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Chapter 16 – Wait until your resentment is gone, I’ll bring you to see your delicate kiddo.

Wu Gui said, “within the past six months, the amount of monsters and humans that have been killed in the Central Plains has been abnormally high. And most of it was done by Di Wu.”

“Oh.” Yan Xuanjing nodded, and his voice was very calm. “It’s him, this isn’t strange.”

Lin Mu felt that this soul was about to get hooked away by this voice, so he quickly pulled the door closed to block his line of sight, and immediately felt a lot better.

Yan Xuanjing noticed a familiar monstrous energy and turned his head to look at the door, which had a small seam left open. Just as he was about to take back his line of sight, he smelled a faint scent of blood.

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The nine-tailed fox suddenly stood up, and began to keep his own monstrous energy even more meticulously. Frowning slightly, he opened the door and came face to face with Lin Mu

Lin Mu and Yan Xuanjing looked at each other for a couple of seconds. Perhaps it was because his own energy became stronger, Lin Mu only felt a little bit flustered, unlike before, where he immediately became unable to recognise even himself.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but stare at Yan Xuanjing for a long time, and once again re-confirmed the fact that this fox spirit was really good-looking.

He even looked so good when he was frowning.

It was just that with such a flat expression on his face, his aura became a little intimidating.

“You’re injured.” Yan Xuanjing said. His voice sounded cold and calm as he reached out to directly grab Lin Mu’s arm.

The smell of blood was the strongest there, but there was no wound.

But Yan Xuanjing was the same as Da Hei. While Da Hei had only gained spiritual awareness for a few years, and still wasn’t clear about a lot of things, Yan Xuanjing could clearly understand it.

Lin Mu’s hand had been injured, and someone else even used a special technique to heal it.

From the heavy scent of blood in the air, a huge amount of blood had been taken away.

Yan Xuanjing’s frown deepened and his tone was dark as he said, “who took your blood?”

he leaves were somewhat like poplar leaves, the branches and leaves freely extending in five directions, the flowers were a tender yellow, and the fruit that came out was heavy and dark.

The fruit at home was the fruit of the Relaxed Emperor, after eating, people could forget about their sorrows, and it was considered priceless by monsters.

The number of fruits available was very small, and they were all monopolized by several forces.

So ordinary monsters and creatures could only lie outside the valley,pious and humbly begged for the Relaxed Emperor within to mercifully give them some good news.

All beings suffer, and they are all look forward to forgetting their sorrows.

Even if one can’t get the fruit, but was touched by the power of the Relaxed Emperor for a moment or two, they would be able to abandon the troubles for a while and be happy for a short time, which was something difficult to attain.

What’s more, the Relaxed Emperor’s fruit had more effects that just making people forget.

For monsters, being confused, falling into deviation, having killed too much…… And so on, a series of problems that might cause major consequences, all could be solved by the fruit from the Relaxed Emperor.

Lin Mu flipped through for a long time but did not get any information about the Relaxed Emperor gaining spiritual awareness, and only found out that a few select forcs had been monitoring and controlling the valley.

The valley is in the middle of the Great Wilderness,in a mountain called the Mountain of Hardship, and it was strictly controlled by several forces, in order to prevent other monsters from entering.

Only on occasion, there will be great monsters stepping into the valley to stay for a while, because not only does the fruit of the Relaxed Emperor have a soothing effect, but the tree itself does.

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“There wasn’t……” After Lin Mu said those words, he could not help but shrink his neck back under Yan Xuanjing’s gaze.  He drew his hand back, thought about it, and said, “I went to donate my blood for free.”

Yan Xuanjing stared at Lin Mu silently, and clearly understood that he was lying.

Lin Mu licked his lips, and seeing that the cups in front of Wu Gui and Yan Xuanjing were empty, he quickly said, “the both of you can continue on talking, I’ll get some water.”

Yan Xuanjing watched as Lin Mu slipped away, frowned for a while and looked as Lin Mu came over with the kettle, before slowly taking his line of sight back.

