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Chapter 9: Pheromone awakening early warning

Edited by Sahloknir


Hardly had his voice faded away, when the whole class came to a sudden realisation.

Just now, because of the class monitor, Du Qin, everyone was so excited that they even forgot about this little situation. Now that An Yu has taken the initiative to bring it up, it was simply a proper declaration of war.

The students did not mind this little bit of extra 1 had a little bit of trouble translating this. The raws were 不嫌事大. 不嫌: has many meanings, to not mind, to not dislike, not resent. 事大: something big, a ‘large’ situation. Liberties were takenexcitement, and their gazes shifted between the two Omegas in the same position of ‘school flower’.

An Yu sat in the front row. He crossed his arms over his chest, turned his head to look at Bai Yue, and said with sarcasm, “What is there to hide? This is a chance to be recommended. You want to just give up like this? Or…”

He lifted his chin, “You don’t even have a C grade?”

AC was the grade of ordinary people. If the C grade was not even reached, it was equivalent to being inferior to ordinary people. When An Yu said this, he was obviously cursing the other.

Li Ren was very angry when he heard this, but Bai Yue did not declare his position and it was hard for him(LR) to say anything. He only wanted to wait for Bai Yue to throw out his genetic level and hit those nasty Omegas in the face.

However, Bai Yue made no response.

Seeing this, Li Ren was disappointed. It couldn’t be… true? His best friend…did not even attain a C grade?

From his silent attitude, everyone in the class had guesses in their hearts and began to whisper among themselves.

Bai Yue removed his hand that was laying atop the report.

In reality, when the entire class had their attention focused on the monitor, he took a look at his genetic level.

It’s just that the words on it were hard to believe.

S+ grade.

What even is this?2这是什么概念: Lit. What is this idea/concept. It’s somewhat of an expression of disbelief here, like “what’s the big idea?!” or “what even”

No matter how good it was, the general public’s awareness of genetic grades was only up to A level. Furthermore, it was just a delusion that only existed in movies, which most people have never encountered in reality.

What’s more, this was not just a pure S grade. What could the plus sign following it even mean?

Even Bai Yue himself felt that the test result was erroneous. In addition, if he revealed these facts, probably no one would believe it. To prove it, he would have no choice but to show them the report. In this way, his gender after his redifferentiation would thus be exposed.

Bai Yue ignored the surrounding doubters and said to the form teacher, “I went to the hospital for the test yesterday, and the results have yet to be released.”

He smiled, “You can continue the class, teacher”

The form teacher was aware of this, so he did not doubt Bai Yue, “When the results are released, make sure to tell me.”

In the end, An Yu’s provocation fell flat, and this wave passed calmly3Raws are 就这么波澜不惊地翻篇; 波澜: great waves(fig. Of a story with great momentum),翻篇: to turn a page.

The students were unable to see any excitement and were a little disappointed. However, since there was the endorsement of the class form teacher, with great difficulty, they could only accept this explanation.

The class regained its calm, and the form teacher began to expound on other important things.

Only An Yu sat in his seat with a gloomy expression on his face.

This was the case every time where Bai Yue completely ignored his provocation. What did this mean, that Bai Yue didn’t even take him seriously?

An Yu bit his bright-red lips. The test results haven’t been released yet? Hmph, he couldn’t believe it.


After the class meeting, the next class was physical education. Bai Yue stood up and was about to move, but was pulled on nervously by Li Ren.

“They’re here again.”

Bai Yue looked up, and sure enough, he saw An Yu walking over with a few of those Omegas.

An Yu stood in front of the table, looked at him with raised eyebrows, and said nothing.

It was the curly-haired boy who was standing at a side that stepped out first, slapped the tabletop harshly with a hand, “Hand over the report.”

Bai Yue asked in return, “Why?”

“Why?!” The curly-haired exclaimed agitatedly, “You said that the results did not come out, but did it really not come out? If you are a D grade, just say it directly, and no one will laugh at you. What’s the point of hiding it?”

Li Ren did not want to escalate this situation, and at the same time, was worried that his friend had lied because his genetic level was too low, so he whispered beside Bai Yue, “Just ignore them and let’s go.”

Bai Yue, who did not want to respond, listened to Li Ren’s words and was about to leave. However, that group of Omegas refused to let them off. They took a step forward,thereby blocking their way again.

The curly-haired boy stretched out his hand, “Hand it over!”

Bai Yue looked at him, “I don’t seem to have any special obligation to prove myself to you about this.”

“!?” Just as the curly-haired boy was about to lose his temper, An Yu opened his mouth first, “You should just honestly admit what your genetic level is.”

He continued coldly, “If you only have a C grade or a D grade, I advise you not to involve yourself with Shang Yufei anymore, so as not to drag others down. You should understand how large of an extent the genetic level of Omega affects offspring.”

Bai Yue: “…”

An Yu snorted coldly, “What, nothing to refute?”

“No, I’m just thinking,” he smiled. “You’ve obviously not come of age yet, but the estrus period has already arrived for you.”

The Omegas present blushed as soon as these words were spoken. An Yu especially, had his face turning blue and white at that moment, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Bai Yue was puzzled, “Then why are you always raising the issue of future generations?”

