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Chapter 1: Physical examination at the hospital

After completing the last check on his body, Bai Yue sat up on the bed. In the process of sitting, the silver chain hanging around his neck revealed itself. On the chain hung a simple, silver ring. He held it up and glanced at it, before stuffing it back into his shirt and buttoning it up.

“It’s done, you can go out now.”

The doctor sat in front of the instrument, looking at the screen and recording something on his hand, “The result will be available in three days, and the whole school shall be notified together”

“Alright. Thank you, Doctor.” Bai Yue picked up his uniform jacket and walked out of the examination room. Outside the room, there were still students that were queuing up for their turn. Seeing him exiting the room, the next one quickly entered.

After using up his entire morning, he finally completed every part of the check-up.

Nearing the ‘Imperial University Unified Academic Achievement Examination’— also referred to as the college entrance examination, all students taking the exam had to arrange a unified physical examination, as stated by Imperial Law. Luohua College, where Bai Yue studied, was no different. Although the studies of third-year students were heavy, the school still specially allocated a day to send all the students to the Luo City Central Hospital for their physical examination.

During the examination, in addition to routine testing items, the inspection that held the highest priority was genetic testing. Humankind was more or less, divided into three genders: Alpha, Beta, Omega. Such gender distinctions were all determined from birth. Among them, Betas constituted the largest percentage of the population, followed by Alphas, and Omegas, the least. Constitution-wise, Alphas were the creme of the crop and Betas were average. Omegas, with the least number in existence, were the weakest.

However, apart from gender, the most important factor that determined the superior and the inferior was the genetic grade of each person. The genetic grade of an individual was most affected by congenital factors. Yet, it could not be detected until the individual reached maturity at the age of eighteen.
There were six levels in total. The highest genetic grade, ‘S’, was practically a myth. It was impossible for this mythical genetic grade to appear amongst ordinary people. Therefore, routine inspections would not include the detection of such a level because there was no point in doing so. Furthermore, most citizens of the empire had a genetic grade of ‘C’.

For the ordinary students of Luohua Academy, having a ‘D’ grade was a little sad but they could still be accepted. Receiving the ‘C’ grade was a stamp of unremarkableness1TN: 不攻不过: is basically no merit and yet no faults, painfully average. However, if one was able to get ‘B’ for their genetic grade, they would be able to enjoy the advantage of acquiring extra points in their college entrance examinations. Moreover, it would also be very useful in their future work.

As for those of the ‘A’ grade, they were uncommon. Nonetheless, when they did appear, they would be deemed as an occurrence that brought honour to their ancestors. 2TN: The original line was: 至于A级,则更是光宗耀祖的稀事。I lengthened the translation of this line in order to make the words flow better.

However, those with ‘A’ grades would usually only appear in the descendants of people belonging to the military. Luohua Academy incidentally had an ‘A’ grade Alpha last year. This incident was widely reported by the city media, which helped to boost the school’s reputation. When the new school year arrived, there was also an increase in the number of new students enrolled in the Academy.

It was just that this situation was entirely out of the blue. It was such that the teachers and even the principals of other colleges and universities, were all hoping that this sort of miracle would not happen again.

At least this was the case with the teacher leading the third grade. His work related to the medical examination was extremely trivial and boring. He had already squandered away his entire morning in the hospital, and he could not smoke in front of the students. He felt suffocated to the verge of death.

After Bai Yue finished his physical examination, he went to find the teacher to submit his physical examination results. When he arrived, it was only for him to see that the other party’s head was drooping as if he had fallen asleep.

Bai Yue stopped. Then, he looked around for a while before discovering a male student standing not too far away, collecting forms on behalf of that teacher.

He walked over and handed the form to the other party. “You’ve worked hard.”

This student was originally not a class committee member. It was just that he was the earliest to finish the check-up, and was thus dragged over by the teacher to do miscellaneous tasks. He was therefore forced to bottle up his entire day’s worth of anger and frustration3TN: 窝了一肚子的火: has connotations of simmering with rage, bottling up of rage/frustration/anger. Now, seeing Bai Yue smile at him, his restless mood was immediately soothed and became radiant with joy.