It was fine it he didn’t want to say it, everybody had secrets.

The nine-tailed fox sat back down onto the chair.

Lin Mu handed over another cup of tea to Wu Gui, and after being thanked, he went back to his seat and sat down, listening to their discussion.

Wu Gui took a sip of tea and said, “when Di Wu was buried, I hadn’t gained spiritual awareness yet. Now, we can only learn about this situation from the records and through the stars. As for what’s going on, you should know more about it than it.”

Yan Xuanjing didn’t mind that the other two monsters in the office were overhearing. He nodded, then shook his head, “the one in the Great Wilderness isn’t just him. The aura is different.”

Wu Gui gave a slight frown, “what do you mean?”

Yan Xuanjing said, “the one in the Great Wilderness is only the remnants of his monstrous strength.”

It was impossible for such energy to move by itself.

“Moreover, if it was simply his strength, it shouldn’t have harmed me.”

When Di Wu had crashed and burned, it wasn’t as if those monsters who had a good relationship with him didn’t try to kill and fight against those monsters that had trapped him.

But the temptation of getting a part of the Emperor’s Shelter’s power was really great, and it wasn’t long before a good half of them changed sides. The situation ended with Di Wu’s real friends getting defeated.

They could only turn to protecting those exotic flowers and plants, as well as sacred trees, all who had gained awareness, or were about to gain awareness, who had a good relationship with Di Wu were targeted by those assholes, so as to not let them follow in Di Wu’s footsteps.

Yan Xuanjing’s father, Yan Gui, was amongst those friends.

So even if Di Wu had beant and killed every single monster, demon, or spirit in the world, one of the ones he wouldn’t fight was the nine-tailed fox.

Yan Xuanjing was very calm, “please consider making a another divination.”

“What about Di Wu?” Wu Gui said, slightly frowning.

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“There is no injustice without perpetrators, no hatred without cause.” The nine-tailed fox said in a calm and cold manner, “whoever committed the wrong, whoever gained the profit, the cycle of karma would be as it is.”

Wu Gui, as a diviner who specialised in divining the skies, would naturally understand this.

He shook his head, but had no intention of forcing Yan Xuanjing to intervene in this matter, and only said, “the monsters involved with public affairs in the Central Plains are all innocent and free from negative karma. We’re not afraid, but with the way that he’s killing, it’s easy for him to kill out a problem.”

Yan Xuanjing paused, and probably understood what Wu Gui was referring to.

Thousands of years had passed since Di Wu was divided and sealed. The humans and monsters who had committed such an evil act were naturally unable to become an immortal. Even more so, the road they had ahead of them would have been extremely difficult because of the evil deeds that they had committed, so most of them would have been dead for a long time, and not even their bones would have remained.

All that they had left behind were their descendants. Perhaps, some of them might have known what had occurred in the past, but after thousands of years, not mentioning monster, but many generations had gone by for humans.

Amongst the humans today, even things like cultivation and immortals, or monsters, had completely disappeared, let alone things that had happened in the past/

Placing such a matter in the Great Wilderness, this kind of blood feud, even if the monster that was present at that time had died, and their enemy was deeply buried beneath the ground, even if one had kidded everybody from their enemy’s ancestors to their newly born children, it was merely what they deserved.

But the Central Plains was different.

Human life was very short, and while monsters would remember their hatred for thousands of years, for humans, after a few generations, nobody would remember a single thing.

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And in the place where the Relaxed Emperor rests, the vegetation would grow strongly without struggle, and the most precious of spiritual medication could be grown.

Lin Mu looked through the record of the valley, and this were the words written: the Relaxed Emperor grew very well under the care of several great demons, and were not damaged or refined like other ancient rare trees, until thirty years ago, wher the Relaxed Emperor’s whole tree disappeared mysteriously, but the great demons who often went in and out of the valley didn’t get angry, and instead ordered for the news to be blocked and took it as if nothing happened.

