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Chapter 25 – Ha, never expected, right?

Yan Xuanjing always knew that his father lived his life very casually, and even though he had a heavy responsibility as the leader of Qingqiu Country, he still acted like it didn’t concern him, and left whenever he wanted to.

To Yan Xuanjing, the only time his father seemed majestic was when he was a child. That time, he was sabotaged in the palace, and his father, furious, thoroughly cleaned up all the monsters in the palace.

During that time, Qingqiu Country was filled with a thick and heavy scent of blood, and the residents in the capital were all tensed, feeling that they were in danger or unsafe.

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Apart from that time, Yan Xuanjing’s only impression of Yan Gui was him lying in the sun like a layabout.

Because, for monsters of that level, the impact that their fights could cause was great, and it was troublesome for them recuperate. There was also a good chance that other monsters would sneak in to do something when they were recovering from an injury.

But even if he could understand, Yan Xuanjing also felt that his father was too idle.

He idled about and did nothing everyday, other than slacking off and bullying his son.

Unfortunately, Yan Xuanjing couldn’t defeat him.

This time, the thing that had spread over the whole Great Wilderness wasn’t small. It had already directly gone to the Kunlun Mountains, and that was one of the most prosperous places in the Great Wilderness.

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Such a great matter, and his father was actually capable of throwing this awful mess aside and running out!

Yan Xuanjing looked at Yan Gui who sat in front of him for a long time, blinked, then turned to look at Lin Mu, “your dog?”

“Yes. This is the Milky that I’ve been telling you about. It’s probably because he’s frightened of you, so he’s always been hiding. I don’t know why he suddenly came back today.” Lin Mu was too lazy to think about it. He squatted down and reached for the big pile of fluff and rubbed against him, “good looking, right?”

The dog was rubbed twice, and his eyes bent into crescents happily, rubbing and nudging back against Lin Mu. With a swish of his tail, he circled Lin Mu up.

Lin Mu was flattered.

Yan Xuanjing was expressionless.

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Milky’s unusual manner of acting spoilt made Lin Mu somewhat confused. He patted the dog’s head, turned Milky over on the ground and pressed all over his body, a little worried, “are you uncomfortable somewhere?”

Yan Xuanjing looked at Yan Gui, who fell with a single push and showed his belly without any moral integrity, and his expression was very cold.

“He’s probably hungry.” Yan Xuanjing said.

And then, unsurprisingly, he was beaten again.

Lin Mu had a sudden realisation and nodded.

After all, Milky hadn’t taken dinner.

The four little monsters were shivering in the corner.

However, the problem wasn’t big, and it only took a few minutes to cook a chicken breast.

“Then I’ll go and prepare dinner for Milky first.” Lin Mu said and stood up. He wasn’t worried about Yan Xuanjing — anyways, a great monster couldn’t possibly bully a pet dog.

Yan Xuanjing gave a slight nod and watched as Lin Mu enter the house.

Yan Xuanjing had told him to bring the small bag containing sun essence to work, so Lin Mu went to work on Monday with the bag and a hat.

The little Ginseng felt that the atmosphere in the yard wasn’t that right, he took a careful look at Yan Xuanjing, and took another look at Milky, plucked up his courage and said in shivering yet nasally tone that carried some childishness, “you…… both of you, don’t fight! If you want to fight, go outside!”

The two nine-tailed foxes turned their heads to look at him, which scared the little Ginseng so much he hiccuped.

The little Ginseng threw a look full of grievance to the spiritual medication field in the yard, and with his three little friends, rushed into the house, and also very considerately closed the door for the two outside.

t was rare that Wu Gui and Da Hei were both in the office, but when Lin Mu entered, he was told hat they were going to leave for a while, and during this time, Lin Mu was responsible for the paperwork in the office.

Yan Xuanjing looked at Yan Gui who had been pushed to the ground, and didn’t want to get up.

Yan Gui’s tail swayed, lazily circling the still very faint moon essence. He met eyes with his own son, made an ‘Ay’, and said, “what are you doing?”

Yan Xuanjing was very merciless, “what are you doing here?”

Lin Mu paused, “where are you guys going?”

“Isn’t this because I listened to you when you said Di Xiu had followed in Di Wu’s footsteps, so I came to have a look.” Yan Gui talked in a lazy manner, with a slight nasally tone at the end. He curled his tail slightly and teased his son, “how would I know that you’re so cute if I didn’t come, right, Milky?”

Yan Xuanjing’s face darkened, and he raised his leg and kicked.

Yan Gui rolled around in a whole circle, and was still too lazy to get up. He raised his eyebrows and looked around the whole yard, then his sight finally fell on Yan Xuanjing, and said in a low tone, “you didn’t tell me that Di Xiu had a son.”

Yan Xuanjing didn’t fall for his usual tricks, “you didn’t tell me about Di Xiu’s matter.”

