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Chapter 7: The report is here

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There’s an error on Novel Updates because my eyes blurred and I mistyped the chapter number but this is chapter 7!! 


He spent all morning in the hospital. When Bai Yue arrived at school, the morning class was almost over. Nevertheless, there was a reason for his absence. Thus, the subject teacher did not say anything, and instead said with concern that if he felt unwell, he could go home early.

Theoretically speaking, Bai Yue’s body should actually be healthier. That was because, an Alpha’s physique was stronger than that of an Omega. However, Bai Yue could not say such a thing, so he could only smile politely.

After class, Bai Yue wanted to rest on the table for a while. However, a minutes later, he felt burning gazes on him from somewhere nearby. It was not that he had not felt such gazes in the past, it was just that it had never been as blatant as it was today.

He lifted his head and his classmates simultaneously turned their heads away. They acted slightly ashamed, pretending to be busy with their own things. Yet, once Bai Yue looked away, they secretly looked over again.

Due to this redifferentiation, Bai Yue now felt a little guilty. He kept feeling as if others have discovered his redifferentiation into an Alpha.

There should be no change in appearance, so was it because of pheromones?
Thinking about this, Bai Yue lowered his head and sniffed the cuffs of his sleeves, but he could not smell anything.

At this moment, he heard someone yelling beside him.

“Stop looking, stop looking, not even going to the bathroom after class, looking for what!”

Bai Yue looked over and saw Li Ren making threatening gestures1 张牙舞爪: to bare fangs and brandish claws; to make threatening gestures at those classmates, and trying to block him(BY) from the gaze of others.

Since someone had spoken up, some of the thin-skinned students were really affected by those words and left the classroom. Nonetheless, there were still people sitting in their seats, and upon hearing Li Ren’s words, responded sarcastically.

“I can’t even look a little? The classroom is so big, why do you care where I look?”

The speaker was the Omega who was with An Yu yesterday. Although it could be said that he had met with failure, he was not really hurt. The person he was afraid of was not present, so he remained confident2有恃无恐: feel secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing.

Li Ren, “Okay, then look at him and I will stare at you!”
After saying that, he then stared back.

The Omega was amused at first. However, when Li Ren’s eyes really stuck to him for a short while, he finally felt uncomfortable and turned his head away angrily.

Before Li Ren had time to declare victory, he saw another Omega stand up.

It was An Yu.

He had skipped class yesterday afternoon but came to school obediently today.

An Yu’s close Omega friends thought he wanted to find someone to vent his anger on, and also stood up too. The group of people were aggressive3气势汹汹: aggressive, truculent, overbearing, and in this manner, they walked in front of Bai Yue’s desk.

Li Ren became a little panicked, “W-what do you guys think you’re able to do in this classroom with teachers and classmates all watching.”

Bai Yue had just been slightly distracted. Upon feeling a shadow loom over his head, his eyes drifted upwards as he looked over.

An Yu kept a calm expression, but his tone was bad, “You went to the hospital this morning?”

Bai Yue did not know the meaning behind this person’s question and also did not want to hide it, so he nodded.


An Yu’s complexion became more ugly, and with a twist of his head, he walked out of the classroom.

Those Omegas who followed had thought that An Yu was preparing to kick up a big fuss. However, he had left so easily, and they could not help but glance at each other. Seeing that the ‘little princess’ was walking further away, they hurriedly followed.

Bai Yue knew that An Yu hated him, as well as the reason behind it. However, the reason why An Yu came over to find fault—was something he could not understand.

He looked towards Li Ren, “What’s going on with that person?”

Li Ren wiped his face before suddenly approaching, and asked in a mysterious manner, “They said, you went to the hospital this morning…because Shang Yufei injured you, is it true?”

Hearing this, Bai Yue’s expression became weird, “Injured?”

Li Ren’s face became flushed, “Just…injured. Isn’t the first time always like this?”

Bai Yue, “Ah.”

Seeing Bai Yue’s expression of sudden realization, Li Ren hurriedly pressed, “Is it true?”

