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Chapter 4: I want to smell your pheromones

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Since Bai Yue still had classes in the afternoon, he left first and made an appointment to meet again after school. However, as soon as he returned to the classroom, he saw Li Ren pounce towards him with snot and tears running down his face, “You are back!”

Then, from the tearful lamenting of his close friend, Bai Yue understood what had happened.

Not long after he was taken away by that group of people, Li Ren had immediately rushed to school to report the incident to a teacher. In the end, he ran into Shang Yufei.

Although he did not know why the other party appeared here, he could not be bothered to care too much. He only felt as if he had found his last hope1救命稻草: one’s last straw to clutch at, and so hurried over to ask for help.

As he knew that he would be of no help and would only bring more trouble, he remained at school, waiting anxiously for news.

Though he was not worried that Shang Yufei would be in a disadvantaged position, he was afraid that he had alerted him too late. He feared that by the time Shang Yufei arrived at the scene, Bai Yue would have already fallen victim to those people’s vicious attack.

Now that his friend had returned unscathed, he felt that the huge rock in his heart had lightened.

“Fortunately, you are okay.” With some lingering fear, Li Ren stroked his chest and said nervously, “But why didn’t your boyfriend accompany you in? What if that person comes to find fault again?”

Bai Yue shook his head, “Don’t worry.”

Li Ren, “Huh?”

Bai Yue: “Those people should already be in the hospital by now.”

Li Ren: “???”


The process of the medical examination at the hospital was very cumbersome. As a result, by the end of the last class, there were still students who had not returned. As such, Fang Zhenren and An Yu who were absent did not receive much attention.

The other subject teachers were aware of the physical examination that day, and hence they mostly closed an eye to vacant seats.

On the other hand, the students had focused their attention on another matter.

——Shang Yufei was back!

In a single afternoon, this news had spread through Luohua College.

Even if the freshmen have not seen this person with their own eyes, they all knew of the famous name, ‘Shang Yufei’.

During his time at school, he was the demon king that the teachers were not optimistic about. Poor grades, forming gangs and stirring up trouble wherever he went.

However, despite not being liked by the teachers, there were many who supported Shang Yufei within the college. They did not have as many considerations as a teacher, and simply felt that this person was handsome, and his fighting style aggressive. Moreover, he only provoked bad students who were equally unlearned, making him especially domineering in this sense.

Furthermore, what really made Shang Yufei’s name resound through Luohua Academy was his ‘A’ grade genetic level. Despite his poor grades, he was admitted to the Empire’s top Comprehensive University, which surprised all the teachers.

Even Shang Yufei’s own form teacher, who was initially filled with self-pity for happening across such a bear student, later arrogantly claimed that Shang Yufei was raised by himself. This may as well be described as a result of Fengshui.

After all, in the empire, compared to other normal comprehensive schools, the military academy was a place that numerous people tried all sorts of methods to get in2削尖了脑袋: This was what was written and it should originate from the phrase 削尖脑袋往里钻, meaning to try hard to worm one’s way in. So I just translated it as such., wanting to enter but still unable to.

There were so many colleges in the municipality, but the only invitation was sent to Shang Yu from Luohua Academy, which made the teachers and students of the school straighten their backs3 be confident and unafraid.

Despite the fact that the school day was nearing its end, from earlier on, the Academy’s forum has been extremely noisy.

A post on the forum titled “Shang Yufei is back to school!???” had been followed up thousands of floors4The forum system is sort of like Reddit, but every comment or reply is a ‘floor’ or a ‘level’. Like Reddit posts with thousands of people commenting..

【#1231: God, did I see wrong? Shang Yufei is standing at the school gate now??】


【#1250: Sister LS5楼上, upstairs, you are not mistaken, it is Shang Yufei!!】

【#1251: Who is he waiting for at the school gate? 】

【#1252: Who else could it be? Of course, it’s the school flower, Bai Yue. They are dating. 】

【#1253: Wait, dating? Tell me clearly! Did I lose love even before I started dating? qaq】

No one knew whether the ‘lost love’ this person was talking about with Bai Yue or Shang Yufei, and no one cared, so the comments continued to pile up.

【#1256: I heard that they were dating for a while, but didn’t they break up in the end? I’m in the same class as Bai Yue, and I’ve never heard him talk about Shang Yufei. 】

【#1257: ls+1, I also heard that they broke up a long time ago. 】

Behind that was a series of ‘+1+2’s.

