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Chapter 41 – When you’re serious, you look very handsome.

Lin Mu felt as if he had made a remarkable discovery. He went silent for a while and then said, “he said he was called Qin Chuan.”

“Oh.” Over on his side, Di Wu answered, and asked Lin Mu to take a picture to show him.

Lin Mu walked out of the train station, then peeked out and took a picture.

This self-proclaimed dragon vein, Qin Chuan, who seemed to be quite unlucky in the records, was completely unaware of his surroundings. He sat in front of the sub-district office’s door, listless and curled into a ball, looking like a rebellious teenager who had ran away from home and wasn’t willing to go back.

With this train of thought, Lin Mu found out that Qin Chuan actually looked quite young — to be exact, he looked too young, just like a teenager, and didn’t seem the slightest bit steady at all.

Lin Mu sent the photo to Di Wu.

Di Wu glanced at the photo, and felt that Qin Chuan’s foolishness couldn’t be obscured by a photograph. His voice sank, and he said, “Lin Xiaomu, don’t betray me.”

Lin Mu was stunned, “what?”

“You’re not allowed to tell him where I am.” Di Wu said. “I’m going into the mountains now, and the signal might not be that good. You take him back first, this brat’s a little silly, don’t leave him alone outside.”

Lin Mu responded, thought about the things that Di Wu had said to him, and felt that these Dragon Veins were quite innocent, and in fact, they were also Di Wu’s indirect benefactors.

“I’ll bring him back, but why can’t I tell him where you are?” Lin Mu asked.

“Because it’s annoying.” Di Wu rolled his eyes, “this silly boy is too annoying, and likes to use his young age as an excuse to act shamelessly. He still owes me hundreds of spiritual medication.”

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Lin Mu’s face was full of question marks, “why would a Dragon Vein owe you so much spiritual medication?”

“He has a bad hand and always loses while playing cards.”

Di Wu answered, a little angrily.

However, Di Wu fell silent for two seconds, thought about Qin Chuan’s really bad luck and reminded Lin Mu, “he pesters people too much, so don’t let him know where I am, but remember to take him back.”


Lin Mu felt that the contradiction in Di Wu’s words were kind of awkward.

But Di Wu knew how bad Qin Chuan’s, this Dragon Vein, luck was.

Over the years, there were ninety-nine Dragon Veins across the land. At this limit, the number would only decrease, not increase. Because the Great Wilderness was a projection of the Central Plains, these Wandering Veins that were born of the land could pass freely between the Central Plains and the Great Wilderness.

Therefore, in order to catch these Wandering Veins, both good luck and the right time was needed.

Amongst these dragon veins, as far as Di Wu knew, only Qin Chuan was this unlucky.

But to say that he was really unlucky, his luck was actually quite good.

After all, a Dragon Vein that had been caught so many times by humans, yet didn’t die, since ancient times, there was only Qin Chuan.

Almost all of the other Dragon Veins died for various reasons not long after they were caught. Only Qin Chuan, who had been repeatedly caught, was not only alive and kicking, and even gained spiritual awareness.

To place this matter on any other Dragon Vein was an unbelievable thing.

But Qin Chuan actually did it; and was extremely unlucky yet lucky at the same time.

It’s just that there were more times when he was unlucky.

— At least from the card table’s point of view, Qin Chuan hadn’t had much good luck.

Di Wu felt that the level of bad luck Qin Chuan, this little idiot, had, if he was left outside own his own for too long, soon, they probably wouldn’t know where to find him anymore.

After all, he was an unlucky little fella that would be caught by taking a stroll outside and brought back to contain the overflowing Yellow River in his hometown.

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Di Wu was still uneasy, and told Lin Mu, “Qin Chuan’s situation is a little strange, you watch him and keep a close eye on him. Pay attention to your own safety, and Yan Xuanjing ask first. Your safety is the most important and remember to bring your father along when you run, understand?”


Lin Mu hung up the phone, walked out of the train station and returned to the office.

Qin Chuan was squatting at the door, watching as the ants moved houses.

As Lin Mu approached, he saw him reach out to block an ant that was leaving the team, picked it up carefully and placed it back, muttering, “wrong way, wrong way.”

