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Chapter 92 – The Seventh Game

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7 was clearly in a non-human state.

For a moment, Lu Chu looked him in the eyes, then stretched out a hand to touch his cheek. His movements were slow, but just when he thought he was about to touch 7’s face, his hand passed through 7’s body.

Lu Chu was a little startled, then frowned slightly. He brought his hand back a little and bent his fingers slightly as if he was actually touching 7, outlining his face through the air.

With a deep gaze, 7 looked directly towards Lu Chu, “my spirit body isn’t solid yet.”

Lu Chu questioned, “what do you need to solidify it?”

“It’ll just take some time.”

Lu Chu took back the hand that wanted to touch 7’s cheek and thought for a while with half-lidded eyes. He stroked the mark on his chest and asked, “is your current appearance related to this mark?”

7, who was floating above Lu Chu’s body, reached out his translucent hand and used his slender fingers to touch the red mark on Lu Chu’s chest.

In the next moment, Lu Chu felt as if the birthmark-like red mark of the copper coin started to take on a gentle heat. It was warm, but not scorching.
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“I’m a wandering soul,” said 7, “attached to that copper coin.”

Lu Chu turned sideways towards the red string and copper coin hanging on the door handle, “how did you get attached to the copper coin?”

7 answered, “there’s a little spiritual energy on the copper coin.”

Since 7 was a ghost, then perhaps the chilling wind that day where the candle and incense couldn’t be lit up was due to 7…… Thinking of that, Lu Chu asked.

After hearing Lu Chu’s question, 7 asked, “which day?”

Lu Chu, “New Year’s Eve.”

7 shook his head, “it wasn’t me. Since a spiritual form doesn’t have a place to attach to, I’ve been at a witch’s place in the neighbouring village. After noticing your aura from your mother, I attached myself to the copper coin. Only during the last three days was I by your side.”

“The witch didn’t notice you?” Lu Chu asked worriedly.

In this ‘game’, 7 was in a spiritual form, or layman’s terms, a ghost.  Before this, 7 had said that the copper coin that Lu Chu had worn just now contained spiritual energy. His mother had obtained it from the witch in that neighbouring village, which showed that this witch had some genuine skill. Generally, people who had real skills and abilities would have more hostility towards ghosts and might eliminate them when they see any. Lu Chu was afraid that the witch had set her sights on 7.

“It’s okay,” 7 knew that Lu Chu was worried about him. With tenderness present in his eyes, he said, “she still can’t constitute a threat against me.”

Caring for someone could cause someone to become uncertain.

It was after Lu Chu listened to 7’s words filled with confidence that he remembered how powerful 7 was. He could be considered unmatched when it came to erasing any enemy. Even if his status within this ‘game’ was a relatively weak one, the witch who had some skill within this game was just an ant that he could easily crush.

Not to mention that 7 had another identity — a cleaner who had been given special abilities and rights by the ‘rules’.

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The Cleaner, that could kill all the creatures in a ‘game’.

The two talked for a while and 7’s figure became more and more transparent. Lu Chu was taken aback when he saw this and understood that his spiritual body wasn’t corporeal, so he probably couldn’t support it for long. He asked worriedly, “is there anything I can do to help?”

When 7 heard this, he gave an almost soundless chuckle and said, “this is enough.”

As soon as 7 said that, he lowered his head and pressed it against the red mark on Lu Chu’s chest. Lu Chu was a bit overwhelmed by this sudden approach and subconsciously raised his arms to hug the head that was leaning against his body. After he had stretched out his hand in an attempt to hug 7’s head, Lu Chu immediately realised that this posture was too ambiguous. After he remembered that it was impossible to touch 7 who was in a spiritual form, he felt relieved and a little secretly disappointed at the same time.

Unexpectedly, the hands that he thought would originally not land on anything actually touched 7’s cold as snow body in the next moment.

The next second, a cold and chilling sensation spread from Lu Chu’s palm that had been touching 7 to his entire body, before finally condensing as a red warmth at the base of his ears.

A smile flashed across 7’s dark eyes, and he reached out with his hand and gently squeezed Lu Chu’s soft earlobe.

