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Chapter 31 – Milky’s still the good one, and Yan Xuanjing’s the bad one.

Di Wu had asked for Lin Mu’s address, and just as he hung up the phone, he felt his waist get poked several times.

Di Xiu poked his head out from his jeans pocket, and the two wooden arms that had failed to form into hand shapes kept on poking Di Wu’s waist. Seeing that Di Wu had lowered his head down, Di Xiu looked up at him and hit him a few more times.

Taking Di Xiu out from his pocket, Di Wu passed two hands under the arms of the little wooden man as he lifted him up, “what?”

Di Xiu lifted his legs and kicked the bridge of Di Wu’s nose.

Di Wu snorted and leaned back to escape Di Xiu’s next attack, then simply placed him on the table. He muttered, “what are you so angry about? Anyways, your resentful energy is very weak now, and it’s not as if you can’t go and see him.”

The little wooden man raised his hand and patted his face.

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“Even if you’re a ball, your son won’t dislike you.” Di Wu said, “besides, didn’t he say that there was your fruit at home? If you swallow it, you’ll probably become much better.”

Di Xiu paused, and shook his head.

Recalling the fact that this fruit was left for Di Xiu’s wife, Di Wu thought for a bit, and didn’t say anything more on the topic. He only said, “in our situation, it’s better for us to have more spiritual medication. If it wasn’t because we can’t return to the Great Wilderness now, we wouldn’t be like this.”

If Di Wu went back to the Great Wilderness in this situation, it was almost the same as sending food to other monsters. Although it wasn’t impossible for him to find his old friends, every minute before finding them was full of danger.

Di Wu, who had crashed and burned because of his carelessness before, did not intend to take this risk at all.

He chose to understand the situation in the Central Plains first and grow for another thousand to eight hundred years, before returning to the Great Wilderness to retrieve his power.

The vengeance on the Great Wilderness’s side, he could slowly take it.

Now, there was no point in returning to the Great Wilderness. For the time being, Di Wu did not know where he had to go to location his own power, and even if he knew it, in his current state of having a weak body and soul, along with his whole body being full of killing intent, he wouldn’t even be able to take it back.

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— Maybe even without other monsters making a move, he would have died under the hands of his own power.

If a mishap like that really happened, and his was killed by his own powers, then Di Wu’s reputation would definitely be passed down through the ages, regarded as a negative example of educating one’s children in the Great Wilderness.

That was too stupid.

It didn’t fit in with the image that he always had; wise, powerful and flawless.

If they had spiritual medication, then it would be much easier.

He had just emerged about half a year ago, and had gathered some monsters with good abilities, but the Central Plains was still the world of humans.

The world of humans meant that monsters weren’t seen as the mainstream, but as the dark side that needed to be hidden. As human beings gradually gave up cultivation and turned to study science and technology, the spiritual energy that the earth couldn’t obtain would naturally decrease.

The spiritual energy of the Central Plains were exhausted, and naturally, spiritual medication was difficult to grow.

This was why the monsters under Di Wu had no stock spiritual medication in their hands, and couldn’t even help at all.

Di Xiu looked down at himself, and stopped talking.

Because in his current state, he couldn’t help with the growing of spiritual medication.

When he was still a completed tree, it was a very, very simple matter to attract the essence of the sun and the moon to nourish the waters and soil.

After being torn apart, he didn’t have such powers and abilities anymore.

He would be able to get one or two of them in a day if he tried his best, and even these one or two balls of light would not be willing to fall into his arms because his resentful energy hadn’t dispersed.

The reality was — he needed spiritual medication too.

Really needed.

It was probably because their origins were plants, spiritual medication, these kind of things, if used on a plant monster like them, would be much more useful than if they were used on monsters formed of animals, or other things that had gained spiritual wisdom due to the heavens and earth.

In addition to the efficacy of the spiritual medication, what was more useful to them was the spiritual energy of these spiritual medication.

