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Chapter 30 – Big nephew, you wait. I’ll bring your father back now!

Yan Xuanjing had learnt this from Lin Mu.

Before he left his morning, Lin Mu had kissed his forehead. Yan Xuanjing had remembered the subtle tingling and sweetness left behind, and felt very warm and comfortable.

He thought that maybe when Lin Mu was in a bad mood, a kiss would make him feel better — after all, he couldn’t think of any other way to comfort him.

As big as the Great Wilderness was, there weren’t many monsters that could have let Yan Xuanjing comfort them.

Elders would not show weakness in front of them, even friends of the same generation were mostly competition, and the younger generation didn’t even need to be mentioned.

There still wasn’t anybody that belonged to the younger generation that would run to him and cry, acting in a spoiled manner.

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In Yan Xuanjing’s worldview, he rarely encountered monsters that would cry.

To be precise, it was monsters that would cry without a motive.

Because to survive in the Great Wilderness, many times, every frown and smile, every move and act, they all had a purpose.

In order to charm other monsters, in order to survive, in order to express their dissatisfaction or to provoke, and so on — but monsters that cried purely because of emotional catharsis, Yan Xuanjing had rarely seen any.

Many elders told him that it was a sign of weakness.

But Yan Xuanjing had never denied that the weak had the right to survive.

Even amongst the nine-tailed foxes, there were many who had drawn the short end of the stick and weren’t naturally strong, but they could still use other methods to get to the top and stir up problems.

However, just because he did not deny the value of the weak, it didn’t mean that Yan Xuanjing agreed with them.

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Because crying didn’t help, and the most important thing was to face the problem at hand and find a solution.

Then again, Lin Mu’s situation seemed to be a little different.

The great monster that had rescued them was probably Yan Gui, and the news that Da Hei had given them confirmed the guess that Yan Xuanjing and Yan Gui had.

Di Xiu had followed in Di Wu’s footsteps, and not only were the great monsters that had a good relationship with him unaware, but also couldn’t find a way to help them.

For thousands of years, no matter whether it was the Great Wilderness or the Central Plains, they could not find the place where Di Wu was suppressed.

Even if it was those places that had clearly been soaked in Di Wu’s power, and had become places where evils couldn’t invade and ghosts could not overtake, where a step up would reach the heavens and a step down would reach the netherworld, they still couldn’t find them, and ended up attracting a lot of people from all over who wanted to kill them.

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This time, if it wasn’t for Di Wu who came out by himself, who also managed to find Di Xiu, who knew what could have happened.

Yan Xuanjing looked at the dazed Lin Mu, and explained, “before, I had guessed.”

Lin Mu heard him and stared at him with red eyes, and his eyes didn’t contain the same soft and sweet look he had used before, and only gave a cold ‘oh’, touched his forehead that had been kissed before turning and walking into the house, closing the door in front of Yan Xuanjing.

Yan Xuanjing, who had the door closed in front of him twice a day, heard the sound of a door latch from the inside.


Yan Xuanjing stood in front of the door in silence for a long time, thought of Lin Mu’s appearance before he had entered the house, raised his hand to touch his heart, and didn’t feel that great.

It was a light sense of anxiety, and the pain of being pricked by needles.

It wasn’t strong, but uncomfortable.

The mood of the little Relaxed Emperor really made people worry.

Yan Xuanjing thought for a bit, and decided to let Milky try again, then he noticed four pairs of eyes sending cold gazes.

The fox spirit looked over, and saw four little heads stacked on top of one another probing out from the corner of the wall. Seeing him look over, it was the first time they did not shrink away to hide, but stared at him angrily.


“Bad monster!”

“Taking advantage of Lin Mu!”

“Also made Lin Mu cry! Bad!”

Yan Xuanjing sharpened the look in his eyes, and the little monsters instantly went into the ground, and slipped away until not the slightest bit of them was seen.

The fox spirit didn’t care about these little monsters. He looked at the looked door and turned around to walk out of the small yard, and decided to find the mountain god for some little gadgets that could help someone calm down.

These kind of gadgets, monsters like Yan Xuanjing, who were extremely calm and collected, didn’t need them, which was why he didn’t carry any with him, but Lin Mu obviously needed them.

