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Chapter 36 – And covered in that light, she walked over.

Although it usually couldn’t really be seen, Lin Ginseng’s heart under his soft and child-like appearance was actually quite dark.

Yan Xuanjing gave a cold glance towards the Ginseng Baby following behind Lin Mu, and after both sides met each others eyes, the little Ginseng immediately closed his mouth and shrank back behind Lin Mu, not daring to show his head anymore..

Lin Mu held onto a lot of spiritual medication with some difficulty, picked up the little wooden man who ran to his feet, was at a loss for a moment, then tried to place him on his shoulders.

Lin Mu’s shoulders weren’t the flat and wide type, and from a glance, they looked extremely thin.

However, the little wooden man wasn’t too big. After Lin Mu placed him on his shoulder, he managed to sit firmly by leaning against his son’s neck.

He raised his hand and poked Lin Mu’s face, then angrily hit Lin Mu’s cheek a few times.

It wasn’t very strong, and was a far cry from the strength he had used to throw the spiritual medication that smacked Yan Gui on the ass.

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Lin Mu puckered his lips and smiled, then tilted his head slightly and nudged against Di Xiu. Holding the spiritual medication in both of his hands, Lin Mu said, “don’t listen to the little Ginseng, are all these spiritual medication for Di Wu?”

Di Xiu nodded.

He would be safe if he stayed here, and he could slowly absorb the essence of the sun and the moon, not to mention the numerous batches of spiritual medication he could get in the future, so he wasn’t in a rush.

But Di Wu couldn’t. His situation was more special, since his whole body was covered in a blood-stained aura that the essence of the sun and moon would rejet, thus, it was impossible to act from this direction. Therefore, the spiritual medication had to be given to him first.

Lin Mu walked out of the courtyard with the spiritual medication and passed all of them to Di Wu.

Di Wu raised his hand and squeezed Lin Mu’s head, then suddenly thought of something and asked Di Xiu, “where did you land when you first arrived?”

Di Xiu froze, and was somewhat embarrassed as he clung to and hid behind Lin Mu’s ears, not daring to look at Di Wu in the eyes.

Yan Gui looked up at them and said, “how would he know?”

Di Wu didn’t understand what he meant, “ah?”

“You expect a monster who had been in a valley for so many years and was caught after coming out for just tens of years to remember anything?” Yan Gui rolled his eyes, “most of the letters that Di Xiu wrote to us in the first few years when he came to the Central Plains was that he was lost again, and didn’t know how to go out at all. The little monsters in that place were reluctant to let him go, so they showed the wrong way, and after that, he said it was only when he met a kind-hearted human who brought him out that……”

Yan Gui said until this point and paused, then looked up at Di Xiu who was sitting on Lin Mu’s shoulders, “was that your wife?”

Di Xiu poked his head out from Lin Mu’s layered hair and nodded.

Yan Gui asked Di Wu, “why are you looking for that place for?”

Di Wu answered, “to go and dig up the soil that he grew in that year, otherwise it’ll be a waste. Besides, it wouldn’t be good if it was found by others, it’ll be easy to get his trail.”

“The place where my father stayed?” Lin Mu thought about the information he had asked Mentor Tan for in the past, “I probably have some information. It’s the records of the places my mother went when she went out into the field before.”

Di Wu reached for his mobile phone and felt that his nephew was really reliable.

Yan Gui looked at Lin Mu who was looking down as he sent the information to Di Wu, thought about why Lin Mu would have this information, and frowned, “you should stay at home with your father, and don’t blindly go out.”

Lin Mu nodded without any hesitation, “okay.”

Originally, he didn’t have any plans when he took this information, and just wanted to find some clues about his father.

Now, there wasn’t even a need to mention clues, even his father himself had already returned home, so naturally, this information was useless to him.

It was a pleasant surprise that Di Wu could use it.

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Di Xiu also probably guessed the reason behind why he had this information, and stretched out his arm to gently stroke Lin Mu’s face.

“Well, I’ll be going first.” Di Wu scanned through the information he had received, and said towards Lin Mu, “just leave the matter of the monsters and humans chasing me alone, don’t worry about it.”

Lin Mu nodded, as long as nothing was wrong with the two monsters that he knew, then he was okay with anything.

Di Wu kept his phone away, and just as he took a few steps, he returned and pulled on the old fox’s fur and said, “go and put a curse on the little monsters inside, don’t let anything leak.”

Yan Gui shook his tail, and ran into the yard on his four short legs to cast a secrecy spell on the little monsters. He squatted in the yard and thought for a while, and still decided to follow Di Wu first. After all, Di Wu’s current situation worried him a bit.

The problem in the Great Wilderness shouldn’t be big — regardless, Qingqiu Country’s loss shouldn’t be big.