After that, Lu Chu only felt that the mark on his chest suddenly burned, before 7 turned into fluorescent lights and vanished before his eyes.

He touched the spot on his chest that still held lingering warmth while his heart thumped wildly.

Lu Chu gently stroked his still red and hot ear on the spot where 7 had touched it and raised the corner of his mouth, eyes filled with gentle happiness.


The next day, Lu Chu left for school from home.

His mother’s face was filled with reluctance. As she chattered on and on, she stuffed sausages, apples, bread, and other homemade snacks into Lu Chu’s suitcase and backpack.

Lu Chu gave a helpless smile, “Mum, it’s okay. I can’t finish so many things, and the bag can’t even be closed anymore.”

READ THE“Who said it can’t be closed?” His mother could always manage to findUNSCRAMBLED VERSION a space in that almost overflowing suitcase,AT THE then stuff something into it, “there’s stillPOTATO so much space here. I’llROOM get you something else, something you can eat on the way, something that you can use at school……”

By the time Lu Chu finally managed to stop his mother from stuffing anything more in his suitcase and backpack, he had to sit down hard on the suitcase to pull the zipper close, while the backpack couldn’t be zipped at all.

Reluctantly, his mother had to pick some things out.

Nevertheless, Lu Chu still found it difficult to hold both the heavy suitcase and backpack.

After finishing her work, his mother said, “I’ve placed the red cloth at the bottom of the suitcase. Once you get to school, remember to take it out and spread it on your bed under the mattress. Bring it back to me when next summer holiday and I’ll bring it back to the witch.”

Lu Chu agreed to everything.

His younger sister Lu Ling was also somewhat reluctant, and sent Lu Chu to the entrance of the small road with his mother, before saying goodbye to him.


The ones who sent Lu Chu were still his father and his uncle, together with their borrowed van.

Lu Chu’s uncle drove the car, while his father remained silent in the passenger seat. When they were almost at the county train station, he said to Lu Chu, “you must study hard when you’re in school.”

Lu Chu nodded, “en, Dad, I know.”

“Don’t learn from those who play games and surf the Internet all day.”

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“If you don’t have enough money, remember to call home, and talk to your mother more often. When you’re not at home, she talks about you every day.”

“Dad, don’t worry, I don’t need to spend much money at school.”

“Pay attention……”

After a series of advice from his father, the van had already stopped in front of the train station.

Lu Chu carried his backpack on his back and pulled the suitcase to the automatic ticket machine to pick up his ticket. As they needed to check his ticket, family members couldn’t enter the train station together. Hence, Lu Chu stood at the ticket gate and waved goodbye to his two elders.

Standing at the ticket gate and looking from some distance away, he could vaguely see that on his father’s serious face, the corners of his eyes were gradually turning red.

Lu Chu’s heart felt slightly moved.

The sincerityAfter listening to their answers, Song Gui gave a sincere smile, but immediately put away that smile, and said in a serious tone, “I think so too, so, from this moment on, we’re all in this together.” shown by his father and the affection given to him by his mother would be given to any player that entered into this ‘game’, regardless of whether the player is called “Lu Chu”, “Zhang San” or “Li Si” Or “Wang Wu”. Such a family was simply a setting given by the ‘rules’ to the players.

But under such an arrangement, the human emotions really touched him.

All these countless details reminded him of his parents.


After another ten hours’ journey,“Now, there’s a piece of information I want to share with you guys.” Lu Chu finally arrived in the city he attended University in.

He was the first person from his dormitory to arrive.

As soon as Lu Chu entered the dormitory, he first opened the windows and doors to let some air in, then washedLuo Qi and the rest had long known that Song Gui had information that the rest of them didn’t know, so they all immediately looked towards Song Gui in anticipation. and dried the sheets on his bed as much as he could. After doing this, he tidied up the contents of his suitcase and backpack, then cleaned up the dormitory.

Some cleaning later, a second person finally arrived in the dormitory.

