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Chapter 8: Gene grade publication

Edited by Sahloknir


The form teacher picked up the first document case and read out the name on it, “An Yu.”

An Yu stood up, and under the gaze of several Omega sisters, he calmly1不卑不亢: neither haughty nor humble; neither servile nor overbearing walked onto the podium .

“Thank you teacher.” He received the case.

When compared to Alphas, people of this world were not so concerned about the genetic level of Omegas. Nevertheless, at least the higher the genetic level, the more bargaining chips2筹码 they would be able to get in the future.
To some of these Omega sisters, it was a bargaining chip in exchange for marriage.

An Yu returned to his seat and opened the document case.

The curly-haired boy was his deskmate, and he leaned over immediately, while not forgetting to flatter, “I have a hunch that your genetic level will be at least B grade.”

Although it was a guess with no scientific basis, there was a saying among most Omegas that the genetic level affected appearance. The more good looking an individual was, the higher their genetic level.

An Yu had long heard enough flattery, so he did not really react to these words. He opened the bag and took out the stiff paper inside.

The topmost line was his name, then his gender: Omega. And below, the genetic level was marked ’B grade’.

“Hmph.” An Yu attitude was noble and elegant3 冷艳: (usually of women) beautiful but cold(or lofty), “Not bad.” After speaking, he pushed the paper back into the file.

The curly-haired boy seemed even more excited than him, “B grade! This is a B grade!”

Although he’d said those kinds of flattering words to An Yu before, he was also already prepared. If the other party’s level was a mediocre C, he would offer some words of comfort. Yet, the current result was reasonable and above expectations.

Luohua Academy had more than ten classes in the third grade. For better cases, each class could produce three or four B-levels, and in the worst cases not a single B grade would appear, and all of them would be mediocre C’s or even D’s.

An Yu was a B grade. As his best friend, he could now capitalise on this to show off. Furthermore, he could also find better Alphas4The author used Alpha资源, which means ‘Alpha resources’. I think they’re framing Alphas as a resource, so liberties were taken by taking advantage of An Yu’s prestige.

The volume of the curly-haired student’s voice made no secret of it, allowing the whole class to hear his words clearly.

Everyone cast sidelong glances, full of envy.

The first person was a B grade, which was undoubtedly a good start. The class became more restless. Everyone stretched their necks5 the raws used ‘Stretched their heads’ but that made no sense in English so I changed it., wanting to see their own results.

“That person turned out to be a grade B.” Li Ren whispered.

He hated An Yu because the other party would always look for trouble with them. Hearing about this grade of his made him feel disdain rather than envy. Although he did not think he could surpass An Yu, he still has Bai Yue.

He looked at Bai Yue: “Your grade must definitely be higher than An Yu’s, and when the time comes, you will put an end to that group’s arrogance!”

Bai Yue, “…”

When Li Ren did not hear a response, he felt that things were a little strange. He stretched out his hand and waved it in front of his tablemate’s face a few times, but the other party did not even blink.

Was this sleeping with eyes open?

Li Ren turned pale with fright. This was simply too abnormal, not to mention that Bai Yue was a good student who never slept in class. Now that there was no lesson ongoing, wasn’t the other party curious about his genetic level?

He jabbed Bai Yue with his elbow, “Wake up, what’s wrong with you?”

Bai Yue returned to his senses, looked at his friend, and shook his head, “Nothing, just that I didn’t sleep well yesterday.”

Li Ren wanted to say something, but the teacher called him by his name.

“I’m here!”

Li Ren was so excited and stood up abruptly, that even the chair behind him was knocked over.

There was laughter amongst the classmates.

Li Ren walked onto the podium, solemnly received the report from the teacher, and returned to his seat. It was only to find that the chair that had fallen had been picked up.

He glanced at his table partner gratefully, and then sat down. Taking a deep breath, he opened the leather case shakily.

The level marked on the report was ’C grade’.

Li Ren, “…”

He knew it! He should not have had any expectations.

However, in their class, those with a C grade were obviously the majority. So far, all of them were C grades except for An Yu who was called up first. Even that group of sisters who had made friends with An Yu were the same.

Then, the form teacher read out the next name.

