?”

When Lu Chu heard this, he froze.

Luo Qi raised her eyebrows and gave a concise answer, “npc.”

Qian Zhen thought for a while and replied, “mass-produced clones.”

Yuan Kejie thought for a moment before he said, “it’s not easy to describe, but they definitely must beIt was as if they had seen their saviour, and all for them ran to the tower with their fastest speed and rushed in. fake, and not real.”

Song Gui curled up the side of his lips, and chuckled, “not real? I don’t think so.”

When he said that, he seemingly glanced at Lu Chu from the corner of his eyes somewhat unintentionally, then withdrew his gaze before continuing, “I don’t know if ‘they’ are mass-produced or not, or if they’re just npcs set by the ‘rules’. However, the one thing that’s certain is that they have the ability to think, as well as have a relatively complete life, with normal emotions.”

Yuan Kejie suddenly said, “this really is the case. Sometimes, I would even get affected by their emotions. Strange, they’re obviously not even real people.”

“How can you be sure that they are not real?” Song Gui asked again, “they have flesh and blood, have their own thoughts, and they set up and follow their laws.”

Yuan Kejie became speechless momentarily, and couldn’t answer.

Song Gui looked at Lu Chu, “Lu Xiaochu, what do you think?”

Lu Chu looked Song Gui in the eye. He had always felt as if Song Gui knew something.

Lu Chu replied, “the ‘insiders’ of each ‘game’ are certainly real.”

Song Gui curled up his lips, “real?”

“Well,” Lu Chu saidREAD THE with a calm and confident expression, “they live a lifeUNSCRAMBLED VERSION that leaves behind marks, haveAT THE their own stories, and suffer through the joys of birth and the sufferings ofPOTATO death…… therefore, they should be given the right to be called a real ‘person’.”ROOM

This right wasn’t given to them by the ‘rules’ or any other thing but was something created by themselves.

“I think so too,” Song Gui laughed, “so when those ‘insiders’ from the ‘game’ begin to realise that they’re in an absurd and false world, they start trying to resist.”

“For example–” Lu Chu said with a solemn expression, “looking for a way to escape?”

“Yes.” Song Gui nodded, “in those thousands of ‘games’, there would always be a few people who discover things that they shouldn’t know, and they start to resist the original path and destiny that was forcibly given to them, wishing to change the fate given to them by the heavens.”

For Lu Chu, this “original path and destiny that was forcibly given”, probably meant losing his senses, and dying in that Senseless City.

At this time, Yuan Kejie also understood what Song Gui meant, and added, “so, you want us to look for those who ‘know things that they shouldn’t in the subsequent missions, in order to find a way to get out of the ‘game’?”

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Song Gui nodded, “that’s right.”

When Qian Zhen heard this, he gave a couple of nods, “I sort of understand.”

Lu Chu couldn’t help but wonder, in that ‘Behead the Snake’ game, was that Granny Wang a part of that small group of people who knew something that they shouldn’t?

Several people were in deep thought, but Song Gui said again, “right now, I still haven’t found the next suitable multi-person mission. If I have a suitable one, I’ll inform everybody. Right now, we’ll first choose solo missions to complete, and every time the illusion appears, we’ll gather and meet like this again. I hope that every time we meet, we would still have five people, and nobody would be missing.”

A ‘game’ was dangerous, and it would be hard to anticipate life or death.

Luo Qi sneered, “even if you die, I’ll still be living a good life.”

Lu Chu said, “I’ll be careful.”

Yuan Kejie hurriedly said, “me too.”

Qian Zhen also nodded in agreement.


Afterwards, they discussed survival methods and fighting skills, and Lu Chu, who had the shortest amount of time on his bracelet, was about to run out of time that he could spend in the illusion.

Lu Chu glanced at the ten minutes remaining on his bracelet and said to the others, “I should go now.”

Song Gui stood up immediately, “I’ll send you.”

Lu Chu could tell that he wanted to talk to him privately, so he didn’t reject and nodded, “sorry for the trouble.”

The other three continued to discuss fighting styles.

Once they walked to the door in front of the wide sports field, there were only two minutes left on Lu Chu’s bracelet.

Lu Chu stopped, then looked at Song Gui beside him, “is there anything you want to say?”

Song Gui gave a soft laugh when he heard this, then narrowed his eyes and mouthed three words to Lu Chu–

The Senseless City.

The instant Lu Chu understood what he was mouthing, his eyes widened slightly.

Song Gui continued, “in the past,The moment they entered the tower, a refreshing coolness hit their faces, and they finally relaxed. the ‘game’ that influenced me the most, was named as such. I can’t elaborate on the specific contents of that ‘game’, lest it is censored by the rules, so let me tell you a short story.”

Speaking up to this point, Song Gui actually started to talk to Lu Chu like he was telling him a real story,Yuan Kejie let out a sigh, “I’m alive again.” “that was a really dangerous game. While I was participating in that game, luckily, there was a young man who could still be considered kind who helped me out. That time, when senselessness hadn’t erupted across the town, he had led me about to figure my way around it. Even now, I still remember how he looked, and he looked very similar to you. Unfortunately, in the end, he still ended up blind in both eyes, eventually dying in that panic when order collapsed in the city.”

“His name,” Song Gui paused slightlySong Gui proclaimed that he would never want to step foot into a sauna in his life ever again. at this point, and raised his eyes to look at Lu Chu directly, as the side of his lips curled up, “was also — Lu Chu.”

Lu Chu, who had originally been particularly sensitive to the words ‘The Senseless City’, only felt a chill run down his spine as his blood ran cold, like a cold wind piercing through hisLu Chu nodded in agreement, although he never had the chance to visit a sauna. bones, when he heard his own name.

Song Gui continued, “that Lu Chu’s parents were alive and healthy, and he didn’t have any conditions such as ‘sensitive hearing and smell. After the city lost its senses, he lost his sight and hearing, and on the second day, when he went out looking for food, he was trampled to death.”

At this moment, the time on Lu Chu’s bracelet was running out, and there were only a few dozen seconds left.

Upon seeing this, Song Gui pushed Lu Chu’s back, through the door, and finally gave him a smile, “go, don’t waste time and stay alive. I’ll wait for you to come back next time.”

Lu Chu turned his head, and his final impression of Song Gui was still frozen on the sight of him waving his hand as he said,

“Then, tell me, who you are, and what you’ve experienced.”

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