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Chapter 32 – Milky: Caught by the scruff of my neck.

Lin Mu held the plastic bag, looked at the large fluffy fur blocking the window, and didn’t understand what had happened.

Milky’s action of jumping out was too fast, and before Lin Mu could even react, within the blink of an eye, a big ball of fur had already blocked his view.

There was only one window in the room. After being blocked by a big pile of fluff, he couldn’t see the outside at all.

Lin Mu’s thoughts ranged from ‘Milky suddenly became bigger’ to ‘what’s going on outside’ to ‘those potted plants outside the window and in the yard better not be broken’, and finally arrived to a messy reality.

— Milky didn’t seem to be an ordinary dog.

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Not ordinary in the sense of a normal dog that had gained spiritual wisdom.

Lin Mu held the plastic bag, opened his mouth and closed it again.

No wonder Milky was so smart.

Not mentioning the fact that he learnt everything really fast, but he could also understand what he meant, and also knew how to go into the mountains to dig some mint up to let him cool down when he was in a bad mood.

The mint was still alive, whole and completely intact without any scarring.

No matter how human-like he was, he wouldn’t be so until this extent.

Lin Mu felt that this wasn’t his fault.

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He had thought that all dogs that attained spiritual wisdom were that smart.

After all, if wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen any exceptionally smart animals videos while browsing through the internet.

Since there were so many smart dogs in the world, who says that their family’s Milky couldn’t be one of them?

Lin Mu felt that his logic was perfect, and that there was nothing wrong with it.

So, at this moment, he looked at the big pile of fluff blocking the window, took a deep breath, and looked around at the fur that had been blown all over the room by the wind caused by Milky when he had jumped out, and found his phone.

Other than that one time that Milky had appeared, the Morning Dusk hadn’t burnt so violently before.

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Lin Mu paused, and gave a thoughtful glance towards the furry ball blocking the window.

If that was the case, and his dog wasn’t an ordinary dog, then there was a high chance that the evil spirits and monsters that were been burnt by the Morning Dusk in the past were following Milky.

At that time, Milky was still injured and looked extremely terrible. It’s just that he had recovered very quickly, and later, nothing amiss had happened, so naturally, Lin Mu didn’t pay much attention to it.

If he thought about it, the reason why Milky chose to stay might be out of gratitude.

— At least this time, the reason Milky had jumped out after realising that the fire wall made by the Morning Dusk had been broken into from the outside, was definitely with the intention of protecting him.

He thought maybe when Lin Mu was in a bad mood, a kiss would make him feel better — after all, he couldn’t think of any other way to comfort him.

Lin Mu thought so, and was deeply moved. He didn’t know how strong Milky was, so he took out his phone and dialed Di Wu’s number, preparing to tell them not to come here first.

Lin Mu also didn’t know how strong Di Wu was right now. He hadn’t fought seriously with any monsters before, and when Yan Xuanjing was teaching him, he obviously didn’t take it seriously.

In any case, it was better not to let Di Wu, who was currently a wounded person, take the risk.

Lin Mu pressed the dial button.

Yan Xuanjing stood in the yard, blocking the aura that was coming out of the house, and watched the human figure that stood far away from the fire wall with vigilance.

Although it was in the shape of a human, in Yan Xuanjing’s eyes, it was an opponent strong enough that he had to use his original form to fight.

This opponent could easily break the enchantment that he had placed down, and was also strong enough to split the wall of fire using strength alone — just these two points alone were enough to make Yan Xuanjing nervous.

He looked at the unfamiliar big monster, and realised that the other party was covered in a thick, blood-stained aura that could be smelled even without careful observation. If he paid attention, he could see countless strands of karma entangled on his body.

Yan Xuanjing had lived for five hundred years, and he had never seen such a huge amount of karma.

He recalled that a monster that had been killed a few years ago for doing evil deeds. Even for that monster, the karma on their body was only about a  tenth of the monster in front of him.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t even dare to conclude what was up with this monster.

It was the first time he’s seen anything like this — this monster’s merits and sins each covered half the land. They were entangled together like the clouds and fogs, shrouding him in their midsts. This combination of bright merits and dark sins almost obscured the sky and the sun.

Why would there be such a situation? Yan Xuanjing couldn’t understand.

But this did not prevent him from paying attention to this monster and staying vigilant.

The nine-tailed fox monster, naturally, their strongest weapon was their original body. Their sharp teeth and nails, and even their tails and fur were extremely advantageous weapons.

Yan Xuanjing watched the great monster who was laughing in front of him so much that he was shaking, blinked, and crushed a piece of jade under his claws.

In times like this, it was best to call for rescue.

— Old fox! I choose you!

Just as Yan Xuanjing broke the jade, he heard a sound coming from the monster outside the yard.

The monster who was laughing paused, and placed his hand into his pocket.

