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Chapter 2: Break up? Impossible

I forgot to credit last chapter, but Chapter 1 and 2 were edited and proofread by my wonderful editor Sahloknir!! Please thank her for saving you guys from my Chinglish sentences XD 


Bai Yue walked out of the hospital. Upon raising his head, he was struck by the dazzling sunlight, and he was filled with a sense of involuntary helplessness.

At the beginning of the day, the weather was still quite chilly, so he had worn a jacket. However, now that it was noon, the sun emerged and it became too warm to continue wearing it.

He undid the buttons and was about to take off his uniform, when suddenly a figure charged out from behind a pillar, pouncing on him to grab his arm.

“You finally came out, I have been waiting for you for half an hour!”

The one who spoke was an Omega, wearing the same school uniform as Bai Yue. His appearance could still be counted as being on the cuter side, but he was chubby. Just by looking at him, it was clear that he was well-nourished.

Bai Yue apologised1TN: the author does this a lot, at places where characters are speaking. She would just write the character’s name followed by them speaking. (e.g. Bai Yue: “etc. etc.”), so liberties were taken when translating, “Sorry, the line is too long. I told you to go back first.”

Li Ren stuck out his tongue, before responding, “Going home first would also result in self-studying, so I waited for you to come out to grab a meal together. Let’s go, there’ll be more people coming out soon.”

Bai Yue was then dragged down the stairs and together, they went to the hoverbus2So,,, the author wrote this as ‘floating bus’ in the raws. However, I suddenly thought of hoverboards so I’ll be using this term for convenience(and also because it makes sense) stop.

Floating buses were the most common means of transportation in the empire. Although they were not as fast as self-driving cars, they were cheaper and more convenient.

Li Ren had a bit of verbal diarrhoea, and even after boarding the bus, his chatter did not stop, “When we finish the exam, Shang Yufei should be on his summer vacation. When will he be back?”

Bai Yue shook his head, “I don’t know, he didn’t say.”

“Didn’t say?” Li Ren grew suspicious. Thinking of the rumors spreading throughout the school, he exclaimed, “It can’t be true, that you guys…”

He hesitated, “Broke up ?”

Bai Yue absolutely could not understand why there were such rumors. However, it was amusing to see his good friend’s startled expression, so he turned his head and looked out the window wordlessly.

The hoverbus drove for a few miles, stopped, and another group of people boarded.

Li Ren thought he struck home, and he felt rather self-blaming “I-I just said things casually. So, don’t be too sad. As the saying goes, there is no lack of fragrant grass to the ends of the world3TN: 天涯何处无芳草: metaphor, there is plenty of fish in the sea. You’re such a good-looking Omega, there definitely must be a large number of outstanding Alphas chasing after you.”

Bai Yue, “…”

Li Ren grew increasingly anxious, “You-you, say what about we go have a drink at noon? Once you get drunk, if you can’t attend afternoon lessons, then it’s okay to not go. I will accompany you.”

Bai Yue shook his head, “I haven’t drunk alcohol before.”

Li Ren, “Hai, there’s a first time for everyone. It’s like any other beverage. After drinking, you fall asleep and completely forget all your worries…”

As he persisted, Bai Yue turned his head back to look at him. His eyes were in their usual state, narrowed slightly, as if he was smiling.

Bai Yue said plainly, “Previously, Uncle Li said that he had bought a case of beer home, but they were finished within a few days. He asked me if I knew anything about it.”

Upon hearing this, Li Ren immediately shut up, a fat hand rubbing his forehead to wipe off the cold sweat that began to form.

Bai Yue smiled, “Yufei and I are fine.”

The Little Fatty (Li Ren) blinked, “R…really?”

Bai Yue nodded.

“Then why are you scaring me? I still thought that once he went away he would fall in love with someone else.” Li Ren mumbled under his breath, before asking again, cautiously, “Well, on my Dad’s side, what did you say?”

At this moment, the bus happened to stop again. Several students on the bus, who wore the same uniform as Bai Yue, got up and alighted one by one.

Bai Yue also stood up, “Let’s go, we’ve reached our stop.”

“Hey, wait, what did you say, you didn’t sell me out, right?!”

Li Ren chased after him closely.

There were many restaurants near Luohua Middle School, which were cheap and affordable. As such, they were very popular amongst students. It was now lunchtime, and almost every restaurant was crowded. The duo looked around for a while before they found an empty table and sat down.

Since his pocket money was not much, Bai Yue rarely ate out. Conversely, Li Ren was a regular customer of almost every restaurant. The moment he sat down, he waved his hand vigorously, “Madam boss, we’d like two portions of fried rice, adding my usual ingredients4料: This means additions in his fried rice e.g. prawns or roast pork .”

“Okay!” The proprietress was incredibly busy5TN: 脚不沾地: feet not touching the ground; she was so busy that her feet did not seem to touch the ground, but she did not forget to greet them, “I’m a little busy now, you can pour water for yourselves, it’s at…”

Li Ren waved his hand, “Don’t worry, I know.”

