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Chapter 11: Hero saving the Beauty?

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After reporting to the police, Bai Yue left the hotel with the man’s mobile phone as evidence.

It was already a little late, and this place was a remote area, with no street lights. He went around several times, but he could not leave the maze-like place.

Now, he wanted to go back to the hotel to ask for directions, but it seemed that he was unable to do so.

Bai Yue was about to take out his mobile phone and check the map online. At this moment, a loud, clear sound cut across the horizon. It was especially sharp as it rang through the cold and quiet night sky.

“Don’t touch me!”

This voice was a little familiar. Bai Yue put down his mobile phone and followed it.

There was no one nearby, and the voice seemed to be coming from beyond the wall.

Along with that slap, there was the sound of messy footsteps and physical scuffling.

“Refuse a toast and now you have to drink a forfeit1 敬酒不吃吃罚酒: submit to someone’s pressure after first turning down his request; to hesitate to do something until forced to do even more. Drinking Laozi’s wine means you are Laozi’s person. You even dare slap Laozi! Don’t think that because you are a little more good-looking that Laozi dare not touch you!”

Bai Yue walked along the outside of the wall. When he reached the corner, he leaned his back against the wall and turned his head to look in.

This place seemed to be the back door of a small bar, and there were even a few boxes of empty wine bottles stacked beside it. There were a few men, with bodies reeking of beer, fiercely facing an Omega.

The Omega was obviously very scared, but still refused to show weakness, and was glaring back at them.

Bai Yue retracted his gaze and looked up at the sky.

An Yu? How could that person be here?


After attending the class meeting, An Yu skipped class. This time, he didn’t even look for his little sisters2his clique, and went to a bar alone.

He was in a terrible mood, and did not want any interaction with anyone. He just wanted to be alone and drink.

He discovered this alley accidentally. Many fun-loving men and women loved coming to this place. There were many cheap bars, clubs and hotels hidden in the intricate alleyways.

He felt that this place was dirty, so he only came here once. But now, the cheap prices here were undoubtedly attractive. Furthermore, many bars also had discounts for Omegas.

However, sitting at the bar, before he could drink even a few glasses of wine, he was hit up by many Alphas or Betas. An Yu did not like that they were bothering him, so he unceremoniously chased them all away.

Only one Alpha, with big shoulders and a thick neck, persisted in wanting him to drink, saying that if An Yu did not drink, it would not be giving him any face.

After a while, An Yu was really annoyed, so he could only agree, hoping that this person would then leave. As a result, the person still refused to let him go, saying that after drinking the alcohol, he had agreed to hook up.

Meeting such a shameless guy, An Yu’s mood was completely destroyed. He never thought that by coming out to drink to relieve his sorrow, he would meet a mentally ill person.

He wanted to leave, but as soon as he walked out the door, he was tied up by a few equally strong men and brought to the back of the bar.

The guy in the lead was the Alpha that had forced him to drink. After seeing the other party’s face clearly, An Yu finally realized that he had been tricked.

So when these people started to touch him, without even thinking, he slapped them directly.

The muscular man that was leading them did not expect that such a weak Omega would even dare to resist and could not avoid this slap.

He was immediately angered and sneered. In a single move, the man grabbed the Omega’s arm and stretched his hand to the back of the other’s neck. Despite this person’s struggle, he squeezed hard.

“Dare to do this—to your grandfather3 not his real grandfather but a way to say that he (the man) is above him, take care or Laozi will mark you here!”

An Yu has always been like a ‘princess’ when growing up, fawned upon by the people around him. When he smiled, others would be happy; when he frowned, people would apologize desperately as if they had made a big mistake.

How was it like this today, surrounded by these classless guys?

As that hand caressed his neck wantonly, An Yu felt goosebumps all over his body.

The muscular man grinned and released his pheromones, trying to provoke the Omega’s glands. However, after a while, not only did the other party not react at all, but his expression of revulsion became more and more vivid.

It was only then that the muscular man reacted, “Fuck, underage?”

“Let go!”

With this, An Yu finally shook off the man, and turned around to leave. However, this failed.

The muscular man’s little brother stepped out first, blocking his way.

The muscular man stroked his chin, and said4咋舌: to be speechless. I thought it did not fit well here, “It’s a pity, it’s rare to meet such a beautiful Omega in this dingy bar, and in the end, he doesn’t even have pheromones.”