“It wasn’t that hard, I was simply serving the people.”

At Luohua Academy, Bai Yue was the ‘dream partner’ of many students. Not only did he have good looks, but even his personality was also gentle. Unfortunately, his presence in the school was low-key and he had a boyfriend who could not be easily messed with. As a member of the support club4tn: 后援会成员: basically a cheer squad, but not on the level of a cheerleading squad., he only ever dared to support silently and never dared to take the initiative to speak up.

Never did this student expect that his unintentional actions would bring him such luck5tn: 有意栽花花不开,无心插柳柳成荫. literally, this means: when I put in a lot of effort to care for these flowers, they never bloom. But when I carelessly planted a willow branch into the ground, and never really cared much for it, it would unexpectedly grow into a tree that offers me shade. A metaphor used to describe that sometimes it’s better for nature to take its course, don’t force things to happen, and maybe you’ll get the result you want., by allowing him the opportunity to talk to the ‘dream partner’ of everyone’s hearts, after nearing the end of his years at the college6not very sure yet if this is the end of the school year, or the end of his years at the school because the chinese words used could go both ways.. Sure enough, doing good deeds would definitely be rewarded.

Bai Yue smiled at the student, and just as he was about to leave, someone collided with his shoulder harshly. He was suddenly pushed to the side, and a gorgeous-looking youth forced his way through. The expression on the youth’s face was bad as he took a look at Bai Yue. Then, he handed his form over to the male student, “Here, take it.”

Although only a few simple words were spoken, the tone used was unspeakably arrogant and domineering.

Yet, though this person had a bad attitude, the boy was over the moon with joy.
Throughout the six years of his junior high and high school life, he was a mere nobody and only dared to think about the two school flowers7tn: I found this funny because the author did not use 校草 to describe the 2 boys but 校花, which was usually used to describe the prettiest girls in school XD, Bai Yue and An Yu, within his heart. This was the first time he was able to converse with them. Even more so, it was the other parties that spoke first. The boy’s initially gloomy mood caused by the miscellaneous tasks was instantly swept away, and he was barely hiding the growing smile on his face.

An Yu revealed an expression of disgust.

Although the boy tried his utmost to conceal it, his nauseating expression couldn’t be more familiar. An Yu no longer acknowledged this person, and instead pulled out the form at the bottom of the stack — it was coincidentally the one that Bai Yue had just submitted.

The boy didn’t have time to stop him and just said, “Um, An Yu…this isn’t your physical examination form.”

“Shut up, who allowed you to say my name?” An Yu rolled his eyes impatiently at the student, who immediately zipped up, not daring to say more. Bai Yue saw An Yu’s actions, but he never stopped him in the end. He simply looked on quietly, trying to see what the other party was going to do.

An Yu’s charming peach eyes swept across the form, and the corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a disdainful smile: “Height, 175cm85 ft 8?”

His gaze trailed away from the physical examination form and onto Bai Yue’s body.

The average height of Omegas was 160cm. Yet, Bai Yue, despite having a face that was fair and delicate, had a height that far exceeded this average.

An Yu’s height happened to be slightly more than 160cm, but he was still shorter than Bai Yue by a head. When he was speaking, he had to raise his chin. However, he was not timid at all, but aggressive9咄咄逼人: basically he’s overbearing/ aggressive in the way he acts. daring enough to threaten others. instead.

“Growing to be this tall, are you really an Omega?”

Bai Yue ignored his question. “Remember to return the form.”

After saying that, he turned and left.


His provocation was completely ignored. Although it was not the first time, An Yu was still maddened by him to the point that his beautiful face was disfigured by wrinkles10脸蛋皱成一团: literally-> his face wrinkled into a ball. meaning that he was so angry his face basically scrunched up into like a wrinkly ball I guess?.

He threw the form back to the boy and chased after Bai Yue.

