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Chapter 89 – The Seventh Game

Nuptials of the Corses. 1Confused? No worries. So is the MC.

Editor: Sparrow

Song Gui’s tone was very calm, and the smile he had on his face was the same one he normally had. However, what he said had deeply shocked Lu Chu.

Lu Chu wanted to ask more, but the time on his bracelet was running out. Before he could make any more inquiries, he only had time to hear Song Gui’s “stay alive. I’ll wait for you to come back next time, then tell me who you are and what you’ve experienced.”


After returning to his own white space, Lu Chu was still thinking about what Song Gui said.

Song Gui had seen him before.

More specifically, Song Gui had met another version of him.

Lu Chu remembered those regulations — each player could only enter each ‘game’ once, but different players could go through the same ‘game’.

The missions and the clues of these ‘games’ were the same, thus, the environment and what happened would naturally be the same. By the time a ‘game’ was over, it often meant that the particular ‘game’ was on the verge of collapse. The ‘rules’ didn’t bother to collect and recycle these ‘games’. Instead, it created countless identical worlds, allowing the creatures inside to follow a similar life trajectory and development as humans, waiting for players to arrive before heading once more towards chaos and an end.

When it collapsed, it would be discarded.

The other ‘Lu Chu’, could actually be perceived as another him who lived in another parallel time and space.

Lu Chu once questioned if there were countless ‘him’s.

More than once, he had imagined what sort of lives those people called ‘Lu Chu’ were leading, and what kind of futures they were facing. Nevertheless, he had never expected that around him, there would be people who had interacted with these ‘Lu Chu’s before.

In this way, Lu Chu could also understand why Song Gui would keep talking with him even without knowing who he was, and why he even wanted to do a mission with him when they first met. During the missions, he had also noticed inquiring gazes from Song Gui occasionally — he could feel all of them, after all, he had been very sensitive to them.

As it turns out, Songapologies to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl Gui knew his secret.

Imagine, anyone who sees an NPC, who should have been quietly awaiting their death within a ‘game’ appearing in front of their eyes while accepting and completing missions like a normal player, they would think that there was something special about them that others didn’t know. Moreover, this was the reason why they could break away from the original destiny, and escape from the set path to death that was given to them.

Lu Chu didn’t know if there was something special about him, but he knew that the reason he could survive was because of 7. Furthermore, Lu Chu also felt, somewhat indistinctly, that his parents must have done something for him.

According to Song Gui, he should have had a normal pair of eyes, a healthy body, with both of his parents still alive. He shouldn’t have been any different from other people. When the whole city lost its senses, he should have fallen into a huge panic, and then died alone in some unknown corner.

However, in fact, Lu Chu himself was blind from birth.  He had been different from normal people since he was a child and long used to the dark.  Under his parent’s deliberate guidance and education, he learnt knowledge and words like a normal person, mastered many basic life skills, and even got used to walking along the roads of the town with Carrot every week. All of their actions seemed to have been preparing him for the events that were yet to come; coming in handy while he escaped from the city as people lost their senses, as well as the return of his vision after he became a player.

Additionally, his parents, who loved him and guided him from behind the scenes, suddenly contracted an illness and died when he was a teenager. Who, had also told him before their deaths — to live on.

Mom and Dad, did both of you really know something?

Then, Lu Chu thought of 7.

Perhaps 7, as a cleaner, could answer his doubts.

After much contemplation, he felt that the best thing to do now was to enter into a ‘game’ and see 7.

Thinking of 7, Lu Chu naturally thought of the abrupt kiss he gave again, and his ears couldn’t help but turn a shade of red.

He shook away the extra thoughts in his mind, then walked towards the floating square screens in the area and checked out the single-person missions on the screens.

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He had already completed a multi-person mission before, and the difficulty of a single-person mission was relatively okay for him. However, Lu Chu still didn’t dare to let down his guard and casually choose any mission. Nothing within a ‘game’ could be completed easily. With dangers could cost one’s life everywhere, if one wanted to survive, a single wrong step couldn’t be taken.

Although 7 knew these single-person tasks well, even with 7 as his support, it shouldn’t give him an excuse to hide behind people, being afraid and cowardly.

Soon, Lu Chu’s sight fell on one of the tasks.

“Requirement: Cutting Fate’s Destined Marriage

Clues: None

Tip: Nuptials of the Corses.”

Nuptial of the Corses……

Lu Chu pondered over it, what was it?

Just listening to it, it sounded like it was related to supernatural beings. Lu Chu respected them, and he wasn’t afraid of them. The several ‘games’ that he had experienced were all related to supernatural beings. He had sensitive smell and hearing, which were also very sensitive in detecting supernatural beings.

With that thought in mind, Lu Chu instinctively and unhesitatingly chose it.

A door appeared.

Lu Chu was already familiar with this, and without any further hesitation, he lifted his foot and stepped through the door.


In the next instant, Lu Chu only felt as if his ears were buzzing, as if somebody had been talking endlessly next to him.

He concentrated, shook his head, and his thoughts slowly came together.

Lu Chu looked around and noticed that he was sitting in the back row of a wide lecture hall.

