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Chapter 95 – The Seventh Game

Edited by: Sparrow

Even though the female corpse had completely changed, the guests around them didn’t notice at all, completely indifferent to what had happened.

The wedding ceremony continued without any disruptions.

Perhaps it was because the person who went through the ceremony with him became 7 and not the woman’s corpse that had since disappeared, gradually, Lu Chu’s actions were no longer restricted, and he was able to move his body and limbs freely.

Somebody had carried a couple of boxes into the room and placed them beside the table meant for worship. There were a lot of things in the box, which looked like gifts or other similar items. However, only when he looked closer did he realise that all the clothing or jewelry inside was made out of paper.

At this moment, the witch priestess held a red string, placed her palms together, and began muttering something that Lu Chu couldn’t understand. Subsequently, she stepped forward and tied 7 and Lu Chu’s wrists together with that red string.

The witch priestess’s gaze appeared muddled, “once they are sent into the bridal room, the ceremony will be completed. Afterwards,apologies to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl choose a good day for the funeral, and bury their bones together.”

When Lu Chu heard this, he immediately remembered the nightmare he had the day before.

In that dream, the person that was buried together with him had been long dead, thus the woman’s corpse level of decay was understandable. However, why was it that he remained alive at the beginning of that dream, yet when he was buried together with her, he became a corpse……? It might have been because a female corpse would absorb Yang energy to replenish Yin energy.

To be chosen was to die — this was why it was a ‘Nuptials of the Corses’, and not a ‘Ghost Marriage’.

Lu Chu and 7 were then led to where the bridal chamber was.

The door with the word “Happiness” on it was pushed open and two men forced Lu Chu and 7 into it. 1喜 door insert explain and pic later As soon as Lu Chu stepped into the room, he saw a round wooden table with cross-cupped wines and two memorial tablets without names. Looking within the room, the bridal chamber wasn’t only decorated with a wedding bed, but also a huge coffin on it.

The coffin was very spacious, and heplease read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this!
estimated that two adults could easily fit inside.

The person who sent them over probably considered 7 to be the female corpse and wanted to force the both of them to lie down in the same coffin together.

7 pulled Lu Chu into his arms and glanced at the two men who had forced them in. Afterwards, the two men stopped abruptly, looked up in a daze, before they bowed to them and exited the room.

Lu Chu analyzed his current situation. If 7 hadn’t replaced that female corpse, then he would be forced to sleep with her in a coffin for a few days. He was unsure of whether the female corpse would undergo rigor mortis or suddenly awaken during this entire process. This entire process had taken place in his dream. Nevertheless, since the female corpse had started to haunt him, sooner or later, she would find a chance to attack him in reality.

Thinking of this, Lu Chu breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at 7 from within his embrace, “you saved me again.”

7 gazed at him, looking at his clear, clean eyes with his black and inky ones. His eyes moved slightly as he tried to suppress himself, before finally landing a light and restrained kiss on Lu Chu’s forehead.

Lu Chu was slightly taken aback, his ears instantly flushing red. Biting his lower lip, his eyes filling with uncontrollable joy, thus becoming brighter and even more beautiful as he looked at 7 with glistening eyes.

In the next moment, 7 pressed his head deeply into his arms, preventing himself from looking into Lu Chu’s eyes.

7 hugged Lu Chu, who had obediently buried his head in his chest. Even without the gaze belonging to those pair of eyes that had captured his heart, his heart was still moved and it softened immeasurably. His lips brushed across the soft hair on the top of Lu Chu’s head, and even then he couldn’t help but lower his head and bury his face in the nape of Lu Chu’s neck, breathing in the scent that confused him. He said in a low voice, “close your eyes and sleep. Everything will be over.”

7’s hot breath fell across his nape, causing an itch that made Lu Chu tingle, and he felt his ears become hotter.

Some time passed before Lu Chu, who was still buried in 7’s arms, let out a muffled “en,”

The furnishings surrounding him started to dissolve into messy fragments.

7 raised his hand, looked and Lu Chu who was sleeping soundly in his arms, and his eyes filled with an insatiable desire.

Not now.



Lu Chu, who had originally been tossing and turning in his bed because of the nightmare, calmed down as he fell into a deep sleep.

7, who broke away from Lu Chu’s dream, remained on guard beside him.

Although it was deep into the night, it wasn’t too dark due to the bright stars and moon in the sky.

Moonlight could be of use to spirits, and under it, 7’s ghostly body gradually solidified.

Once he felt that he had enough spiritual power, 7 left Lu Chu’s side and floated towards the balcony, where he saw a terrifying-looking female ghost staring into the house with a gloomy expression.

When the female ghost directly faced 7, she immediately understood that the ghost in front of her was the person who had entered the dream that she had created and ruined her plan. At the same time, she realised that she wasn’t his match, so she turned and quickly floated out of the window. 7’s eyes sharpened, and with a flash of his body, he chased after her.  After chasing her to the roof of the building, 7, who had restored his spiritual power easily blocked the female ghost’s path, grabbing her by the neck with his bare hands.  His hands didn’t touch the female ghost’s neck directly, but rather, through a layer of air as he controlled her body using his spiritual power.

