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Chapter 39 – Hello, have you seen my Di Wu?

Lin Mu looked at the rest of the gaudy beds and didn’t really know what to do.

The little Ginseng and his three buddies stood at the door, staring at the cute little toys in the room.

“It’s so beautiful,” the little mimosa whispered.

“Yeah, it looks so good.” The little Ginseng held his small dudou and stared at that direction.

The little potato looked at the bamboo dragonfly in the arms of the little wooden man and said enviously, “I want to play too.”

Lin Big Mimosa followed and nodded.

The four little monsters looked at one another, pushed each other here and there, and finally pushed the little Ginseng to the front.

Lin Ginseng shouldered the expectations of his three friends and pursed his lips. He whispered, “but Lin Mu didn’t say he would give it to us.”

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The three little monsters dropped their heads in disappointment.

Out of the four little monsters, although Lin Potato looked like a youth who had just started to grow, the oldest one was actually the little Ginseng.

He tried to put on the air of being an older brother, and said in a childish tone, “Lin Mu took us in, bought a slide for us, and is good enough to give us juice and snacks everyday. We can’t be greedy.”

That was what he said, but the way his eyes stared at the boxes of toys weren’t convincing at all.

Yan Xuanjing glanced back at them.

The four little monsters shrank back their heads and hid.

Lin Mu also heard the movement from over there. He tilted his head and glanced at the little wooden man trying to rub the bamboo dragonfly, and whispered to Yan Xuanjing, “can I let them play with the toys?”

After al, it was Yan Xuanjing who purchased it, so naturally, Lin Mu sought his opinion.

Yan Xuanjing had no opinion at all. He nodded, and watched as Lin Mu held the box and handed out the toys to the little ones, then turned to work on the doors on the ground.

Lin Mu always seemed to be able to find something to do, and lived his life in a lively manner. He didn’t seem lonely at all.

Always busy, like a little spinning top.

Yan Xuanjing heard the sound of clanging, looked away, and saw that Di Xiu who was sitting on the ugly bed had placed down the bamboo dragonfly and was jumping around, holding the tambourine.

Di Xiu saw that Yan Xuanjing looked over, and waved him over.

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Yan Xuanjing went over and sat down.

Di Xiu pointed at Lin Mu, then pointed at his own face, then raised his hand and placed it beside his face.

Yan Xuanjing paused, and asked, “talk about Lin Mu?”

Dixiu nodded quickly, sat down holding the tambourine, and rubbed his hands together as if a bit embarrassed.

It seemed a little strange to learn about his own child from others.

But Di Xiu didn’t know what to do — it was quite clear that Lin Mu also didn’t know how to get along with him.

Dixiu could tell that is son was somewhat restrained before him.

Both father and son didn’t know how to face each other because they didn’t understand much about each other, nor did they have an emotional foundation.

Even though Lin Mu had worked hard to find topics to talk about, he seemed to think that he could only tell his father about his mother’s affairs. As for his own affairs, he would only mention a few words about it.

Lin Mu himself wasn’t the kind of stand-up comedy machine that could speak by himself. Di Xiu couldn’t answer him, so after he had finished speaking about the topic, he didn’t know what to say. So, Lin Mu would turn and do something for him instead.

For example, making some small toys for him or a small bed, show him the sunrise, helping him plant some spiritual medication, and similar things.

Di Xiu was a little anxious, but he knew that it was useless to worry about such matters.

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He had to collect enough of his soul and body back, then at least he could speak.

However, this wasn’t a big problem. Di Xiu shook his tambourine, listened to the clanging sounds, and looked at Lin Mu, who was out in the courtyard.

They still had a long, long time to get along.

“Lin Mu……” Yan Xuanjing thought over his words for a while, and after some time, could only utter out this dry sentence, “is a pretty good half-monster.”

Di Xiu: “……”


This kind of soil, which has been nourished by the Di Xiu’s original body, would it easier for him when he took roots to it again.

Di Xiu was placed by Lin Mu onto the desk.

Several pictures were pressed underneath the clear glass of the desk, and some of them had yellowed and faded.


She always said that when she was old, Di Xiu would still be that same, handsome and young. By then, she would be an extremely happy old lady that was envied by others.

In Di Xiu’s eyes, Lin Xueji was always cheerful and carefree, just like a flower growing in the wind, tough and delicate, blooming arrognantly, showing off her beauty to everyone.

Di Xiu was always watching her.

Yan Xuanjing also felt that what he said was a bit too stupid.

Human beings were very magical creatures. They are born with wisdom, but their life span was extremely short, yet they could always do some incredible things in their limited life.

He fell silent for a long time, and gave up thinking.

“He lived a very lively life, different from the type of lively that my father liked to cause.” Yan Xuanjing tone of speech was as calm and clear as usual, so peaceful that one couldn’t tell that he was blackening his father, “he still lives a human lifestyle.”