As for what others would suffer, what does that have to do with him; this poor, weak and helpless nine-tailed fox?

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Yan Gui followed Di Wu, and said that they were going to dig up the soil that Di Xiu had taken root in before.

This kind of soil, which has been nourished by the Di Xiu’s original body, would make it easier for him when he takes root again.

There was some soil in the valley within the Great Wilderness, but the distance was a little far, and it might not be safe on the way there, plus, Yan Gui was too lazy to bother.

When the situation in the Great Wilderness calmed down, it would be easy to just plant Di Xiu back into the valley.

The problem wasn’t big.

At could tell with a single glance that they were father and son from this disguise, their abilities came from the same place.

Di Wu wasn’t surprised that Yan Gui would look like this now.

— Because he was very clear what type Yan Gui was.

In the past, Yan Gui, this fox, like to transform into somebody else and go all over the place. The bewitching talent of the nine-tailed fox completely developed under Yan Gui.

Their group of friends were often had blame dropping onto them from the sky and precising hitting them.Basically, as long as somebody came to find you for something that you didn’t do, it definitely wouldn’t be wrong going to give Yan Gui some trouble.

“Of course you couldn’t find, those brats were really courageous.”


Di Wu stepped on the ground and said, “but soul and several large parts of my body were sealed in several wandering Dragon Veins.”

Di Xiu also turned his head.

Lin Mu now also understood that the abnormalities that he had noticed in Milky those two weeks weren’t the misconception.

He carefully recalled those two weeks, and realised that during that time, Milky hardly ever stood or sat during the time, and simply laid lazily in the dog bed every day, and was either sleeping or on the way to sleeping.

If it wasn’t for Ginseng Baby taking him out to the mountains intermittently, Lin Mu would think that he could have slept till the end of the world.

Lin Mu stood at the gate of the courtyard, watched as the two elders left, then took a deep breath, “at last there’s only the two of us, Dad.”

Di Xiu brushed Lin Mu’s sideburns.

Yan Xuanjing, who was standing in the courtyard: “……”

He understood.

Nine-tailed foxes didn’t deserve a name.

Yan Xuanjing looked at the father and son pair, turned back into Milky’s form, and went back into the house and to find a dog bed and laid down quietly.

At this sort of time, it would be best to let those two be alone.

Lin Mu locked the courtyard gate, looked at the yard that had been dug up and turned into a bit of a mess, and for a moment didn’t know where to start.

He hadn’t spent time with his father before.

He was even still unclear as to what kind of personality his father had.

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Lin Mu glanced over his small yard, then pointed to the greenhouse that was being built, “that’s a greenhouse that Mum always wanted to build before. But our situation wasn’t that good before, so we didn’t have the money to buy building materials, but I’m building it now.”

“That’s the place that I leave for the potted plants. There are several ventilated rooms on the first floor for these potted plants — in the past, Mum used to take care of them. Besides scholarships, my university’s living expenses and tuition fees came from selling these flowers and plants.”

“Mum’s health had been poor since she gave birth to me. We used to get bullied when I was a child, but I beat them all up and they ran away. For many years, nobody dared to bother us.”

As Lin Mu spoke, he walked into the house and directly went upstairs, taking his dad into his mother’s workshop.

But the problem was giving trouble didn’t meant that there was a fight, because not only did Yan Gui have great talent in bewitching others, he was also very strong.

Di Xiu was placed by Lin Mu onto the desk.

Several pictures were pressed underneath the clear glass of the desk, and some of them had yellowed and faded.

Those were pictures of Lin Mu and his mother, and a few that Lin Mu took for his mother.

Di Xiu sat on the desk, glanced at his son who was opening the bookcase, got up and nudged across the desk, looking through the photos one by one.

These were times that he had failed to participate in.

Human beings were not as powerful as monsters. Five years had passed, and even if Lin Mu worked hard to keep the room intact, the smell that had belonged to his mother, Lin Xueji, had long disappeared.

Everywhere was the aura belonging to the essence of the sun and moon, as well as the smell of a Relaxed Emperor that made others feel tranquility and at peace.

The furnishings in the room were a little crowded and disorderly, but that was why they felt so alive – as if the owner of the room had just left in a hurry, and was going to come back at any time.

Di Xiu turned his head and saw the album that was on the folder.

He reached out and dragged the album down.

Lin Mu took out the red lacquered wooden box containing Di Xiu’s fruit from the bookcase, and as soon as he turned his head, he saw his father opening the album. He stood by the album, which was several times bigger than the little wooden man he was currently, and silently looked at the photos of history.

The little wooden man had neither face nor voice.

But Lin Mu somehow felt that his father’s expression at this moment would be exceptionally gentle.

“This is the fruit you left for Mum.” Lin Mu placed the box next to his father and unlocked it.