Following him were several other Omega students. They were escorting11the word they used has the meaning of crowding around or escorting (in large groups) An Yu, but did not take the initiative to talk to Bai Yue. Instead, they exchanged whispered comments under their breaths.

“An originally good Omega grew this tall. I think Yufei will be really shocked when he returns.”

“They haven’t been in contact for the past year. I’m guessing that they broke up long ago.”

“Yeah.” When this person was speaking, he especially looked at Bai Yue from out of the corner of his eye, “For a relationship where both parties don’t cultivate their love daily, they must have broken up early, but dare not tell others.”

“Let me just say that Yu Fei also has a problem. What’s wrong with our An Yu? Not only is he good-looking, but he also has many suitors. It is a blessing to be the one liked by him. In the end, that Yu Fei, who seems to be lacking eyes12不长眼: means literally to not have eyes, or ‘not grow eyes’. Basically saying that Yu Fei is blind to not have noticed and fallen for An Yu, and actually for Bai Yue, the bane of other omegas( because they don’t think he’s a proper omega haha), actually fell in love with such a person—both tall and strong.”

When these people spoke, they did not lower the volume of their voices, as if they were telling all of this to Bai Yue on purpose. As a result, the person walking in front of them stopped abruptly. The others failed to notice this and collided into each other, one after another.

“Aiyo13In case anyone doesn’t understand this, it is an exclamation expressing astonishment or pain!” A boy with slightly curled hair rubbed his forehead and said pitifully, “An Yu, what are you doing? Why on earth did you stop so suddenly?”

An Yu glared at them fiercely, “You are not allowed to speak ill of Yu Fei!”

“Ah? We’re speaking for you…” The curly-haired boy wanted to explain. Nevertheless, upon seeing An Yu’s unkind gaze, the volume at which he spoke became lower and lower. He curled his lips and said, “Fine, if you don’t want me to say it, then I won’t.”

After chastising his companion, An Yu turned his head to look at the person ahead. He was originally following the other party closely, but after stopping for a moment, Bai Yue actually distanced himself from him again.

This feeling of being completely ignored made him more annoyed and he proceeded to chase after the other, “Bai Yue, you have grown so tall for an omega, increasing your height by ten centimeters in a year. Are you not afraid that once Yu Fei returns, he will not want you!?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other party stopped.

An Yu smirked, feeling that his words definitely infuriated the other party. Of course, there was no Omega that was not particular about their height. In this regard, he had the absolute advantage.

That person looked back.

An Yu has always prided himself on his beauty, and also looked down on those who rated both him and Bai Yue simultaneously as Luohua Academy’s ‘school flowers’. This was because he felt that the other’s dull appearance was absolutely unqualified to compete with his.

However, at this moment, the other turned his head to the side, revealing a lonely but beautiful side profile. When those light gray eyes squinted at him, he could not help but pause his breathing.

Bai Yue smiled, “You still remember my height last year? I already forgot.”

An Yu was stupefied. In response to his previously embarrassing attitude, he felt both ashamed and annoyed. He was eventually even unable to choke up a retort.

Bai Yue gazed out the window. It was now right at noon, and sunlight spilled in through the window, spreading a layer of golden light on the floor.

Bai Yue asked, “We can leave immediately after the physical examination, right?”

In the morning, the college uniformly arranged transportation to send them over to the hospital. However, due to the varying time-slots for the physical examination, students had to return to school by themselves and continue with afternoon lessons.

An Yu did not understand why the other party would suddenly ask such a question and thus nodded dazedly. Then he continued stubbornly14嘴硬: This means to stubbornly refuse to admit mistakes or defeats. The whole phrase was: 接着又嘴硬道. So I simply translated it as ‘continued stubbornly’, “What, don’t you know how to ask the teacher?”

Bai Yue ignored that and said instead, “Let’s have lunch together?”

An Yu was even more infuriated, “Who wants to have lunch with you!?”

Has this person actually even figured out that he was his rival in love? Or was it that he never viewed him as one?

