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Chapter 5: Physical Examination Results

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Hearing these words, Shang Yufei was stunned. His mind erupted in fireworks1脑内炸开花: Within his mind, flowers/fireworks exploded. Meaning that he was mindblown and he sat up abruptly. The blanket covering his body slid down.

“Y-you, what did you say…?” Thanks to this huge shock, his words did not flow smoothly.

“I want to smell your pheromones.” Bai Yue was unperturbed and repeated himself.

To an Alpha, pheromones were a weapon used to fight and suppress their enemies. However, when an Omega says this to Alpha, it obviously did not hold the same meaning.

An Omega’s pheromones can cause an Alpha to go into estrus, and vice versa.

Shang Yufei did not know what the meaning behind Bai Yue’s sudden request was.

Bai Yue: “Is it not okay?”

“It’s not a question of whether it’s okay or not!” Shang Yufei scratched his head irritably, “Are you sure you want to do it now?”

Bai Yue nodded.

Shang Yufei, “But your brother is coming back soon.”

Bai more tilted his head, seemingly puzzled about what this information had to do with his request.

Seeing the other’s resolute attitude, Shang Yufei had no choice but to compromise, “Let’s go to your room.”

Bai Yue, “Can’t it be here?”


Shang Yufei looked up and glanced at the front door—from where there may be people entering at any time. In addition, the windows were beside them and were wide open for ventilation.

Although this place could be called a residential area, and did not have many passers-by, it did not rule out the possibility of someone passing by.

He stared at Bai Yue again, who had a face full of expectation. Seeing the expression in the other’s eyes, Shang Yufei could not say anything to refuse him.

His brows became more and more furrowed. Finally, he could bear it no longer2 The raws used ‘像是破罐子破摔了般’, which literally means ‘like the shattering of a bottle/jar’. I guess it would mean his restraint broke, but this line literally translated would not make sense and with a single move he clasped Bai Yue’s neck and brought him to his chest.

“Since you want to smell it, then go ahead.” Shang Yufei said fiercely, “I can’t guarantee what will happen afterwards.”

Bai Yue’s forehead pressed against the young man’s chest and the warmth from his body was passed through a layer of clothing.

Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum.

A racing heartbeat. It was not just him, but also Shang Yufei.

Although it was not visible on his face, the rapid heartbeat conveyed the other’s nervousness very clearly.

Bai Yue stretched out his hand and grasped the other’s waist. In this manner, his face was snug against Shang Yufei’s body.

An ardent and warm scent enveloped him.

As his own pheromones had yet to awaken, he could not smell Shang Yufei’s pheromones and there was also no reaction from his body at all.

However, he could distinctly feel that the other party’s pheromones were extremely warm, like the sun against his skin, hugging his entire body.

They were like Shang Yufei himself, arrogant and exquisite.

Bai Yue could not help but chuckle lightly.

Shang Yufei still felt a little awkward, “What are you laughing at?”

Bai Yue: “I think…it’s really great.”

To spend time with the person he liked.

Bai Yue raised his head and looked at the other. Shang Yufei also looked down at him. His expression remained bad, but his eyes were indescribably gentle.

Bai Yue lifted one hand and stroked the other’s earlobe. There was a black earring studded there, which was Shang Yufei’s coming of age gift from him last year.

The earrings were the shade of obsidian, which complemented Shang Yufei’s hair, which was the same colour.

Very beautiful.

Bai Yue, “When I reach adulthood, I will know what your pheromone smell like.”

Shang Yufei was startled and then reflected upon the meaning behind this sentence.

Previously, due to the huge shock derived from hearing Bai Yue’s request to smell his pheromones, he forgot that the other party was underage. Even if he released his pheromone, it would not result in the consequences that he had imagined.

Besides, no matter how urgent it was, it was impossible for him to mark Bai Yue at such a time and place.

Shang Yufei thought of the conversation just now, only to feel extremely ashamed.

Bai Yue seemed to be unaware of Shang Yufei’s thoughts, straightened up, and held the other’s hand, “Do you remember what we said last year.”

The other party did not respond, Bai Yue continued, “When I reach adulthood, you will mark me.”

“After graduating from university, we get married.”