The proprietress grinned and retreated back into the kitchen to continue overseeing the cooking.

After a while, the fried rice was prepared and served. The ingredients were plentiful, filled with various vegetables and meats. Each grain of rice was distinct, and the fried rice was extremely fragrant.

Just as Bai Yue was about to begin eating, he heard a loud noise coming from the entrance of the restaurant. Turning to the source of the noise, he saw the store door was swaying precariously on its hinges from someone kicking it open. A few male students with ugly expressions on their faces proceeded to walk in.

The lady boss was startled. She saw that these customers’ student uniforms were worn in a slovenly fashion, and they seemed to be looking for trouble.

These people entered and swept a glance over the room, before marking Bai Yue as their target and walking towards his table.

The proprietress forcibly suppressed her anxiety and greeted them, “G…guests—”

However, before she had even finished speaking, she was shoved away by the leader, “It’s none of your business, scram!”

The lady boss was knocked off balance and almost fell down, but her arm was caught in time. She looked back and realised that it was the beautiful Omega student who was supporting her.

Bai Yue enquired gently, “Are you okay?”

The lady boss was stunned, “I…I’m fine.”
Bai Yue released his grip and looked at the boorish Alpha.

They obviously came to look for him, and those who came were also people he was familiar with—his classmate, Fang Zhenren. His family was rich6the phrase the author used was 家底殷厚. 家底: family property accumulated over a long time, 殷:abundant, flourishing, 厚: thicc. Overall meaning: probably old money rich, and he was always followed by a few delinquent friends7 狐朋狗友: evil associates, depraved company. What kind of a definition is this? Don’t ask me. For some reason, Fang Zhenren liked to find Bai Yue to bother him.

Bai Yue stared at them, “Do you want to join our table?”

That was obviously not it! The little fatty was frightened out of his wits8慌得六神无主: panicked till all his six organs failed to function properly.

If they were still at school, he could still call the teacher for help, but now what was he going to do?

Fang Zhenren smirked, and tapped his fingers against the wooden table “Come outside, you don’t want to make a big fuss here.”

Bai Yue was silent and his gaze fell on the proprietress, who was trembling like a leaf.

Although Fang Zhenren was a student of Luohua Middle School, his behavior was no different than that of a gangster. If he were to start making trouble here, it was estimated that the entire restaurant would be wrecked.

Bai Yue stood up.

Fang Zhenren was immediately satisfied, “That’s right. Be obedient and I also won’t be rough with you.”

“Bai…Bai Yue!” The little fat man also stood up, his gaze quickly shifting between the two people, at a loss as to what to do.

Bai Yue flashed a comforting smile towards him, “It’s okay, go do what needs to be done.”

Such as calling the police.

Then, he turned around and walked out of the shop.

The originally bustling and noisy restaurant became deathly quiet, and the guests dazedly sat at their seats, watching as those people walked away.

After exiting the shop, Bai Yue was sandwiched by the group of Alphas from the back and front and shoved into a secluded alley. The alley here led to a dead end, with a few trash cans piled at the end. Other than those who collected garbage in the morning and evening, practically nobody would come to this place. It was a good spot for bullying.

However, when Bai Yue saw the people standing in the alley, he could not help raising his eyebrows.

An Yu and his Omega companions were also here, arms folded over their chests, glaring at him coldly.

Fang Zhenren walked to An Yu’s side, with an attitude that screamed “I am the coolest in the world”, and raised his chin, “You know why I am looking for you, right?”

When Bai Yue saw that An Yu was present, he roughly understood what was going on. Fang Zhenren wanted to chase An Yu, so naturally he had to flaunt his strength in front of his sweetheart.

However, Bai Yue continued to smile, and replied, “I don’t know.”

Upon seeing that this person still had a nonchalant attitude, Fang Zhenren grew furious, “An Yu is someone I’m covering9 Someone he’s protecting/under his wing. A bitch like you actually dares to make him angry!?”

Bai Yue looked at An Yu, “Are you angry?”

An Yu did not expect that the other party would direct the conversation over to him.

Of course, he was angry, but not just because of this incident. Thinking about when he was growing up, he was doted on by everyone around him because of his beauty. Until he met Shang Yufei, and suffered many losses when he tried to capture the Alpha.

With great difficulty, he finally found someone to like. In the end, it was alright if that person did not choose him. However, that person chose an Omega that was inferior to him in every respect.

What was even more irksome was that this other Omega never ever took him seriously. In the face of his demonstrations, that Omega would remain unbothered, was that not irritating?

Nevertheless, if he declared this bluntly, it also made An Yu feel displeased, as if he were overthinking and therefore not maintaining his ‘cool guy’ appearance. He was completely unreconciled to such a situation and didn’t want to accept it.
“What, you still want to provoke us?” Fang Zhenren stepped forward, blocking An Yu behind him, “You are the top student praised by the teacher all day long. Knowing that you made a mistake, shouldn’t you know what to do?”

