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Chapter 40 – How many good brothers do you have.

Lin Mu looked at the information on the table, then looked at the man who claimed to be a Dragon Vein.

He knew too little about the world of monsters. Up till now, he couldn’t even distinguish between monsters and humans, let alone between the different types of monsters.

Yan Xuanjing said that after he had seen them for a long time, he would naturally be able to distinguish between them, but now, Lin Mu could only distinguish between men and women, young and old, as well as how good they looked.

Lin Mu rejected the other party’s approach and said, “apologies, but our office doesn’t deal with this kind of business.”

Qin Chuan looked at the alert Lin Mu, pulled a stool over from the side and sat down. He didn’t stick closer to him, and just supported his face and looked at him from across the table.

There was a very fervent gaze in his eyes, like a dog looking at a bone.

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Lin Mu wasn’t worried at all about his safety in the office at all. After all, no matter how fierce a monster was, they wouldn’t do anything to the reference room. Besides, the reference room itself had a very powerful and large array, and the whole office under the reference room, and even the whole street, were very safe.

This was why Wu Gui and the rest dared to leave Lin Mu alone in the office.

So Qin Chuan didn’t leave, and Lin Mu didn’t panic.

He would just stay in the office, and if he really couldn’t, then he would trouble Yan Xuanjing to pick him up. This wasn’t a big problem.

Lin Mu sat in front of his station, did not avoid Qin Chuan, who claimed to be a Dragon Vein, and opened the information in front of him.

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Qin Chuan glanced at the materials he had opened, and said, “you want to know Dragon Veins? Just ask me.”

Lin Mu looked up, and ignored him.

The last picture was taken by Lin Mu, of his mother on the hosiptal bed.

Her condition was very bad. Her face was pale and wrinkled, her hair was gone, and there were tubes plugged all over her face and hands.Her eyes were no longer as dark and bright as those in Di Xiu’s memory, and were slightly clouded over.

Somebody had probably helped her sit up.


This thin body was as fragile as paper, but she still struggling to straighten her back and give a slight smile to the camera.

Lin Xueji in the photo wasn’t beautiful, and brought along pain and weakness, with a fragile yet strong appearance, revealing a little tenderness.

Just like the bright light from the sky, passing through Di Xiu’s branches when they first met.

Qin Chuan gave a small sigh, looked at Lin Mu with both hands under his face, and didn’t seem to mind his cold attitude.

He sensed Di Wu’s aura on Lin Mu.

He was very familiar with Di Wu’s aura, after all, they stayed together for thousands of years.

They have been with each other for so many years, and at that time, he was caught by humans and fixed in place, and saw whatever had happened to Di Wu. So when the humans let him go, he took Di Wu and ran out to hide, and later, although it wasn’t very smooth sailing, they somehow survived.

For thousands of years, he and Di Wu, who had his soul separated into pieces, depended on each other, and afterwards, when he had gained spiritual awareness, and just as he was about to wander about, he bumped heads with one of his kind. Two parts of Di Wu’s soul and a part of his original body were like magnets, and with this collision, they couldn’t be separated.


Afterwards, they found another of his kind. Di Wu gained enough of his original body to take on a human shape, and with three out of the ten parts of his soul, he was relatively stable. Along with a huge pile of karma and merit, Di Wu had pondered for a bit, pushed away the card table, then patted his ass and ran.

It was needless to say that the three Dragon Veins attached great importance to Di Wu, and after Di Wu ran away, of course they had to find him. Only, Di Wu was much smarter than them, and every time they followed traces of his aura and went over, they all pulled an empty.

Moreover, several times they found places that were destroyed, and Di Wu had long left.

The three Dragon Veins were in a panic, and afraid that Di Wu would end up crashing and burning again. They searched everywhere in a hurry, and then Qin Chuan found this area, and luckily ran into a little half-monster carrying Di Wu’s aura.

This little half-monster was the first being they had found that was still alive after meeting Di Wu.

Those were pictures of Lin Mu and his mother, and a few that Lin Mu took for his mother.

The aura that Di Wu left on him was still fresh, and if he took a closer look, the blood of this little half-monster was also some sort of plant — Qin Chuan couldn’t recognise the exact plant, but from the aura, it definitely wasn’t some ordinary fella.

Di Xiu sat on the desk, glanced at his son who was opening the bookcase, got up and nudged across the desk, looking at the photos one by one.

Di Wu wouldn’t have let an ordinary being so close, or carelessly leave behind his aura.

There was some in the valley within the Great Wilderness, but the distance was a little far, and the way there might not be safe, and Yan Gui was too lazy to bother.

Others might not be aware of this aura, but the Dragon Veins that had lived together with him for so many years could recognise it at a glance.

When the situation in the Great Wilderness calmed down, it would be easy to just plant Di Xiu back into the valley.

