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Chapter 35 – Di Wu: You taught this son of yours really well.

China was hailed as the land of dragons, and in additional to a huge ancestral Dragon Vein, there were many smaller Dragon Veins that formed based on the unique landscape.

At the beginning, when these Dragon Veins hadn’t gained spiritual wisdom yet, they were often fixed in one place. In the words of human cultivators, that area would be considered an earthly paradise.

These Dragon Veins were relatively fragile, and could disappear along with the changing landscape as well as if the flow of water gradually depleted.

Those that were lucky and weren’t used by humans for cultivation or basis for land, over time, would start to have simple thoughts and instincts. They would also be able to leave the place where they were born, and wander freely amongst the various landscapes.

These kinds of small Dragon Veins were called ‘Wandering Veins’, and they were often very difficult to find. However, once they were caught, their value was far greater compared to ordinary small Dragon Veins.

It’s just that no human or monsters had ever expected that Wandering Veins were actually Dragon Veins that had gained spiritual wisdom.

— Because there were no precedent for Dragon Veins attaining spiritual awareness.

The ancestral dragon vein across the whole of China had existed since the beginning of ancient times, but there weren’t any movements at all after all these years.

Even Di Wu had never expected it.

The humans who had set the trap that year also never expected it.

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After all, Di Wu was born of the heavens and raised by the earth, a sacred tree beloved by the gods. The setup had split him up in such a manner, it was basically the same as using knives upon the world’s darling, and the karma gained by this would be terrible.

Therefore, in order to eliminate such a big problem like Di Wu, and let their descendants succeed and ascend to immortality, both the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains placed down a huge capital.

Such a pity that the Wandering Veins that had been caught once became much more alert, and since they had stayed with other intelligent creatures for a long time, their clueless spiritual wisdom suddenly improved by leaps and bounds, and it didn’t take long for them to get the hang of it.

“My years weren’t as miserable as you guys thought,” Di Wu said.

If it wasn’t for those Dragon Veins, how could he have gained so much — it was just that for first couple thousands of years, he had always been groggy and dazed because of his lack of soul, until a couple hundred years ago, when two Wandering Veins crashed into each other, which caused him to have a little more of his soul. If it wasn’t for that, he would probably still be in a groggy and dazed state.1About the chinese word for soul: 魂魄 (Hún Pò). So in one common POV of traditional chinese religion/philosophy is that the human soul is made up of 10 parts, 3 Hun (the part that goes to reincarnation/heaven after death) and 7 Po (the part that stays in the corpse). Each Hun and Po makes up different things, like emotions, or senses, etc. Usually when something is translated as soul scattered (or it’s variants), it means 魂飞魄散: The Hun flies away and the Po scatters. In Di Wu’s case, he only had one part of his soul, and after the two Dragon Veins crashed into each other, he got one Hun and one Po. In some cultivation stories, a being needs at least one Hun and one Po to function vaguely normally.

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After listening to Di Wu’s words, Yan Gui looked at his old friend’s current condition, and saw that although he was still weak, his state wasn’t that bad.

It was just that this whole body covered in blood-stained killing intent really made someone feel uncomfortable.

In the past, Di Wu used to be a pure and clear monster with no traces of such an aura on him, but now, thousands of years of memories flooded in, and Yan Gui felt that he didn’t feel comfortable about this entire matter at all.

“And Di Xiu?” Yan Gui asked, “what’s up with Di Xiu?”

Looking at Di Xiu who sitting on top of Yan Gui’s head, Di Wu said, “this fool’s problem is much easier to deal with. Now that the spiritual energy in the Central Plains had decreased, and humans have also lost much of their heritage, there aren’t many beings left that can find Dragon Veins anymore He’s not as serious as my case, and it’s enough to just follow the traces of his karma.”

Probably because the current humans were too weak, Di Xiu’s soul was much more complete compared to his.

Just the fact that he had a clear mind after being fished out was enough to tell.

Of course, it could also be that Di Xiu’s appearance was very sudden, and those greedy humans had no time to prepare at all.

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Unlike the him of the past, where he wandered in the Central Plains for more than ten years. With his temper, he made some friends and a lot more grudges, giving others enough time to understand what he was like and set a trap for him.

At that time, the Central Plains and the Great Wilderness weren’t guarded as strictly as they were now.

Because at that time, most humans were also cultivators. The monsters, demons, ghosts and spirits, cultivators, immortals, and gods were all aware of each other’s existence, so naturally there wasn’t any need to strictly distinguish between them.