The nine-tailed fox suddenly became more alert, and his whole body was tensed up, and watched as the other party reached into his pocket and pulled out a…… mobile phone.

Yan Xuanjing: “?”


Di Wu answered the phone, and heard Lin Mu’s voice coming from the other end.

“Di Wu, you shouldn’t come over first.” Lin Mu’s voice sounded very serious, “there seems to be some small problems on this side.”

Because of his vigilance, Yan Xuanjing, who was paying special attention to every single bit of disturbance, paused. He listened to the voice coming out from the monster’s phone and the voice coming from house behind him, and the less than a second interval between them, and his whole entire fox froze on the spot.

Di Wu looked up at the stunned ball of nine-tailed fox, and couldn’t help but snort a few more times, and said to the phone, “no problem, we’re at your door.”

Lin Mu was stunned, “ah?”

“You still have such good things like Morning Dusk at your place.” Di Wu looked at the Morning Dusk that had noticed the killing intent on his body and was continuously burning up, thought for a bit, and said, “pretty good. Come out.”

Lin Mu froze for two seconds, agreed, hung up the phone and climbed up onto the window to gently tugged at the fur that entered the window, and called Milky, “Milky, there’s no problem. That’s a person…… no, monster I know.”

Yan Xuanjing felt the fur on his tail being tugged, heard what Lin Mu had said, and hesitantly looked at the monster that was called ‘Di Wu’ by Lin Mu for a while. He thought for a bit, and still changed back to the form that Lin Mu was familiar with.

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But when Lin Mu ran down and prepared to rush to the yard and open the door, he circled his tail around Lin Mu’s ankle, and no matter what, did not plan to let Lin Mu take another step forward.

Lin Mu helplessly had his leg circled by his own dog, and was separated by a wall of fire, so he wasn’t clear about what was going on outside.

“That’s a monster I know — he doesn’t have any evil intentions.”

And he had brought my father here.

Lin Mu tried to pull his feet out of Milky’s tail-shackle, in order to go and dig up some Morning Dusk temporarily, and let Di Wu in first.

But Yan Xuanjing didn’t release him.

At this moment, he recognised Di Wu’s human form.

Yan Gui had shown it to him several times, and once Yan Xuanjing was reminded by Lin Mu, he naturally remembered.

But now, looking at Di Wu who was stained with karma, Yan Xuanjing would be a fool to release Lin Mu.

Not to mention that Di Wu was also covered with an aura of blood. What if he approached Lin Mu, an unstable little half-monster, and Lin Mu got affected?

Outside, Di Wu heard Lin Mu talking with Yan Xuanjing in a good-natured manner.

He also recognised whose kid that nine-tailed fox was — his previous guess was correct, the kid was his old friend’s son.

He had an honest and sensible character. Di Wu lit up a cigarette, and felt that it was a good thing Yan Xuanjing’s personality didn’t follow either of his parents.

At least, Di Wu was very satisfied that Yan Xuanjing had rushed out to protect Lin Mu without any hesitation.

He could tell that this nine-tailed fox had a lot of unhealed wounds, and for him to be willing to rush out at this time was indeed a praiseworthy thing.

Di Wu quietly finishing smoking a cigarette, and hearing that nothing had progressed inside the house, he clicked his tongue, “stop blocking, or just take a closer look at Lin Mu, and you’ll see that he had long been stained by the karma on me.”

Yan Xuanjing paused, then turned his head and took a closer look at Lin Mu, and finally amidst the eye-catching flow of moon essence, found some merits and tiny amounts of blood-stained aura on him.

Yan Xuanjing choked, and for a moment couldn’t get angry at all. He loosened the tail that bound Lin Mu’s ankle, and gave him a blow across his calf.

Lin Mu hissed as he was hit, looked down at his dog, and realised that Milky, who had always been sweet and quiet showed a rare angry expression.

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Although it was rare and hard to see anger from a dog’s face, Lin Mu could see.

He could probably tell that Milky was worried about him.

Lin Mu squatted down and patted Milky’s head, “I’m sorry.”

Yan Xuanjing angrily shook off the hand that landed on his head, and raised his foot to walk out in front of Lin Mu.

Lin Mu touched his nose, and thought that before he had even pursued the matter of him being lied to, Milky got angry at him.

However, it seemed that this matter was indeed his fault.

It was worry that made Milky angry.

Lin Mu followed behind Milky and walked out of the house.

The place where Di Wu was standing was a little distance away from Lin Mu’s yard.

It’s probably because the Morning Dusk still held some threat to him.

Lin Mu quickly ran up, said hello to Di Wu, and looked behind him.

Seeing him act in this manner, Di Wu felt it was a bit funny, “what are you looking for?”

“Looking for my father.” Lin Mu said.

