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Chapter 3: Please don’t crack such joke

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By his feet, several people were still crying out from the pain. Shang Yufei stepped directly over their bodies and walked to Bai Yue’s side.

He lowered his eyes to Bai Yue’s wrist, where it had just been tugged. The strength that had been used was not much, however, since Bai Yue’s skin was very pale, even a little pressure would leave marks.

There was now a ring of red circling his wrist.

Shang Yufei silently knitted his eyebrows.

Pulling Bai Yue behind him, he then turned to look at Fang Zhenren, eyes narrowing dangerously, “I’ve already warned you numerous times before I graduated. Doing this now, do you want to be sent to the hospital?”

Fang Zhenren had not seen Shang Yufei for a year. At this moment, with this person’s sudden appearance, Fang Zhenren had to hear this terrifyingly familiar voice, and he could not help but shiver.

Nevertheless, no matter how he was beaten down again, not losing face in front of An Yu was his bottom line. Right now, rashly confronting Shang Yufei would not result in any favourable outcomes for him, it was better for him to let this conflict pass by quickly.

Fang Zhenren pretended to be unperturbed, “You misunderstood. I saw that a bug had crawled onto him, and wanted to help him swat it away”

Shang Yufei smiled mechanically1似笑非笑: like a smile yet not a smile. It’s a fake smile, I guess , and repeated, “A bug.”

Fang Zhenren absolutely could not accept someone looking at him with that expression. Biting the bullet, he shouted, “If I say it’s a bug, it’s a bug. What else do you want? I didn’t hurt him. If you’re still worried, bring him to the hospital for a checkup!”

Shang Yufei’s initially smiling expression dissipated.
The alley suddenly became very quiet, stagnant, and only the miserable moans of the fallen Alphas could be heard.

Hearing this voice, Fang Zhenren seemed to recall something, and his face became paler.

The intuition he had developed for a long time told him that Shang Yufei was about to do something. Just as he was about to make a blocking posture, that dark figure arrived instantly. Before he could react, severe pain erupted from his abdomen.

Everything happened too fast, except when the opponent’s fist ruthlessly jabbed into his abdomen. It was only then did time seem to slow down.

He clearly felt all the changes in his body, from ribs breaking to his stomach deforming.

Immediately afterwards, his entire person, like a kite with a broken string, was quickly blown out of the alley. He was flung back for several metres, not even allowing the slightest degree for a counterattack.

However, he was better than his other men. He didn’t faint immediately, it was just that he was paralyzed on the ground and couldn’t get up.

“You…You…” Fang Zhenren straightened his waist strenuously, trying to throw out some vicious words. Yet, as soon as he uttered the first word, blood poured out of his throat, and he tasted a mouthful of sweet iron.

The several Omegas hiding behind An Yu shivered.

They had no grievances or grudges against Bai Yue, but they just could not bear to see that despite him being so popular, he still had this artificial pretense of indifference. Not to mention that this person had robbed the entire school’s Omegas of their dream partner.

Within the minds of many Omegas, Shang Yufei was an individual that almost aligned with what they considered to be the ideal male lead of a novel. Handsome, badass, strong, and not taking anyone seriously. In short, he encompassed one word—cool.

Although they have been hiding behind An Yu, helping An Yu talk and chase others, in reality, they each secretly hoped that it would be themselves who would become the protagonist in the end.

They knew that Shang Yufei was fierce, but most of this was just hearsay, without real evidence.

Therefore, this was the first time that they had seen Shang Yufei fight, with their own eyes, and at such close proximity.

No, this could hardly be called a fight. This so-called fight, the two sides should at least have several exchanges. However, the battle just now was only the torture of a single side.

They did not like Fang Zhenren, who threw his weight around all the time, but at least this person and his other younger brothers would care for them. As such, the relations between them were not too bad.

Hence, when they watched this person be knocked down, hearing the clear snapping of bones, as well as fierce wind blowing by them as Fang Zhenren flew past, everything fell into disorder.

The Omega with slightly curled hair could not help crying out, “Y…you won’t beat Omegas, right?”

Shang Yufei glanced at the speaker.

When stared at by those dark green eyes, the curly-haired boy’s heart could not help but skip a beat. Even at such a moment, he had to admit that the other party was really good-looking.

However, it was only a moment of distraction. In the next second, he was stunned by the unsentimental indifference in the other’s eyes. He choked a little, and didn’t dare to speak again.

Shang Yufei ignored him. He turned and walked back, pulling Bai Yue away from the alley without acknowledging anyone else.

Before leaving, he stepped on everyone who had collapsed on the ground .