As a Dragon Vein, he was born with a natural affinity and affection for plant-based monsters, mainly because plant-based monsters and Dragon Veins could feed and complement each other. The Dragon Veins would nourish the land, while the plant-based monsters would take root in a land filled with spiritual energy, and feed spiritual energy back into it, thus nourishing the Dragon Veins that were also in the land.

Unlike those human beings or beast-based monsters, who always ended up destroying the mountains or rivers.

Let alone Qin Chuan.

If it was any other Dragon Vein, they would also wish to take all the plant-based monsters into their arms and bring all of them home.

Qin Chuan held his handsome face like a flower with his two hands, glanced at the information Lin Mu was flipping over, and said, “it’s wrong here.”

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Lin Mu paused, and flipped back the information that he had just flipped over.

Qin Chuan said, “now, the number of big and small Dragon Veins has reached 99.”

Lin Mu heard his words and looked at the material that he just casually skipped over.

According to the data, there were 88 known and named Dragon Veins. Led by the ancestral Dragon Vein of the Kunlun Mountain, which was surrounded by the Dragon Veins in the Tian Mountains, the Qilian Mountains, and the Changbai Mountains. In addition, there were several other huge Dragon Veins, amongst them were the Yellow River, Qinling, Wuyue, and other relatively large Dragon Veins as the main ones.1all physical locations in China.

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These Dragon Veins were fixed and couldn’t wander. Unless all the trees in the mountains died, or the water flow was completely cut off, only then the Dragon Veins in these areas would die out.

In addition to these, there were several dozen smaller Dragon Veins, which were completely different from those large Dragon Veins that supported the entire land’s luck and spiritual energy. They were small and extremely weak, but after a little gaining spiritual wisdom, they could wander around freely.

It would take tens of thousands of years for these kinds of Dragon Veins to form, and gaining spiritual wisdom needed the right time and the right place.

During this long time, if the ground changed the landscape of the area, some animal activity cut off a stream of water, or some important mountain rocks were moved, then the birth of a Wandering Vein would die there.

After this explanation was the current data of the Dragon Veins that had been recorded.

The main Dragon Veins in the land didn’t need to be mentioned, and Lin Mu was looking for the unknown Wandering Veins after that.

Because Di Wu’s body and soul were sealed in ten separate Wandering Veins.

The nine-tailed fox pondered for a moment, and asked, “do you still need fur?”

Lin Mu turned over another page and saw Qin Chuan’s name on the first line.

Yan Gui asked Di Wu, “what are you looking for that place for?”

Qin Chuan was the name of a Dragon Vein born in the north of the Qinling Mountains. He was the first Wandering Vein to be recorded, and had suffered many setbacks.

Milky raised his head and looked at Lin Mu, and his paws didn’t loosen at all.

When he had first obtained spiritual wisdom, he was trapped in his place of birth by humans and couldn’t wander.

Yan Xuanjing pushed awat the little Ginseng, watched as he ran away into the ground, and turned to look at the big bag of fur that Lin Mu had brought out.

Those group of humans built an official residence over him, and after a long time, they threw a piece of wood into him and let him go.

They were all combed from him before.

When Qin Chuan ran away with Di Wu, he was very happy, and with a flick of his tail, scooted away.

As a result of his run, the Qinchuan Yellow River which didn’t have a Dragon Vein faced storms, and he spent many years outside before finally being caught by his dragon tail by a human who could control the weather.

Qin Chuan was wronged as he returned to his hometown to continue staying put, brought a bunch of humans capable of catching him to death, and finally managed to run out. He flew freely all over the land, and as a result, he was too free and was caught again.

This time, he was captured by a human Emperor, and the Emperor slapped a stretch of palaces on him, cut off several tributaries, and the human began to dig and cultivate the land, multiply and thrive on him.

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Luckily, at that time, the human Emperor already knew what sustainable development was. In order to ensure that his offspring would have a good future, he fortunately didn’t cut off the main Dragon Vein.

Qin Chuan held on for waves and waves of Emperors, and he didn’t know how many Emperor’s tombs were buried on his head, and after he had fully awaken his spiritual awareness, he took Di Wu, and ran.

The country’s land was really too big, and there weren’t many people who could communicate with him, and the main Dragon Veins didn’t gain spiritual wisdom, so he was very bored.

After thousands of years, he was with Di Wu when he bumped into two of his kind. Since they, they often went to human towns to see the crowds, and was much happier compared to the lonely days before.

The most important things in Qin Chuan’s life were Di Wu and his two other kins. Perhaps, in the future, there would be several more, but for now, he couldn’t stand one of the three being gone.

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Lin Mu looked at the family that had trapped Qin Chuan in the records, noted them down, and planned to go back to the reference room to check.

Di Wu couldn’t enter the reference room at all. With the killing intent on his body, he probably would die the moment he went in, so this matter had to be investigated by others.