After that, there was no more news about the Relaxed Emperor.

Lin Mu flipped here and here, but even never found any information about the Relaxed Emperor gaining spiritual awareness, not to mention how the Relaxed Emperor looked like after gaining spiritual awareness.

If Lin Mu hadn’t seen the the Relaxed Emperor’s original body in the photo, plus the fruit that had been madly scrambled over, Lin Mu wouldn’t dare to recognise the Relaxed Emperor as his father.

Lin Mu flipped through the rest of the information, and found that there was no more relevant content.

But Lin Mu could guess 30 years ago, where the Relaxed Emperor had disappeared to after leaving the Great Wilderness. He probably was in the Central Plains, and his mother went deep into the mountains, and his father met his mother then.

As for how he came, and when he obtained spiritual awareness, Lin Mu didn’t know at all.

Maybe some of the great monsters that went in the valley often will know, but for all those great mosnters, Lin Mu didn’t know a single one.

Only one of them was slightly familiar, Yan Xuanjing’s father, the nine-tailed fox Yan Gui, the current emperor of Qingqiu Country.

Unfortunately, after that single glimpse, Lin Mu had never seen that super beautiful fox spirit again.

But the gains were great.

Lin Mu flipped through the first scroll, looked at the lush trees depicted, and looked down at himself.

It’s good that he understood what he was.

The ‘killing out a problem’ that Wu Gui mentioned, was this.

In the Great Wilderness, thousands of years might just be a generation or two in the terms of a monster’s lifespan. Basically, everybody would know about the hatred that the previous two generations carried, in order to make it easy for their own little kids to run away when they met an enemy.

In such a case of committing an act even though they knew it was a sin, and even managing to get benefits from it, then dying, would simply be karma getting paid and delivered.

But humans were different.

For humans, hundreds of generations had passed by, and now, whoever held a sacred amulet given to them by their ancestors, were amongst the beneficiaries.

Going further, in the places where the Emperor’s Shelter was buried, all of the people who lived in those places, were all beneficiaries.

If Di Wu was planning to kill all of the people who had been stained with this karma, then at least a good half of the people on earth would be dead.

But those people weren’t aware, and the karma is too scattered.

Those monsters and humans who did this in the beginning, were probably intending to use this vicious idea to dispel the karma, to let all those people and monsters who had nothing to do with this matter carry the negative karma that they shouldn’t have.

And as for these humans and monsters, when they enter into the netherworld for their trial, this karma would be be counted into their punishment.

With each punishment that had undergone a sentence, this karma would be reduced a little by little, and after thousands of years, even if Di Wu came out, there would be no one left for him to take revenge on.

And the descendants of those humans and demons would be completely safe.

In the past, he hadn’t studied much about such enmity and hatred, and didn’t think that it might cause any damage. However, after reviewing the matters and thinking about it, even if he was a monster with violence inbuilt into his bones, he also felt that his fur was standing on its ends.

But in any case, these unsuspecting humans and monsters, were really innocent.

Wu Gui said, “the one who does not know of the wrong committed cannot be blamed, if they had gotten benefits, when the netherworld trials them, they would get punished for that negative karma.”

There was no expression present on Yan Xuanjing’s face, “sins are passed through the blood. What does the netherworld trials have to do with Di Wu choosing to deal with this karma with his own hands?”

This time, the gap between the two monsters who grew up in the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains was clearly shown.

Wu Gui gave a heavy sigh and said matter of factly, “but even if he had killed all the descendants of those humans and monsters, this karma would be unable to offset the evil he accumulates by killing! His soul was already unstable after being divided up, if his soul disperses before he kills them all, it isn’t worth it.”

Yan Xuanjing frowned slightly, and found that he couldn’t really agree with Wu Gui’s words, “when it comes to taking revenge, how is it not worth it?”

Wu Gui: “……”

Also true.

