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Chapter 94 – The Seventh Game

That instant, Lu Chu woke from his dream, his chest heaving violently.

Lu Chu woke up from his nightmare in shock and sat up quickly, causing the unstable bed to make a creaking sound. The other three people in the dormitory were still sound asleep, accompanied by slight snoring. Thus, none of them noticed Lu Chu’s movements. Lu Chu picked up the phone next to his feet and turned the light on. Just as he made a sigh of relief, in the next moment, he saw a shadow sitting and floating beside him, looking straight in his direction.

Lu Chu was startled, and calmed down to look, before realising that it was 7.

When 7 saw Lu Chu’s shocked expression, as well as the thin layer of sweat on his forehead, a doting look flashed across his eyes. He reached out and tried to wipe the sweat off Lu Chu’s forehead, but realised that his own body hadn’t solidified yet.

7 placed his hand in the air above Lu Chu’s hair and leaned close to him. He gazed into his eyes hidden by his eyelashes,sorry to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl as he asked in a low voice, “a nightmare?”

Lu Chu rubbed his temples, and nodded somewhat tiredly, “en, it feels related to the main storyline of this ‘game’.”

Hearing this, 7 frowned, “nuptials of the corses?”

“En,”  Lu Chu supported his forehead, “I was carried and buried with another corpse in the same coffin.”

When 7 heard the words ‘in the same coffin’, the translucent fingers that he had placed on top of Lu Chu’s hair paused, before he resumed his action of stroking Lu Chu’s soft hair.

While the worldview, as well as the main development of each ‘game’, was fixed, due to each player’s different character and constitutions, it would result in a wide variety of subplots in each ‘game’. Everybody would react to each event and what happens after at the different moments differently. Therefore, even 7, who knew everything about the single-player missions and most of the group-missions, couldn’t tell what exactly happened to Lu Chu.

It had been too long since he had been in this ‘game’, but 7 could be certain that this matter of being in a ghost marriage didn’t happen to him.

“Perhaps I ended up dreaming of whatever I was thinking about in the day? I’ve been thinking about the matter of the Nuptials of the Corses these few days, but……” even Lu Chu didn’t believe it himself, “the feeling in the dream was too real.”

Just when Lu Chu still wanted to say something else, Tang Shizhe mumbled in a half-dreaming and half-awake state, “Lu Chu….. you’re whispering to yourself….. is it sleep-talking…..?”

He as well as the other three people in the dormitory had a curtain for their beds. They were open during the day and pulled close at night when they slept to form a relatively independent and private space. Therefore, Tang Shizhe couldn’t see Lu Chu sitting on the bed with a serious expression, talking to 7, and only thought that he was sleep-talking.

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Realizing that he was disturbing others, Lu Chu immediately stopped talking and motioned to 7 with his eyes.

7 floated over to Lu Chu’s feet, and said to him, “sleep early, I’ll always be by your side.”

As a wandering spirit, ordinary people could not hear what 7 said.

Lu Chu nodded, smiled at him, and mouthed the word ‘good night’. Then, he turned the light on his phone off and went back to sleep.

This time, Lu Chu didn’t have any more strange dreams and slept well till the sun rose in the morning.


This day was considered to be the first official day of their new semester, and they would have to attend a day of classes.

During class, Lu Chu, Tang Shizhe, and Gao Yong sat in a row.

Each teacher of their new subject introduced themselves on the podium and then began to talk about the importance that the subject they teach will have in their life, studies, and the future. This was followed by them boasting about how promising and broad the prospects of their major were……

Some students were listening carefully, while others were playing with their mobile phones.

While Gao Yong was concentrating on his mobile game, Tang Shizhe went over to ask Lu Chu softly, “were you talking in your sleep last night?”

Lu Chu’s answered with a partial truth, “I had a nightmare, sorry, did I disturb you?”

“No,” Tang Shizhe shook his head, “I was sleeping like a pig, and I heard you whispering to yourself last night when I woke up because I wanted to pee. But I was so sleepy last night, and despite really wanting to pee, I fell asleep again.”

Gao Yong, who was multitasking as he played his game, heard what Tang Shizhe said, and complained, “you’re great, aren’t you. You can still hold it in when you want to go to the toilet, and you’re not afraid of your bladder bursting.”

“Piss off!” Tang Shizhe laughed and hit Gao Yong with his shoulder.

“Shit, don’t touch me!” After being hit, Gao Yong raised his voice in agitation, “I’m about to win!”

It was too noisy below, so the teacher on the podium stopped talking and scanned through the whole class with their gaze.

Lu Chu reminded the two of them, “this is a graded class, we’ll be marked for this.”

Both of them instantly controlled themselves.

Morning classes were the slowest for most people, and for students that weren’t serious about studying, it would be a slow process of your phone’s battery gradually depleting from full to ‘your phone has less than 10% left’.

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Lu Chu didn’t need to listen to the class, so he was also using his phone.

However, he was using his phone to check out some ghost-related matters. This was quite a difficult process since there was a lot of information on the internet, and the contents could be extremely bizarre. It was difficult to distinguish between true and false, and trying to find any useful information from it was akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

As he was searching, Lu Chu suddenly saw that somebody had commented with some information regarding the Supernatural — “Yin-related objects weakens the body, and requires Yang energy to replenish.” 1Yin energy, from Yin-yang, relates to negative, or ghostly energy, in this case. Yang is for positive, or ‘alive’ energy.