With Qin Chuan as an example, Lin Mu also found several Wandering Veins that had been trapped by a human family or sects, but had successfully escaped.

He counted carefully, there were six.

There were still four.

Lin Mu flipped through the information, and later, he had to ask Di Wu which three Dragon Veins were the ones he knew.

As for the Qin Chuan in front of him, who might or might not be the real one, Lin Mu didn’t plan to believe him.

After all, he was stronger now, and it was completely different from the initial situation when he was threatened into providing services. Now, if Di Wu ran into the office and forced him to bleed, he would give in that easily.

— No, Di Wu wouldn’t be able to come here at all, and if he did, will be chased away by the monster in the reference room.

Lin Mu finished looking through the information while he worked, and didn’t find any ways to local Dragon Veins after looking through it.

In this way, these records seem to be recorded completely from a bystander-angle, there were a lot of secrets, but none of them were methods or magic.

Lin Mu closed the information and glanced at Qin Chuan.

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The other party was still sitting next to him, and didn’t have any intention of leaving at all.

Lin Mu said, “I’m ready to get off work.”

Qin Chuan laughed, “I’ll go with you!”

Lin Mu frowned, rejected him, and asked the other party to leave.

“I’m not leaving. I haven’t found Di Wu yet.” Qin Chuan said, staring at Lin Mu. Realising that Lin Mu wasn’t budging on this matter at all, he followed him out of the office and asked, “are you coming to work tomorrow?”

It was hard to describe, but Yan Xuanjing had never experienced such a clear and strong feeling from anybody else.

Lin Mu looked at him and didn’t say anything.

Qin Chuan whimpered a little, like a golden retriever that was abandoned by his owner. He sighed and sat down on the side of the road, “I’ll wait for you here, or can you contact Di Wu?”

Lin Mu ignored him, and turned to the train entrance. When he was going down, he looked and found that Qin Chuan was still sitting at the door of the broken house, staring at the ground dejectedly, as if he had a pair of ears and tails that were drooping down.

Lin Mu took back his line of sight, walked into the train station, and called Di Wu.

But there wasn’t any doubt that it was comfortable when he stayed with the little Relaxed Emperor — not only because of the nature of a Relaxed Emperor.

“Why did you buy this for?”

Yan Xuanjing spoke with rigor, “mine wasn’t good, this is good.”


As he spoke, he opened several other boxes.

A completed set of Disney Princess Barbie dolls and the related matching toys were spread out in front of Lin Mu and Di Xiu.

It was a very clear and straightforward feeling of knowing that someone rememebred and cared about you, a very bare and straightforward warmth.

Di Wu had a spiritual medication in his mouth and gave a lazy stretch, “hey?”

“Di Wu?” Lin Mu stood in the corner of the train station, watched the sparse crowd, and asked him, “which Dragon Veins do you know?”

Di Wu paused, “en? What’s the matter?”

“A man who claimed to be a Dragon Vein came over to find you.” Lin Mu said paused, and added, “he also said you were his.”

“Oh.” Di Wu clicked his tongue, and made no comment about the last sentence added on by Lin Mu, as if he was accustomed to it, and only asked, “which one?”


Which one?

I’ve already said it like this, and you don’t know which one?

How many more do you have?

Lin Mu suddenly became alert.

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Lin Mu: How many good brothers do you have.

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Here's some extra explanations about Dragon Veins

In modern Feng Shui context, Dragon Veins are physical locations. They refer to mountains/valleys/rivers, etc that look like dragons (the long Chinese ones).

When the novel mentions the landscape being unsuitable for Dragon Veins, it often means that the landscape doesn’t look like a dragon anymore. Although just because something looks like a dragon doesn’t mean it can be a Dragon Veins, there’s extra bits about how it must have a head and tail, etc.

This is also why most dragon veins can only exist in secluded mountains or valleys, because current human cities don’t have the capacity for such shapes anymore.

Famous ones in China are the Yellow River, Yangtze River, etc.

Never heard of Wandering Veins before this story, but I think it means the Dragon Veins moving, so the landscape, although it might look like a dragon, isn’t a Dragon Vein anymore, due to several factors like lacking in spiritual energy, etc.

And if they’re forced back into the land and in their original form (dragon vein form, not dragon form), and damage is done to them, they might not survive. E.g. if a Dragon Vein is a river, and the river’s source of water (the sea) is cut off, the river would dry up, and not look like a dragon anymore. So the Dragon Vein would die.

Qin Chuan, in the story, is an actual physical river in the shape of a dragon.

In cultivation stories, Dragon Veins are a little different, but the base is the same. Source of spiritual energy, and if there’s a town nearby, it’ll be a very prosperous place, etc. Or usually, cultivation sects are built on top of it, and it’s used as an energy source.


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