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Chapter 10: Burst

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An unfamiliar room with a big white bed in the middle. From the bathroom, came the sound of splashing water. Heat spilled out from the crack between the door, and white vapour floated through the air.

Bai Yue sat on the big bed with his head lowered.

His head was dizzy and his body still felt very uncomfortable.

His pheromones flowed wildly within his body. Just now, he had tried to suppress it. However, blocking was not as good as dredging1堵不如疏: basically, the meaning is that it is better to guide something back on the right path than block it, for fear of a consequence/violent reaction; it has connotations relating to the blocking of a river’s flow and the redirection of a river flow etc, resulting in the backlash becoming more serious. His heart rate had completely exceeded the normal range, and there was a faint stinging stab of pain.

He touched his forehead and rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

Inexplicably, he was brought to such a place. The office worker seemed to be very familiar with this area, and after several twists and turns through the alley, he found a small hotel.

However, the intentions of the office worker were not just purely to help him.

It was just that he actually needed this sort of hiding place right now.

At this time, the sound of water from the bathroom stopped and the door was opened. The office worker had already taken off his clothes, with a bath towel wrapped around his waist, and loose fat on his abdomen.

The man put on his glasses and as he saw the teenager sitting obediently on the bed, he revealed a satisfied smile.

He had gone out by chance, and never thought that he would be able to catch such a super product on the bus.

This office worker was not like other ‘hunters’, rushing forward impatiently when they found their prey. He enjoyed the pleasure that foreplay brought much more.
Regardless of whether this child was obedient or rebellious, he would definitely have a unique taste.

The bespectacled man walked to the bedside table. He picked up the kettle and poured a cup of hot water, before approaching the student again, and passing the cup over.

“Are you feeIing better now?”

Bai Yue raised his gaze and looked at the man who was wrapped only in a bath towel.

Due to his appearance, it wasn’t that he had not encountered such harassment ever since he was a child. However, at that time, he was always with Shang Yufei when he went to and fro from school.

Shang Yufei has been fierce and ruthless since he was a child, even if adults had not taken him seriously. Thus, none of those guys have ever succeeded. After he grew up, he learnt about differentiation, and often averted disasters.

Today, it was the first time that he had been easily brought into a hotel.

The bespectacled man was briefly glanced at by the other, and his heart became itchy like a bug bite. He put the cup back on the table, put both his hands on the towel around his waist, wanting to untie it.

Behind those glasses, the overwhelming lust2色欲熏心: 色欲–> lust; 熏心; (of greed/lust etc) to dominate one’s thoughts could not be concealed.

“Since you’re a little better, let’s immediately get to the main point.” The man smiled, his expression no longer as kind and honest as it originally was. Seeing the grey-haired boy moving a little, seemingly wanting to avoid him, the man could not help but laugh more joyously.

“Afraid? This should be your first time ba. Don’t worry, uncle will make you feel comfortable.”

Bai Yue remained silent.
After entering this room, Bai Yue tried to release his pheromones. Nonetheless, he did not know if he had suppressed it too fiercely, and his pheromones had reversed its flow and was choked up within his heart.


At this time, the rate of his heartbeat gradually slowed, slowing more and more, till it nearly stopped. Bai Yue lifted his hand and grabbed the lapel above his chest.

“What? Does your chest feel uncomfortable?” The man’s lust was not concealed in the slightest, and he stretched out his hand, “Come, I’ll help you.”

Bai Yue: “…”

There was no longer any sound.

He lifted his head, with his light-grey eyes looking at the other person’s face. His expression was different from usual, without a trace of a smile. It was like a piece of artificially carved ice.

The bespectacled man’s hand stopped.

Previously, he was completely immersed in the beauty of this young man. Only now, when he met the other’s gaze, did he notice that something was not right. However, this was merely just a thought that flashed through his mind, and he had no time to react.


Like a tight line snapping, in an instant, the inexhaustible amount of pheromones that had been severely suppressed immediately burst out—filling the entire room!

The man could only feel a strong attack coming from the top of his head, and was unable to make any form of resistance. With a bang, he was overwhelmed and fell to the ground. He was paralyzed there with his four limbs spread out, like a dying3苟延残喘: be on one’s last legs; to struggle on while at death’s door frog.

The man was completely stunned. Although he had an interest in this ‘hunting’, on the surface, he was just an ordinary office worker, living a mediocre and bland life. From the start, he had no time to confront other Alphas with pheromones.