Bai Yue looked his good friend in the eyes, and the corners of his mouth hooked upwards, “Who said this?”

“I saw it on the forum.”

Having said this, Li Ren blushed a little, and his voice became lower, “It’s because you guys haven’t seen each other for almost a year. Yesterday, you showed your affection in public and went home together. As the saying goes, a farewell for three days, and upon reunion, you will be like dry wood in a raging fire4所谓士别三日,自当干柴烈火: There are 2 idioms mushed together. So the first one is 士别三日,刮目相看: a scholar who has been away for three days must be looked at with new eyes, meaning after a short absence, people change and should be judged anew. The next one is 干柴烈火: a dry wood near a fierce fire/and a raging fire, meaning people filled with a burning passion for each other. I took a lot of liberties. In addition, you went to the hospital again today…”

When Li Ren explained this in a low voice, Bai Yue noticed more thorny gazes on him. However, this time it was not from a classmate, but from outside the class. He also does not recognise those people either, and they seemed to be students from other classes. Unexpectedly, they took advantage of the end of class to hurry over to the door to peep.

Seeing Bai Yue look at them, some of them with thinner skin got out of the way, while some of them showed ill-intentioned smiles.

“…So everyone is guessing like that.”

Saying that, Li Ren looked at his friend, but saw that he had stood up and was walking towards the door.

“Huh? Wait, where are you going?” Li Ren hurriedly followed.

Bai Yue stood at the door, staring directly at these unfamiliar schoolmates, and smiled slightly, “Do you need anything?”

The students were startled. They had just listened to the rumors and came over to watch the excitement, but they did not expect that the person involved would show up in person.
The school flower, Bai Yue, was a well-known name they have long heard of, but he was someone that they would always look at from afar and have never spoken to in person. At this moment of taking the initiative to speak to them, even those who were thick-skinned flinched.

“Nothing, nothing. Just passing by.”

With some laughter, the crowd scattered at the same time.

Bai Yue, “Wait.”

The crowd had not finished processing their thoughts before they were stopped. Everyone was startled and looked back.

Bai Yue, “I went to the hospital today because there were errors and omissions in my physical examination items. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the teacher.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Bai Yue’s tone was gentle, “Could you help me clarify?”

When a good looking person spoke, it would always unconsciously make people want to agree with their words.

What’s more, these students only loved to watch the excitement and were not malicious. Hearing the request of the school flower, they all nodded hurriedly.

After those people left, Bai Yue walked back to the classroom.

In comparison to this so-called fact, most people were more willing to believe rumours. He did not think that there would be a few people that would clarify for him. Nevertheless, he hoped that at least after the words he said today, no one would come to the classroom door to watch him again.

Bai Yue did not care about this little incident for he was still more focused on the matter of his redifferentiation.
At present, although it had been confirmed that he had become an Alpha, his pheromones have not been awakened yet. Therefore, he must avoid people’s eyes and ears these coming days, to prevent him from being discovered.

After school, Bai Yue declined Li Ren’s invitation and boarded the hoverbus, heading towards home.

The station near the school was fairly close to the terminal. Bai Yue found a place and sat down with his schoolbag.

The scenery outside of the window blurred and was swept back quickly.
After about half an hour’s worth of travel, just as he was about to arrive at the station, his phone beeped twice. Bai Yue picked it up and found that it was a text message from Shang Yufei.

Shang Yufei:【Have you reached home? 】

Usually, when Bai Yue received messages from his boyfriend, his mood would be bright and cheerful. But now, when Bai Yue saw the name of the sender and could not help but start to hesitate.

His abnormality must not be detected, how should he reply?

After a while, his finger touched the screen and he typed a few words: 【Not yet, I have something to do today, I am still at school. 】

As soon as this message was sent, it was immediately marked as read. Soon after that, the phone rang. Shang Yufei had directly called him.

Bai Yue looked at the caller’s contact, pressed the answer button, and put the phone to his ear, “Hello?”

“What happened?” Shang Yufei’s voice was a little muffled, “I’ll go pick you up.”