Other monsters couldn’t directly digest these spiritual energies, but they could.

The effect of fresh spiritual medication was much greater for them compared to after it had been cultivated into a pill.

Right now, what they needed was the nourishing aura of the spiritual medication in order to help them stabilise and strengthen their soul.

“When I first saw Lin Mu, the monsterous energy on him couldn’t even be compared to a little monster that had just gained spiritual awareness.” Di Wu finished, and opened a box to rummage through it, “it’s only been a month since we last met. He said that he already had a batch of spiritual medication, and I guess that it’s probably because he had already started to attract the essence of the sun and moon. Otherwise, spiritual medication wouldn’t mature so fast.”

Di Xiu heard his words and nodded. He climbed up from the table, ran in front of the mirror again, and continued to try and rub a face out.

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Di Wu looked back at him, gave a heavy sigh, and shook his head.

How could it be rubbed out?

Such a fool, couldn’t be saved.

He look back his gaze and continued to rummage, “he’s able to stay safe despite attracting the essence of the sun and moon. It seems that the fox staying next to him is quite reliable.”

Di Xiu felt that this made sense.

He always had a good impression of the nine-tailed foxes. After all, for so many years after he had turned into a monster, the ones that had liked to run into his valley and bring him books and food, were none other than those nine-tailed foxes.

The reason why he understood and looked forward to the outside world was because of the joys, sorrows, and hustle and bustle that Yan Gui had described to him.

“Okay, found everything.” Di Wu took a few small bags and stuffed it into his pocket, making it bulge.

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He patted his pocket, “these spiritual medication were seized from house to house.”

Di Xiu looked at him, then looked back at himself in the mirror, and felt very distressed.

There is no passion or joy in seeing his son like this.

He asked Lin Mu: You don’t have anything to ask?

His son would certainly feel very worried.

Di Xiu sighed for a long time.

Di Wu looked at Di Xiu, who made the action of sighing but didn’t actually make a sigh, picked him up and put him inside the other pocket. He watched him lean out and poked him with his finger, “okay, let’s go!”

Di Xiu raised his hand and touched his finger gently to show that he was ready.


Lin Mu hung up and phone and jumped out of bed, and felt that the entire day was really thrilling, just like sitting on a rollercoaster.

He placed down his phone in a panic, sat on the side of his bed, and wanted to prepare something but didn’t know what he could prepare.

— He was going to meet his father.


He had a father.

Lin Mu wandered around the house several times. He had no concrete feelings about this fact and only felt that his blood was rising, his heartbeat was drumming away, and even his breathing was disorganised.

Milky came back with a grass in his mouth.

As soon as he entered the house from the side door, he was blocked by the little Ginseng.

The little Ginseng looked at the grass that he was holding and sniffed, “is this the mint spiritual grass grown by Uncle Mountain God?”

Milky sat in place, looked at him, a was a little confused.

“Milky, just now, that great monster…… the one called Yan Xuanjing, made Lin Mu cry.” The little Ginseng complained — he knew that Milky was a monster that was deeply hidden.

He didn’t know the specifics, but it didn’t matter. Anyways, Milky was good for Lin Mu.

The little Ginseng said in a childish tone, “right now, Lin Mu definitely isn’t in a good mood. You go and comfort him, I’m going to make Lin Mu something cold and delicious. Accompany him, okay?”

Milky nodded, and watched as the little Ginseng reached out to grab two leaves of the spiritual grass that he was holding, then went past the little monsters on the kitchen floor and up to the second floor.

He looked at Lin Mu’s closed door and lifted his front paws to scratch the door.

Lin Mu heard the sound and went up to open the door.

A cool scent hit his face, bringing with it a little stimulating and refreshing cold.

It was the smell of mint.

Lin Mu squatted down and took that grass the Milky was holding in his mouth, looked it over, and found out that it was mint.

But ordinary mint didn’t have such a strong smell.

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Lin Mu shook the grass in his hand: “for me?”