For monsters like them, for things like fixing doors, just using a spell would be enough. Trivial things were either done by subordinates, or there were extremely convenient methods that could be used, and there were very few things that needed them to do it by themselves.

Thus, they were very idle and had nothing to do, and their life would be like stagnant water, without any fluctuations.

Even Yan Xuanjing had to admit that such a life was really boring.

Therefore, many great monsters would end up choosing to sleep for tens or hundreds of years to kill time, but there were others that didn’t do such things, like Yan Gui.

Although Yan Gui was always seen to be lazily lying on the roof of the palace and basking in the sun, but he never chose to sleep. He liked to run all over the Great Wilderness, and wherever there was something exciting, he would go there, and the friends he made could be found all over the place.

But Lin Mu, who grew up as a human, was different from them.

He was used to doing everything by himself, rather than doing it with a spell, he was always very busy.

After a pause, Yan Xuanjing added, “but it didn’t seem like this from the start.”

It wasn’t like that at first.

Yan Xuanjing looked at Lin Mu, who was humming away in the courtyard, and remembered when the two of them met, the whole house was quiet and empty, and even Lin Mu himself didn’t like talking too much.

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Probably because he didn’t have anything to talk about when he was alone.

“When I first met him, he was thinking of keeping a dog to accompany him.” Yan Xuanjing recalled what Da Hei had told him, and said, “his colleague said that because he had no parents, he had been alone for many years and was quite lonely, so he wanted a dog — at first, he thought I was a stray dog that had awakened spiritual wisdom, and was always looking forward to the day I attained spiritual awareness.”

After gaining spiritual awareness, their life expectancy would become long.

Then, he would be able to accompany him for a long time.

Yan Xuanjing understood this very well, for it would be difficult to be alone for a long time.

Friends, partners, or families, there should always be someone to accompany each other.

This was also why most monsters didn’t like to get close to humans.

Because human beings had almost the same intelligence and emotions as them, yet their life expectancy was extremely short.

Just like a shooting star across the sky, gorgeous yet short.

They weren’t suitable to be friends, and were less suitable to become partners or family.

Di Xiu felt that his human was the brightest one of all.

Yan Xuanjing talked about Lin Mu in bits and pieces, and only then did he realise that he knew Lin Mu quite well.

There were only the happiest and sweetest parts in the memory of the Relaxed Emperor’s fruit.

But true, how old was Lin Mu? He was young and didn’t have much experiences, and his short life brought him a character that could be seen at a glance.

Lin Mu asked, “do you think my mother can be found?”

An ordinary human.

Ghosts who had already be sent to hell, or sent into reincarnation, cannot be retrieved. Othrwise, the entire world would become extremly chaotic.

He was kind enough, but also had his own small temper, had things that he couldn’t forgive, but was also willing to reconcile with those who had recognised their wrong.

This kind of character was a little softer than the monsters that grew up in the Great Wilderness had. After all, a lot of things had happened to them, and before they could reach the point of reconciliation, it was already at a ‘if you don’t die, I will’ state.

After all, monsters, aggressiveness and fighting were carved in their bones.

If he was Lin Mu, and he had been fooled in such a manner, he would most probably hate and bear a grudge.

But Lin Mu forgave him.

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Yan Xuanjing wondered if that all monsters who originated from plants were that good.

The nine-tailed fox sighed with emotion, and when the day became dark, he walked into Lin Mu’s room with a dog bed in his mouth.

Then the dog bed was thrown out of the room along with the fox.

The little seedling stood at the door and smiled at him, revealing two sweet little dimples, and then mercilessly closed the door.

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

How could this happen?

There were clearly two Relaxed Emperor, and the sun essence and moon essence should have been doubled, along with happiness.

Why was he chased out of the room after there were two Relaxed Emperors?

The nine-tailed fox who was thrown into the corridor laid in the dog bed for a while, then carried the dog bed to the yard.

Forget it, Yan Xuanjing placed the dog bed under the window of Lin Mu’s room, looked at the misty moon essence in the yard, and felt that getting some leftovers would be enough.1actual term use is 觉得自己能喝口汤也挺好 (lit. it would be good to get drink some soup) refers to drinking soup while others are eating meat, the idea that getting something is better than nothing.

Lin Mu watched him walk out of the yard, and after a while took back his gaze and continued to poke at the felt.

Lin Mu looked at the silent Yan Xuanjing and pursed his lips. He knew that the little bit of hope in his heart was dead, and he breathed out a sigh, and became silent.


And those monsters who had always been with Di Xiu all these time didn’t have any temper. As when the were around him, the power of a Relaxed Emperor made things very peaceful.

