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Chapter 33 – A whole family should be arranged clearly.

The scene was extremely embarrassing.

Di Wu looked at Lin Mu, who looked at the nine-tailed fox with a blank face, then looked at the nine-tailed fox who was staring at him without any expression, pondered for a bit, and felt that there was something wrong with this situation.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

Lin Mu looked at what should have been his dog, but somehow became Milky, the next leader of Qingqiu Country, and fell silent for a while. Then, he took out his phone and searched up Samoyed.

Lin Mu didn’t really know much about dog breeds. He also couldn’t really tell the criteria for those breeds, and was also too lazy to think about them.

— In any case, a big pile of soft and white fluff, that would drop fur like crazy as they ran. A big angelic white dog that would let out their tongue the moment they grinned, simply stamping a Samoyed on them was enough.

Not to mention there were so many messy hybrids nowadays, and Lin Mu had never expected a stray dog to have that pure of a pedigree, but he had almost looked like one.

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Lin Mu looked at the pictures on his phone, then looked at his Milky, and found out that the shape of a Samoyed’s eyes were much rounder that his family’s Milky, but from a first glance, there wasn’t much difference.

Especially since Milky’s current body size was similar to that of a Samoyed which hadn’t reached adulthood, it was much more difficult to see any difference.

After all, during during their awkward stage, Samoyed’s were really ugly, and his Milky was already very good looking.

Today, after taking a bath, Milky’s fur was all fluffed up and just as round as a regular Samoyed, and even looked like a larger version of a Pomeranian.

If he had to say there was anything not very dog-like about Milky, it was probably the tail.

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His tail wasn’t perked up like most other dogs.

Lin Mu had noticed it before, but he felt that it was fine.

Many dogs didn’t have their tails perked up. Look at other people’s German Shepherds, or Collies, none of their tails were perked up!

Why couldn’t their family’s Milky be a Samoyed that has his tail down, what if he was a hybrid or something, right?

Lin Mu had already thought about a completed and smooth chain of logic for Milky, and even what to do if the other people that had raised Milky before came to their door.

If they came to the door and started causing trouble, Lin Mu felt that after so many years of behaving properly, he would have to return to his old job and start fighting again. Lin Mu had even thought about his lines.

If they were polite, Lin Mu would also negotiate with them in a polite manner, and was even willing to pay more.

In any case, it was impossible for him to let go. He really wanted to raise Milky well, and have a dog that could accompany him for a long time, so that he would not have to return to look at an empty house everyday.

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Lin Mu had already fully prepared himself, and he even looked forward to waiting for Milky to gain spiritual awareness.

But he never expected that there wasn’t any dog that had attained spiritual wisdom, no sweet Milky…… No, there wasn’t even a dog in the first place.

Lin Mu stared blankly at Milky and loosened his grip on Milky’s neck, “Yan Xuanjing?”

Yan Xuanjing fell silent for a while, and after he had prepared himself enough psychologically, he turned his head to look at Lin Mu and met eyes with him.

Lin Mu was a little angry, and held his father in his palm as he took a step back, “you can change back.”

Yan Xuanjing paused, thought for a bit, and with a shake of his tail, shook out nine.

Nine large fluffy tails spread open behind him, in the shape of a fan like a peacock’s tail, shaking slightly in an uneasy manner.

Lin Mu almost didn’t keep his expression straight, and his anger leaked out like the air in a balloon that had been pierced.

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He stared at the nine-tailed fox who seemed to glow under the moonlight, and when he spoke again, he held traces of helplessness in his voice, “…… I mean, human form.”

Yan Xuanjing was extremely obedient and transformed back into his human form.

Di Wu took him out from his pocket, usings two hands to pass under the arms of the little wooden man as he lifted him up, “what?”

He was still the same, sitting straight up with his whole body excluding coldness. He slightly turned his head to look at Lin Mu, then lowered his eyes and didn’t say anything, for he also didn’t know what to say.


Di Wu looked at this, then looked at that, then smacked his lips and felt as if he understood a little.