When it came to this matter, Yan Xuanjing wasn’t planning on intervening at all, so the Old Turtle no longer mentioned it. After all, Yan Xuanjing was only here to look after the passageway, so he had no reason to ask him to deal with the affairs in the Central Plains.

To put it bluntly, Di Wu was only a half-stable soul in the Central Plains, and if they still weren’t able to find him, then the monsters of the Central Plains would really be too useless.

Saying it out sounds a little shameful.

It’s just that this situation, just letting the top brass deal with it wasn’t such a good thing.

Thousands of years ago, those guys were the ones who committed those evil deeds, and how they had to help those guys wipe their asses.

The Old Turtle sighed again, and thought about how he and his colleagues couldn’t even find out the places where the Emperor’s Shelter had been sealed. They had no clue on how to deal with it, and felt as if he was going to become bald.

Lin Mu sat on his seat and listened to the whole thing, was stunned for a while, then suddenly shivered.

He wasn’t stupid.

Di Wu was suppressed like this for thousands of years, then what about his father, Di Xiu?

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Where was his father now?

Was he really dead? Or was he just like Di Wu, divided into goodness knows how many parts, and even his soul separated was suppressed in some unknown place.

Lin Mu’s hands and feet felt cold, and his mind went blank. It wasn’t until after dark, when Da Hei came over to remind him to get off work did he slowly return to his senses.

Da Hei felt that ever since they had  returned from the old lady’s place, Lin Mu wasn’t all that right. He waved a hand in front of Lin Mu, “what happened?”

Nobody knew when Yan Xuanjing had left, but before he left, he had placed a white braided rope on Lin Mu’s desk.

From the other side, Wu Gui looked towards Lin Mu and reminded, “wear that braided rope. It’s made from the fur of a nine-tailed fox, and don’t get taken away by other monsters when you’re out.”

Lin Mu only felt that his hands and legs were terribly stiff, as if a layer of film separated him from everything around him. He barely heard what they said, and he couldn’t react to anything for the time being. The bracelet was placed onto Lin Mu’s hand by Da Hei, and he went home, muddled.

On his phone, there were records of the projects that his mother had participated in, sent by Mentor Tan. Before he was born, there were many different projects that his mother participated in.

Lin Mu sat on the swing he made with his mother in the yard, sniffled, and looked at the records, fearing that he would never have the time to go.

On one hand, he hadwork. On the other, he didn’t know anything about exploring wildlife. And the most important thing, he wasn’t suitable for going to the mountains and forests alone.

What’s deep in the forests?


Groups and groups of monsters.

Today, he was recognised by Di Wu. If he went to those areas that were paradise for monsters, nine out of ten times, he would be recognised.

Even though the monster’s household registration system was relatively completed by now, nobody would be able to imagine how many elders went into the mountains to hide or to cultivate, and did not emerge until now.

Lin Mu was quite self-aware. Not to mention about other matters, even Di Wu could catch him when he was seriously injured, let alone a great elder who might have just gotten a breakthrough in their cultivation.

If he accidentally encountered such a great elder, he would be finished with a single wave of the elder’s hands.

Lin Mu was even more upset after realising his weakness. He touched bracelet tied onto his wrists by Da Hei, and didn’t know how much this actually worked.

He held his phone in his hand for a long time, flipped through the address book, and subconsciously called Di Wu.

Soon, Di Wu answered the call.

There was a lot of noise on the phone. Connecting it with the fact that Di Wu was driving that morning, and Lin Mu felt that Di Wu was currently in a car.

if you see this, this is a scrambled version on a aggregator site

Looking at this, the origins of the other half of his blood wasn’t small.

Lin Mu thought, no wonder the mother died without mentioning a single word about his father.

Looking from the point of view that his father had to be protected by several great monsters, it was better to keep his mouth closed about his blood.

As for the fruit left behind, Lin Mu had a not so happy guess.

The fruit was used to make people forget their sorrows.

