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Chapter 38 – Everything was equally distributed, very perfect.

Lin Mu spent the entire night making a small bed and a complete set of bedding for his father.

Although he could do such meticulous work, there weren’t many times he had made something like this. The felt that he had used to make the small bed sheet was fine, but the blanket was crooked, made out of leftover cloth, and was extremely ugly.

Lin Mu glanced at the sky which had started to lighten up, kept everything on the small table and got ready to ask his father to watch the sunrise together.

His mother had specifically chosen Lin Mu’s house for such a benefit.

When the weather was good, they could climb onto the roof to see the sunrise or the sunset, and the view was flat and unobstructed.

Lin Mu carried the small table back into the house, put it back in place, and went upstairs.

Di Xiu squatted at the door and thought for the whole night about how to open it, but couldn’t think of anything. Finally, he simply hugged the fruit and headed to bask in the moonlight under the open window.

The window was open, but there weren’t any places for him to climb.

Lin Mu went into the room and looked around, then found the little wooden man curled into a ball around the fruit on the carpet.

The fruit was still giving off some yellow light, falling on Di Xiu who was embracing it, gentle and silent.

Those lights that were like gold dust were the fruit’s power.

It’s just that this power could only leave some beautiful memories behind, and one would experience wonderful memories in their dreams if they ate the fruit. When they woke up again, the thing that they were the most worried about in the heart would disappear, regardless of the good or bad memories.

There were different effects when humans or monsters ate a Relaxed Emperor’s fruit.

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The monsters ate it to forget things that couldn’t be forgotten using their own powers, and if the fruit fell into the hands of powerful monsters, even its strength would not be enough to soothe their restless spirit.

But for humans, one fruit was enough to turn them a happy little fool.

At least, if his mother had eaten this fruit, she would have passed her remaining years, even if she was not well, as bright and lively as the memories he had seen before, just like a child.

Lin Mu squatted down beside the little wooden man and reached for his cell phone to take a picture. Then, he carefully held the sleeping Di Xiu and climbed onto the roof.

Just as the sun peeked out, Di Xiu rolled with the fruit, got up in a bit of a stupor and looked at Lin Mu.

The current appearance of the little wooden man wasn’t good, just like a shape carved by children when they played at home. Other than being able to see that it had a humanoid figure, there were pockmarks all over, and even the legs had one short and one long, one thin and one fat, and the little wooden man staggered as he walked.

Lin Mu looked at Di Xiu and let out a smile under the morning light, “good morning, Dad.”

“Came to see the sunrise.” Lin Mu said, sat cross-legged on the roof, and held up Di Xiu with the fruit, “Mum told me when she chose the house, she chose a place where she could see the sunrise and the sunset.”

To the East was a flat field, and to the West were distant mountains.

Di Xiu looked up at Lin Mu, hugged the fruit, and also showed a smile.

— Although nothing could be seen in that pockmarked face.

He had a sweet dream, in which both he and his wife were well, and Lin Mu was by their side. They spent a short human life together, then he took Lin Mu back to the valley in the Great Wilderness, and they basked in the sun everyday, chatted with friends and ate delicious food. When they had an interest, they would go out together to take a look.

The sun’s rays spread out from the sky.

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Very calm.

And very beautiful.

Di Xiu sat on Lin Mu’s shoulder, watched as the sun rose, then pulled on Lin Mu’s sideburns.

When Lin Mu turned his head, he jumped off Lin Mu’s shoulder and walked off the roof with two legs of different lengths.

Lin Mu followed behind Di Xiu, and watched him walk to the bedroom door, then knocked.

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Lin Mu paused and reached out to open the door, “what’s wrong?”

Di Xiu pressed his hands against the door, gestured at his own height, pointed at the doorknob, then made a circle at the bottom of the door and jumped around, pointing.

Lin Mu watched him jump for a long time before he understood what his father meant.

“Want to open the door?” Lin Mu asked.

Di Xiu nodded repeatedly.

Lin Mu was a little stunned, and asked, “but shouldn’t monsters be able to fly?”

Di Xiu shook his head and waved.

Who said all monsters knew how to fly? Di Xiu didn’t know — it was a matter of species. They couldn’t go into the sky, and if they wanted to rush, it was basically all methods of crossing miles in a single step.1that cultivation/fantasy skill, where the person shrinks the land between places and uses a single step to get to somewhere else really fast. Usually named something like ‘Thousand Li Array/Spell’.