The Relaxed Emperor’s fruit was lying in the red lacquer wood box, unremarkable and plain, but it was carefully padded with several layers of velvet, and even the four sides of the box protected by velvet, carefully protecting the treasure inside.

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Lin Mu took the Relaxed Emperor’s fruit out and gave it to Di Xiu, hesitated, and still said, “if this fruit is helpful for your current situation……”

Di Xiu shook his head, held the fruit and nuzzled it gently, as if looking for something. After that, he knocked on the outside of this palm-sized fruit.

Lin Mu sat on the stool and looked at his father.

Under Di Xiu’s knocking, the fruit let out a light yellow light.

Di Xiu picked up the fruit and held it in front of Lin Mu.

Lin Mu froze, then reached out and lightly touched the light.

He heard somebody’s voice that came with the wind, saying softly, “come, tell me the story.”

The blame couldn’t be thrown away and the fight couldn’t be won, so there was only anger.

But Yan Gui, this fox, although he looked unreliable and wild, is true nature was in fact very thoughtful and meticulous, and was also very righteous.


Yan Gui turned to look at his son: “Yan Xuanjing, reflect on yourself.”

Yan Xuanjing: “?”

You fucking with me?

Di Xiu grabbed onto the edge of Di Wu’s pocket, and made a gesture of sighing to the innocent little fox.

“Their relationship is good alright.” Yan Gui smirked, and the the smugness in this voice was almost showing through, “your nephew really likes my son, and also lets Milk……”

The innocuous little troubles that he brought to his friends, gave this little circle that lived in the Great Wilderness that could rarely fight, and could only scare little monsters or loaf around, a lively atmosphere.

Lin Mu saw the pale green tree that he had seen in his dream before.

The monster in the dark green robe sat on the knotted roots, and played with fruit in a bored manner.

It was the late spring and early summer, the season of romance, where the blooming flower became a gorgeous ocean, surrounding a lush giant tree.

A pair of hands broke through the thorns and vines, tiredly falling into this bright world.

There was light falling from between the branches, shrouding the trees, flowers, and hazy human figure, falling into the tired human’s eyes.

She was stunned for a long time, then showed a bright smile, and neither the thick dirt nor fatigue could hide her brightness and vitality.

“Mr. Monster, you look really good!” As she said, light fell onto her, falling into her eyes, like pieces of gold falling into the night.

After five years, Di Xiu had finally walked out of the forest where he had been lost for five years.

His human took him through countless of landscapes, stepped into the crowd, walked into the city, and brought him to eat all the flavors that he had never tasted before.

He would bring snacks, books, and paints for Di Xiu, and would also send news secretly to Di Wu, who liked to wander and cause trouble around the Great Wilderness.

His human always liked to fiddle with cameras.

In addition to these, he would do many things other monsters couldn’t think of.

His human liked to hold his hand tightly in the stream of people, in the mountains, anytime and anywhere, as if afraid that he would lose his way.

To be friends with Yan Gui, this fox, would bring a lot of beautiful colours in your uneventful life.

His human also liked to kiss, hug, and laugh.

Yan xuanjing really felt that he had done something wrong.

She always secretly rejoiced because Di Xiu didn’t want to be seen by others. She had always said that she was afraid that he would be stolen by others, and always said that it was her huge profit.

She always said that when she was old, Di Xiu would still be the same, handsome and young. By then, she would be an extremely happy old lady that was envied by others.

In Di Xiu’s eyes, Lin Xueji was always cheerful and carefree, just like a flower growing in the wind, tough and delicate, blooming arrogantly, showing off her beauty to everyone.

Di Xiu was always watching her.

Human beings were very magical creatures. They are born with wisdom, but their life span was extremely short, yet they could always do some incredible things in their limited life.

Just like a shooting star across the sky, gorgeous yet fleeting.

Di Xiu felt that his human was the brightest one of all.

There were only the happiest and sweetest parts in the memory of the Relaxed Emperor’s fruit.

Di Xiu looked at Lin Mu’s lost appearance, turned his head and flipped the album in his hand to the last page.

The last picture was taken by Lin Mu, of his mother on the hospital bed.

Her condition was very bad. Her face was pale and wrinkled, her hair was gone, and there were tubes plugged all over her face and hands. Her eyes were no longer as dark and bright as those in Di Xiu’s memory, and were slightly clouded over.

Somebody had probably helped her sit up.

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This thin body was as fragile as paper, but she still struggling to straighten her back and gave a slight smile to the camera.

Lin Xueji in the photo wasn’t beautiful, and brought along pain and weakness, with a fragile yet strong appearance, revealing a little tenderness.

Just like the bright light from the sky, passing through Di Xiu’s branches when they first met.

And covered in that light, she walked over.

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