On the podium at the front, the advanced mathematics teacher was talking about the key points of the limitsCurrently, their lips were chapped and pale, and that was enough to see how bad their previous environment was. of deviation and emphasised again and again that he was likely to test on it, so they should listen carefully if they didn’t want to fail.

The boy next to Lu Chu poked hisAs the final one, Yuan Kejie closed her palm around the dice with a solemn expression, raised her hand to her ear, squinted, then shook it violently. arm with a pen, “how about it, have you noted down the key points that Liu Jiaqiang pointed out?”

Lu Chu turned to look at the person next to him, “Liu Jiaqiang?”

“Our advanced mathematics teacher!” After the other person answered, “forget it, forget it, it’s okay if you can’tFollowing Yuan Kejie’s roar, she threw the dice high into the air. remember. Both of us sit in the last row of the lecture hall every day and skip classes if we have nothing else to do. I suspect you don’t even remember what our advanced mathematics teacher looks like.”

Saying that, he started to worry again, “ay, what about our final exam?”

The person in front of themBecause she used a lot of strength, the dice ended up rolling for more than ten seconds before finally stopping, and stabilising at five points. listened to their conversation, then turned his head and said while laughing, “what’s so scary about that — the Integrated Building, a leap, and a thousand worries disperse.”

The person next to Lu Chu hit the person in front of them, “scram, jump if you want, but I need to make a good cheat sheet in order to pass the exam. I don’t want to go to school during vacation to make up for the exam.”

The boy in the front row lowered his voice and said, “let me tell you, I created a discussion group, and brought in our class’ top student. The top student said that if the exam isn’t strict, he’ll give us the answers……”

As soon as the other boy heard it, he immediately said with excitement “quick, quick!  Add me in too,” he turned towards Lu Chu, “why don’t you come too!”

Lu Chu listened, slightly shocked, and before he could even react, he heard the two of them say, “we’re in!”


It took two classes before Lu Chu figured out his current situation.

He was currently a college student, and it was the last bit of their first semester of his freshman year. A week later would be his exams, this advanced mathematics class was the last one, and the teacher was currently pointing out the main points of the exam.

Lu Chu had never gone to university before, but under his parent’s guidance, he had learnt all the things that he needed to learn. Although he had never learnt the specifics about professional topics, for basic classes such as advanced mathematics, his parents had taught him.

Therefore, right now, after he heard their conversation, Lu Chu felt a strange sense of intimacy.

On the other hand, he thought about how the previous illusion was a university campus, and now, in this ‘game’, he was a college student. Simply thinking about it made him feel like it was fate.

The person next to Lu Chu was Gao Yong, and the person in the row in front of them who was just talking was called Tang Shizhe. Both of them were Lu Chu’s roommates. The dormitories of this university were for four people, with a bed at the top and a table at the bottom. Lu Chu’s dormitory was also made up of four people, but the other person was a normie and didn’t sit with them. At this time, he was practically attached to his girlfriend at the corner.

When Tang Shizhe saw this, he said with emotion, “it’s really painful to be single. I just got freed from that force-feeding exam orientated education, and I need to feel the nourishment of love.”

When Gao Yong heard him, he asked in a secretive manner, “when are you going to go home?”

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Tang Shizhe looked at him then replied, “January 19, three days after the exam.”

“Then that’s fine,” Gao Yong continued, “let me tell you, on the day after the exam, there would be a dinner together with some people from the Arts Academy. The girls there, each of them more beautiful and have better tempers than the last…… how about it, you going?”

“Go go go!” Tang Shizhe quickly replied, “I have to go. Remember to call me when you head over.”

“That’s settled!” Gao Yong looked at Lu Chu, “are you going, bro?”

Lu Chu still didn’t know what the format of this ‘game’ was, so he just gave a temporary response, “it depends.”

Gao Yong placed an arm around his shoulders, “sure, I’ll call you after the exam again.”

Lu Chu nodded.


After class, Lu Chu followed Gao Yong to the cafeteria for lunch, then returned to their dorm room.

They didn’t have class this afternoon, and because it was their exam next week, even horrible students likeYuan Kejie breathed a sigh of relief — fortunately, she wasn’t the same as Song Gui and Qian Zhen. Gao Yong and Tang Shizhe tried to soak up the atmosphere in the library. Although they may not even be able to understand a couple of pages after one whole afternoon, it at least gave them some psychological comfort.

Lu Chu said that he was unwell, and stayed in the dormitory.

Lu Chu sorted out this body’sThis was the third time that they’d faced a blank square. As the saying went, practice makes perfect, and this time, not only did they manage to replenish their food, water, and other tools, but they also took a good rest to recover the energy. original things, in order to try and understand his current situation.

Suddenly, a melodious sound rang, and Lu Chu paused before looking at the vibrating phone on his table.

He picked up the phone and looked at the word ‘Mother’ then pressed the answer button.

An old woman’s voice sounded from the other size, “hey, Xiao Chu?”

Lu Chu replied, “en, Mum.”

“Have you eaten?”

“I just ate.”

“You said you bought a train ticket to go home on the 18th, right? It’s going to be the holidays soon, come back soon, your grandmother keeps talking about you…… how have your studies been……”

Like this, Lu Chu talked with the mother of this body for a long time and learnt a lot of important information from this conversation.


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