It turned out that it wasn’t his nephew raising the nine-tailed fox as a dog, it was the nine-tailed fox that tricked his nephew by pretending to be a dog — but if that was the case, Di Wu was really quite curious.

About what kind of mental state would actually let such a dignified nine-tailed fox be willing to be treated as a pet dog.

And was actually given Milky, such a delicately sweet name.

Looking at this little fox’s expression, it seemed that he didn’t mind at all.

With that posture, if one gave him a plate of melons, he would be able to eat it happily.1给他递一盘瓜 (give him a plate of melons), variant of 吃瓜群众 (melon-eating audience), a chinese term used to describe internet lurkers who don’t participate and only watched drama happening

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Yan Xuanjing tilted his head to look at Lin Mu, and when he saw Lin Mu lift his feet and go over, he also followed. He stepped in between Lin Mu and Di Wu, sat between them, and pushed Lin Mu further away without a word.

Lin Mu was too weak, so he couldn’t be too close with Di Wu, who had a great amount of karma surrounding him.

If it was according to what Yan Xuanjing wanted, then they should be very far apart, and say what they wanted to say through the phone — it was best if Lin Mu didn’t get involved, lest he got stained with karma or killing intent.

Lin Mu was separated from Di Wu and pushed away. He was stunned for two seconds, then became a little angry, “what?”

Yan Xuanjing was very calm, “you’re weak, stay further away from him.”

Lin Mu froze and looked at Yan Xuanjing for a while, stood up angrily, then sat on the other side of the trunk.

Di Xiu looked at his child, and patted Lin Mu’s palm with care.

Lin Mu looked down at his father, mumbled a bit, and placed his father on the trunk too.

Three figures and a small wooden doll sat in a row in the dark night, with a beautiful crescent moon over their heads.

A stream of moon essence floated out of the yard that was covered by the nine-tailed fox’s illusion. They seem as if they wanted to approach, but ended up circling around them because of Di Wu’s aura.

The Ginseng Baby was worried about something happening to Lin Mu and came out of the yard, after looking at the scene in front of him, he rubbed his eyes that had turned red due to fear. With fear in his heart, he plucked several ginseng seeds and strands of ginseng, brewed some ginseng tea, cut a plate of fruit, and carefully walked out with his short legs whilst holding the plates.

Lin Mu rubbed his head and took the two plates from the still shaking Ginseng Baby, “go back first.”

The little Ginseng was looked at by Di Xiu in a slightly hungry manner, whined while crying on his way back.

Di Wu looked at the tea and melon, and then looked at the other three sitting next to him, and thought that this scene was really damn interesting.

He took a sip of tea and asked, “what’s the matter with you guys?”

“You ask Yan Xuanjing what’s the matter.” Lin Mu said angrily, “he lied to me!”

“I didn’t.” Yan Xuanjing was very rigid, “I didn’t say I was a dog.”

Lin Mu stared at him with widened eyes, “you didn’t refute!”

The young country’s leader said, “I didn’t admit.”

Lin Mu looked at Yan Xuanjing in disbelief, “it’s you who pretended to be a dog and tricked me!”

“……” Yan Xuanjing fell silent for two seconds, met Lin Mu’s gaze, and subconsciously didn’t refute as he nodded with a great desire to survive, “my fault.”

“What’s the matter with a per….. a fox like you!” Lin Mu said, “why did you pretend in the first place!”

“It was more convenient to fight in my original form, but I was injured and pretended to be an ordinary fox. I saw the Morning Dusk, and since those who could grow Morning Dusk were all extraordinary people, I wanted to make a good relationship.” Yan Xuanjing said briefly, and after two seconds of silence, “I didn’t expect that you would treat me as a dog.”

Lin Mu: “……”

So it’s my fault?

Di Wu munched away on the melon.

Di Xiu looked at this, then looked at that, then took out the strand of ginseng from his share of the tea and held it in his arms to digest it slowly.

Lin Mu continued to ask, “then when did you find out that I was a Relaxed Emperor? And about my father’s matter.”

The nine-tailed fox was surprisingly well-behaved, “the first time the moon essence came down, and about Di Xiu’s matter, I found out during the previous time we traced Di Wu.”