No matter how beautiful an Omega without pheromones is, it would be like hard liquor with no strength—hardly worth eating, but a pity to discard5食之无味,弃之可惜: fig. Some things have little to no value, yet one is still reluctant to part with them.

An Yu rolled his eyes, “Since you know, then quickly scram. My genetic grade is B. If you dare to do anything against me, you will definitely be arrested!”

Hearing these words, the muscular man and his younger brothers looked at each other, and then laughed.

An Yu was anxious, “What are you laughing at!”

The muscular man’s smile faded, “I, your brother, have already squatted in police stations many times. You think I would be afraid of this? But…”

He chuckled, his dark yellow eyes looking up and down An Yu’s body, “B grade? I’ve only tasted it once, and that was a long time ago. That was really…tsk tsk tsk, delicious.”

Being looked at with that disgusting gaze, and hearing the undisguised salaciousness, An Yu’s face turned white and green6 fun fact: 青 can mean green, blue or black, but usually green .

The muscular man sneered, “Say, if I let you go like this, the glass of wine that Laozi gave out, and the slap I just received. Everything would have been a waste.”

He leaned over and said, “I see that you are nearing maturity. If you want me to let you go now, hand over your phone, and this brother will wait for you to become an adult before looking for you again.”

These words made An Yu feel as if a bucket of cold water had been poured onto him, and his whole body was piercingly cold.

What did this person…mean? Did the man want to continue harassing him?

He was an Omega who would marry an A grade Alpha in the future. Those who were allowed to mark him could only be Alphas of that grade.

It would not be the guy in front of him—whose teeth were yellow, was both ugly and smelly, and his grade may only be C!

The muscular man cast a look at his younger brothers. These younger brothers immediately understood, and wanted to step forward to grab the person.

An Yu was finally afraid—or rather, his fear was finally revealed on his face, and he backed away, “No, don’t come over here! Someone come save me!”

Hearing the shouting, the group of people smiled even more happily, “Those that are here are all our people, and there won’t be any nosy idiots who would come to save you.”

Not far away, Bai Yue hid in the shadows and saw the entire affair.

Although he did not like An Yu, the other party was his classmate after all. It was also not possible to watch unfeelingly as An Yu was marked by the group of people.

When Bai Yue was at the hotel, he had already called the police. But he had not yet heard any police sirens. If he waited for the police to come rescue An Yu, this situation would have long been over.

Bai Yue undid his buttons one by one.

The muscular man who took the lead, in order to lure An Yu into estrus, had emitted his pheromones. Its scent was a bit like mould7 originally moss/lichen:青苔. However, it’s not smelly so it has been changed to mould, as if it had been oppressed for a long time, and the smell was indescribable.

However, at least one thing was certain—this man’s pheromones had no effect on him. That meant that he had absolute hierarchical suppression.

If his grade was indeed S+ and could suppress the office worker in the small hotel just now, then it should be able to deal with this group of people.

Bai Yue took off his uniform jacket.

Although he wanted to save people, he did not want to expose his identity. It did not matter if others did not recognise him, the most important thing was not to let An Yu see him.

In the end, An Yu was too weak. After much resistance, to no avail, his phone was forcefully snatched away.

Those people took down all his personal information, and then threw the phone back.

An Yu wiped his eyes and tried not to let his tears flow, “If you guys are satisfied, I want to leave.”

However, those Alphas had no intention of dispersing.

An Yu became anxious, “You guys, what else do you want?”

The muscular man looked at the handsome face of the young boy and smiled, “I changed my mind. You didn’t cooperate at all just now, so I can’t just let you go.”

An Yu’s face suddenly turned pale.

These shameless guys, pushing all the blame onto him. Clearly, no matter whether he had resisted or not previously, they were not ready to let him go.

Because of this leader, from the very beginning, they had no intention of letting him go.

“Go! Take him to the private room.” The muscular man waved his hand, “Let this bitch serve our brothers well.”

An Yu’s face was full of tears, and he already had no strength left to call for help.

These people were right. No righteous hero could ever appear in this kind of place.

If and if he could do it all again, he would never have come here to drink. Nor would he be sulking alone because of people like Bai Yue.

However, now the wood has been made into a boat8木已成舟: fig. what has been done cannot be undone. No matter how much regret he had, it was irreversible.

A corner of the man’s mouth hooked upwards and he was about to drag the little beauty into the bar.

However, at this time, the sound of footsteps came from a corner not far ahead. The sole of the shoe made a scuffing sound as it stepped across the uneven ground.


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