Lin Mu: “……”

He looked down, raised his feet and went around the route the ants were taking, then squatted down in front of the other party.

Qin Chuan paused, and looked up.

Lin Mu asked him, “are you planning to stay here and wait for me?”

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“Yeah.” Qin Chuan nodded, a little dumbly, “after all, I have nowhere to go.”

Lin Mu opened his mouth, “why don’t you have a place to go?”

Qin Chuan held his face and looked at the group of ants, “my hometown isn’t suitable for Dragon Veins to live anymore, since the landscape has changed over the years. Other places that are suitable to live in are all wastelands and wild mountains, it’s very deserted, I don’t like it, and I can’t stay for long.”

It sounded pitiful.

But it was.

It wasn’t easy for Dragon Veins to find a place suitable for long-term living. If they stayed in a place for a long time, they would leave traces that made it easy for others to catch them — especially since the ones that wanted to catch them weren’t only humans, but monsters too.

“No need.” Lin Mu shook his head, took a few lumps of fur out of the bag and combed them. Then, as if he had thought of something, he asked, “when you lose fur like this, do you lose hair in human form?”

Seeing as how Di Wu hadn’t found any traces of other Wandering Veins after so long, one could tell that most of them would not find a place to settle down, and let others notice them.

Yan Xuanjing replied quite simply, “no loss.”

“Let’s go.” Lin Mu stood up, “Di Wu asked me to bring you back.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Lin Mu said.

Qin Chuan’s eyes brightened and he jumped up, “is Di Wu at your place?”

Lin Mu looked at the little Ginseng, then looked at the well-behaved Milky Yan Xuanjing. And under their gaze, he lifted his feet and mercilessly stepped over the struggling little Ginseng and turned towads the storeroom to search for something.

“No.” Lin Mu shook his head

Qin Chuan didn’t seem to mind at all, he happily followed behind Lin Mu, showing his teeth in all directions.

“I still don’t know your name?”

“Lin Mu, with three 木.”1Lin Mu’s name is 林木. With 林 meaning meaning forest and 木 meaning tree. So his name is literally forest tree.

“A good name.” Qin Chuan rubbed his hands together and muttered, “as soon as I heard it, I knew it was fated to be with me, especially suitable to becoming part of my family.”

Lin Mu turned his head and glanced at him, “where’s the fate?”

“I am Qin Chuan, you’re Lin Mu.2Qin Chuan’s name 秦川, literally means Qin River. Water feeds wood, isn’t it predestined!” Qin Chuan’s words were clear and straightforward.

“But the Dragon Veins belong to the land.” Lin Mu said, carefully.

He remembered that wood separated the earth.3Chinese Five Elements Theory! The five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, have a similar relationship like how western elements work. Wood fuels fire. Fire forms earth. Earth contains metal. Metal carries water. Water feeds wood. Conversely, there are also negative impacts, or which element is stronger than the other. Fire melts metal. Metal penetrates wood (nails/drills). Wood separates earth (tree roots breaking the soil). Earth absorbs water. Water quenches fire.

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Qin Chuan choked, then hung his head and whimpered pitifully, “that is feudal superstition! Not desirable at all!”

Lin Mu: “?”

“This wasn’t what you said first.” Lin Mu said and bought a train ticket for Qin Chuan.

“Everything is reincarnated, attributes and restrictions, all of these things are actually made up by humans.” Qin Chuan whispered to him.

“But you said that water feeds wood.” Lin Mu said.

“I learnt it from humans!” Qin Chuan said, proudly, “when your left eyelid jumps it’s incoming fortune, when your right eyelid jumps it’s superstition, pick on demand!”4Chinese superstition, when your right eyelid twitches, it’s good fortune, when the right one twitches it’s a disaster. Of course, Qin Chuan’s version is a variation of it.

Lin Mu: “……”

Why don’t you monsters learn some good things, instead of learning all kinds of weird things.

Qin Chuan was shorter than Lin Mu and followed behind him. When Lin Mu got off the train to pick up his small electric scooter, he stood outside the carport and went around in circles, like a golden retriever chasing his tail.