“Oh.” Di Wu simply took out Di Xiu, who had hidden in his pocket the moment he heard Lin Mu’s footsteps, and casually threw him to Lin Mu, “here, your father.”

Lin Mu scrambled to pick up the little wooden man, held him and paused for a long time, and then looked at Di Wu, a bit at a loss.

Di Wu tsk’ed lightly, lifted Di Xiu’s feet and shook him vigorously, “stop playing dead.”

Di Xiu hugged Di Wu’s finger, and looked at his son in a panic.

Lin Mu watched this crudely shaped human doll, carefully took him, touched the pockmarked places on his body, and whispered, “does it hurt?”

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The little wooden man sat in Lin Mu’s palm and heard him ask such a question. He was stunned for a moment, then shook his head.

Lin Mu understood the reply and felt relieved, “that’s great!”

He was a little prepared for such a situation. Wasn’t he just not in a human form? The problem wasn’t big.

As long as he was still alive.

And they could meet again.

It was enough to have a beginning, and it would definitely get better in the future.

“Di Wu, you can’t enter the house?” Lin Mu looked at the Morning Dusk which were gradually getting extinguished, “I’ll dig out some of the Morning Dusk?”

“No need, it’s good to have the Morning Dusk for protection.” Di Wu waved his hand, and took out several bags of spiritual medication seeds from his pocket. “Just give me some spiritual medication. Your dad can go in, but because of certain matters, he still has to come with me if something comes up.”

This ‘something comes up’ naturally referred to times when new information had been found, and the cause of the karma had to be uprooted.

Lin Mu scrambled to pick up the little wooden man, held him and paused for a long time, and then looked at Di Wu, a bit at a loss.

Di Xiu was indispensable. Without him, Di Wu wouldn’t be able to find where the remains of Di Xiu’s soul and body.

“His resentful energy has faded, and nothing’s happening recently. I’ll just find a place to digest the spiritual medication myself. You father and son pair should get together first.” After he finished, Di Wu looked at Di Xiu sitting in Lin Mu’s palm, and chucked.

Di Xiu was indispensable. Without him, Di Wu wouldn’t be able to find where the remains of Di Xiu’s soul and body. Di Xiu was indispensable. Without him, Di Wu wouldn’t be able to find where the remains of Di Xiu’s soul and body. Di Xiu was indispensable. Without him, Di Wu wouldn’t be able to find where the remains of Di Xiu’s soul and body.

Then his eyes turned to the nine-tailed fox who had been staring at him in an indifferent manner.

Lin Mu followed his line of sight, bent and squatted down, patted the dog’s head as he introduced, “this is Milky.”

“A good child.” Di Wu said.

Di Xiu sat in Lin Mu’s palm, thought about Yan Xuanjing’s previous actions, and felt that it was very good. He nodded in agreement, raised his hands to chest-level and clapped, like a little seal applauding1.

“You gave him the name Milky?” Di Wu asked.

Lin Mu gave a slightly embarrassed smile and ruffled the dog’s fur, “yeah, because it suits him very well.”

“His formal name?” Di Wu also squatted down and met eyes with Yan Xuanjing, and said, “this aura, he’s Yan Gui’s son, right? What’s his formal name?”

Yan Xuanjing, who was still angry, knew that something was going to happen and froze.

Lin Mu paused, and was still a little confused about what Di Wu meant, “what?”

“His formal name.” Di Wu said, “nine-tailed foxes are different from other wild monsters, they all have names.”

Lin Mu’s hand tightened, and he pulled a handful of fur on the dog.

He lowered his head to look at Milky, then looked at Di Wu, and whispered, “Milky…… isn’t a dog?”

Di Wu: “?”

“?” Di Xiu’s seal-like applause stopped, and he turned to look at his child.

“What dog?” Di Wu was in disbelief, and wondered if there was something wrong with his nephew — or if there was something wrong with Yan Gui’s kid. “You’re keeping a nine-tailed fox as a dog?! Even if Yan Gui’s kid isn’t the future leader of Qingqiu Country, he’ll at least be a future general of Qingqiu Country, and you’re keeping him as a dog? And he didn’t bite you?”

The smile on Lin Mu’s face faded away.

Yan Xuanjing was grabbed by the scruff of his neck by Lin Mu, and looked at Di Wu with a straight face.

This grudge, this future young leader will remember it.

Just you wait.

The author has this to say:

Milky: Caught by the scruff of my neck.2
被揪住了命运的后颈皮: Lit. being caught by the scruff of fate. The scruff of fate refers to animals (mainly cats) being unable to move while the scruff of their neck is held.

The translator has this to add: 

Yan Xuanjing: Exposed.jpg 

Lesson learnt: Don’t pretend to be someone else you’re not and sleep in your future partner’s bed, if not you’ll be exposed by someone who knows your dad.

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