To put it bluntly, which monster that evolved from plants would want to go into the sky?

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There wasn’t a sense of security if their feet left the ground.

Except for some plants that would drift out with the wind when they seeded. Those were the types that when they gained spiritual awareness, would be able to go across using the skies and the land.

Lin Mu heartlessly turned his head back.

Di Xiu had been rooted into the ground from the beginning. He had tried learning how to fly before, but couldn’t learn how to.

Yan Xuanjing noticed Lin Mu’s gaze and turned his head.

“Not enough strength?” Lin Mu asked.

Pity that disaster strikes the moment he opens his mouth.

Di Xiu shook his head.

Yan Xuanjing felt that as long as Yan Xuanjing didn’t open is mouth, no matter how he looked, he’s realyl visually appealing.

Then it meant that he didn’t know.

Lin Mu felt that this was really too good, later, he could learn how to fly with his father.

“I’ll install some small doors.” Lin Mu said, and was still full of energy despite not sleeping for the entire night, he placed the little wooden man in his pocket, “I also made a small bed for you. Would you like to live in Mum’s room, or?”

Di Xiu pointed at Lin Mu’s room.

Lin Mu nodded, and went to the storehouse to pick it up.

She always said that when she was old, Di Xiu would still be that same, handsome and young. By then, she would be an extremely happy old lady that was envied by others.

In Di Xiu’s eyes, Lin Xueji was always cheerful and carefree, just like a flower growing in the wind, tough and delicate, blooming arrognantly, showing off her beauty to everyone.

Di Xiu was always watching her.

Human beings were very magical creatures. They are born with wisdom, but their life span was extremely short, yet they could always do some incredible things in their limited life.


Just like a shooting star across the sky, gorgeous yet short.

Di Xiu felt that his human was the brightest one of all.

There were only the happiest and sweetest parts in the memory of the Relaxed Emperor’s fruit.

Di Xiu looked at Lin Mu’s lost appearance, turned his head and turned the album in his hand to the last page.

The last picture was taken by Lin Mu, of his mother on the hosiptal bed.

Her condition was very bad. Her face was pale and wrinkled, her hair was gone, and there were tubes plugged all over her face and hands.Her eyes were no longer as dark and bright as those in Di Xiu’s memory, and were slightly clouded over.

Somebody had probably helped her sit up.</p
The mall had just opened.

Yan Xuanjing stood at the entrance of a pink and tender decorated storefront, faced the eyes of the passers-by and shop assistant, and walked in.

The employee went up and looked at Yan Xuanjing, who was dressed in an actual robe and ancient clothing, was stunned by his face for a long time, then, under Yan Xuanjing’s gaze, regained some composure.

The employee said, in a trance, “hello, sir. What can I do for you?”

“Felt toys.” Yan Xuanjing said, paused, and thought about the bed that Lin Mu had made for Di Xiu, and raised his hand to gesture, adding, “and a bed about this size.”

The employee looked at the size that he gestured, and asked, “is this for a matching Barbie doll set for children?”


Yan Xuanjing didn’t know what a Barbie doll was. He went silent for a while, and nodded somewhat hesitatingly.

But his hesitation wasn’t noticed by the employee.

The employee inner heart felt that really, all good-looking men were already married, and turned to lead Yan Xuanjing into the store.

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Yan Xuanjing had no idea about these things, and basically, if the employee said that they were needed as a set for support, he bought them without any hesitation.

When Yan Xuanjing was wandering around, he saw how humans paid. Just as he took out the card and passed it to the other party, he received a call from Lin Mu.

On the other end of the phone, Lin Mu was banging away on a wooden board, he asked with his phone put away at the side, “Milky, where are you?”

“Shopping mall.” Yan Xuanjing answered.

Lin Mu’s action of nailing the board paused, and he said, “that’s great. Can you buy some nuts and screws when you come back? I’ll send you the specifics.”

Only, when Di Xiu got into the yard under the hole in the fence, he found out that the little fox seemed to be isolated.

“Okay.” Yan Xuanjing didn’t mind, and as he hung up the phone, he heard the human next to him say, “your wife called?”

Yan Xuanjing was also helping, and also provided a storage tool to help with long-term preservation of the spiritual medication out of friendship.

Yan Xuanjing paused, and was full of question marks.

These spiritual medication were very previous, and people who do not have spiritual power, ordinary tools or other similar items cannot touch them.