“Bai Yue.”

Hearing the name of his tablemate, Li Ren looked more excited than the person himself, and patted Bai Yue’s back, “Quickly, it’s your turn.”

At this point in time, everyone’s eyes had turned to focus on him.

Although it was not said explicitly, they secretly regarded Bai Yue and An Yu as the ‘goddesses’ of their class. As this round of results were released, some people even made private bets to guess whose genetic grade would be higher.

Now that they knew An Yu was a B grade, what about Bai Yue?

If Bai Yue was also B grade, it would be evenly divided. However, if his grade was either lower or higher than An Yu’s, the resulting scene would be lively.

Amidst the crowd’s attention, Bai Yue stepped onto the stage and received the document case.

As soon as he returned to his seat, Li Ren leaned over excitedly and wanted him to open it and take a look.

At this time, the name of the next classmate was already called, but no one paid any attention at all. Everyone’s gaze, including An Yu’s, were all concentrated on Bai Yue.

Genetic grade.
Although Bai Yue also wanted to know, the report was marked with his gender. If it was opened now, this fact would be exposed immediately.

He raised his head, glanced at his classmates, and smiled slightly at them.

This smile made all the Alphas and Betas blush and they removed their gaze embarrassedly. There were only a few Omegas remaining who were still watching Bai Yue aggressively. Among them, An Yu’s gaze was particularly burning .

In his heart, Bai Yue had always been regarded as his competitor. If Bai Yue’s level was lower than his, then what qualifications did his opponent have to snatch Shang Yufei from him?

Appearance was not everything. Even Shang Yufei’s family would definitely consider the genetic level of Omega—in order to produce excellent offspring. What’s more, he believed that his appearance was not inferior to Bai Yue.
As long as An Yu’s genetic grade beats that of Bai Yue’s, he would have more ‘capital’.

However, Bai Yue paid no regard to these people and put the document case directly into the drawer.

Seeing this, Li Ren was very disappointed, “You won’t look at it?”

Bai Yue, “I’ll take a look later.”

Li Ren did not press him further, “Then you have to tell me later.” He leaned closer to Bai Yue, “If your grade is higher than that annoying ghost, An Yu. I will help you publicize it, and ruthlessly hit them in the face!”

From the start, Bai Yue hadn’t had the thought to compete with An Yu. Now that he had redifferentiated into Alpha, he did not even have that intention to an even greater extent. Nevertheless, looking at his friend’s face filled with indignation, he chuckled, “Okay.”

Bai Yue did not open the report on the spot. Although the other classmates were anxious6抓耳挠腮: Tweak one’s ears and scratch one’s cheek(as an expression of anxiety, delight and frustration) and wanted to know Bai Yue’s genetic grade. Yet, you could force people to open it, and could only temporarily bear with the curiosity.

The distribution of reports continued and had already reached the last one.

The form teacher stopped and read out the name on it and said, “Du Qin.”

The last person was the monitor.

When they heard this name, everyone immediately diverted their attention. Although the competition between Bai Yue and An Yu was very interesting, it was only a small fight between Omegas. For the appearance of higher genetic grades, hopes should still be placed on Alphas.

And the most promising Alpha in their Class 3 was undoubtedly Du Qin.

As the monitor of Class 3, Du Qin not only had excellent grades but also ranked first in his age all year round. His athletic ability was also excellent, and he had won many awards.

If it was said that judging the genetic level of Omegas based on appearance was nonsense. Then, judging the level of Alpha based on the achievements he had so far there was certainly a scent to follow in Du Qin’s case7editor’s note: Essentially they are saying that Du Qin’s achievements are a sign of his potentially high Alpha grade..
This was because the higher the genetic level, the better the performance in all aspects.

They were all expecting Du Qin to become the person who would stand out and make their Class 3 famous.

“Thank you, teacher.”

Du Qin took the report from the form teacher, and saw that the gazes of his classmates were concentrated on him. He did not keep everyone in suspense and he opened the report before the class.

There was a wave of whispers across the class.

“Man8 爷们: Not very sure how to phrase it but its a form of address among men meaning man or friend….”
“A true man!”

Du Qin pulled out the report before everyone. After seeing his grade, his expression did not fluctuate.