But now, the situation was different.

It was fortunate, because the amount of human cultivators was extremely scarce, to the point where the needed to conceal their existence and inheritance, Di Xiu did not end up being hidden and buried for thousands of years like he was.

“Good luck too.” Di Wu said, “I can do it. You go back to the Great Wilderness and deal with the things over there.”

Yan Gui looked at the merits surround Di Wu and asked, “when will you get your remaining souls back?”

“That depends on when I can find those Dragon Veins in hiding,” Di Wu clicked his tongue, “very annoying, each one can hide better than the one before, I went away empty-handed quite a few times.”

Yan Gui saw that Di Wu’s annoyance was just at an ordinary degree of annoyance, and simply didn’t say anything else. He stretched out and clawed open a void in front of him, shook off the Di Xiu on his head, and stuck half of his body into the crevice.

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The crevice wasn’t dark, but glittered with the brilliance of treasures.

The old fox’s tail perked up and up, and he constantly threw out piles and piles of spiritual medication.

Di Wu also wasn’t bothered about being polite, and pulled out a little bag and shoved them into it one by one.

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Di Xiu, who had been shaken to the ground, was buried under the falling spiritual medication. After struggling to get out, he watched as both of his friends threw and shoved, angrily picked up a spiritual medication and brought it to his baby boy’s yard.

Di Wu turned to look at Di Xiu who was dragging the spiritual medication across the Morning Dusk, and took back his gaze.

Why couldn’t their family’s Milky be a Samoyed that has his tail down, what if he was a hybrid or something, right?


Lin Mu was digging up spiritual medication in the yard.

These spiritual medication were very precious, and humans who did not have spiritual power, ordinary tools or other similar items could not touch them.

As soon as they were touched, they would rot, so he could only dig it with his hands along with those little monsters who were close to the spiritual medication.

Yan Xuanjing was also helping, and provided a storage tool to help with the long-term preservation of the spiritual medication out of friendship.

Only, when Di Xiu got into the yard under the hole in the fence, he found out that the little fox seemed to be isolated.

The several little monsters hid behind Lin Mu, digging the spiritual medication a distance away from Yan Xuanjing. They occasionally looked up at the nine-tailed fox, observed him in secret and whispered.

Di Xiu heard some after it had been carried by the wind.

The little Ginseng muttered, “How could that great monster be Milky? No wonder he likes eating chicken so much.”

The little Potato beside him paused, “Lin Ginseng…… did you bring Milky to catch wild boards and pheasants……?”

The little Ginseng froze.

Why couldn’t their family’s Milky be a Samoyed that has his tail down, what if he was a hybrid or something, right?

Not only did he grab Milky along to catch wild boar and pheasants.

He also got Milky to help dig the earth and transport the soil when they were digging up the foundation!

The little Ginseng shivered and hesitatingly looked at Yan Xuanjing, who was digging for the elixir in silence. He paused for a moment, and said to Lin Mu, “Milky’s alone over there, and looks a little pitiful.”

“Then you can go and accompany him.” Lin Mu said with a smile.

The little Ginseng looked at the sweet smile on Lin Mu’s face, and shrunk back his neck.

Lin Mu glanced over at Yan Xuanjing.

This nine-tailed fox was totally different from his father. It seemed as if he had carved some manners and gestures into his bones. Even if he was doing this kind of rough work with his big sleeves rolled up, he still seemed elegant and noble.

Lin Mu felt that as long as Yan Xuanjing didn’t open is mouth, no matter how he looked, he was really visually appealing.

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Such a pity that disaster strikes the moment he opens his mouth.

Yan Xuanjing noticed Lin Mu’s gaze and turned his head.

Lin Mu heartlessly turned his head back.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t feel that anything was wrong, and stored the newly dug spiritual medication into a suitable container. He noticed some movements on the edge of the yard, and the moon essence that fell into the yard seemed to have noticed too, and formed a bright mist headed towards a certain direction.

The nine-tailed fox glanced over, and found out that the little wooden man that held parts of Di Xiu’s soul had emerged from the dense leaves and vines, holding an exceptional spiritual medication in his hands.

The moon essence fell down, and entered the little wooden man’s body in bits and pieces. After a while, it stopped, and a few light clusters the size of half the little wooden man’s head circled around him.

Di Xiu raised his hand, touched those moon essences, and pushed them away.