His pheromones were only used when he found prey and marked them.

But what was going on now? He thought that he found a superb product, but this product turned out to be an Alpha?

In his heart, although he was shocked, he was feeling more fear than shock.

This was the first time the office worker had tasted something like this. It was as if his throat had been gripped onto tightly and he was unable to breathe, unable to speak. He could only look up in desperation, hoping that the other party could let him go.

The grey-haired boy remained motionless, still sitting on the bed. Nevertheless, the positions of the two had been reversed.

A few minutes ago, the man was still standing, looking today’s prey up and down and feeling immeasurably pleased with himself. Now, however, he was firmly buckled to the ground. Even though the other party did not touch him, he was held down and was unable to free himself.

Light grey eyes looked down at him.

The man trembled all over. His genetic level was only a C, and this young man in front of him, he was afraid that he(BY) was at least an A!

It seemed that he had hit an iron plate this time.

This was the last thought that flashed through his mind. He could not hold on for long, and with his eyes rolling back, he fainted.

More than ten minutes later, Bai Yue finally controlled his pheromones and reigned them back into his body little by little.

His pheromones were very aggressive, like a huge and uncontrollable beast, completely disobeying him. Only caring about rampaging and spreading wildly, it took him a lot of effort to suppress it.

To fully control it, it was unclear how long it would take.

This point also differed from the knowledge in textbooks. For teenagers who were about to enter adulthood, pheromones were an unfamiliar existence. Hence, it was very normal, at the beginning, for them to feel out of sorts and unable to control these pheromones.

But what was not mentioned in these textbooks, was how violent these pheromones would be.

Although he has temporarily suppressed them back into his body, it could not be said that he had full control over them.

The man was still lying on the ground in a funny posture. Bai Yue briefly glanced at him indifferently, before looking away.

He picked up his backpack that had fallen on the ground and took out the report that had just been issued that day. Inside were a few pieces of hard white paper. On the first page, his genetic grade was stated.

【Name: Bai Yue

Gender: Alpha

Genetic grade: S+】

Sure enough.

He did not make a mistake when he saw it in class. The result of the examination was indeed S+.

He had originally thought that the test result was erroneous. However, a while ago, he had very easily suppressed the man. The credibility of this result was thus increased a lot.

If this result was true, then his life in the future might not be as peaceful as it was now. As a result of this fact, compared to his re-differentiation from Omega to Alpha, it was far more explosive.

In the event that someone found out about these results, his gender change may also not be concealed for long.

There was no expression that could be found on Bai Yue’s face. He put back the report, picked up his backpack and walked out the door. His hand had just touched the handle, but abruptly stopped.

He turned back and looked at the bespectacled man who was still lying on the ground. The other was on all fours, his glasses askew, very embarrassed.

Bai Yue walked back again, picked up the briefcase that the man had put on the window sill, and found the phone inside. Then, he used the man’s fingerprint to unlock it.

He aimed the phone at the half-naked man and took several photos in rapid succession. Bai Yue took a clear picture of the man’s face and whole body, and prepared to send it to the man’s relatives and colleagues in one shot.

When choosing photos, he found that there were many unsightly photos hidden in the album.

It was not the first time that this person had abducted a minor and brought them to a hotel.

Bai Yue frowned slightly and looked at the man.

Even if he sent the photos to this person’s relatives and colleagues, it would only be helping this person lose face.

Therefore, there was only one thing that could and should be done now.


More than ten minutes later, the man in glasses woke up leisurely. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw that he was surrounded by several men in police uniforms.

There was no change in his reaction and he was still immersed in fear. Seeing the Empire’s police, as if he had just seen his relatives, he cried out bitterly, “Listen to me, there’s an Alpha who wants to kill me—”

However, before he could get half his words out, he heard a click, his wrist was handcuffed.

The policeman was holding his4 the man’s phone mobile phone in his hand, and said impartially5铁面无私: Strictly impartial and incorruptible, “I am a criminal police officer from the First Brigade of Luo City’s Public Security Bureau. I am arresting you on the charge of ‘molesting a minor’. The evidence is conclusive.”

The cold sensation could be felt on his wrist, and the man in the glasses was stunned.

The policeman’s mouth curled up into a slight smile, “If you have anything to say, go to the police station to say it.”


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