“That’s because for an Omega, this is the most important thing!” An Yu raised his voice.

Many people rushed out of the classroom when the bell rang because of P.E. class. Those who were still in the classroom at this time, even if they were not initially aware of this confrontation, were still drawn over by his loud voice.

Hearing this, Bai Yue fell silent.

Was this something important?

Undeniably so.

During that period of time when he still believed that he was an Omega, Bai Yue also wanted to conceive children for Shang Yufei—and his partner could only be Shang Yufei. However, he never considered this to be something that was ‘most important’ to an Omega.

And yet…

Bai Yue’s gaze returned to An Yu again. Up till now, the influence of education and even the people around them, were telling them that the most important and also precious ability of Omegas was their fertility.

They were not as powerful as Alphas, and their development was not as balanced as Betas, and they were also vulnerable to pheromones. Compared to the other genders, their only advantage was that they could give birth to the next generation of powerful descendants.

It was understandable why An Yu would have such thoughts.

The orientation of one’s values could not be explained in a few words. Bai Yue would respect An Yu’s ideas—as long as the other party did not force this standards onto him.

Seeing Bai Yue’s silence, the other Omegas thought they had found his weakness and pressed on4乘胜追击: Follow up a victory and press home the attack; to pursue the retreating enemy, “That’s right. Only our An Yu is worthy of an A grade Alpha!”

Bai Yue heard what was said, “The class monitor is also A grade.”

An Yu was startled, and then ashamedly5恼羞成怒: to fly into a rage out of humiliation; to be ashamed into anger retorted, “What do you think of me as, I don’t just want anyone who’s an A grade!”

Bai Yue, “No?”

An Yu, “No!!!”

Bai Yue thought for a while, before saying, “But I’m dating Shang Yufei now.”

This was a well-known fact. An Yu did not know what the other party’s purpose was for mentioning this now.

“So what?”

Bai Yue, “What you’re doing now is like a Xiao San6 the third party running to the original partner and clamouring to mate with his husband.” His language was mild, without any sense of confrontation, “Don’t you think so?”

These words were too unsubtle, and An Yu was angered into speechlessness.

Bai Yue, “Don’t be late for P.E. class.”

After saying this, he lifted his schoolbag and walked through the group of Omegas, with Li Ren following closely behind.

It took a long time for the curly-haired boy to reflect upon the meaning of this sentence, and he said unhappily, “What is he talking about? They aren’t even married yet, so isn’t it normal to get together and break up? An Yu, isn’t that right…”

However, An Yu, at this point in time, already could not hear his companions’ words at all. Bai Yue’s remarks just now were of the heaviest humiliation to him.

An Yu bit his lips so harshly that they were almost about to split and bleed. The originally red lips became even redder as if they had been dyed.

The curly-haired man wanted to say something, but only saw the other person suddenly turn his head and walk out of the classroom.

“An Yu…”

He and a few other Omegas were about to catch up with An Yu, however, they heard that person shout without looking back, “Don’t follow me!”

An Yu has always had a bad temper, yet when he personally said these words, it meant that he sincerely wanted to be left alone.

The curly-haired boy stopped, and shared a helpless look with his other companions.

Yes, their little leader7 truly confused because the author wrote 公举(ju), which means “recommended by the general public”. This doesn’t really make sense here so I’m also thinking she mistyped 小公主(zhu), which means little princess and An Yu really has the princess syndrome. To be safe, I put it as “little leader”. was angry again.


After school, Li Ren once again tried to invite Bai Yue out, but after being rejected, he curled his lips.

“Usually you have to look after your brother, and it has always been difficult to ask you out. Now that your boyfriend has returned, my position has fallen even lower.” He pretended to be in great pain, “It’s really hard to be a single dog, when can I also find myself an Alpha. No! Even Betas are good.”

Although Bai Yue going back was not for the purpose of meeting Shang Yufei, he still consoled his good friend.

After leaving the academy, he boarded a hoverbus. For some reason, there were unexpectedly a lot of passengers on the bus today. As he was unable to find a seat, he could only stand.

Bai Yue’s hand held the bus handle and sitting in front of him was an office worker. He was carrying a briefcase in his hand, and there were glasses on the bridge of his nose. After seeing Bai Yue, he suddenly smiled at him.

Bai Yue did not recognise this person, but out of courtesy, he responded with a slight smile.

Ten minutes later, people on the bus came and went, but the number of people did not change much, it was still crowded.

At this moment, it was unclear what happened on the road ahead but the bus suddenly braked. Due to inertia, Bai Yue stumbled forward and almost fell into the arms of the office worker.

Fortunately, he had clutched the handle tightly, and quickly straightened up.

Bai Yue, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright.” The office worker’s expression remained flat, polite and amiable.

Bai Yue raised his head and looked at the scenery outside the window. The bus should now have reached the bus stop that was about halfway through the journey. It had not restarted yet and was still stopped in place.

As he continued to look, the scenery before him suddenly distorted. His heart began to beat violently. It suddenly hung in midair before falling rapidly.


Bai Yue’s body swayed, his palms touched his chest, and he grasped his lapel tightly.