Lin Mu pursed his lips, “then why didn’t you say anything? Or tell me.”

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“……” Yan Xuanjing hesitated for a moment, and still said, “because you’re too weak. It’s not good if you know too much. It’s good that you want to be strong, but you’re still too weak.”

Yan Xuanjing finished speaking, looked at Lin Mu who was getting angry but couldn’t let it out, and was about to become furious, then looked at the two elders who were eating melons and watching the show. He pondered for a moment, and tried to drag Di Wu down, “Di Wu should have known earlier than I did.”


This little fox’s very bad.

Di Wu gnawed at the melon, and wasn’t fooled at all, “the reason why you lied to my nephew wasn’t because I knew about it early.”

Yan Xuanjing: “……”


Lin Mu naturally knew that what Yan Xuanjing had said was the truth.

He was smart, and knew the underlying meaning of Di Wu’s words, which was basically agreeing with Yan Xuanjing.

Because he was weak, so there was no need to tell him.

If he was told, it would be nothing more than increasing their worries. Their plans might even be affected because of his impulsive actions.

If it was him, and had met with such a situation, he would certainly keep his mouth shut.

But even if Lin Mu understood the truth, he would still be dejected.

Lin Mu held the cup and felt sad, “then later, why didn’t you say the Milky was you?”

“In the beginning, you were too weak and couldn’t even resist the natural talent of the nine-tailed fox, not even the power in my voice. Afterwards, when I was planning to say, you said you liked me again.” Yan Xuanjing said.

Di Wu’s action of eating melons stopped.

Di Xiu broke the ginseng strand in his arms.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t realise anything, and continued on, “you also wanted Milky’s form when he gained spiritual awareness to be……”

Lin Mu ‘ahhhhhhh-ed’ and interrupted Yan Xuanjing’s words.

The fox spirit paused, and revealed a somewhat unnoticeable confused expression.

Lin Mu felt that this was a scene of condemnation — he didn’t even remember what he had said when he was running his mouth off around Milky.

Lin Mu tried to save himself, “I only like your face.”

Yan Xuanjing nodded, “those who like nine-tailed foxes all like their face.”

Lin Mu opened his mouth, “no…… I only like your face.”

“En.” Yan Xuanjing nodded, with ‘I understand’ written on his face.

Di Wu: “……”

Di Xiu: “……”


Lin Mu felt that Yan Xuanjing didn’t understand at all.

Lin Mu decided to skip over this topic, and wanted to ask Yan Xuanjing why he had kissed him today, then thought the talk he had today with Milky and shut his mouth with a blank face.

Lin Mu felt very tired.

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“No.” Lin Mu suddenly found a blind spot, “then who was the Milky that appeared with you?”


Yan Xuanjing gaze lightly brushed over the yard, thought about the jade that he had crushed before, and his heart suddenly became extremely sinister.


After receiving the signal from his son, Yan Gui hurriedly let go of the trivial matter of chasing after Di Wu’s aura and rushed over to rescue.

He saw the fierce blood-stained killing intent rushing towards the sky from a very long distance away.

Yan Gui thought for a while and realised that this was the little Relaxed Emperor’s residence, and was so scared that his skull was about to fly out.

If the little Relaxed Emperor met with an accident right under his nose, how would he be able to face his old friend?

Yan Gui kicked using his hind legs, and like a cannon, rushed to the place where the aura of blood was the strongest. With a wave of his paw, he brought down lightning, and along with the whistling wind and killing intent, sent it down.

Aware of the sudden change, Di Wu’s expression changed. He suddenly got up, picked up Lin Mu and Di Xiu, and jumped away quickly in a flash.

Yan Gui was halfway there, and just felt that the aura underneath the scent of blood was very familiar. He was startled, and tried to take back the lightning in a hurry, and completely struck himself. He turned, but couldn’t brake on time, then landed on his butt and skidded on the ground for a great distance, settling near his son’s feet.

Yan Gui looked up at Yan Xuanjing who was looking down at him, then turned to look at the luxurious sacred tree set meal over at the side looking at him with a complicated expression.


What was going on.

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