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Chapter 99 – The Seventh Game

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Regardless of whether one liked reading horror stories or not, everybody knew about fierce ghosts.

They understood what fierce ghosts were, thus making this fear all the more prevalent.

Everyone gradually started to become more afraid. Lu Chu touched the spot where the red mark was on his chest. While he displayed fear on the surface, he felt, in reality, completely unafraid.

After listening to Lu Chu’s explanation,please read this at The Potato Room for more bl like this! Tang Shizhe knew what was going to happen in his heart, but still asked with a bitter smile, “invocating something else?”

“That’s right,” Du Yangnan nodded, then explained, “while we invocate spirits, we might end up calling over other fierce ghosts. They’re all lurking near us. If that fierce ghost’s resentful energy is too strong, it would end up squeezing away the Pen Immortal that the people originally called. Thus, replacing the Pen Immortal as the one to answer the questions. If sent away correctly, there wouldn’t be an issue, if it isn’t–”

Du Yangnan looked at the split pencil on the table, “who knows? we might all just die here.”

The girls were so frightened that they huddled in a group, while the timidest ones were even sobbing faintly.

Zhang Qian’s face had already turned pale, and she clutched Chen Hong’s sleeves and kept burrowing into his arms. Chen Hong quickly went to hug her and continuously patted her back.

Cao Wenwen observed Zhang Qian’s condition, then looked at the way Chen Hong was caring for her. Suddenly, she gave a disdainful laugh, “what are you afraid of? Someone’s just trying to frighten us. Just a single ‘there are ghosts’ and you believe?”

Even looking at her infuriated Du Yangnan. At this point, he didn’t care about being gentlemanly or chivalrous to girls, and directly scolded her, “I’m trying to frighten everybody? Since you don’t believe in the supernatural, why did you choose to play this game? If anything happens to us, it’s all on you!”

Cao Wenwen couldn’t stand others’ badmouthing of her and snapped at Du Yangnan, “Du Yangnan, don’t forget, the one who suggested playing this game at midnight was you.”

“Yes, it’s me. I apologise to everybody in advance.” Du Yangnan directly admitted to the accusation, and continued on sarcastically, “according to the normal procedure, the Pen Immortal would be respectfully invited and respectfullysorry to those who use mtl or readers, but this is to protect against copying. Simply parts that don’t match the original on the site for mtl
sent away. Usually, there wouldn’t be any problems, but who knew that there would be a muddle-headed person playing the game.”

The most important reason he suggested playing this game at midnight was that spirit invoking games, like ‘Pen Immortal’ and ‘Dish Immortal’, would only be effective at midnight. If they didn’t invite the Pen Immortal at midnight, then they wouldn’t be able to invite it or the Dish Immortal at all. This game would subsequently be a failure.

He was also to blame for this incident. He never expected that someone who was already an adult would be seeking their death in such a manner to attract the attention of others.

Seeing that the two of them were going to continue quarreling, as the organiser of the event, Chen Hong quickly stepped in and said, “don’t argue anymore, nothing has happened yet, so what are you blaming each other for?”

At this point, Wu Xuan had already become sober, in addition to reflecting on his own actions, “stop arguing. I’m also in the wrong and shouldn’t have suggested playing this game.”

As Chen Hong’s roommates and bros, Lu Chu, Tang Shizhe, and Gao Yong naturally couldn’t stand by and watch them continue their argument as it made Chen Hong look bad. Thus, they walked up to the two of them, held Du Yangnan, and brought him back to sit where the guys were sitting on the sofa.

Cao Wenwen had just ridiculed most of the girls, so there weren’t any girls who came forward to persuade her. She just sat on the ground with a look of disdain on her face.


Earlier, Du Yangnan had turned on all the lights, and the room was now brightly lit, dissipating some of the fear they had.

As time went by, everyone’s emotions gradually settled.

Subconsciously, nobody spoke loudly anymore but whispered. The girls had lifted their feet onto the sofa as if afraid they would be caught by a ghostly hand that would emerge from the bottom of the sofa if they touch the ground.

Tang Shizhe grabbed Lu Chu’s arm tightly, then lowered his voice and asked, “Lu Chu, you afraid?”

Lu Chu shook his head, “I’m still okay.”

“Are you an atheist?” Tang Shizhe whispered, “to be honest, don’t look at how I’m like right now, but I’m actually quite scared. My grandmother’s a Buddhist and believed in the supernatural. Growing up in the countryside as a child, I’ve always been influenced by these matters. Even after I grew up and people told me daily to believe in science, and that there wasn’t anything that science couldn’t explain, I still half-believe in these things…… I really do believe that there are ghosts in this world……”

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Hearing this, Lu Chu patted him on the shoulder and comforted him, “my family lives in the countryside too. My parents, as well as the old people there, also believe in the supernatural, so I can probably understand your feelings.”

Gao Yong was sitting on Tang Shizhe’s left side and heard the conversation between them. He said flippantly, “both of you, don’t be afraid. While I don’t really believe that there are ghosts in this world, even if there is, there’s a phrase called ‘Do things with a clear conscience, and you won’t afraid of the knocking in the night’?1不做亏心事,不怕鬼敲门 – Lit. If you do not perform acts that go against your conscience, you won’t be afraid of a ghost knocking on your door at night. Meaning if that a person can rest with a clear conscience. All five of us are all good sprouts and we’ve never done anything bad. Every day, we help those old ladies cross the road so what’s there for us to be scared about?”