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This was one of the negative points of sacred trees like Di Xiu. Their powers had always worked on others, but if they wanted to forget their own troubles, they could only eat their own fruits.

This was probably the so-called ‘doctors do not self-medicate’.

Yan Xuanjing left, and the little monsters ran out of the soil, looked at each other, and finally, the little Ginseng opened the side door while standing on his tiptoes, walked in light-footedly, and found out that Lin Mu had hid in his room. They didn’t dare to bother him, so after wandering around the door a few times, he angrily rolled up his sleeves, and turned to go back to the yard to deal with the pigeons that Yan Xuanjing had left behind.

Little Ginseng took back his gaze and took a deep breath, “yeah, I’ll have to try it too.”


Lin Mu closed the doors and windows of the room tightly, and also pulled the blackout curtains close, pulled open the blanket and laid down on the bed. He looked at the mobile phone, and found that the call had long ended.

He paused, glanced at the talk time, and didn’t know if Da Hei had heard anything on his side.

Da Hei really had heard it.

But as soon as he recovered from the shocking news, he heard Yan Xuanjing coaxing Lin Mu with a too gentle voice on the other end of the phone, and for a while, felt his tooth ache really badly.

— Had these two made plans in an attempt to make single dogs so jealous they died?

Da Hei was very angry.

But that wasn’t the reason why he hung up.

The important point was that the news that Di Wu and Di Xiu were together, and also the Taoist Temple that was ended by Di Wu, and other than Di Wu’s aura, there was also Di Xiu’s aura there.

And this time it wasn’t considered too short of a time, and even if Di Wu had tried to cover that aura with the blood of those people, it still had been noticed.

Once this side had gotten the news, the great monster whose mood wasn’t bad when he had first pulled them out exploded in an instant.

Da Hei’s call wasn’t very timely, and the big monster standing on the side silently and angrily and caught onto the key words in his words, quietly listened to the dialogue over there, and quietly went over to him, then reached out and turned off his mobile phone.

Da Hei met Yan Gui’s dark eyes, and felt that he had suddenly fell into the abyss. He floated in the abyss and heard the voice “You don’t know about Lin Mu’s life experiences” coming from all directions.

After that, he nodded and said, “I don’t know.”

Then Yan Gui took back his line of sight, then angrily went to the person-in-charge of the operation and asked for the address.

He was different from this group of useless monsters and human beings. If he rushed over there now, there was a chance he could follow the aura and directly locate Di Wu.


Lin Mu laid on the bed and looked at the small fan turning. After a while, he reached for his phone and called Di Wu.

Di Wu always answered Lin Mu’s calls very quickly.

At this moment, he was watching the jade lying on the table very seriously, and patching together the two palmfuls of Di Xiu’s remains.

A part of Di Xiu’s soul had been recovered, and had just been merged together. Since the part that was just returned had always been in the Taoist Temple, it actually didn’t carry much resentful energy.

And now, both Di Wu and Di Xiu were trying to transfer his soul into the remains that could fit two palms.

With the remains of his original body, even if he couldn’t retrieve all of his original body or soul, Di Xiu could just find a piece of land that contained a great amount of spiritual energy and plunge into the earth to grow for a thousand, or tens of thousands of years, and still be able to slowly grow back — although Di Wu had made it clear that he wasn’t prepared to give up on this matter.

Di Wu’s case was worse. Too much time had passed, and he had been continuously squeezed, until the point that he couldn’t even go back to the Great Wilderness to get the power that had once belonged to him, because that strength, to the now vulnerable him, was unbearable, even if that power used to belong to him in the first place.

However, in the current Central Plains, they could run rampant.

Di Wu looked at the illuminated mobile phone screen and turned on the speaker mode.


Lin Mu’s voice sounded as he had been wronged, and brought a slightly nasally tone.

He either caught or cold, or he had cried — but with a half-monster’s constitution, no matter how bad, it wasn’t easy for them to catch a cold.

This was a famous villa community in A City, the location was good, the area was large, and the price was also extremely beautiful.

Di Wu looked at the faint glowing light between the jade and the small wooden blocks, and gently pushed those lights, and motioned for him to calm down, “what happened?”