The moment he saw this sentence, he immediately raised his head and looked in Chen Hong’s direction.

Using the Yang to replenish the Yin.

Chen Hong’s complexion was a little better than yesterday, but he could still tell that he didn’t have much energy, for there were traces of fatigue under his eyes. As for his girlfriend, Lu Chu shifted his attention to the girl next to Chen Hong — she seemed to be a very ordinary girl, and there was no strange scent around her.

Tang Shizhe saw Lu Chu looking in Chen Hong and his girlfriend’s direction, so he giggled and poked Lu Chu’s arm with his elbow.

Lu Chu took back his gaze and looked at Tang Shizhe suspiciously.

Tang Shizhe leaned over and said, “how about it, you jealous?”

Lu Chu was puzzled, “jealous about?”

Tang Shizhe pointed to Chen Hong and his girlfriend, “about them. I see that you’ve been staring in their direction, do you want to say goodbye to your single life?”

When Lu Chu heard him, he said somewhat embarrassedly, “no……”

“No need to hide, everybody’s thinking the same thing,” Tang Shizhe interrupted Lu Chu’s argument, “you must be very disappointed that you weren’t able to participate in the group date right, no problem! There’s nothing to be worried about, there’s no shortage of such events. The girls from the dance club will have an activity in a couple of days, I’ll definitely bring you with me then!”

Lu Chu refused, “this isn’t necessary…”

“We’re all brothers, there’s no need to be so shy,” Tang Shizhe said with a ‘know-it-all’ expression on his face, “that’s it then! I’ll call you then, and you might as well come!”

Lu Chu, “……”

Lu Chu fell silent and didn’t immediately answer. Suddenly, Tang Shizhe hissed as his teeth started to clatter.

He rubbed his arms in surprise, “why is it suddenly so cold?”

Tang Shizhe leaned down to rest on the table, and his whole body started to tremble as he hissed out, “fu…… fuck, it’s getting colder and colder…… I’m going to freeze to death……”

His movements were too large, and Gao Yong squinted at him, “did someone’s mental illness strike?”

Tang Shizhe asked in return, “aren’t you guys cold……”

Lu Chu didn’t say anything, but kept his polite smile, placing a hand somewhat soothingly over the warm red mark on his chest.


There were many inconsequential matters in their first year, other than for the two weeks before their exam where they would have a busy schedule for their coursework. After classes, students would focus more on their student associations and clubs.

Lu Chu didn’t know if he was participating in any student associations or clubs, so he simply took it as he wasn’t.

He was the only one returning to the dorm, the other three were busy with their student association, club, or girlfriend.

While there wasn’t anyone around, Lu Chu approached Chen Hong’s bed to observe for a moment.  Unless it was necessary, without his permission, Lu Chu wouldn’t go and touch Chen Hong’s things, so he only relied on his sense of smell and perception to check if there were any suspicious things. In the end, he couldn’t detect anything, and the somewhat negative aura yesterday had disappeared.

This was the difficult part when fighting with ghosts. When one didn’t know the origin, identity, as well as intention of the ghost, they would be unable to do anything.

They could only wait. Wait for the next time the ghost came to find them.


The three of them returned to the dormitory, one after another, after nine o’clock in the evening. Tang Shizhe and Gao Yong played games for a while, and only until the school turned off the lights did they go wash up.

Lu Chu went to bed on his side, with his arms against his chest…

Sure enough, after falling asleep, Lu Chu dreamed of that strange scene again.

This time, he distinctly felt that he was a living person.

READ THEHe was pinned down by something, and wearing a bright red late-Qing Dynasty styled wedding outfit with a red flower made of redUNSCRAMBLED VERSION silk on his chest. He was standing in a festive-looking hall, with a couple over fifty years old in front of him and surrounded by guests standingAT THE in an orderly manner. Beside him, there was aPOTATO woman’s corpse which was being held up.ROOM

The corpse was well preserved. Her eyes were closed, and there was delicate makeup on her face. There was some blush on her lips in an attempt to get rid of the paleness, but it still couldn’t disguise the dead aura around her.

Although there weren’t any livor mortis present on the woman’s corpses, there was a faint smell of decay. However, this was masked by the choking scent of perfumed powder, making it even more nauseating.

At this time, a person who seemed to be a witch priestess took out a celadon bowl, poured chicken blood into the clear water then splashed it on the ground, as she shouted with her sharp voice, “a bow to the heavens.”

Lu Chu couldn’t speak nor move, and was forced to bow towards the heavens.

Another bowl of clean water mixed with chicken blood was poured onto the ground, “the second bow to your parents.”

After bowing to the heavens and the ‘parents’, Lu Chu was forced to turn around, and at that instant, Lu Chu suddenly felt a dizzying sensation that made him want to vomit. The female corpse beside him let out a painful roar, and it took a long time before everything went quiet again. This time, Lu Chu looked up again, only to find that the person standing opposite him had turned into 7.

7’s gaze was serious as he stared at him, with other emotions flashing through his eyes.

Just at the moment where the witch priestess shouted “bow to each other”, 7 bent down towards Lu Chu in a solemn manner, and before Lu Chu even recovered from the shock of the female corpse becoming 7, he subconsciously bowed to 7.

The ceremony was complete.

The side of 7’s lips curled up as joy filled his eyes.


Anything that coveted Lu Chu, be it monsters or spirits, just needed to be killed.

Lu Chu could only hold this ceremony once in his life, and that was when the other party was himself.

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