Upon seeing this, everyone looked at each other in dismay.

If he attained a B grade or even an A grade, the reaction should have been even greater. Was the result unsatisfactory?

The Alpha who was friends with Du Qin took the initiative to step forward, patted his brother9 remember not brother, just a term for good friends on the shoulder, and comforted, “It doesn’t matter. A grade can’t determine everything. Even if it’s not that high, your performance is excellent enough…”

While talking, he leaned closer to take a look.

However, when he clearly saw the genetic grade written on the report, he was stunned. His expression changed from comfort to surprise, then joy, and he clapped his brother on the back.

“You, why are you even pretending?! Such a high grade, You can’t even smile a little?”

High grade?

These words puffed up the ambition of the entire class, and they asked one after the other, “What’s the monitor’s grade, B grade?”

“What B grade? It’s an A grade!” As if worried that no one could hear it clearly, the man raised his voice and said excitedly, “Our monitor is grade A! Same as Shang Yufei last year!”

After these words were spoken, there was an uproar in the class.
“Class monitor, I’ve guessed that you were an A grade from the beginning!”

“Hai, I have realised it from earlier on. The class monitor is so good in all aspects of sports, besides the A grade, are there other grades worthy of him?”

“If you want me to say, that Shang Yufei from last year was very strange. With such poor grades, he was also an A? Only our squad leader is a veritable A grade!”

This time, whether it was those who had a normal friendship with Du Qin or were slightly acquainted, they were all excited by this result.

If this level appeared on others, they may still be a little jealous. However, the class monitor has been performing well for three years, and he had not made enemies with anyone.

Besides, the gap between an A grade and their C grades was too big. When the gap reached a certain level, it was more of jealousy from the heart than envy.

“Squad leader, please treat us to a meal tonight.”

“You have such a high genetic grade, you will definitely be able to enter the First Military Academy. Just treat it as a celebration in advance.”

An Yu was the only one who has been focusing on Bai Yue, because other than Shang Yufei, he was not interested in other Alphas or Betas at all.

Nonetheless, when he heard Du Qin’s genetic grade, he could not help but raise his eyebrows and look at the monitor.

Then, the two pairs of eyes met.

Du Qin’s eyes were hidden behind his glasses, and the expression in his eyes could not be seen clearly. Yet when he saw An Yu looking at him, he curled up his lips and smiled back politely.

The distribution of the reports had finished, but because of this final surprise, the hubbub of the class could not be suppressed.

The form teacher took a book and knocked it against the podium several times before he overwhelmed the students’ voices. After the students returned to their seats obediently, the form teacher cleared his throat and said, “Now the students know their grade. Now the people above the C level are…”

His gaze fell on An Yu, and then on Du Qin.

“An Yu, Grade B. Du Qin, Grade B A.” The teacher in charge said with satisfaction, “Yes. After class, come visit my office. I will explain to you about recommendations for admissions to schools.”

A ‘Recommendation’ was equivalent to early selection before the ‘College Entrance Examination’, but only for students with superior genetic levels.

For their Luohua Academy, the ranks of ordinary people were all of the C grade. Therefore, as long as you can exceed this level, you would be eligible to take the Recommendation Exam.

Professors from major universities would come for interviews. Once assessments were passed, individuals could directly enroll without taking the college entrance examination. Being able to avoid the pressure of the college entrance examination was a fantastic way to make all the students envious.

An Yu basked in the feeling of being the centre of attention, but he did not show it explicitly, and maintained a noble and lofty attitude.

Hearing what the teacher said, An Yu raised his hand, “Teacher, there is another student whose genetic level is unknown.”

For privacy, the teacher would not look at the genetic grades of students in advance. Hearing this, he swept a gaze across those in class, “Are there any other classmates with a grade above C?”

The students glanced at each other. After all, this was something to brag about. Unless it was a D grade or even an E grade, they would not hide their results.

Seeing that there were no responses from the class, the form teacher wanted to continue, “Then…”

“Teacher.” An Yu interrupted again. This time, he clearly stated the name of that ‘classmate’, “Student Bai Yue’s genetic grade seems to have yet to be made known.”



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