Bai Yue nodded in understanding, “Then I shall leave first. Li Ren is still waiting for me outside.”

An Yu ground his teeth. () “You—!”

He looked on helplessly as the other party walked out the hospital door. Then, he stamped his foot, utterly discomfited. He had initially wanted to provoke that person, but the other side was absolutely unperturbed15云淡风轻: thin/light clouds and a gentle breeze/ light wind. Used to describe someone that appears to be unbothered by anything/ nothing matters to him.
The source of this idiom is from Cheng Hao’s [Northern Song Dynasty] “春日偶成”: “云淡风轻近午天,傍花随柳过前川。” [mtl, because I’m not spending more time to tl this: “The light cloud and light wind are near noon, and the flowers will follow the willows across the river.”] It can also be used to explain a person, after having experienced great difficulty, manifesting a more unconstrained and helpless attitude towards worldly affairs. Somewhat of a removal from these affairs? Usually used to describe feelings
. Instead, his sulking16more on the side of throwing a fit but the original word means sulking was all in vain.

Now, if he were to chase after Bai Yue again, he would look like the other’s follower. As such, An Yu simply turned around and sat down on the stool in the hall.

Ever since Shang Yufei graduated, throughout the year, An Yu had been looking for Bai Yue to stir up trouble. Yet, he would always wind up being angry with himself.

Shang Yufei did not know that while that person looked pure and innocent on the surface, he was in reality, actually full of evil tricks17满肚子坏水: full of dirty water[lit], metaphor for full of bad/evil ideas or tricks. He must think of a way to expose Bai Yue’s true nature to Yu Fei!

Just as he was thinking about it, a familiar greasy voice rang out behind him. “Oh, Xiao Yuyu, who made you angry again? Tell your Brother Ren, and I’ll teach him how to conduct himself properly.”

An Yu shot a glance at that person, then swatted the other’s palm off his shoulder, “Don’t touch me.”

It was not the first time Fang Zhenren has been treated like this by An Yu, and he paid no mind. Although he had a short temper, he had sufficient patience when it came to treating beauties.

Thus, he sat beside An Yu, “Let me guess, is it that bitch, Bai Yue who provoked you again?”

An Yu hugged his chest. Upon hearing Bai Yue’s name, he condescended to give the other boy a look. “Bitch? Humph, cursing him so crudely. Don’t assume that I wouldn’t know that when you first entered the college, you chased him so hard ‘til the point that everyone knew.”

“Aiyo, wasn’t it because I hadn’t met you yet? If I had met you earlier, I wouldn’t care about that Bai Yue, Bai Yang18I’m thinking that what this greasy dude is doing is playing a pun on Bai Yue’s name. the Yue in Bai Yue’s name is 越, a homophone of 月,meaning moon. And Yang [阳] is sun. So he’s mixing them up on purpose person.” Fang Zhenren spoke up ‘til this point, and wanted to stretch out his hand to seize some advantages19cop a feel :p, but was avoided again.

Such words were partial truths. Fang Zhenren had pursued countless Omegas since he was a child. Moreover, his good looks and rich family background have allowed him to succeed repeatedly. Only when he was chasing Bai Yue did he hit a wall.

No, it was more than just hitting a wall. Due to this situation with Bai Yue, he was pressed down and beaten into a pulp by Shang Yufei. Later on, he was targeted by the man’s younger brother many times, and he could no longer hold his head up at Luohua Academy.

It was not until Shang Yufei, that bastard, graduated that his life became a little better. Therefore, he also grew to hate Bai Yue because of his unrequited love.

Later, he ran into An Yu, whose appearance did not lose to Bai Yue. In the end, he also lost the Omega to Shang Yufei. Thus, he felt that he was having a conflict with Shang Yufei.

However, that person was a no-go. He could not teach Shang Yufei a lesson, but that did not mean that he could not do so with Bai Yue.

Fang Zhenren adjusted his collar, stood up and a corner of his mouth curled, “Wait for me, your brother will help you achieve justice.”

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