Bai Yue was attentively attending class, and thus from the start, hadn’t realised that the school forum had been turned upside down. At the same table, Li Ren had hidden his head behind an erected textbook and seemed to be asleep.

Bai Yue saw the teacher’s gaze turn in their direction, and wanted to nudge his tablemate. Turning his head to look, he found that Li Ren hadn’t been sleeping at all. He had, in reality, lowered his head6could also mean ‘to be engrossed with something’ while tapping the phone screen with his fingers nimbly. It was unknown who he was chatting with.

The teacher did not seem to notice the abnormality. After a quick glance, he turned his gaze elsewhere.

Li Ren was using a lot of strength to type, pressing down each letter hard, his face had turned red, as if he was arguing. Bai Yue was a little curious, and asked, “Are you chatting?”

With this, Li Ren finally bothered to look up, “No, I’m fighting.”

Bai Yue, “?”

Li Ren poked his head out from behind the textbook. Confirming that the teacher had not seen him, he then sneakily handed the phone to Bai Yue, “Look.”

Displayed on the phone screen were the posts in the school forum. Although the title was about Shang Yufei’s return to school, the following comments had gone off-topic. They began to debate about whether Shang Yufei had any partners, and whether he had broken up with Bai Yue.

Li Ren had typed a long string of words that had yet to be sent out, justifying that the relationship between the two was still good with a well-substantiated argument and that they did not need the worry of others.

Bai Yue handed the phone back.

Li Ren, “Aren’t you angry? They are just talking nonsense.”

Bai Yue commented, “Their fabrications are so well reasoned, I’m almost about to believe them.”

Li Ren knew Bai Yue’s personality was generally recognised as gentle. The two have been tablemates and good friends for three years, and Li Ren has never seen the other getting angry. However, it seemed that it was not simply just having a good temper. Even though they have been friends for some time, like before, he felt that he could not see through Bai Yue.

However, no matter how heated the forum posts were, all specious rumours were self-defeating the moment Bai Yue went to find Shang Yufei.

The two of them completely ignored the chaotic crowd of onlookers around them, and boarded the hoverbus together, all the while holding hands.

The classmates looked at all this in amazement, then pulled out that post and replied:

【Who said they broke up after leaving for different places!! Making me think that I had a chance!!!】


Once again, this was followed by another series of +1+2s.

In the end, due to the huge spam of angry comments, the original post was deleted.


Bai Yue’s and Shang Yufei’s houses were near each other, being only a few hundred meters apart. The two got off the hoverbus and did not go home immediately, but went to the nearby market to buy groceries.

Bai Yue’s parents were very busy at work. They left the house early and returned late, so it was nearly impossible to see them in person. Bai Yue also had a brother, so Bai Yue shouldered most of the housework and went to the market every two or three days.

The owners of the stores were already very familiar with him. Seeing him was like seeing their own children. Gifting him fruits and vegetables was also commonplace.

When they were going back home, both of them had their hands full.

The Empire was vast but sparsely populated, and land was of little value. Thus, even the common people have their own multi-storied homes.

Bai Yue’s family was not rich. After all, there were two children being raised, and daily living expenses even had to be calculated carefully. Therefore, the area of the house was not large, but it was bright and clean.

There were two bedrooms in the house. One was for his parents, the other for him and his younger brother.

Bai Yue put the vegetables he bought in the kitchen. Looking at the time, it was almost 6 o’clock, so he got prepared to start cooking right away.

He took off his uniform jacket and walked out of the kitchen. However, once he stepped out, it was only to see Shang Yufei still standing in the living room. It was unknown what he was looking at.

Bai Yue, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Shang Yufei turned back, “It feels like it’s been a long time since I came here.”

Hearing this, Bai Yue smiled, “It’s almost been a year.”

Ever since they met in elementary school, Shang Yufei has often dropped by his home. The time he spent at Bai Yue’s house was even longer than the time he spent in his own home.

Although they only started dating last year, to outsiders, the two people’s daily interactions were not much different from that of a couple.

Bai Yue still remembered the reaction of his parents when he first told them that he and Shang Yufei had started dating. The two turned pale with fright and asked when they had broken up…and gone back to dating each other.

Thinking of the mishap before, Bai Yue did not know whether to laugh or cry. He put his jacket on the back of the sofa and said, “Xiao Yan should be back soon too. I will go cook first.”

Shang Yufei insisted on following him in, “I will help you.”