“Oh, I didn’t?” Yan Gui recalled carefully, and didn’t remember whether he said it or not, but he was never the one to carry the blame, so he countered and accused, “you’re already a mature young man, why didn’t you go and check out the things that you didn’t know!”

“To track down Di Wu, the stars have been very clear these two nights, and it wasn’t easy to divine his position.”

“……” Yan Xuanjing took in a deep breath, and felt that he shouldn’t haggle too much with his father at Lin Mu’s place, “you don’t care about the matter in the Great Wilderness?”

“I raised so many aids, if I have to do everything by myself, what do I need those guys for?” Yan Gui slowly climbed up, “okay, tell me what is going on.”

Yan Xuanjing briefly stated the information that this side had found.

Yan Gui clicked his tongue, and his expression was solemn.

“Di Xiu ran out on his own.” Yan Gui said.

Lin Mu laid on the floor and turned over, looked up at the starry dots in the night sky above, and grimanced in pain.

After what happened to Di Wu, there was a struggle that lasted for over a hundred years in order to fight over the things left by Di Wu, many forces had to restructure.

Meanwhile, Qingqiu Country, which had also participated in this competition, joined hands with several other great monster forces that had good relations with Di Wu and won back a large portion of Di Wu’s power.

As a result, after they had settled the matters in the Great Wilderness, and were preparing to go to the Central Plains to take back the soul and original body of Di Wu, they were stabbed in the back by some friends.

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The result of being betrayed by friends, was that not only was there was nothing of Di Wu’s left, but they had also gotten injured, and their area of influence also lessened.

Yan Gui and the rest had no choice, and when they received the news that a group of monsters that had tasted the sweetness of the Emperor’s Shelter had planned to lay their hands on other sacred trees similar to Di Wu, they had managed to protect a few of them with extreme difficulty.

And this protection lasted for thousands of years.

In these thousands of years, they had naturally wanted revenge, but they didn’t even see a shadow of anything belong to Di Wu’s. They even came to the Central Plains to look for it, but it was still useless.

“You’ve improved.” Yan Xuanjing said.

“Even for monsters who were very good at divination, or dog-type monster, couldn’t find anything, and we didn’t know what was used that year to suppress Di Wu.” Yan Gui said, then paused. “Di Xiu became a monster about 4000 years ago, and until thirty years ago, he was confined to that valley for thousands of years and didn’t go out.”

Normally speaking, creatures with independent thinking would find it difficult to accept such a thing, but Di Xiu accepted it.

Yan Xuanjing looked at Lin Mu, who soon got wrapped up in moon essence, and looked up at the sky.

He knew that the monsters wanted to protect him for his sake, so he stayed in the valley for thousands of years, and rarely mentioned about things outside the valley. But always, he looked forward to and cherished books and snacks that they brought in.

For Yan Gui and the rest, Di Xiu was an especially, especially obedient little brother, so obedient to them that they could not help but feel guilty.

So, when Di Xiu proposed that he could see the world outside by himself, and they knew that humans with strength in the Central Plains were weakening and even disappearing, so several of the great monsters made an agreement with Di Xiu to come back every 30 years, and simply let him go.

The fox spirit took at look at the young seedling on top of Lin Mu’s head that had perked up and looked expectionally spirited.

The next step was to block the information and not bring it up.

“At the beginning, he would often send us letters, and some local specialties. Afterwards, the intervals between each time became longer. We didn’t take it to heart, because it was normal for children to play around crazily.”

Yan Gui said, then calculated the year, and found out that in about three or four months, it would be the time that they had agreed on to return.

Wu Gui took in a deep breath, “thank him for me.”

Thirty years wasn’t a long time for monsters, and if Di Xiu didn’t return at that time, they would know that Di Xiu was in trouble.

As a result, they never expected that they would get such a clue half a year in advance.

Yan Gui recalled what his son had mentioned about Di Wu, and connected it with the moon essence that his son said he had seen in that house before, and thinking for a bit, “look for Di Wu first.”

Yan Xuanjing heard him say that, and thought about what the Old Turtle had told him before about Di Wu’s location.

He simply reported an address, directly showing an attitude of wanting his father to quicking scram.

“En!” Lin Mu nodded, revealing two small dimples.

“Aiyah, what’s the hurry, Milky?” Yan Gui laid back down, with the tip of his tail leisurely swaying, “such an obvious clue is definitely a trick. Di Wu isn’t stupid, follow this and you’ll definitely be unable to find him.”

Yan Xuanjing looked at him and frowned, “you’re planning to stay?”

“I’ll be staying here for a few days to check out the situation.” Yan Gui looked at Yan Xuanjing, caught the sound of a door opening, and his ears shook, “and at the same time take care of my friend’s nephew.”

As if.

I think you came here to mooch off the sun and moon essence.