Only until the sounds of footsteps faded away did a few of the Omega students heave a sigh of relief. They were so delicate, if they were punched like this, it might not result in something as simple as fainting. In more fortunate/lighter cases, it would just be disfigurement of their faces. In more serious cases, it would be death2嗝屁: a slang for ‘die’(死了).

The curly-haired man glanced at the people moaning on the ground, and said hesitantly to An Yu, “How about calling an ambulance first?”

An Yu, “…”

The curly-haired boy repeated, “An Yu?”

The other party had been acting weirdly for a while now. Ever since Shang Yufei’s appearance, he had not spoken a word.

When he walked in front of the other and saw An Yu’s face clearly, he could not help but be shocked.

The handsome face of the boy was a little distorted, teeth biting his lip ferociously, ‘til it was about to ooze blood.

The curly-haired boy, “W…what’s wrong with you?”

After a while, An Yu said, “I am such an eye-catching person, standing here. Is it possible for him to not see me?”

The curly-haired man nodded, before hurriedly shaking his head. “That’s impossible.”

“Then why…” An Yu’s tone was full of hatred, “When he saw me, he didn’t react at all!”

After Shang Yufei appeared, his attention had always been on Bai Yue, and he had not given An Yu a single glance.

He had not seen Shang Yufei for a year, and within that time, he felt that he(AY) had become more attractive. How could that person completely disregard it!

Hearing this, the curly-haired man suddenly felt powerless.

It has already reached this point in time, yet their ‘little princess’ was unexpectedly still thinking about it. Why can’t you look at him? What he said wasn’t nonsense. People were interacting with Bai Yue3 I have no idea what they’re talking about. I swear. I read this in the raws and I don’t have a clUe.

Having said that, if they had been noticed in this situation, it was probably only because that person was going to beat them…

Thinking of this, the curly-haired man could not help but shiver, shaking his head, reluctant to continue thinking about it.


Passing through the secluded alley, they once again arrived at the noisy and bustling street. There were more people on the street now, and students wearing the same uniform were everywhere.

The two shuttled through the crowd. Shang Yufei walked in front, holding Bai Yue tightly with a hand, and said nothing throughout the journey.

Seeing that he had no intention of stopping, Bai Yue took the initiative to say, “How are you here?”

The other party didn’t look back, “That fatty told me.”

Fatty should refer to Li Ren.

Bai Yue shook his head, “Don’t call him that.” After a pause, he said again, “This isn’t what I wanted to ask. Shouldn’t you be in the military academy now?”

After hearing his words, the other party finally stopped and turned around.

He stared at Bai Yue and seemed to want to say something. However, he hesitated, and finally replied, “Asked for a leave in advance.”

Knowing that Bai Yue was still in class today, as soon as he got off the airship, he rushed over. As a result, as soon as he arrived at the school gate, he was stopped by a little crying fatty and learned about the incident.

Shang Yufei frowned, “Let’s not talk about this first. It’s not the first time that guy has troubled you, why didn’t you tell me?”

Bai Yue blinked, “If I tell you, then what would you do? Ask for a leave every time and come back ?”

“Why not?” Shang Yufei sighed, “I had threatened them before graduation, and they still dared to take action against you.”

Hearing this, Bai Yue gave an “oh” of understanding, “No wonder.”

Shang Yufei, “What?”

“No wonder he hadn’t dared to act before.”

Bai Yue smiled, “Don’t worry, your threat is still very effective. At least that was the first time such a thing happened.”

Having heard this, Shang Yufei still looked unhappy.

Bai Yue patted him on the back, which counted as placating him.

“It’s rare that you come back, so don’t think about this anymore. Whatever you want to eat, I will cook it for you tonight.”

Shang Yufei did not answer immediately, his gaze falling onto Bai Yue’s wrist. There was still a clear mark where he had been gripped, which was clearly visible on his pale skin.

He was speechless for a short while, before lifting his gaze, and his deep emerald eyes looked into the other’s light gray eyes.

“Next time, even if it’s a joke, don’t send me that kind of message.”

Bai Yue was slightly startled, and then realized that the other party was referring to the ‘break up’ text message. At that point in time, he had not thought too much.

“Sorry, I originally wanted to send a message afterwards to explain.”

Shang Yufei was silent for a while, then shifted his gaze away.


He said softly, “I want to eat meat.”

Now that this question has been answered, it suggested that the matter of the ‘breaking up’ text message had been closed.

Bai Yue’s expression smoothed out, “Okay.”

“And also,”

Shang Yufei looked over, “Don’t run around after school, I’ll come pick you up.”


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