Lin Mu rode on the small electric scooter and stopped next to him, “why are you circling around for?”

“Just……” Qin Chuan sat on the back seat and whispered, “did Di Wu tell you anything else?”

Lin Mu, you and Yan Xuanjing, remember to take care of this little idiot, especially when you take him to a crowded place. This Dragon Vein is like a husky, you don’t even need to let go, and he’ll be gone in a blink of an eye.

— The original words were like this.

Lin Mu started the small electric scooter, considered his words, and said, “he asked me to take good care of you.”

“It should be me taking care of you.” Qin Chuan corrected, “I’m a Dragon Vein.”

Lin Mu nodded, indifferent.

Anyway, when Di Wu returned, he probably would take this Dragon Vein away.

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He rode the small electric scooter home, and the little Ginseng heard the movement and came to open the door. There was an ugly little wooden man on his head, and he was holding the bunch of red ginseng seeds on the little Ginseng’s head.

Probably because it was autumn, the bunch of ginseng seeds became more and more beautiful under the setting sun.

Completely holding a ‘I’m mature, pick me’ stance.

And Di Xiu wasn’t polite at all, he plucked a ginseng seed and held it. The ginseng seed which had been absorbed by him had shrunk by half, and seeing Lin Mu return, he waved to his son happily.

Lin Mu leaned over to take his father and kissed him, then placed him back on the little Ginseng’s head again. As he pushed the small electric scooter into the yard, he said, “there a guest coming today, and he’ll probably stay here for a while.”

Let the little tattletale and Milky harm each other.

The little Ginseng stuck his small head out of the yard gate, and looked at Qin Chuan, who was behind Lin Mu and still standing outside the gate.

Lin Mu thought so, and rummaging for tools. He took out a lot of tools and some graphite pens, then went to the yard to turn on the ligts.

Qin Chuan looked at the small Ginseng Baby, and at the little wooden man on the little Ginseng’s head that had the same aura as Lin Mu, and his eyes were blazing with emotions.

When the two of them fight, what did it have to do with me, this innocent little sapling that always unintentionally got invovled?

The little Ginseng was so frightened he shivered, and was instantly scared back.

Qin Chuan’s eyes were bright, and his whole person was radiant.

The little Ginseng pulled the corner of Lin Mu’s clothes, “Lin Mu, Lin Mu, who’s that? Another great monster?”

“Hm……” Lin Mu hesitated for a moment, and just as he thought that he wanted to keep it a secret for a while, Qin Chuan came in like the wind from behind him, crouched down in front of the Ginseng Baby, and was very enthusiastic, “hello little Ginseng, what’s your name? Would you like to come home with me? Or I can go home with you.”

The little Ginseng jumped back several steps, hugged Lin Mu’s thigh and hid behind him, on guard. After puffing up his face, he asked, “who are you!”

“My name is Qin Chuan, I’m a Dragon Vein.” Qin Chuan answered, truthfully

Lin Mu sighed, “aren’t you homeless?”

“If you’re with family, anywhere is home.” Qin Chuan was quite optimistic. He looked around the small yard and found two mimosa plants and a small potato.

This was heaven!

Qin Chuan felt that he was hit by a pie that fell from the sky.

He had never been so lucky in his life.

— God knew what kind of bad luck he had, all these years, there were very little plants that had awakened in the place where he was born, but as for human emperors, there were quite a number.

But what use did human emperors have?

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The human emperors killed all the plants that could obtain spiritual awareness around him in their budding stage, because monsters or demons weren’t allowed in a place where a human emperor stayed.


Each of these horrid old men were bad.

Other Dragon Veins had a group of small friends to play with, only he didn’t, so he seemed very out of place.

He finally managed to nab a Di Wu, and because Di Wu’s soul was separated, he could only faintly sense the other party’s thoughts for thousands of years.

Just thinking about it made Qin Chuan feel very bitter.

Lin Mu patted the little Ginseng on the head and told him that Qin Chuan wasn’t a bad person, then pushed the small electric scooter into the house to charge it.

Qin Chuan squatted in the yard, staring at the little Ginseng who was confronting him, and wanted to get closer but was afraid of scaring the little child off. After thinking about it, he asked with a serious face, “do you like dragons?”