Wu Gui and Da Hei were in a rush, so after they packed their stuff, they hurried out of the door.

Yan Xuanjing looked at Yan Gui who rolled up and ran into the house with light footsteps. He mused for a bit then followed him in.

When Yan Xuanjing entered, Lin Mu was unpacking.

Lin Mu knew that his Milky wasn’t as big as an adult Samoyed, and should be still growing.

In order to give the dog a perfect childhood, when he found out that Milky did not like the few dolls that made sounds, Lin Mu bought a bunch of new things.

Lin Mu watched them walk far away, sent a message to Di Wu, and this time, bluntly explained the situation to him.

A ball, a laser light, a Frisbee, a small ring toss. He even bought a small set of slides that human children liked to play on.

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If Milky didn’t like to play with them, then he could give it to the little Ginseng and the rest to play.

It took a long time for Di Wu to reply.

The little abacus in Lin Mu’s heart calculated, and after removing a bunch of toys, he took a chew toy that had the shape of a rugby ball and turned to look at his family’s Milky.

Milky had already eaten a big bowl of chicken breast, and was now lying on one side without any care for his image, and there was a lazy atmosphere surrounding him.

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Lin Mu slightly paused and felt that this was a little wrong.

His family’s dog isn’t like this. Milky was quiet, and liked being clean, and when he wanted to lie down, at the very least he would take the dog bed and find a place to lie down.

Other times, if he wasn’t lying on his stomach or sitting, his posture was still very careful and diginied, as if carrying a burden of having a good image.

He would rarely ever lie on his side.

Lin Mu hesitated for a moment, took the toy in his hand and shook it in front of Milky.

The dog looked at him lazily and showed no interest.

Lin Mu took out his phone to look.


It was quite like Milky to be not interested in toys.

“Milky, you need to digest your food after eating.” Lin Mu was very serious about educating the dog, and picked up the Frisbee and the dog lying on the ground and went to the yard, “go and play.”

When Yan Gui was picked up, it took some time for him to react. He turned to look at his son who was standing by the door with a shocked expression.

Yan Xuanjing, who was often picked up by Lin Mu, and sometimes even had his whole fox picked up with the bed, had a deadpan look on his face, and even showed a little mocking expression.

Yan Gui: “……”

Okay then.

It was only a fullstop.

“Learn how to catch a Frisbee?” Lin Mu muttered.

His family’s Milky had learned how to shake hands quickly.

Yan Xuanjing leaned against the door and watched his father fall into the hell of dog toys. He couldn’t prevent his thoughts, and actually felt a bit like laughing.

The little Relaxed Emperor was washed by moon essence for one whole night. His whole person was in a good state of mind, and his body was better than last nightby several times.

Lin Mu had a good time with his dog and his heart was very satisfied.

Yan Xuanjing stood in the yard and looked at his father who wanted to laze around, but was instead caught and had to play with a Frisbee, and his heart was very satisfied.

He blew the steaming ginseng tea in his hand and drank it slowly.

“Yan Xuanjing!” Lin Mu put away the toys and saw that Yan xuanjing was still there. He asked in an uncertain manner, “are you not leaving today?”

Yan Xuanjing slightly clicked his tongue and thought about his own experience, and felt that there was really no need to compare between monsters.

“En.” Yan Xuanjing gave a light nod, “you have moon essence here.”

Lin Mu slightly startled as this was the first time that Yan Xuanjing had said he would stay.

Lin Mu had never asked Yan Xuanjing about where he lived before, and felt that a great monster would always have a place to live, so he had never considered the issue about Yan Xuanjing staying overnight.

If he stayed overnight once, there would be a second time.

Lin Mu feels that he has taken a big step forward in his dream of ‘waking up every morning to beautiful people’.

He happily went to clean up the guest room, took a bath and carried the dog up the stairs, then got ready to rest.

“It’s until ere for this time.” The fox spirit said.

As they all knew, the closer they were to a Relaxed Emperor, the more sun and moon essence they could get.

Yan Gui, who had been tossed around the whole night by his friend’s nephew simply jumped onto the bed.

Lin Mu didn’t like to turn on the air conditioner. Compared to turning on the air conditioner, he preferred to open the windows and doors for ventilation and turn on a small fan.

Yan Xuanjing passed by Lin Mu’s room, and looked at Lin Mu, who slept all over the place with his shirt riding up to show his belly, then met eyes with his father and once again showed an expression of ridicule.

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Yan Gui felt that something wasn’t right, he looked back at Lin Mu, who had already fallen asleep, then looked at his own son. Just as he wanted to open his mouth, his buttock was suddenly kicked hard and he fell off the bed.

Yan Xuanjing stood at the door to Lin Mu’s room, looked at the fluff that rolled onto the ground, and pulled back his lips to make a sneer.

Impersonating me?


Never expected, right?

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tfw your father barges into your love-nest.

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