Even Yan Gui would hold back a lot, let alone those little monsters that Di Xiu would meet after he arrived in the Central Plains, that couldn’t resist the power of a Relaxed Emperor at all.

Those who leave, can’t be chased.


When Lin Mu got up the next day, Di Xiu had already gotten up.

The little Ginseng had made shumai2 today, and it was being warmed in the pot, but he wasn’t in the kitchen at all.

Lin Mu grabbed a shumai and opened the door, then saw his father, Milky, and the four little monsters jumping around playing jump rope.3

Chinese Jump Rope. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_jump_rope. It’s a combination of hopscotch and cat’s cradle, but played with the legs.

To be exact, the only ones jumping around were Lin Ginseng and Di Xiu.

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Lin Ginseng was teaching, and Di Xiu was learning. The size of Milky’s paws was just right for the rope. He probably got drafted, and held an elastic band on his front leg, with the other end on a stood. He laid on the ground and grabbed with his claws, yawning sleepily.

Di Xiu followed Lin Ginseng, but because of his body’s unbalanced ratio, it wasn’t going that well. When he saw that Lin Ginseng had jumped through a whole set, he would raise his arms and clap.

He realised that Lin Mu had woken up, turned and waved his arms at him, looking very lively and happy.

Lin Mu held the shumai and watched them play, and after he had finished eating, he went to wash the bowl before heading into the yard to check on the field of spiritual medication. He turned and glanced at the other little monsters who were rubbed soap on their hands and blowing soap bubbles, and couldn’t help but smile.

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Lin Mu washed his hands and pushed the electric scooter out, “I’m going to work!”

The little Ginseng answered an ‘okay’ in his childish tone, and ran to Lin Mu with Di Xiu in his arms.

Di Xiu raised his hand.

Lin Mu smiled and bent down, then lowered his head.

And those monsters who had always been with Di Xiu all these time didn’t have any temper. As when the were around him, the power of a Relaxed Emperor made things very peaceful.

Di Xiu patted Lin Mu’s head.

Even Yan Gui would hold back a lot, let alone those little monsters that Di Xiu would meet after he arrived in the Central Plains, that couldn’t resist the power of a Relaxed Emperor at all.

If he could speak, he would probably say something like ‘have a good trip’, or ‘return home early’.

Those who leave, can’t be chased.

Lin Mu thought of the voice that he had heard in the Relaxed Emperor’s fruit, reached out with his finger and nudged the shoulder of the little wooden man twice and stood up, “I’m going!”

Yan Xuanjing looked at him, sat up and turned his human form, rolled up his sleeves and took a few balls of his own fur, and said, “teach me?”


“Lin Mu, be careful on the road!”

Yan Xuanjing shook his ears, looked up at Lin Mu and glanced at the white rope on his wrist. After confirming that he was wearing it, he took back his sight, yawned, and continued to fall asleep.

Lin Mu was used to coming into the office early, although recently, he was the only one in the office.

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He cleaned the office that had been empty for a weekend, then opened the window to ventilate it. He thought for a bit, and went to the reference room to get some information about about Wandering Veins to see if he could help Di Wu.

He came down from the second floor with a stack of information, and as soon as he opened the staircase door, he saw a person with a cap and sunglasses, wearing a full set of sportswear pushing the door open.

Lin Mu put down the information, and during this time, his ability to accept strangely dressed people and monsters was very good.

“Hello? Excuse me, are you here to……”

Di Xiu looked at Lin Mu’s lost appearance, turned his head and turned the album in his hand to the last page.

That person took off his sunglasses and asked, “hello, have you seen my Di Wu?”

Yan Xuanjing heard his words, opened his eyes and looked at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu paused, “eh?”

Lin Mu looked up at Yan Xuanjing.

“I just felt his aura, you……” The person finished, then his eyes fell on Lin Mu and brightened. He strode over and reached out with his two hands to grab Lin Mu’s, shook them hard and said excitedly, “hello, hello, hello little seedling. Would you like to come home with me? Or I can go home with you! Of course, if you can help me find Di Wu, it would be best if both of you came home with me!”

Yan Xuanjing seemed to look better under the lights at night.

Lin Mu pulled out his hand and looked at him, alert.

The person’s eyes were bright, and Lin Mu inexplicably felt that if he had a tail, it would be spinning like an electric fan.

Probably aware that he was too abrupt, he came closer and introduced himself, “I’m a Dragon Veins, you can call me Qin Chuan.”

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Shumai, or siumai, or shaomai. A very popular dimsum usually made with pork, mushrooms, and shrimp, wrapped in a thin wrapper then steamed. Some include water chestnuts for extra crunchiness, or fish eggs as a topping.  Click the image for a link to the recipe. It isn’t that difficult to make, especially if you can buy the wrapper. Even if you can’t buy the wrapper, there are many recipes that show to make one from scratch.

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