Tang Shizhe heard his words and asked him, “have you ever helped old ladies cross the road before?”

“No, I haven’t had a chance to meet an old lady who was going to cross the road,” Gao Yong scratched his head, “I’m just making an analogy.”

The tension had eased a little bit, but neither Chen Hong nor the girls were having a good time.

Zhang Qian was probably extremely terrified of such things, and she kept her head buried in Chen Hong chest’s as she sobbed. There were also some bolder girls who were comforting the other frightened girls but to no avail.

Zhang Qian’s eyes were still red as she asked Chen Hong, “do we really have to stay here for the rest of the night?”

Chen Hong replied, “even if we don’t stay here it’s difficult. It’s late at night, and the dorm has long closed. But you don’t need to be afraid, there’s so many of us together.”

When other girls heard what he said, they asked him again, “can’t we find a hotel or somewhere else to stay in? It feels too creepy to stay here.”

Another guy sighed and replied, “it’s too late to book a hotel now. There aren’t many hotels nearby, and they should be full by this time, and won’t have any empty spaces for us.”

According to their original plan, even if it was still dark outside after their party, they would just sleep here. There were several couches in the KTV area and the area where they had played chess. The girls could sleep there, while the boys could just make do until the second day.  As there were too many people, it would be too expensive to book a hotel. It would also be troublesome to allocate rooms.

However, when something like this had happened, they didn’t even dare to turn the lights off, let alone sleep.

In the end, the conversation ended without a solution. They could only continue to huddle together in the corner for some sense of security as they waited for dawn.


Ever since Du Yangnan had that quarrel with Cao Wenwen earlier, he hadn’t spoken and remained silent as he stared at the broken pencil.

Upon seeing this, Lu Chu asked him, “did you notice anything?”

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Du Yangnan shook his head, “I’m waiting.”

Tang Shizhe was puzzled, “waiting for?”

Du Yangnan paused for a second, looked at him, and replied succinctly, “an accident.”


As everybody waited in either fear or contempt, a few of the girls cast gazes filled with anger at Cao Wenwen.

Cao Wenwen never felt that she was in the wrong. In this current situation, she felt as if everybody else were cowards who had never seen the world, believing anything they heard. Hence, she stood up and said, “I’m going to the restroom, then returning to the KTV area to sleep. You guys can continue playing a game of pretense.”

Once she finished her piece, she turned around and went to leave the sofa area.

The instant she turned around and raised her foot, the lights in the room suddenly went out. The whole room was instantaneously plunged into deep darkness.


“Holy shit!”

With the sudden turn of events, the girls screamed in unison, while some of the guys immediately started to outrightly swear, throwing the entire scene into chaos.

Then, somebody suddenly yelled, “phone! Use your phone for light!”

The panicking people hurriedly reached for their phones.

Lu Chu was the first one to take out his phone. After unlocking it with his fingerprint, he pressed the ‘flashlight’ icon, and the bright but limited range of light illuminated the inky darkness.

“Over- over there?! Ahhhhhh!” A girl suddenly pointed at Cao Wenwen’s back and shouted, before covering her ears and closing her eyes, as her desperate screams sounded through the room.

Everyone’s gazes were drawn over.

However, it was only to see that even with the bright light from the phone, it still couldn’t show them Cao Wenwen’s back. Yet, from the corner of their eye, they could see a pale and terrifying woman’s face flash by.

It was so close to Cao Wenwen as if resting on her shoulder.

After being noticed, she looked at everyone with her dark and sclera-less eyes. After letting out a weird grin, she disappeared in a flash once more.

Abruptly, the lights came back on. The room returned to being as bright as day.

Cao Wenwen believed that this incident was just caused by the lights malfunctioning. Although she was still taken aback, she didn’t take it to heart. Instead, she looked at the girl who was still screaming, and her tone wasn’t pleasant at all, “what are you yelling and pointing at me for? Are you deliberately trying to scare me?”

Everyone hadn’t recovered from the horrific and chilling scene that they had seen just now, and they all retreated backwards, trying to get away from Cao Wenwen.

Cao Wenwen didn’t know what had occurred and was irritated. Just as she was about to speak, she was interrupted by Lu Chu.

Lu Chu pointed in the direction of the square table, “look.”

Everyone looked numbly and slowly in the direction that Lu Chu pointed.

There was still a white piece of paper and a broken pencil on the table.

Tang Shizhe was the first to exclaim, “paper…on the paper!”

Originally, everyone didn’t think that there was anything unusual and looked intently at the white paper they had used to call the Pen Immortal. There should have been the circles they drew, the words written by the Pen Immortal when it answered, and the messy scribbled lines made by the Pen Immortal when it was angered.

However, at this moment, there wasn’t anything on that piece of paper. Neither the chaotic words nor traces of the pencil.

What they could see was a smooth and flat white paper with a word written on it using a dark red and viscous, unidentifiable liquid.

— “DIE”.

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