Bai Yue, “What should I do?”

Fang Zhenren was angry. “Apologize!”

“I don’t need it.” An Yu, who was standing behind him with arms crossed over his chest, interrupted. His pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes glared at Bai Yue.

“I don’t need your hypocritical apology. From the very beginning, I only have a single demand for you. You must break up with Yufei!”

These words undoubtedly slapped Fang Zhenren in the face. He came to help out, but the one that An Yu yearned for was still that Shang Yufei. Moreover, he said this in front of everyone else.

However, Fang Zhenren was still intent on pursuing An Yu and could not turn his back on him for such a trivial matter. Furthermore, if Shang Yufei knew that he had been dumped, the expression that he would make would probably be marvelous.

“Yeah.” Fang Zhenren chuckled darkly, “You better break up with that bastard as soon as possible. Otherwise, whatever shall we do if your little, white face gets accidentally scratched.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Bai Yue felt the people behind him gradually draw closer, as if they were ready to do something.

Fang Zhenren spoke, “Originally, I had good sentiments towards10怜香惜玉: to have tender, protective feelings/show pity and tender love for the fairer sex, such a beautiful Omega like you. It’s a pity that you followed the wrong person.”

“Either you send a message now to tell the bastard to break up. Or, you can go crying to the hospital, all by yourself .”

Bai Yue took a step back, but his shoulders were held by the person behind him. He gave a quick glance out of his peripheral vision before his gaze fell back onto the person in front of him.

Bai Yue, “I see.”

He took out his phone, and in front of everyone, typed the required words and confirmed its delivery.

Afterwards, he purposefully lifted the screen towards everyone, “It’s been sent.”

The ultimatum had been met, and An Yu was also momentarily stunned. He thought that there would be some form of resistance. At least a few slaps and curses would be accepted.

Ultimately, this person did not resist at all. Although everything was developing according to his plans, he felt that something was off.

“Beep, beep.”

A simple notification tune resounded in the small alley.

The sound of the notification was quite coincidental, for just as Bai Yue finished sending a text message, the sound of a received message arrived soon after. Everyone touched their mobile phones in unison.

“No! You dare play with Laozi?!”

Fang Zhenren felt that he had been deceived, and stepped forward, grabbing Bai Yue’s wrist fiercely, “You didn’t send it to him at all, who did you send it to?”

Bai Yue resisted, but the difference in strength between an Alpha and an Omega was not insignificant. As a result, he could not move.

Upon seeing this, Fang Zhenren unconsciously froze.

He had not dared to really do anything to Bai Yue before. It was not for the sake of being gentlemanly, but due to the psychological shadow left by Shang Yufei’s lessons from the previous few years.

Not even mentioning acting rough with him, just a light touch on Bai Yue would result in that bastard’s abrupt appearance and a kick that would send Fang Zhenren flying. Consequently, even after that person graduated, he subconsciously did not dare to act against Bai Yue.

However, at this moment, he finally realized that Shang Yufei had left. From now onwards, no one in Luohua Academy would challenge him!

A corner of Fang Zhenren’s mouth curled up, and he dragged Bai Yue towards the wall, wanting to vent his resentment.


There was a dull sound.

However, it was not Bai Yue who made the sound, but Fang Zhenren.

Before he could react, a biting pain bloomed on his waist and he staggered backwards.

Looking closely, he found a person lying on the ground. It was his younger brother11 not younger brother but a close male friendwho had initially been arranged to keep a lookout. Nonetheless, he was now in a semi-conscious state, and it was unknown who had treated him like a sandbag and flung him over.

“Who? Come out—”

Just as he shouted angrily, another black figure flew up and fell heavily to the ground in front of him.

His subordinates who were blocking the alleyway were knocked down one after another. Let alone resist, they did not even have time to cry out.

Above the pile of human sandbags, there was a person standing.

His black hair was sharp and short, and also wore a loose, white t-shirt. On the bottom half of his body were a pair of dark green overalls and a pair of short boots. A jacket of the same colour was casually tied around his waist.

The youth stepped on the unconscious Alpha with one foot, while holding his phone in one hand, seemingly in the midst of responding to a text.

After seeing the man’s face clearly, Fang Zhenren’s eyes widened in horror, “You, you—”

The youth finally finished typing, and after pressing the send button, he raised his head and gave Fang Zhenren a look. He then raised a scarred eyebrow that was filled with viciousness, “He sent it to me.”


Fang Zhenren was unable to react to the meaning behind this sentence.

As soon as he finished speaking, another short message resounded.

“Beep beep.”

The sound had come from Bai Yue’s own phone.

Fang Zhenren finally understood that the other party was answering his question. Bai Yue did send a breakup text message to Shang Yufei.

Bai Yue picked up his phone and found that the reply was only one word— “Impossible.”



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