His father gave this fruit to his mother, and he probably knew that his mouther would have an unforgettable sadness, and at the same time, his father could not accompany his mother to take care of her, so his father gave his mother this fruit that would easily gain attention or get snatched away, and hoped she could eat it and forget about her sorrows.

As for what sorrow his mother needed to forget?

She didn’t care abouther father that placed pressure on her, she didn’t care about money, and she could be very happy for a long time if she planted potted plants everyday.

The only thingthat Lin Mu could think of that cause his mother sadness was her red eyes every time she opened the photo album.

Lin Mu went silent for a while, and didn’t want to think about it anymore. He closed the file, gave his thanks to the monster in the reference room and placed the information back onto the bookshelf. As he went down the stairs, he took out his phone and sent a message to his mother’s teacher.

He wanted to get a list of the projects that his mother participated in, and if there was a chance, perhaps he could go and find out himself.

Who could say what would happen in the future.

Lin Mu sent the message, kept his phone, and opened the stairwell door.

Downstairs, Da Hei had already arrive, and had turned into his original form and laid on the ground in a ball, motionless.

Lin Mu walked over to him and squatted down, “what are you doing?”

“I’m closing myself up.” Da Hei said, sullenly.

Lin Mu looked at the dog that was curled into a ball, “why are you closing yourself up for?”

“The old lady’s family began to issue her obituary and prepared invitations for funeral, but I have no part in it.” Da Hei felt wronged as he said, he raised his head to look at Lin Mu and then froze for two seconds, poking his head over and sniffed, “what happened to you? Your monstrous energy suddenly increased, and it smells quite good.”

“Ah?” Lin Mu looked down at his own hands and sniffed, “I can’t feel anything.”

“You had just stepped into this world so obviously you can’t feel it.” After the Da Hei finished, he couldn’t help but move over closer to sniff, and as he sniffed, his mind became blank and he went soft and limp and he slumped down.

It was a very comfortable smell, just like lazily lying in under the warm sunlight, wrapped in a soft blanket.

There was an aroma of grass and flowers, the sound of the wind rustling across a treetops. There seemed to be a ringing sound in the distance, with the sound of clear flowing water. There was also the sound of traditional chinese musical instruments, accompanied by wonderful singing from the distance.

Lin Mu mumbled as he opened his mouth, “Di Wu……”

“Ah?” On one hand Di Wu answered, on the other, he kicked a bird monster’s brain in midair, and with the sound of the rushing wind, landed steadily on the ground, shaking off all the blood and flesh on his feet with a disgusted face, “what’s up?”

Lin Mu opened his mouth and wanted to talk about his father, then closed his mouth and changed his mind as he said, “I heard that…… If you kill anymore, your soul would scatter.”

Di Wu heard those words, walked into the house where blood was flowing like a river. While rummaging through things, he snorted, “oh, and then?”

Lin Mu shrank in on himself on the swing, and was unable to say anything for a while.

There were too many things that he wanted to say.

He wanted to tell Di Wu not to kill humans and monsters anymore.

Because amongst those close to his father, and was even a little close to him, either humans or monsters was fine, there was only Di Wu alone.

Lin Mu really didn’t want to suddenly find out one day that Di Wu’s soul scattered because he had killed too much.

He also wanted to ask Di Wu to go and see where his father might have been.

But just as Lin Mu wanted to say those words, he realised that he wasn’t in any position to talk about the former, and the latter would place Di Wu in danger.

It probably wasn’t a big issue for those great monsters in hiding to hit a seriously injured Di Wu.

Lin Mu went silent for a long time, then sniffled and said, “I don’t want you to die.”

Di Wu’s actions paused as he searched through things, and slightly widened his eyes in surprise. After some time, he coughed uneasily and continued to rummage, “how could I die so easily.”

Lin Mu whispered, “then my blood, I’ll give you, you……”

“Who wants your blood?” Di Wu said.

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Lin Mu opened and closed his mouth, “……”

Wasn’t it you?