Milky looked at him and shook his ears.

Lin Mu looked at Milky’s front fur, and found that there was a little dirt at the front.

He reached out his hand and spread it out, “right hand.”

Milky placed his right paw into his palm.

Lin Mu saw that there were some dirt in Milky’s nails, which looked quite fresh.

Lin Mu looked at the grass in his hand again.

The grass was probably just dug up from the mountains for him, even the roots were still complete.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but hug his dog and rub his forehead against the dog’s forehead.

The fox spirit squinted slightly, drooped his ears and lightly rubbed back.

Halfway through, he heard Lin Mu said, “Milky’s still the good one.”

The fox spirit paused.

“Don’t learn from Yan Xuanjing after you attain spiritual awareness, you’re good as you are.” Lin Mu said, “Yan Xuanjing’s the bad one.”

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Yan Xuanjing: “?”

Why was he bad?

Lin Mu hugged and nuzzled the dog as he muttered, “how could he hide something so important from me?”

“It’s fine if he hid it, but he still didn’t know how to repent.” Lin Mu issued a condemnation, “he act…… actually…… kissed me!”

Lin Mu stopped after he had said it, and it wasn’t until after his anger dissipated did he realise what had happened.

Lin Mu: “?”

Lin Mu touched his forehead, “why did he kiss me for?”

This really made the handsome me not understand at all.

“Forget it.” Lin Mu muttered and placed his hand on his forehead, and felt that it was a little warm, “he’s actually a good fox spirit. I guess he was protecting me before.”

Otherwise, why would the next leader of the Qingqiu Country, run into his small yard and teach him how to use his powers?

Was Yan Xuanjing that free?

Certainly not.

It was impossible that he came for the essence of the sun and the moon as well as the spiritual medication — are you joking, would the next young leader of the Qingqiu Country lack such things?

Lin Mu felt that he certainly wouldn’t lack any of them.

What he could get, the person of such a high and great position might be so tired of it and was too lazy to even give it a glance.

Other than recognising his identity as protecting him, Lin Mu really couldn’t think of any other reason.

“He’s a good fox.” Lin Mu said, “but I’m still very angry.”

Yan Xuanjing helped him, Lin Mu was certainly grateful..

But Lin Mu was also angry that he kept such important things from him.

Anger did not conflict with gratitude.

Lin Mu dragged his hand through the dog’s fur, and blinked.

After Yan Xuanjing returns, let him eat a week of potatoes.

The fox spirit who was comfortable being ruffled by the little Relaxed Emperor felt a chill down his spine and immediately sat upright, looking around alertly.

Lin Mu cleaned up the mint that the dog had given him, took it downstairs to find an empty flower pot to plant it, and was met with a cold cup that was placed near his face.

The little Ginseng came up to him with a drink, “ta-dah! Lemon and Mint tea!”

Lin Mu looked at the two mint leaves in the cup, cleaned his hands and took the drink from the little Ginseng, and ruffled his head.

The little Ginseng was ruffled so hard his head shook, and he looked at Lin Mu’s smiling manner and let out a sigh of relief. He wrinkled his nose and grabbed Lin Mu’s sleeves, whispering, “Lin Mu, don’t be angry. We will ignore Yan Xuanjing in the future.”

Yan Xuanjing sat on the side, looked at the little Ginseng that was being comforted by Lin Mu, and blinked.

Hindering little brat.

Lin Mu ruffled the little Ginseng’s head and said, “that’s not going to work.”

The little Ginseng bludged his cheeks, made a dull ‘oh’, and said, “as long as Lin Mu’s not sad.”

Yan Xuanjing heard those words, flicked his tail, and circled Lin Mu’s ankles.

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Lin Mu looked at Milky next to his feet, took in a deep breath, and stood up, “let’s eat first, then clean up the house — there’s going to be guests in the next few days.”

The little Ginseng followed behind Lin Mu like a little tail, “I’ll help!”

