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Non-Human Sub-district Office

Title: Non-Human Sub-district Office
Raw Source: 非人类街道办
Author: 醉饮长歌 (Novelupdates)
Chapters: 82 + 4 (Completed)
Status: Translating (Daily) (NU)
Translator: Sleepy Potato


Lin Mu rescued a Samoyed.
Capable of eating, smiling, has a high IQ. Picks up anything you teach him quickly, a good helper around the house.
The only thing was that he doesn’t bark nor wag his tail.

Lin Mu took a ham sausage and coaxed for the thousandth time, “wag your tail, and this ham sausage is yours to eat.”

The Samoyed raised his eyes impatiently, and with a single shake of his tail, shook out nine.

Lin Mu: …… F*ck.

Afterwards, the fox that did not wish to reveal his name, Mr. Yan Xuanjing, said in an interview: “Now I regret, I deeply regret. At that time, I shouldn’t have pretended to be a dog to take advantage of him, shouldn’t have touched him, rubbed against him, eaten his food and slept in his bed. Now I have a home that I can’t return to and a wife I can’t sleep with, I regret, deeply regret.”

A learned and easy-going professional grudge-bearing Shou x A certain nine-tailed fox who refuses to say his name and was forced to go to the mortal realm without money Gong.


Chapter 1 – A man and a dog faced each other, and their hearts were in a panic.

Chapter 2 – Oh no, his heart was touched.

Chapter 3 – “Da Hei came to pick me up.”

Chapter 4 – Rainstorm

Chapter 5 – Then I’ll be your father!

Chapter 6 – Ha, half-monster.

Chapter 7 – Am I not good enough? Why did you pick up another dog!

Chapter 8 – Yan Xuanjing had lived for over five hundred years and this was the first time he had met a monster than could be mesmerised by his face.

Chapter 9 – Da Hei: I’ll kill myself.

Chapter 10 – Lin Mu, you sabotaged me!!!

Chapter 11 – Ha.

Chapter 12 – Father.

Chapter 13 – With a single smile, all the vegetation in the valley became cheerful.

Chapter 14 – The Emperor’s Shelter.

Chapter 15 – He broke through the seals that suppressed him and is out for revenge.

Chapter 16 – Wait until your resentment is gone, I’ll bring you to see your delicate kiddo.

Chapter 17 – Lin Mu: Does this fox want to hurt the great me.

Chapter 18 – He was a person with chloroplast now.

Chapter 19 – Ha, little pervert.

Chapter 20 – Take advantage of the fact that his aura hasn’t scattered yet and you should still be in time to divine where he is.

Chapter 21 – If it wasn’t for the fact that this fox spirits was good looking and strong, he would have been beaten to death long ago.

Chapter 22 – Lin Mu: I think this fox really wants to hurt the great me.

Chapter 23 – The problem wasn’t big

Chapter 24: Milky, Papa’s here.

Chapter 25 – Ha, never expected, right?

Chapter 26 – Milky, when you gain spiritual awareness, can you grow up to be like Yan Xuanjing?

Chapter 27 – Ha, silly, my country’s next great young leader had no blind spots.

Chapter 28 – Milky: I’ll save myself.

Chapter 29 – Yan Xuanjing slightly leaned over and kissed Lin Mu on the forehead.

Chapter 30 – Big nephew, you wait. I’ll bring your father back now!

Chapter 31 – Milky’s still the good one, and Yan Xuanjing’s the bad one.

Chapter 32 – Milky: Caught by the scruff of my neck.

Chapter 33 – A whole family should be arranged clearly.

Chapter 34 – Di Wu: NeverExpectedThatRight!.jpg

Chapter 35 – Di Wu: You taught this son of yours really well.

Chapter 36 – And covered in that light, she walked over.

Chapter 37 – Those who leave, couldn’t be chased.

Chapter 38 – Everything was equally distributed, very perfect.

Chapter 39 – Hello, have you seen my Di Wu?

Chapter 40 – How many good brothers do you have.

Chapter 41 – When you’re serious, you look very handsome.

Chapter 42.1 – Dad, you’re really handsome.

Chapter 42.2 – Dad, you’re really handsome

Chapter 43 – Yan Xuanjing felt that his mind was blessed, and a new way of thinking was opened up for him.

Chapter 44 – …… Hurry up and shut up.

Chapter 45 – Want me to sleep with you?

Chapter 46 – What was the matter with this fox spirit?

Chapter 47 – Today, our family of three is finally reunited.

Chapter 48 – Di Xiu’s mind was ringing.

Chapter 49 – “My relationship with the nine-tailed fox could be considered not bad.”

Chapter 50 – Milky frowned, and felt that things weren’t that simple.

Chapter 51 – Brain circuits that went in all directions.

Chapter 52 – Yan Gui, you bastard!

Chapter 53 – He is mine.

Chapter 54 – He likes me, and my heart happened to be moved.

Chapter 55 – “Remember to bring along Yan Xuanjing wherever you go.”

Chapter 56 – A pinch, a yip.

Chapter 57 – Da Hei: I should be under the car, not in the car.

Chapter 58 – You’re such a weak half-monster, why haven’t you died?

Chapter 59 – Lin Mu decided to call the police.

Chapter 60 – Because I like him.

Chapter 61 – Everybody loves the Relaxed Emperor.

Chapter 62 – He leaned in slightly and kissed him on the lips.

Chapter 63 – Milky: Swearing.jpg

Chapter 64 – Yan Xuanjing! You’re the one who kissed!

Chapter 65 – Pay less attention to those lousy and garish things written by humans.

Chapter 66 – Damn! Why didn’t I control my mouth!

Chapter 67 – Milky, you’ve been cheated!

Chapter 68 – What did this have to do with him, a little fox as pure as a piece of white paper, who didn’t know anything?

Chapter 69 – Milky: There was no such thing as father and son on a battle field, and Yan Gui was sent to death.

Chapter 70 – It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t hurt.

Chapter 71 – She definitely must have been a good monster.

Chapter 72 – Yan Gui: FoulLanguage.jpg

Chapter 73 – “I was born like this.”

Chapter 74 – But I want to make you happier.

Chapter 75 – “He went home.”

Chapter 76 – I also saw a huge passage!

Chapter 77 – Lifting the land

Chapter 78 – Fuck! Where’s my house?!

Chapter 79 – You guys are playing mahjong in the back?!

Chapter 80 – Nie Shen discarded a tile, all my tiles are the same suit in sets of threes! Another sticker!

Chapter 81 – That light was orange, steady and warm.

Chapter 82

Extra 1 – Follow-up | “I’ll take you home.”

Extra 2.1 – Nie Shen | It’s hard for those who always think about the past to have a future.

Extra 2.2

Extra 3.1 – Di Wu & Qin Chuan | Big Woodblock!

Extra 3.2 – Di Wu & Qin Chuan | Big Woodblock!

Extra 4 – Qingqiu Country’s disaster.




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