From his heart, it spread rapidly throughout his body via his blood. An uncontrollable air current rampaged through his body, about to gush out.

Pheromone awakening?

The academy had made them attend courses about pheromones in advance, and the feeling now is similar to what was described in those books. Nonetheless, it was undoubtedly much more intense than that.

Also, it was not really the same as his expectations.

Originally, before the pheromone awakening period officially came, the body would first have fever-like symptoms, so individuals could prepare to isolate themselves at home in advance.

Yet, without any foreshadowing, his pheromones had suddenly burst out.

Bai Yue firmly suppressed the rampaging airflow within his body and glanced at the platform. Although he did not know where he was now, he may not be able to hold out until he got home.

He had to get off the bus as soon as possible to find a place to hide himself. If his pheromones burst out in public, since there were adult Omegas on this bus, it may cause irreparable consequences.

“Get off.”

Bai Yue clutched the backpack in his hand, his voice was also a little weak, and he spoke in the direction of the driver’s seat, “I want to get off.”

However, because there were too many people in the car, the driver did not seem to have heard what he said.

Bai Yue closed his eyes and tried to clear his state of mind a little. Just as he was about to open his mouth again, he heard someone beside him speak, “Sorry, someone wants to get off the bus.”

It was the office worker who had spoken.

The sound was powerful and resonating, cutting through the hustle and bustle of the crowd in front of them. The driver finally heard and opened the door.

Bai Yue held onto the railing and staggered down. This place was remote and there were no particularly tall buildings. It was full of dark alleys that were winding8 once again confused by this author 穿梭 was used, meaning shuttling back and forth. I don’t know how alleys can be shuttling back and forth but okay. I took liberties and replaced it with ‘winding’. The full phrase is 交叉穿梭. If anyone happens to know please comment below and intersected.

Bai Yue had travelled on this road for several years and had never run about randomly, so this was the first time that he had come to this place.

Fortunately, there were not many people around here. In short, he had to get away from the crowd as fast as possible.

He took a step forward. As he was not paying attention to the descending steps, he stumbled.

Someone from behind him supported him by his shoulders, “Are you okay?”

Bai Yue looked back and saw it was the office worker from just now. Maybe this was not the station that the other party was alighting at, but he saw that something was wrong with him, so he followed him off the bus.

“…I’m fine, thank you.” Bai Yue smiled at him. Then, he turned around and continued forward.

At this time, his mind was a mess, he couldn’t think calmly and was only able to distinguish the path in front of him. His body vacillated between hot and cold. In the first second, he would feel like he was in an extremely cold environment, and in the next, he felt like he was in a pool of magma.

There was only one thing that could be taken into account right now. Find a place that had no people and control his pheromones.

However, the office worker did not leave at this point and instead caught up with him, “Where are you going? I can help you.”

Bai Yue replied carelessly, “I need to go to a place that has no people.”

A place with no people?

The office worker was momentarily dazed, before the corner of his mouth curled up in a smile.

If Bai Yue had been in a normal state, it was estimated that the other’s ambiguous thoughts would have been discovered long ago. But now, all he could think of was to get away from the crowd, and in addition, his entire body was unwell. Thus, he did not notice this man’s expression.

Then he felt his shoulders being pressed.

The force used by the man was unexpectedly large. The office worker softly coaxed, “I know a place where there won’t be anyone, come with me.”


After Li Ren was refused by Bai Yue, he still did not give up his plan to go out. Although he was fast about to meet the college exams, he had no ambitious aspirations. As long as he could be admitted to an ordinary university, he would be okay with it.

If that was really not possible, he could just find a job.

Hence, after dawdling a while in the classroom, he walked out of the classroom. humming a small song. As soon as he walked out, he saw a hand cutting in front of him.

“Fatty, where is Bai Yue?”

The voice was very familiar. Li Ren looked up. The person was Shang Yufei.

Now that school was over, there were not many people left in the courtyard. When the other party came in, it didn’t cause any commotion.

“Bai Yue has already left long ago” Li Ren was confused, “didn’t he go looking for you?”

Hearing this, Shang Yufei frowned and gave a quick glance at the empty classroom.

Shang Yufei, “You didn’t have make-up classes?”

Li Ren shook his head bewilderedly, “No, ah.”

“You also graduated from here, and it’s not like you don’t know our school. With poor standards, just being able to graduate smoothly is good enough, why have make-up classes?”

Shang Yufei: “…”

Li Ren spoke with fervour and assurance9侃侃而谈, but seeing the other’s expression gradually getting worse, he promptly shut up, “W-what’s wrong?”

Shang Yufei glanced at him, “You said, Bai Yue went to look for me?”

“Yes, yes.” Li Ren nodded dazedly.

Shang Yufei no longer replied and he turned around and left.

Li Ren watched him leave, confused. What’s with this situation?

Could it be, that Bai Yue and Shang Yufei had a quarrel?


The author has something to say:
掉马先不急,需要更盛大的舞台 w10 Don’t fret about losing the horse, a bigger stage is needed w. This is the literal translation of the author’s words. I left it in raws because I’m not exactly sure what the author is talking about


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