Lin Mu shook his head. He wasn’t planning to clean his room, but his mother’s room.

He didn’t want others to enter his mother’s room.

But when his father came back, it was better for him to sleep there.

Di Wu could sleep in the guest room, and since Yan Xuanjing had occasionally stayed over, the room only needed to be cleaned up a little, and the task wasn’t difficult.

Lin Mu thought for a moment and said to the little Ginseng, “can you help me clean up some ventilation rooms, and move the potted plants that need to be moved?”

The little Ginseng nodded his head, “okay!”

After Lin Mu and the little Ginseng finished their meal, they carefully and thoroughly cleaned up the rooms and the ventilation rooms.

Lin Mu looked at Milky in the yard and blinked.

“Should I give Milky a bath?” Lin Mu whispered to the little Ginseng beside him.

The little Ginseng looked at the dog who was lying in a dignified manner in the yard enjoying the moon essence, thought about it, then showed a shocked expression, “Milky hasn’t taken a bath for a month!”

Lin Mu wasn’t sure how often a dog needed to take a bath.

But today, since he thought about it, he’ll give him a wash. His father should be here within these couple of days, at that time, Milky can leave a good impression on his father.

Milky wasn’t like other dogs, and was unexpectedly cooperative with the whole bathing matter. He didn’t make a fuss at all, and was very tame as he let Lin Mu wash and rub at him. After bathing, Lin Mu took the hair dryer and blew his fur dry, and the whole entire dog became extremely fluffy, at least twice as round as before, like an expanding hairball.

Originally, Lin Mu still could find some traces of the hair he had cut when they first met, but now that this whole ball of fur blew up, it couldn’t be seen at all.

Lin Mu pulled out the comb that he bought before to groom the dog.

Summer was the season dogs shed their fur, and with a single comb through, a large pile of soft white fluff was combed out.

Lin Mu combed for half an hour, looked at the dog on the left, then look at the ball of fur on the right, which was about the same size as the dog it came from. He went to find a big bag to put it in, and was prepared to learn some felting.

“You dropped so much fur, I wonder if you’ll start balding after gaining spiritual awareness.” Lin Mu muttered as he cleaned up the dog’s fur, paused his actions, and remembered that foxes were also a type of canine.

He looked at his wrist which had the white bracelet that he never took off, and wondered when he could ask Da Hei about this wonderful secret.

Lin Mu bent down and picked up another pile of fur.


There was a ‘bang’ outside the window, which set off green flames all over the sky, which illuminated the entire courtyard like it was day.

Milky, who was originally lying next to him, suddenly stood up and stared at the green fire wall, and smelled a strong aura of blood and killing intent.

Lin Mu also suddenly stood up, frowned and looked out of the window. He vaguely heard a someone cursing.

The voice sounded a bit familiar, but at a distance, he couldn’t really tell..

Lin Mu watched seriously as the fire wall made by the Morning Dusk was pressed down alongside the sound of cursing, and the blood-tainted killing intent rushed over, along with a strong sense of vile karma, and like an indestructible blade, it split open the wall of fire and rushed straight in.

A great monster stained with blood and an aura of death.

Such an aura was unheard of in Yan Xuanjing’s five hundred years of memories.

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This monster was someone he didn’t know.

And had come with evil intentions.

Yan Xuanjing kicked using his hind legs, and jumped out of the open window. His body grew like the wind, his snout lengthened, and the tail behind him flicked and formed another eight, and under the moonlight, it produced a cold light like a blade.

The nine-tailed fox flicked his tail, and tightly protected the little Relaxed Emperor in the house. He revealed his claws, bared his teeth, and showed eyes full of ferocity at the brutal monster outside the wall of fire.

Di Wu looked at the nine-tailed fox whose fur was exploding like a ball, paused for a couple of seconds, and laughed out loud, not giving any respect at all.

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Di Wu: Respect, what’s that? Can you eat it?

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