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Chapter 96 – The Seventh Game 

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Gao Yong and Tang Shizhe were still insisting on the matter, and were trying their best to persuade Lu Chu. Lu Chu knew that they had good intentions in trying to solve his ‘single-ness’, but unfortunately, he couldn’t enjoy their goodwill.

A sudden gust of wind blew into the room, and Gao Yong and Tang Shizhe felt a chill around their necks as they continued to try and persuade Lu Chu. It was as if a cold blade had been pressed against their necks, and their heads would be cut off by a cold-blooded executioner the next moment. The extreme coldness and fear made it impossible for them to speak anymore, and their pupils shrank as their legs trembled.

The entire classroom was immersed in that dense and suffocating chill, and Lu Chu was the only one who didn’t notice anything different.

Lu Chu saw that the both of them stopped speaking, and thought that they were waiting for him to answer. He looked at them and replied seriously, “thanks for your concern. But, I have a lover.”

The moment he said the world “lover”, the strange atmosphere around them, along with the dangerous feeling that could claim their lives at any moment, disappeared.

They looked towards Lu Chu in a daze, as if they had just awakened from some dream.

Lu Chu thought that their reaction was due to what he said, so he emphasised again, “I have a lover.”

“Ah? Ah!” Tang Shizhe returned to his senses, but his reaction was still a little slow, “have, have a lover already……”
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“En,” Lu Chu’s lips couldn’t help but curl up in a gentle smile as he thought of 7, “our relationship is very good.”

“That’s, that’s good,” Gao Yong rubbed the side of his still cold neck, relaxed for a moment, before he realised something and continued, “why, why haven’t we met before?”

Tang Shizhe finally returned to his senses and took what just happened as his own hallucination, “a long-distance relationship?”

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Lu Chu tilted his head and thought for a moment, “sort of.”

Gao Yong patted Lu Chu on the shoulder, “arrange a meeting for us if there’s a chance.”

Lu Chu nodded and smiled, “sure.”

“But I have already given your name,” Tang Shizhe said in a troubled tone, “why don’t you go with us, as a plus one?”

Lu Chu thought of Chen Hong and Chen Hong’s girlfriend who would be accompanying him, and agreed to what Tang Shizhe proposed, “okay.”

7 had eliminated the female corpse that was haunting him, but this ‘game’ hadn’t ended. This meant that there was another ghost who was the main point of this ‘game. This made Lu Chu more concerned about Chen Hong, who had been tainted with Yin Energy, and his girlfriend who was constantly mentioned in conversations with Tang Shizhe and Gao Yong.

His intuition told him that Chen Hong was the breakthrough point, and so far, Lu Chu’s intuition hadn’t been wrong.

“That’s great,” Tang Shizhe clapped his hands, “since that’s decided, let’s go!”

Lu Chu lifted his schoolbag, “what about our bags and books?”

Gao Yong waved his hand and said, “there’s no need to worry about that. We’ll be passing by the supermarket on our way over, so we can just leave it in the password-locked lockers and pick it up when we return.”

“Okay,” Lu Chu nodded, “then let’s go.”

“Go, go!” Tang Shizhe rubbed his hands together. He was really looking forward to this, and prepared to be the first one to take the step out of the classroom. As a result, he made a wrong step the instant he turned around, and fell flat onto the floor.

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“Hahaha…Are you stupid hahaha…” Gao Yong pointed at him and laughed really loudly, then took a couple of steps forward to admire Tang Shizhe’s tragic appearance, but also fell flat on the ground.

This time, Tang Shizhe was the one laughing at him, “you’re not that great either.”

Vaguely, Lu Chu seemed to hear 7’s cold sneer.


This meeting place chosen by Chen Hong and his girlfriend was a small private club dedicated to private gatherings. There was a kitchen, restaurants, individual bathrooms, and other entertainment rooms like a KTV, or the billiards room.

The four of them from their dormitory weren’t the only boys participating in this meeting. There were also a couple of friends that they had a good relationship with.