Bai Yue lowered his eyes, “No, it’s okay.”
His tone was the same as always, “Due to yesterday’s physical examination, the school temporarily arranged a make-up class. I may return late, don’t wait for me.”

“Make-up class?” Shang Yufei frowned, “Why wasn’t there such a thing last year?”

The colour of Bai Yue’s face did not change and his heart maintained its pace, “I don’t know, it may be a new addition this year.”

“How troublesome.” Shang Yufei seemed to have believed this excuse, “How many days will your make-up lessons last?”

Bai Yue, “I’m not sure yet, I’ll contact you when it’s over.”

After speaking, he changed the subject: “How’s the situation with your father?”

“Huh?” Hearing this question, there was a ‘tsk’ on the other end of the phone, “It’s the same thing as before, well-behaved after receiving money.”

Bai Yue knew Shang Yufei’s father’s attitude, and that person did not want him to associate with Shang Yufei. As a result of Bai Yue’s ordinary family background, he was unable to provide more help to his son(SYF).

Moreover, the reason Father Shang cared about this was not because he had turned over a new leaf5 洗心革面: lit. to wash one’s heart and renew one’s face and started to care about his son. Instead, he hoped to make his own life better with the help of his son.

From beginning to end, this so-called ‘father’ has never fulfilled his duties as a father. He was wholeheartedly thinking only about how to earn the most benefit from his child.

Shang Yufei did not really want to bring up this topic, so he carelessly replied a few words and chatted about other things.

A few minutes later, Bai Yue hung up the phone. The smile that had originally hung on his face faded, and his expression gradually clouded over. Although Shang Yufei had been temporarily fooled today, it was not a long-term solution.

He had reached his stop, so he put on his backpack and got off the bus.

Now, he could only hope that his pheromone awakening period would come sooner.

Until he could fully control the release of pheromones and ensure that they would not leak out, only then could he meet Shang Yufei as usual again.

It must be before things were exposed.


Bai Yue woke up very early the next morning. Since his heart was preoccupied, he was unable to sleep well. He glanced at his palm, the palm lines were clear. Everything was as usual, and there was no discomfort in his body.

The awakening period has not yet approached.

According to the knowledge learned from textbooks, before and after the awakening period, humans would have symptoms similar to fever. When it appears, you could ask for leave at home, until the wake-up period is over, and you can completely control the pheromone.

Within his body, there were no symptoms yet.

Bai Yue put down his hands and turned his head. His brother was lying on the opposite bed, still asleep. He stared at him for a while, before getting out of bed, washing up and cooking.

An hour later, Bai Yue arrived at the academy. As soon as he entered the gate of the school, he realized the hubbub was unlike any other regular school day.

In other words, ever since the physical examination for students in their third year, the college had been very lively every day.

The first day was because Shang Yufei came back.

The next day was because Bai Yue went to the hospital again and rumors spread.

On this third day, it was because of something else—the medical examination reports6the raws were using 通知书 which means notice. However since we are talking about the fact that there was a medical examination done, I changed it to report had been sent over.

Even with the advanced technology these days, as an important data file, it still had to be kept as paper documents. Each student’s report was packed into a leather document case, and the form teacher must seriously hand it over to each student.

These students were not interested in the other results on the report. The only thing they wanted to know was their genetic level.

Although most of the time, the students in a class were ordinary C-level students, with last year’s incident, everyone hoped that they could become the next proud son of heaven. Therefore, even those students that hated studying the most, today were uncharacteristically sitting at their desks early.

Except for Fang Zhenren, that person was still lying in the hospital.

The class bell rang, and the form teacher came in with a lot of files. Seeing the students sitting upright and still, he could not help raising his eyebrows: “Oh, so energetic today.”

However, this was not his first day as a teacher. Of course he knew what these little ghosts7小鬼: term of endearment for a child; mischievous child were thinking. It’s nothing more than looking forward to seeing their genetic level.

Therefore he did not keep them in suspense and threw the file bag onto the podium, then stood still and said, “I’ll say your name, and you will come up one by one to receive it.”


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