It was better to call the female ghost a female corpse. Her hair was greatly disheveled and she also had black and blue rotten spots all over her skin. One of her eyes was about to fall from her rotten eye socket, and there was a viscous and evil-smelling black liquid flowing from her mouth. Right at this moment, she was roaring in anger at being choked in 7’s direction.

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7’s tone was calm, “Nuptials of the Corses?”

Horrified, the female corpses continued to howl as she attempted to break free from 7’s grip. All of her struggling was only to find that any effort she made was futile since the difference in strength between her and the person grabbing her was far too great.

“Why help a human?” The female corpse widened her eyes. Due to her extreme resentment and horror, the black and red liquid in her eyes oozed out, flowing down her decayed cheeks, “clearly he’s the food I found first!”

7 calmly raised his eyelids, and the strength he was using to hold the female corpse in place increased as he heard those words.

The female corpse’s body started to convulse, and because of that sharp pain, one of her eyes rolled out and landed on the ground. It bounced a couple of times, leaving behind a disgusting and slimy trail.

“You…… you…… this strange……” The female corpse wanted to say something, but became motionless in the very next moment.

The instant the moon withdrew behind the clouds, the female corpse’s body dispersed and completely vanished.

During this whole process, 7’s hands hadn’t touched the female corpse’s body. Nonetheless he still casually shook his hand that had been strangling the female corpse as if he had been touching something dirty.

After finishing off everything cleanly and neatly, 7 nodded and stood with his half-lidded eyes under the cool moonlight. There was a slight glow on him, and his body gradually turned from translucent to solid.

After some time, he quietly said to the silence, “because, he’s mine.”


The next day, Lu Chu woke up feeling refreshed. All the fatigue and sleepiness that had surrounded his body last night were all swept away.

When he remembered what happened in his dream last night, Lu Chu still felt an inexplicable sense of embarrassment, even though he and 7 didn’t do anything.

He got out of bed to wash up, hiding away the overwhelming feelings in his heart.

By the time he finished cleaning up and returned to the dorm room from the toilet, he realised that the other three still hadn’t gotten out of bed.

Lu Chu was surprised, and he called out to the three of them. Tang Shizhe was the first one to respond to him softly, “we don’t have our first class today, Lu Chu, did you have some wet dream last night? Seeing as you’re so energetic in the morning.”

Lu Chu choked at his words, and the image that came to his mind was of 7’s nose buried in his neck and the warmth that came from his breath.

He touched that spot of his neck and smiled at Tang Shizhe, “I forgot.”

Tang Shizhe gave him an enthusiastic answer when he heard his words, “come on bro, go back to the bed and sleep!”


After the day’s classes ended, Lu Chu, who was about to return to the dorm, was held back by Tang Shizhe.

Lu Chu was puzzled, “what’s the matter? Did something happen?”

Tang Shizhe snickered and winked, “a good thing.”

Lu Chu smiled, “what kind of good thing?”

“Do you remember the meeting I told you last time between the girls in the dance club?” Tang Shizhe seemed like a completely different person when he talked about this, glowing with exuberance and happiness.

Lu Chu recalled for a moment and nodded, “sort of.”

Tang Shizhe made an even happier smile, “the meeting is tonight!”

Lu Chu smiled and continued to nod, “have a good time.”

“A good time, of course I’ll have a good time, and I want all my bros to have a good time together with me,” Tang Shizhe placed an arm around Lu Chu’s shoulders, “come, let me take you on a night out.”

Lu Chu smiled somewhat embarrassedly, “there’s no need, I don’t really like these kinds of events.”

Tang Shizhe was surprised, “why don’t you like it?”

“It’s too noisy, and I don’t like dealing with that many strangers, ” Lu Chu explained, “I prefer quieter places with lesser people. Also, drinking is always required, and I can’t drink.”

“Can’t drink?! We’re all guys, and we’ll eventually have to learn how to drink. If we can’t, in the future there’ll be many occasions where drinks will be poured into you at a party until you vomit. If you start drinking now, it’s simply going to lay a foundation for your future. Besides, we won’t be drinking much when we’re socialising with the girls, since it’ll be bad if we embarrass ourselves and leave a bad impression on them.” Tang Shizhe was very concerned about his bro’s future and continued to try and persuade him, “come on, Gao Yong and Chen Hong are also going, and we can’t leave anybody in our dorm room behind.”

Lu Chu was surprised when he heard this, “Chen Hong is going too?”

Tang Shizhe nodded, as if this was an expected thing, “yeah.”

“Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?”

Tang Shizhe explained, “his girlfriend is in the dance club. I told him that it wasn’t good if he’s the only one in our dorm room who isn’t single, so he should introduce a couple of girls to us. He discussed it with his girlfriend, and that’s how we got this meetup.”

While both of them were talking, Gao Yong came over and asked, “what are you guys doing?”

“I’m trying to persuade Lu Chu.” Tang Shizhe replied.

Gao Yong’s gaze moved to Lu Chu, “persuade?”

Tang Shizhe replied, “Lu Chu doesn’t like crowded parties or drinking, so he doesn’t want to go to this evening’s meeting.”

“I thought it was something serious,” Gao Yong cut in, “if you don’t like crowded places or alcohol, you should at least like girls?”

Lu Chu, “……”

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