“Okay.” Di Wu took a scroll out from the corner of the room and glanced inside as he opened it, “you eat and drink well. Little kids don’t have to worry so much.”

After Di Wu said his words, he simply hung up the phone and squinted at the scroll in his hand.

This was a picture of a pale green tree.

This tree was very familiar to Di Wu, it was the little seedling he watched grow up with his own eyes.

Di Wu touched the white jade bottle which was filled with Lin Mu’s blood that hung on his waist. The bottle floated, shimmering, and gently pulled Di Wu deeper into the house.

This blood wasn’t simply to just stablise his soul.

What Lin Mu could think of, Di Wu would naturally be able to think of too. The reason why he had said Di Xiu had died was to simply preempt the little half-monster. Anyways, after all these years, Lin Mu had long been used to his father being dead, and it’ll prevent the little brat from running to where Di Wu was and mixing himself in the matter.

Di Wu couldn’t be clearer. Ancient and sacred trees like them, it would be very difficult for them to die if they didn’t kill themselves.

Who was going to kill themselves if there were no problems?

So if one disappeared or one had no news, they were most probably plotted against.

Their skin and bones being torn away was just an inconvenience, and most of the time, they wouldn’t die from it. Those greedy things still counted on being sheltered for a long time.

Di Wu snorted, and followed the guidance of the jade bottle as he circled through this large mansion, searched through boxes and turned over cabinets. Finally, his face was gloomy as he walked out with a few scrolls and ancient books.

There were three men in suits standing outside the door. They turned a bline eye to the blood in the yard, and seeing that Di Wu came out of it, one of them came up and shouted a ‘Boss’ to Di Wu.

Two people behind him were holding a man who had been beaten black and blue.

“Look up the families in these cities.” Di Wu threw the scroll in his hand to the man who walked up. Flicking off the blood on his hand, he turned around and glanced at the man who was half beaten to death and squatted down in front of him, slowly taking off a small bag that hung from this person’s neck.

“You used my original body to defend against Di Xiu’s resentment, what a good idea.” Di Wu grinned and laughed, then took the little brocade bag in his hand, and watched as the fierce ghosts that had been lingering around suddenly rushed to bite the man before his eyes. He took back his line of sight and turned to enter the car.

The car quickly drove away. Di Wu turned a deaf ear to the screams behind him and looked down at the piece palm-sized ugly cyan jade.

The jade was shining, and the gray and black defects were constantly stirring, just like living things.

This smell was so comfortable that the dog couldn’t help wanting to show his belly, and embrace this world his softest and most vulnerable place.

This feeling is too sudden and ferocious, and Da Hei was very close to Lin Mu, and this smell hit him straight in the face, causing Da Hei to slump onto the ground, slightly squinting his eyes, and every single fur on his body had the ‘comfortable’ word written on it, and he even revealed his belly.

He looked like a cat that got the catnip, so comfortable until it looked it he was going to heaven.

This looked a bit familar.

Just like in the picture that Lin Mu saw, the monsters laying on the ground with all paws facing up under the shade of the Relaxed Emperor.

— really no different than a cat on catnip.

Da Hei laid on the ground, and only felt refreshed, what closing himself up, what troubles, what sorrows? All of them were gone, his mood was bright and the world was a beautiful place.

But his reason was still there, so he asked lazily, “what did you encounter?”

“En, I figured out my own blood linage.” Lin Mu said.

Da Hei became interested, “oh? What is it?”

“Be quiet. Wait until your resentment is gone, and I’ll get more parts of our souls, body and powers, then I’ll bring you to see your delicate kiddo.” Di Wu’s single pat made the jade dizzy as he rolled and rolled, then lazily said, “don’t worry, there’s the scent of a nine-tailed fox on your kiddo.”

And pale cyan jade finally quietened down.

The translator has this to say:

Di Wu and Di Xiu: *gives the father/uncle stamp of approval to the nine-tailed fox*

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