As soon as Tang Shizhe entered the dormitory, he saw what happened inside it and immediately shouted,Having said until that point, Song Gui lowered his voice, as if he was afraid of being overheard, and said softly, one word at a time, “how to get out of this ‘game’.”Yuan Kejie replied, “at the same time every day, the door to the illusion would open, and lead to different worlds.” “wow! Lu Chu, you’re the best! Our dorm room is suddenly spotless, and our windows are clean like they’re new!”

During the holiday, it was Lu Chu who left the school first. Tang Shizhe and Gao Yong, who were the last ones to leave, didn’t bother to clean up the dormitory. They just swept the floor and“That’s right,” Song Gui said, “every twenty-four hours is a cycle, and the door to the illusion will automatically appear. The time that a person can stay in the illusion is determined by the time that they have left on their bracelets, and once their time is up, they would have to return to their respective blank rooms. As such,  if the time on our bracelet exceeds twenty-four hours, more specifically, what will happen when we end up staying in the illusion for more than twenty-four hours, when the illusion’s cycle starts? Have you ever thought about that?” left for home. At this moment, when Tang Shizhe opened the dormitory door and saw a different and neat room compared to the one that they left before, he began to sing praises about Lu Chu’s virtuousness.

Lu Chu laughed, “when you guys left, you didn’t even empty the trash can.”

Fortunately, this was the winter vacation, and the temperature was low and the air was dry. If this had happened during summer vacation, it would be a long holiday, and the air would be hot and humid. With the smell fermenting in the dormitory for two months, it would probably become a nightmare.

Tang Shizhe scratched his head somewhat embarrassedly, “didn’t I just forget it……”

After that, he started to flatter Lu Chu like crazy again.

Lu Chu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “you guys should first sort up your luggage, as well as the bed. While there’s still sun in the afternoon, we can take the ones that need to be dried out. I originally wanted to help you guys do it, but it’s not too good to directly touch your things, so I was waiting for you guys to return.”

“We’re all bros, and you can touch and move our things however you want,” Tang Shizhe said as he dragged his suitcase into the bedroom, “but this would be troubling you too much.”

Lu Chu, “it’s not a problem, I didn’t have much to do when I first arrived at school.”

When Tang Shizhe was carrying his bed to bring it to bask in the sun, he suddenly seemed to remember something, and said to Lu Chu, “seems like the other two will arrive at night.”

“Is that so,” Lu Chu looked at him, “I’ll give them a call to confirm. If they arrive at night, then we’ll help the both of them sun their blankets first. If not, their bed would be too wet to sleep on at night.”

Tang Shizhe nodded, “okay, no problem.”

Lu Chu called the other two, and after learning that they were only going to arrive at night, he helped them sun their bedsheets. After Gao Yong and his other roommate heard him, they felt very grateful, said that it was so nice to have such a brother, and that they would invite him out to eat when they returned.

At around eight o’clock in the evening, Gao Yong and Chen Hong returned to the bedroom one after another.

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Gao Yong took out a bunch of specialty products and was so tired that he threw this suitcase and all the bags on his body directly onto the ground, before collapsing on the table.

Chen Hong also brought a lot of things. He had just taken a seat for a short moment, before hisplease read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this!
girlfriend called him, wanting him to go and pick her up.

Hanging up the phone, Cheng Hong sighed and wiped the sweat from his head. He said to his other three roommates, “my bros, I’m going to pick up my girlfriend.”

Then, he took the key and went out.

Tang Shizhe looked at his back and sighed, “at night, even if you’re tired as hell, you still have to go. This could be the legendary — pain with pleasure.”

After hearing what he said, Gao Yong suddenly gave a wicked smile, “say, since he went to see his girlfriend, do you think he’ll come back tonight?”

Tang Shizhe immediately understood, and he snickered, “you can’t go past a kindergarten with this car you drive.” 1Kinda hard to translate joke. 车 (Car), in Chinese has two meanings. One is the regular term, which the other one refers to X-rated stuff. In this case, this is a meme based on another meme, where people say ‘I want to get off this car, this isn’t the car going to a kindergarten’. Where someone would joke that they’re purer than the original speaker, since a car going to the kindergarten is meant for kids.

Lu Chu, “……”

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