Lin Mu knead the blanket with one hand, thought of the information that Da Hei had revealed to him, and tightly pressed his lips together as he asked in a small voice and slowly, “Di Wu, my…… my father?”

Lin Mu’s tongue was a bit stiff when he had said those two words, probably because there weren’t many times that he said it — or he was too nervous.

Di Wu frowned.

“I already know, my father’s the same as you, right?” Lin Mu asked, sniffling.

“Have you already found him? How is he? Is he okay? Is there anything I can do to help?” The more Lin Mu said, the heavier the nasally sound in his voice became, and at the end, after the phone had been relatively silent for a long time, Lin Mu carefully asked, “I…… can I see him?”

Di Wu looked at the table and saw that the speed of the light on the table was getting faster and faster, and after half a minute, they had all moved from the jade to the wooden block.

The wooden block was gradually compressed and stretched, and pieced together into a crooked and twisted human shape.

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He sat up, with no face and no bodily details, and looked just like a poorly made wooden doll. There were also gaps and holes in his body, and he couldn’t even match the size of an adult man’s arm.

Lin Mu found it very hard to endure the silence over there, and licked his lips and said in a small voice, “a video…… a picture is okay.”

The distorted human heard Lin Mu’s words, climbed up and stumbled to find the mirror on the table, used a lot of strength to lift the mirror up and looked at what he looked like now, stared for quite a while, and turned around and shook his head desperately at Di Wu.

“No.” Only then did Di Wu respond to Lin Mu, and gave a slightly irritated tut, “a little accident happened, I’ll take him to see you when he’s better.”

Lin Mu tightened his grip on the blanket, “is there anything I can do to help?”

Di Wu supported his face, looked at Di Xiu who was trying to form a face in front of the mirror, and said, “little ones in the family should just live their lives probably, and not get into trouble.”

Lin Mu made a dull ‘oh’.

Di Wu laughed, “you’re not going to persuade me now?”

“Persuade.” Lin Mu shrunk into his blanket, “if you end up accumulating more sins due to killing, your soul would scatter. I don’t want your soul to scatter, I also don’t want dad’s soul to scatter, and my mother certainly wouldn’t want to.”

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Di Xiu’s actions of crazily rubbing his face stopped. He turned around and stumbled to the side of the mobile phone, and sat down and nodded towards Di Wu in agreement.

Di Wu looked at this little wooden man who gave out a soft and gentle atmosphere the minute he had returned to his original body and rolled his eyes.

This pair of father and son were really blood related.

No mistake.

“Can my father hear the phone?” Lin Mu asked.

Di Wu slumped back into his chair, “can.”

“Dad, mum died. Five years ago.” After Lin Mu finished, he fell into silence, and didn’t really know what to say.

After a long time, he said again, “the fruit that you left behind, mum didn’t eat, but we still lived a happy life.”

Lin Mu really knew too little about his parents, and after finishing, he didn’t know what to say.

Di Wu looked at the unmoving little wooden man beside the phone, and took out a cigarette and lit it.

“I’ve seen you in the album.” Lin Mu thought of his mother, who had always looked through the album, and asked, “could mum see it?”

Di Xiu thought for a bit, and raised his two thin arms and clapped them together twice.

Lin Mu was shocked, but unexpectedly understood the meaning, “she could?”

Di Xiu knocked twice on his arm again.

“That’s great.” Lin Mu muttered, sniffled, and laughed again, and changed the topic, “when can I see you?”

This question was a little complicated.

Di Wu took a smoke and said, “wait for a bit.”

“I’ve taken in some little monsters. A Ginseng Baby, two mimosas, and a small potato.” Lin Mu said, slowly.

Di Xiu clapped his hands together for his son, as a form of praise.

What was there to be proud about over a few little monsters?


Di Wu rolled his eyes again.

Lin Mu thought for a moment, and said tentatively, “the Ginseng Baby gave me some seeds, and I’ve planted many spiritual medication in my small yard, they’re all already mature, and if they’re not harvested soon, they’ll spoil. I don’t know if it can help you.”

Di Wu and Di Xiu both paused.

Di Wu put out the cigarette using his own hand, and stuffed the unprepared little wooden man into his pocket, “big nephew, you wait. I’ll bring your father back now!”

Di Xiu: ???

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