The two said these words in unison. On one side, a clear voice, and the other in a deep and magnetic voice.

Unconsciously, the gazes of the two met and Bai Yue chuckled lightly. Shang Yufei was startled when he saw his smile and shifted his gaze away.

“Of course I remember.” Shang Yufei lowered the volume, “You also mustn’t forget.”

As Bai Yue looked at Shang Yufei silently, Shang Yufei finally looked back at him.

The clock hand on the wall ticked away, and the atmosphere between the two gradually grew ambiguous. It was unclear who was the first to take the initiative. Their faces drew closer and closer together, till they could almost feel each other’s breaths.

At this time, Bai Yue suddenly spoke.

“And one more thing…”

Shang Yufei looked down at Bai Yue. His voice was low and hoarse, “Say it later.”

He did not want to stop at such a time.

Just as he was about to continue, Bai Yue stopped him by the shoulders and said, “If you want to mark me, it’s better not to do so in the living room.”

The topic took an unexpected turn, and the charming atmosphere disappeared.

Shang Yufei, “…”

Bai Yue smiled at him and got up, “I’ll give Xiao Yan a call and ask him where he is.”

As Shang Yufei watched Bai Yue’s back disappear, he sat in front of the sofa, recalling the words just now. Finally, he reacted and cursed in a low voice, “Fuck.”

From the very beginning, he had been seen through! Whatever he had been thinking of just now was clear to Bai Yue.

Ten minutes later, Bai Yue turned off the stove and took the dishes to the dining room. As soon as he got out of the kitchen, he saw a shadow coming towards him.

“Xiao Yan? Go wash your hands first, it’s almost time to eat.”

The figure paused, and without a word of response, he stomped heavily up the stairs. Then there was a bang, the sound of the door being slammed.

“What’s the matter with that stinky kid.”

Shang Yufei frowned and walked over and took the food in Bai Yue’s hand, “Isn’t he very sticky3 clingy, always sticks to. to you.”

Bai Yue’s eyes still fell on the staircase. He shook his head when he heard these words, “I don’t know, maybe his puberty is approaching.”

Usually, it was at most just not responding to Bai Yue. Today, it was the first time that his brother slammed the door.

Shang Yufei ‘tsked’ lightly. “The puberty period of elementary school students.”

Bai Yue was noncommittal, “I’ll go call him.”

After that, he walked up the stairs and arrived at the bedroom. Although the door was slammed fiercely, it was not locked. He knocked lightly on the door, before pushing the door open and walking in.

“Xiao Yan, I’m coming in.”

What caught his eye first was the schoolbag carelessly thrown on the ground. His younger brother was in the midst of changing his clothes, and his coat and hat were scattered all over the place.

The uniforms of elementary school students were shirts and shorts with suspenders. During assemblies, which were once a week, they also had to wear a hat.

Bai Yue walked in, picked up these things, intending to tidy up a little, but they were ruthlessly snatched away.

Bai Yiyan, “Don’t touch them!”

Bai Yue, “Then you can put them away by yourself.”

His brother snorted. He didn’t say that he wasn’t going to tidy up. With a single move, he tossed his clothes onto the stool next to him.

“I’m going to change, you go out.”

Bai Yue, “Why are you shy—I changed your diapers when you were young.”

Bai Yiyan was momentarily speechless, before shouting loudly, “Get out!”
He strongly pushed Bai Yue out and slammed the door shut again.

Bai Yue looked at the closed door in front of him and touched his nose.

He felt that his brother was comparably more irritable today than previously. Had it not been for him watching his brother grow up with his own eyes, Bai Yue almost suspected that the other party was actually Shang Yufei’s younger brother.

However, it may indeed be that his puberty had come and Bai Yiyan had become gender-conscious.

Bai Yue was an Omega after all, but his brother was an Alpha. It seemed that Bai Yue had to discuss with his parents about staying in separate rooms from now on.

Baiyue returned to the first floor, but did not see Shang Yufei. He went to the living room and still did not see him.

At this moment, the sound of a sliding door came from the balcony of the living room. Holding his mobile phone, Shang Yufei walked in with a solemn expression.

Bai Yue saw that the situation was not quite right, “What’s the matter?”