Chen Hong and his girlfriend had already reached by the time Lu Chu and the other two arrived.

There were several pretty girls with delicately applied makeup holding microphones and singing. From time to time, they could hear some sweet-sounding laughs, but everyone was restraining themselves by keeping their voices to an appropriate volume. At the pool table next to them, four guys were playing billiards as they occasionally glanced towards the girls next to them. One of the guys was deliberately speaking in a higher pitch than normal in an attempt to sound cool, while someone else was smoking a cigarette and posed in a sullen manner, eager to attract the attention of the opposite sex. On another side, there were a couple of guys and girls drinking and playing card games, and laughter sounded no matter who lost or won.

There were also a few girls who were preparing food. Most of them seemed to be very talented and capable. However, while there might be some who were genuine, others would simply act, and thought that they really knew how to cook, and made a big show out of instant noodles. As if afraid that other people didn’t know how virtuous they were.

At first glance, the atmosphere wasn’t something Lu Chu liked at all.

Lu Chu sat down on a sofa in an unoccupied corner, then took out his mobile phone and swiped it out of boredom.

Tang Shizhe walked over with two cans of drinks and threw a can to Lu Chu, “here, catch!”

Lu Chu caught it, opened it and took a couple of sips.

Tang Shizhe asked, “you’re very bored?”

Lu Chu, “it’s still okay.”

Tang Shizhe took a sip of his drink and sighed, “ay, you’re really still a well-behaved little kid.”

“I don’t know if I’m well-behaved or not,” Lu Chu said, “I’m only not used to it.”

They chatted for a while, before Lu Chu stood up and asked, “where’s the restroom?”

“Over there.” Tang Shizhe pointed in a direction.

Lu Chu followed in the direction that Tang Shizhe pointed in and soon found the restroom.

The toilets here were also a family type. There were two toilets for mixed-gender usage, but the students had placed two pieces of paper with the words “male” and “female” on them. There was a well-fitted door, and inside, the toilet was very spacious and bright. After entering, the first thing he saw was the sink with the mirror above it, and taking two steps towards the right and a step up with up would be the squat toilet.

After finishing up in the restroom, Lu Chu looked down to wash his hands, and as soon as he looked up, he saw 7 standing behind him through the reflection in the mirror.

The heart in Lu Chu’s mouth fell back down, and he didn’t look back, but smiled towards the mirror instead and said, “you scared me.”

7’s body was completely solid, and other than his slightly greenish-blue skin, he didn’t look any different from an ordinary human.

He took a step forward, wrapped his arms around Lu Chu and rested them on the sink. 7 placed his chin on Lu Chu’s left shoulder, and it looked like he was hugging Lu Chu from behind.

He’s messy black hair and bangs drooped downwards to cover his deep eyes, and he asked quietly, “why did you come here?”

Lu Chu let 7 rest his chin on his shoulders, then turned his head to look at him and explained, “I’m somewhat concerned about Chen Hong and his girlfriend. I feel the main story of this ‘game’ might have something to do with them.”

“En,” 7 responded softly.

Taking the chance while 7 was here, Lu Chu asked, “was the female corpse that appeared in my dream previously a bug within this ‘game’?”

7 lifted one of the arms he had on the sink and lightly wrapped it around Lu Chu’s waist, “no. Why do you think so?”

“I know that you’ve always been trying to let me improve on my ability to stay alive, while protecting me at the same time, so it’s rare for you to do anything personally.” Lu Chu explained, “this is the second time I’ve seen you take action.”

The first time was when he killed the giant ball-shaped monster in the previous ‘game’, and that was to protect Lu Chu. The second time was this, but with the situation then, Lu Chu didn’t need to be protected then in order to survive. Even until after 7 had killed the woman’s corpse, he still hadn’t faced her corpse face-to-face.

Therefore, he guessed that that female corpse could have been an error within this game, and 7 was responsible for eliminating her as the ‘cleaner’.