The employee said while packing neatly, “your wife is really blessed. There aren’t many generous husbands like you who would help their daughters buy toys.”

As soon as it was touched, it would rot, so he could only dig it with his hands along with those little monsters who were close to the spiritual medication.

Although he dressed a little strangely.

The employee thought.

After listening to those words, for some time, Yan Xuanjing didn’t know which to answer.

He thought for a while and finally said, “not my wife.”

After that, his words got suck again. For a long time, he couldn’t exactly figure out what relationship he and Lin Mu had.

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Friends didn’t seem to be the correct term, and teacher and student, ever since Lin Mu knew how a plant based monster should grow, he wasn’t as keen to look for him to fight. Although he would try to learn some small spells, but he was limited by his talent, and so far, hadn’t learnt a single one.

Yan Xuanjing stood there, thinking, and as he pushed the packed things with the trolley to find the accessories that Lin Mu wanted, he was also thinking.

When he returned back and saw Lin Mu who was working with the door and chattering away with Di Xiu who was sitting on a cushion absorbing some spiritual medication, that little question was thrown away by him to the back of his mind.

What specific relationship they had, he wasn’t sure.

But there wasn’t any doubt that it was comfortable when he stayed with the little Relaxed Emperor — not only because of the nature of a Relaxed Emperor.

It was a very clear and straightforward feeling of knowing that someone remembered and cared about you, a very bare and straightforward warmth.

It was hard to describe, but Yan Xuanjing had never experienced such a clear and strong feeling from anybody else.

But now, the situation was different.

The lifespan of a monster was very long.

He thought for a bit, used his power to clean the dirt from his hands, picked up the little wooden man and said, “I remember you, thank you for saving me that year.”

And Lin Mu’s current life was still too short, unlike the monsters who had lived for a long time and were so calm that they could hardly feel any waves.

Di Xiu startled, held the spiritual medication in one hand and raised the other.

He was still the same as an ordinary human being, his emotions were instinctive and warm, full of vitality, and it was really infectious towards monsters.

Lin Mu turned his head and glanced at Yan Xuanjing who was standing outside, and was stunned after seeing that he was still wearing the ancient clothing, “weren’t you going to buy clothes?”


Yan Xuanjing took back his thoughts, heard his words, looked down at the robe on his body, and didn’t understand why he had to buy clothes.

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This was a robe of excellent quality, its defensive qualities were very powerful, and only a few of them could be found in the Great Wilderness.

The style was also pretty good.

Lin Mu put his tools down and asked, “you went to the mall and didn’t buy clothes, so what did you go there to buy?”

“This.” Yan Xuanjing pulled open his space, and removed several large boxes from inside.

Lin Mu watched him doubtfully as he opened the box, and the felt toys, which were tightly compressed, suddenly expanded.

Lin Mu looked at the felt toys which were either full of girlishness or childishness, and his whole body became shocked.

Yan Gui said until this point and paused, then looked up at Di Xiu who was sitting on Lin Mu’s shoulders, “was that your wife?”

“Why did you buy this for?”

Yan Gui followed Di Wu, and said that they were going to dig up the soil that Di Xiu had taken root in before.

Yan Xuanjing spoke with righteousness, “mine wasn’t good, this is good.”

Di Wu answered, “to go and dig up the soil that he grew in that year, otherwise it’ll be a waste. Besides, it wouldn’t be good if it was found by others, he would be easily trailed.”

As he spoke, he opened several other boxes.

Di Xiu poked his head out from Lin Mu’s layered hair and nodded.

A completed set of Disney Princess Barbie dolls and the related matching toys were spread out in front of Lin Mu and Di Xiu.

From castles to Barbie dolls, to all kinds of clothes, dresses, and shoes for changing.

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There were also several princess beds of different styles, which were taken out in a serious manner by Yan Xuanjing. Then, he said, “you don’t have to do it yourself, you can buy.”

Lin Mu looked at the fancy princess beds, took out the bed that he had made, and looked at his father.

Di Xiu looked at the ugly bed that his son made, and then at the bed bought by his friend’s nephew, which had several times the beauty and comfort, and thought that he should take care of the children’s fragile hearts.

So he placed the fruit he held in his arms on the pink princess bed, climbed onto Lin Mu’s ugly and broken bed and sat on it, feeling extremely satisfied with his handling methods.

Everything was equally distributed, very perfect.

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Milky, trying his best. 

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