The little Ginseng heard his words, hesitated, then nodded.

The first work that they had collaborated on was the swing in the yard. Over the years, apart from the paint coming off and the rope breaking twice, it was still going strong.

From the perspective of ordinary people, his mother was indeed a extremely awesome person.

It was as if she could do anything — and if she didn’t know how to, she would go online to learn, and after learning, she would know.


It’s just that Lin Mu was a precocious little child, and after seeing his mother work hard once or twice, he took the initiative to learn, and afterwards, his mother handed over all the things that had to be done at home to him.

There were differences in humans and monsters when they ate a Relaxed Emperor’s fruit.

The monsters eat it to forget things that couldn’t be forgetten using their own power, and if the fruit fell into the hands of powerful monsters, even its strength would not be enough to sooth their restless spirit.

Lin Mu plugged in the little electric scooter, and saw that Milky was holding a plastic bag as he came down the stairs, then placed the plastic bag in front of Lin Mu.

Lin Mu was a little stunned, then he opened the plastic bag and looked inside.

Lin Mu picks up some scraps from the pile of building materials in the yard, and prepared to make a small bed for his father.

It was the small toys that he had bought for Milky before.

The entire small courtyard was as bright as day.

After he found out that Milky was Yan Xuanjing, he had sealed these small toys up.

He knows woodworking, and the one who taught him was his mother.

No matter what, if he still gave him these toys to play with after knowing that the other party was a dignified nine-tailed fox, in Lin Mu opinion, it was a little insulting.

It’s not as if he wasn’t angry at the beginning, but at that time, he had seen image of Yan Xuanjing making animal cries, so Lin Mu felt that it was worth the price.

He squatted down and looked at Milky, “what did you bring bag down for?”

Yan Xuanjing squatted in a dignified manner in front of Lin Mu and said in a calm voice, “play with you.”

Then he paused and added, “I agreed before.”

Lin Mu found it a little funny, “you agreed before that you’ll call like a fox in the future.”

Yan Xuanjing went silent for a while slightly looked up at Lin Mu, hesitated, then went ‘yip’.

Lin Mu: “……”

When you’re serious, you look very handsome.

Lin Mu couldn’t help but give a little smile. His dimples showed a little, but was forcefully restrained by him as he tried his best to keep a straight face, “there’s no need, but if you want to play, I can play with you.”

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After all, when he had played with Yan Gui before. Although the lazy old fox was unwilling to get up and play, but canines were still canines, and chasing prey was an instinct.

Lin Mu thought about Yan Gui, who at that time, seemed to be quite happy playing with the Frisbee.

Yan Xuanjing thought about it, then took the light green Frisbee out of the plastic bag.

Lin Mu took the Frisbee and threw it outside, and just as Milky got up, they heard a long and clear dragon’s roar from the courtyard, followed by the exclamation of several little monsters, and immediately afterwards, a huge dragon head poked through the door.

With that light green Frisbee in his mouth, his bronze bell-like shape eyes5 were shining. He tossed the light green Frisbee on the ground, then shrunk in size. Outside the house, his dragon tail slapped against the ground, and looked at Lin Mu with an expectation level of 120,000.

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Lin Mu: “……”

Yan Xuanjing: “……”

I suspect that this isn’t even a Dragon Vein at all.

Lin Mu thought.

He’s more like a dog than Milky was.

The author has this to say:

Qin Chuan: It’s impossible to go home. It’s impossible to go back home in this life. I have bad luck in Mahjong, and can only go around looking for Di Wu to maintain my life. Going to Lin Mu’s place felt like coming home. I didn’t even go back during the New Year, and only if something happens at home, then I’ll go back to have a look. It’s really boring at home, I have no friends, no girlfriends. Entering Lin Mu’s place, there’s little monsters everywhere. They’re cute and pleasant to talk with, I really like this place a lot.

The translator has this to add: 

Playing fetch with a dragon is the next level of having a pet.

This is probably what Dragon!Qin Chuan looks like. The colouring is most probably different, as with the size and length, but the shape is generally the same.

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