However, before he could step into the kitchen, he was stopped.

Bai Yue smiled and looked at him, “It’s very tiring to ride in the airship. You should go and rest.”

Shang Yufei furrowed his eyebrows, wanting to say something. Yet, before he could open his mouth, the kitchen door was shut with a bang.

Shang Yufei: “…”

He touched the back of his neck silently.

The last time he accidentally blew up the kitchen, Bai Yue probably still remembered it.

Stir-frying was fast, but simmering the soup required some time. Therefore, Bai Yue did not rush to cook, but prepared the appetizers, and wiped his hands before walking out of the kitchen.

The hot soup stewing on the stove made bubbling noises.

They were separated by only a door, but the living room was very quiet. Bai Yue originally thought that Shang Yufei would turn on the TV, but when he emerged from the kitchen, he did not see him(SYF).

He walked into the living room, only to find a figure lying on the sofa. The body was blocked by the back of the sofa, and Bai Yue had not seen it just now.

The young man had closed his eyes and seemed to have fallen asleep.

Black bangs blocked scrunched up eyebrows and made his appearance softer. It was different from when he was awake, always carrying lingering hostility.

Somehow, his expression revealed a little exhaustion.

Bai Yue did not wake the other party and instead, went to grab a blanket. He walked to the side of the sofa and just as he was about to cover Shang Yufei with the blanket, he saw something on the sofa.

It was near the trouser pocket and seemed to have fallen out accidentally.

He reached out his hand and picked it up.
It was a small plain box, about the size of his palm. Opening the lid, there was a ring inside. It was simple and plain without much decoration, but upon looking closer, a string of letters printed on the inner side of the ring could be seen.


Baiyue, “…”

It was his name.

Speaking of which, his 18th birthday was approaching.

For humans, the coming-of-age ceremony was very special. It not only meant becoming an adult in the legal sense, it also meant that from that moment on, they would have the ability to nurture life.

In other words, pheromones would be awakened.

The awakening time varied from person to person. It would not necessarily arrive on the individual’s birthday, and may come earlier or later. However, in any case, people would be considered as real adults only when the pheromones are awakened.

In addition, different genetic levels would affect the strength of the pheromones produced.

Alpha’s pheromones had a hostile effect on those of the same secondary gender. When there was a large gap between genetic levels, those with stronger pheromones could easily suppress their opponent.

In contrast, Omega’s pheromones were much softer and unaggressive, but it was not to be underestimated. Because to Alphas, it was a poison that would tempt them to estrus.

So far, Bai Yue’s pheromones have yet to be awakened.

He glanced at Shang Yufei, who was sleeping very heavily with no signs of waking up.

Bai Yue returned the small box to its place, and covered the other with a blanket. Then he squatted down beside the sofa, watching Shang Yufei’s face attentively.

Having not seen Shang Yufei in a year, the other party became a lot thinner than before, and his facial features were becoming more three-dimensional. In just a short time, he turned from a youth to an adult.

He remembers that when they had just started dating last year. On Shang Yufei’s birthday, he made an agreement with the other party.

After reaching adulthood, he would let his partner mark him.

Did that ring have the meaning that he was thinking about?

Bai Yue reached out his hand, touched Shang Yufei’s bangs, and lifted it up gently. His eyes darkened.


Shang Yufei slept very deeply, better than any day when he was in the military school dormitory. In his deep sleep, he vaguely felt someone approaching.
The scent was familiar and full of security, so he didn’t react.

However, the other party’s gaze on him did not leave him for a long time and was instead becoming increasingly scorching. Shang Yufei had to force his mind awake and then he opened his eyes.

He was met with Bai Yue close at hand, sitting by his side, with his chin resting on his arms. Seeing him open his eyes, his light grey eyes curved slightly, extremely gentle.

Bai Yue: “Woke up?”

Shang Yufei raised his hand, reached to the back of the other’s head, and grabbed a handful of the light-grey short hair.

“How long have you been watching?” Having just woken up, Shang Yufei’s voice was a little hoarse.

Bai Yue, “A little while.”

Saying that, he leant closer, “Can you promise me one thing.”

Shang Yufei, “What?”

Bai Yue grabbed the hand that touched the back of his head. The palm was rough and calloused. Yet, he paid this no mind. He held that palm with both hands and placed it in front of his nose.

Curving his eyes, he said, “I want to smell your pheromones.”

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Bai Yue: Just smell a little



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