7 understood his doubts and simply replied, “I just wanted to kill her.”

With Lu Chu’s observational and investigation abilities, he would be able to find out the female corpse’s cause of death and safely kill her within a couple of days.

However, she actually tried to marry Lu Chu in that dream, so 7 killed her first.

If he wanted to kill, then he would.

Although Lu Chu still didn’t quite understand, he didn’t continue asking.

After another moment, he said, “I should go out.”

Otherwise, it would soon be time for Tang Shizhe to come to the toilet to collect him.

7 released Lu Chu. Before, when he had placed his head on Lu Chu’s shoulders, he hadn’t used any strength at all, and simply touched him. Thus, Lu Chu didn’t feel any discomfort at all.

Lu Chu raised his hand to straighten out the fringe on 7’s forehead, “then I’ll go out first.”

“En,” saying that, 7 looked down at Lu Chu, “are you my lover?”

Lu Chu was taken aback for a moment, and then realized that 7 had probably heard the conversation between him and Tang Shizhe. His eyebrows bent slightly as he gave a soft smile, and said with a firm tone, “of course.”

Everything was so natural, and before they even realised it, they were already together.

7’s entire aura softened when he heard that confirmation, and lowered his head to kiss Lu Chu’s eyelids lightly, then disappeared on the spot.

Lu Chu took a moment to sort out his emotions, before opening the door to walk out.


By the time he returned to his original place, the people in charge of making food had already placed several dishes on the long table.

Due to the large number of people at this party, it would be impossible to make so many meals in such a short time with just a few people cooking. They’ve already ordered a family-set takeaway meal in advance, and cooking was just for fun. The boys who were responsible for picking up the food returned carrying several lunch boxes each.

Their meal was placed on the table together with cases of beer, and the party officially started.

The girls could choose to drink, but the boys had to — nobody knew who was the first who to make this rule.

Lu Chu was about to pour himself a drink, but was stopped by the boy next to him, who directly poured him a glass full of beer.

Tang Shizhe quickly stopped him, “my roommate can’t drink.”

“What kind of guy can’t drink,” the boy’s emotions were running high, “we’re gonna get drunk today!”

Lu Chu shook his head, and said to Tang Shizhe, “it’s fine, I’ll just not drink as much” It wasn’t that he couldn’t drink, he just didn’t like it.

Parties were all about drinking, and less about eating.

When the dinner reached its climax, somebody brought over a turntable, and asked the people present to play truth or dare. Everyone sat around the table, and passed around the microphone. When the host shouted ‘stop’, whoever had the microphone in their hand would have to step out. If they chose truth, then somebody would ask out some shameless questions. If they chose dare, then they would go to the turntable, and perform whatever they spun to.

Several rounds later, many people had been tricked quite badly, but Lu Chu never lost.

After playing for a long time, almost two cases of beer had been drunk, and the girls had also drunk some. Everybody’s emotions had already reached their peak by this time, and one boy stood up and said with slurred speech, “it’s getting a bit boring after playing for so long, why not let’s make some- something more exciting?”

Someone asked, “what kind of exciting?”

The boy gave a secretive smile, “Pen Immortal.” 1The original form of Oujia. Actual word used is 笔仙儿 (Pen Fairy/Immortal). While both Oujia and Pen Fairy/Immortal originated from the same place (ancient Chinese Witchcraft called Fuji/Spirit writing), the common Ouija board that we see today is a commercialised version made by a businessman in the US.

When the girls heard this, some were afraid and said no, while others excitedly asked what was there to be scared about, and the boys followed along.

At this time, Chen Hong’s girlfriend looked at her watch and suggested, “if we’re going to play, let’s make it more exciting. There’s no class tomorrow since it’s Saturday, so let’s not return to the dorm room tonight, and let’s just do it at midnight.”

Alcohol gave one courage, and regardless of whether they were usually scared of such stuff, half of the girls and almost all of the boys agreed with her proposal.


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