Shang Yufei, “I have to go back.”

Bai Yue’s smile faltered after hearing those words, “Your dad called?”

Shang Yufei nodded, and an expression of disgust appeared on his face, “That bastard, I don’t know who told him that I came back. He wants me to go meet him now.”

Bai Yue knew that Shang Yufei’s relationship with his family was not good. His father was a drunkard and domestically violent, doing nothing all day long. His mother left him at a very young age and ran away alone. It was because of this that the other party would often come to his house when they were young.

Nowadays, Shang Yufei’s father wanted him to go home. However, it was definitely not [?] because of father-son sentiments.

Shang Yufei also knew this very well.

He sneered, “I reckon that if I don’t go over, the bastard will come over here looking for trouble.”

It was not impossible, that sort of shameless4没皮没脸: lit. no skin, no face; have no sense of shameguy would do anything for money.

Although Bai Yue especially prepared a table’s worth of dishes for him(SYF), and it was a pity to not be able to eat well, Bai Yue understood that Shang Yufei needed to go straight away.

He nodded, “Tell me when you can come over, I’ll heat up the dishes.”

Shang Yufei gave a casual sound of acknowledgement, picked up his jacket on the sofa, and walked out after putting it on. However, he suddenly stopped halfway, turned and walked back, standing still before Bai Yue.

Bai Yue, “?”

The other was a head taller than him. Looking down at him right now, Shang Yufei’s eyes drooped.

Then, he stretched out his arms and took Bai Yue into his embrace.

Bai Yue lifted his hand and patted the other’s back.

Shang Yufei put his chin against Bai Yue’s forehead, “You’ve grown taller.”

Bai Yue laughed, “I’ve grown ten centimetres taller.” He asked, “You don’t like it?”

Shang Yufei snorted softly, as if disdainful of this question. He lowered his head and whispered in Bai Yue’s ear, “I like all kinds of you.”

After saying this, he let go of Bai Yue, “I will be back soon.”

Bai Yue watched Shang Yufei leave. Only until he saw the entrance door close did he turn his back.

Coincidentally, it was just as his brother came down from upstairs and he was about to ask him to wash his hands. In the end, his younger brother just glared at him and walked into the kitchen.

Bai Yue gazed at his younger brother’s back and thought for a few seconds.

Yup, puberty.

A few minutes later, the brothers were seated at the dinner table. Their parents were still busy with work today, so they could not come home for dinner.

Bai Yiyan sat down at his seat, looked at the sumptuous dinner table and fell silent.

Bai Yue explained, “It was originally for three people. Your brother, Yu Fei suddenly had some issues arise at home, so he won’t be eating together with us.”

Initially, Bai Yiyan was still observing these dishes. Hearing what his older brother said, he raised his head quickly, “Did you make this for him?”

Bai Yue corrected, “I made it for us.”

However, this was obviously not the answer that his brother wanted. He slammed down his chopsticks and stood up, “I’m not eating anymore.”

Bai Yue: “There is your favourite, braised pork.”

“I don’t like it!” Bai Yiyan said angrily, “I hate braised pork the most.”

After throwing out these words, he headed upstairs without looking back. Bai Yue stared at his younger brother’s back, and suddenly said, “Bai Yiyan.”

Hearing his full name, the boy stopped suddenly.

Bai Yue smiled, “Please come eat5好好吃饭: please come eat your food properly.”

Bai Yiyan, “…”

The boy’s legs seemed to weigh thousands of kilograms, and he drifted between the options of moving forward and backwards. Finally, he turned around and returned to the dinner table with a poor expression on his face.

However, using an older brother’s identity to pressure him is obviously hurting the other’s young heart. In the end, Bai Yue’s younger brother no longer spoke to him, did not eat breakfast the next day, and left home early in the morning to go to school.

It was the time when a child’s body was growing. Bai Yue stared at the untouched bread on the table and wanted to send it to his brother.

Yet, just when he finished changing into his uniform, took the bread, and was about to leave the house, he received a call from his form teacher.

“Bai Yue, there was a little problem with the results of your physical examination. The hospital contacted us to have you do it again. I have already asked for leave for you.”


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