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Chapter 6: Congratulations, you have become an outstanding Alpha

Edited by Sahloknir


The physical examination was a major event that could not be ignored by any examinee. The admission requirements of most schools had certain requirements pertaining to physical fitness. From something as minor as height and gender to something as major as the genetic level, there was no tolerance for mistakes.

Although Bai Yue did not know what went wrong, he still went to the hospital early in the morning according to the teacher’s request.

Today there were no students taking their physical examination, so the number of people in the hospital had lessened by a lot.

After Bai Yue asked at the front desk of the hospital, he found the corresponding department and followed the procedure to perform another round of physical checks.

The steps were the same as the last time. After finishing the last item, he sat up from the bed and asked, “Doctor, where is the issue?”

The doctor stood in front of the screen, holding a notebook in his hand, with a solemn expression, seemingly unable to hear Bai Yue’s question.

Bai Yue, “Doctor?”

“Ah.” The doctor came back to his senses and looked at Bai Yue, “The examination is done, you can go out first.”

Bai Yue: “Are there still problems? Do I leave first and wait for the results?”

The doctor thought for a while, before saying, “Wait a moment, I’ll check with the head of department again. You go to the room opposite us and wait for me.”

Confirm with the head of the department?

Bai Yue felt uneasy, but seeing that the doctor was very busy now, he did not continue questioning. In accordance with the doctor’s words, he walked out of the examination room.

The room opposite was the place for consultations. There were only simple medical supplies and a computer. A sofa was placed against the wall.

Bai Yue sat down in front of the sofa and soon received a message.

It was sent by Li Ren.

【Why did the good student miss school today? Are you ok? 】

Bai Yue typed in reply: 【I’m fine. I went to the hospital today. 】

Then, about ten minutes later, the door to the room was opened. The one who came in was the doctor who had asked him to stay behind.

No expression could be found on his face. Holding a blue folder in his hand, he carefully closed the door.

“Sorry, I have kept you waiting.”

The doctor sat down in front of Bai Yue.

Bai Yue saw that the doctor’s attitude was as if he was about to face a formidable foe, and he (BY) formed a bad conjecture in his heart. He asked, “…Doctor, am I sick?”

Hearing this question, the doctor was startled and replied, “Although these kinds of cases are rare, it is not considered an illness.”

“Anyway, take a look at this first.”

He handed over the folder in his hand.

Bai Yue took the file and opened it, and found that there was a stack of materials printed full of text. A lot of technical terms, various hormone levels and percentage figures were printed on them.

Page by page, he flipped until he reached the last page. Although he could not understand the scientific content, he believed that he had understood the content of the final conclusion column.

The line of handwriting was extremely cursive1龙飞凤舞: flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy, and Bai Yue looked at it for a long time before he determined the meaning behind those words. Slowly, he raised his head and looked at the solemn-faced doctor.


The doctor affirmed, “Yes, according to our hospital’s assessment, an extremely rare secondary differentiation has occurred in your body. All data now indicates that your secondary gender has changed. Furthermore, with the process of pheromone awakening, your physique should also be affected…”

After the long explanation, the doctor finally said, “Congratulations, you are now an outstanding Alpha.”


Bai Yue closed his eyes, trying to sort out his thoughts. After thinking about it for a while, he opened them again, “From the time I was born, including my birth certificate and all identification documents, they all indicate that I am Omega.”

The doctor nodded, “You’ll need to go to the relevant authorities to modify your personal information. If you need supporting documents, you can contact the hospital and we will provide assistance.”

Bai Yue put down the large stack of materials in his hand, was silent for a moment, and with great difficulty, forced a smile: “Could something have gone wrong?”

The doctor shook his head, “It was because I was afraid that a mistake had been made, that I asked you to come and have a check up again. Rest assured, there is absolutely no problem with our assessment.”

Bai Yue folded his hands and put them on his knees.

Seeing that the student’s expression was not good, the doctor comforted, “Secondary differentiation is indeed rare. From many years of experience as a doctor, I have only seen this one case2 the one case is Bai Yue and I can understand your feelings. However, from another perspective, compared to Omegas, Alphas can enjoy more social resources.”

“Although your genetic test results have yet to be released, no matter what level it is, Alphas receive more attention than Omegas.”

In the end, the doctor grinned and showed his big white teeth, “Congratulations, you have become an outstanding Alpha.”


Bai Yue didn’t know how he got out of the hospital. When he walked out, he was still muddleheaded. He did not pay attention to what was in front of him and eventually collided with a pillar. Then, just like that, with his head propped against the pillar, he stood frozen in place.

He became an Alpha.

He became an Alpha?

Bai Yue was unwilling to believe it, but even after confirming with the doctor repeatedly, the doctor resolutely told him that it was impossible that a mistake had been made, making him unable to disbelieve this fact.

If he became an Alpha, what changes would there be in his life?

Bai Yue’s thoughts were a mess, and all sorts of miscellaneous things flooded his mind.

He had been an Omega since birth, and ever since he could remember, he has identified with such an identity.

He was uncertain if he had been identified as an Alpha from the very beginning, how it would have changed his personality and life. Regardless, all the choices and actions he had made so far were based on his Omegan identity.

Among them, the most far-reaching one was agreeing to have a relationship with Shang Yufei.

Although they had been dating for less than a year, he had actually already liked Shang Yufei way before that.

He was an Omega, and the other was an Alpha. So of course, he thought that he would become the other’s wife, and he was ready to be marked and have children.

He wanted to be with Shang Yufei for a lifetime. His view of the future has long been depicted in his mind. Unless Shang Yufei abandoned him, he did not think that his life so far, and his expectations for the future would experience any huge changes.

Until today.

The doctor told him that he had re-differentiated into an Alpha.

Bai Yue, “…”

The coolness of the pillar was transmitted to his forehead, and he gradually calmed down. Those numerous and disorderly emotions gradually settled, and the last thing left in his mind was one clear thought.

He did not want to break up with Shang Yufei.

—Thus, Shang Yufei must never know about this matter.

After making this decision, it was clear what to do afterwards.

Bai Yue stood up straight and walked in the direction of the hoverbus, his expression already returning to calm.

In any case, this matter must be kept secret. At least until Shang Yufei returned to the military academy, this could absolutely not be exposed.

The only thing to rejoice about was that the doctor called him to the hospital instead of his parents. Now, except for the hospital, only he knew about this matter.

Due to the confidentiality agreement, the doctor would not run his mouth. Hence, as long as he conceals it, for a short time, he would not be discovered.

He could only do this.
The author has something to say:
Doctor: “Congratulations, you have become an outstanding Alpha.”
Bai Yue: …Thank you, no need to repeat it twice.

I found that the comments are still asking, this story’s main character is a gong, focusing on AA love
I thought the copywriting was very clear (scratching my head)

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