One must take their time in everything.

His current soul could not handle too much sun and moon essence.

Lin Mu also noticed the change in the moon essence. He looked and saw his poor father holding a spiritual medication, then looked up and met eyes with Yan Xuanjing.

Yan Xuanjing really couldn’t understand Di Xiu’s silence.

But towards this elder who had saved his life, Yan Xuanjing would naturally not neglect him.

He thought for a bit, used his power to clean the dirt from his hands, picked up the little wooden man and said, “I remember you2polite you, thank you for saving me that year.”

Di Xiu startled, held the spiritual medication in one hand and raised the other.

Yan Xuanjing was at a loss as he looked at Di Xiu, then looked at Lin Mu with a gaze that was asking for help.

Lin Mu could understand it clearly, and he raised his hand to pat the head of the little Ginseng next to him.

Yan Xuanjing suddenly understood and lowered his head towards Di Xiu, who was still raising his arm.

Di Xiu gently patted Yan Xuanjing on head.

The little Ginseng’s cultivation wasn’t at a very great level yet, and he couldn’t really see anything.

With Lin Mu’s hand on his head, he turned and asked, “who is that?”

“My father.” Lin Mu said.

The little Ginseng slightly widened his eyes, then quickly accepted the fact, “Lin Mu’s father and…… Milky’s relationship very good?”

Lin Mu didn’t know, and only said, “probably.”

The little Ginseng nodded his head, slightly dazed, “no wonder you’re so close with Milky.”

Lin Mu turned on the faucet next to him and washed his hands, and hearing what the little Ginseng had said, he found it a little strange, “en?”

“Just very close, Lin Mu, you’ll whisper to Milky, but you won’t tell us, biased.” The little Ginseng muttered, “you don’t get angry when Milky hits you in his human form, and still invited him to dinner.”

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Di Xiu, over at the other side, heard him, slightly paused, looked at Yan Xuanjing who didn’t seem to think that there was anything wrong with what the little Ginseng had said, then turned to look at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu shook his head, “that was me asking Milk…… Yan Xuanjing to teach me how to become stronger, it’s not the same.”

“But why would monsters like us need to fight to become stronger! It really hurts, and you were bleeding, and hurt so badly.” The pout on the little Ginseng’s face grew even wider.

Di Xiu looked up at Yan Xuanjing.

Yan Xuanjing blinked, and copied in a cold and clear manner, “Yan Gui taught me.”

Di Xiu turned his head and glanced at Yan Gui, who was still outside the courtyard, picked up the elixir in his arms and threw it.


Yan Gui, who was currently digging for spiritual medication in his own little vault, felt that his butt had been hit hard. He quickly pulled his head out of his little vault, turned and looked around, and finally locked on to the one closest to him, Di Wu, with question marks written all over his face.

“Why did you hit me for?!”

Di Wu, who had heard the conversation in the yard very clearly, exhaled a puff of smoke and said, “praising you for teaching your son so well.”

Yan Gui: “?”

What’s wrong with you.

Yan Xuanjing didn’t look at his father, looked towards Lin Mu who cleaned his hands, and stood up.

The little Ginseng held a large pile of spiritual medication and followed behind Lin Mu like a little tail. A little tail with a mouth that kept on going on, “Milky hit you, and kissed you, and made you cry, and you still haven’t thrown him away, that’s biased, right.”

Lin Mu opened and closed his mouth, “……”

Yan Xuanjing felt two death glares, one from Di Wu, and the other from Di Xiu.

Di Xiu slapped Yan Xuanjing on the forehead, left a small red mark, jumped out of his palm and rolled several times on the ground, before running angrily towards Lin Mu.

Di Wu put of the cigarette in his hand, clicked his tongue, and said towards Yan Gui again, “you taught this son of yours really well.”

Yan Gui felt that this blame couldn’t be placed on him, “I didn’t teach him this.”

Yan Xuanjing raised his hand rubbed his forehead that had been beaten by Di Xiu, and looked at Lin Mu, puzzled.

The little Ginseng was still following behind Lin Mu, and continued numbering out Lin Mu’s biasness.

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“Milky’s sleeping in your house, but we’re still sleeping outside everyday.”

Lin Mu: “……”


Don’t worry, from today on, he’ll be outside too.

Lin Mu looked at Yan Xuanjing, expressionless, and decided to throw all the dog beds and dog toys out along with Milky tonight, for him to accompany the little monsters.

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