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Chapter 42.1 – Dad, you’re really handsome.

Yan Xuanjing felt like he could retreat.

After all, this guest was more of a dog than he was.

He turned to look at the dazed Lin Mu and asked, “that is?”

Lin Mu returned to this senses, remembered that Yan Xuanjing wasn’t there when Qin Chuan was introduced, and replied, “Qin Chuan…… a Dragon Vein.”

Yan Xuanjing felt that this name sounded somewhat familiar to him. He thought about it for a moment and then suddenly said, “oh, I’ve heard about him before.”

“Ah?” Lin Mu paused, “how did you hear of him? There isn’t a record of Dragon Veins gaining spiritual awareness, right?”

“En. This is the first time I’ve seen one that obtained spiritual awareness.” Yan Xuanjing watched as Lin Mu picked up the light green Frisbee and threw it out, then looked at the Dragon Vein that flicked his tail and went out to catch the Frisbee, and felt that he really could retire.

This Dragon Vein’s ability of being a pet was much stronger compared to his.

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“It’s possible for Wandering Veins to go between the Great Wilderness and the Central Plains without going through the passageway, but they rarely go to the Great Wilderness.” Yan Xuanjing said, ten guessed, “probably because there are too many powerful monsters in the Great Wilderness.”

Yan Xuanjing took a closer look at Qin Chuan’s situation and felt that he was able to catch him before he could react at all — if he was slightly crueler, directly ripping him up and eating him the moment he caught him wasn’t a big problem at all.

Then he thought about his strength in the Great Wilderness, which was only on an upper level.

It couldn’t be compared with the highest level, like Yan Gui’s. After all, their ages were presented there, and one couldn’t rush when it comes to strength.

If it was very easy for him to catch this Dragon Vein, then almost everywhere in the Great Wilderness would be dangerous for Dragon Veins.

Although not all Dragon Veins appeared as much as Qin Chuan, and most of the time they were hidden in mountains and rivers, and it was hard for them to detect the existence of a Dragon Vein, but there were some monsters in the Great Wilderness who could look for Dragon Veins.

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Only, Dragon Veins usually did not go to the Great Wilderness, so these monsters sense of presence weren’t high.

Anyways, from Yan Xuanjing’s point of view, he didn’t have any impression of the name of such a monster at all. After all, there was no need for a way to locate Dragon Veins to find an area with strong spiritual energy in the Great Wilderness, since by nature, monsters were very sensitive to spiritual energy.

So there really wasn’t any need for them to find any Dragon Veins.

But Dragon Veins could also gain spiritual awareness, this, to Yan Xuanjing, was both a surprise and not.

Since ancient times, it was said that all things have spirit. The things that were included inside of ‘all’  were naturally not limited to any form of existence.

If they had spirit, they could naturally gain wisdom.

It’s just that there were no movement in the main Veins across the whole land, but it was the small Wandering Veins that gained spiritual awareness first. This was the unexpected point.

But thinking about it, it was true too.

From the perspective of ordinary people, his mother was indeed a extremely awesome person.

If like those Wandering Veins, the main Veins gained spiritual awareness and ran off, then the foundation of the entire land would be shaken.

The first work that they had collaborated on was the swing in the yard. Over the years, apart from the paint coming off and the rope breaking twice, it was still going strong.

“His personality is a little…” Yan Xuanjing looked at Qin Chuan, who didn’t mind being crawled all over by several little monsters, fell silent for two seconds and said, “unexpected.”

It was as if she could do anything — and if she didn’t know how to, she would go online to learn, and after learning, she would know.

“I think so, too.” Lin Mu placed the dog toys back into the bag, but did not keep them away, but simply placed them in the living room.

“Di Wu said that we should be more careful.” Lin Mu said.

Yan Xuanjing was much more aware about these sort of matters.

He almost realised what this ‘careful’, that Di Wu asked them to be careful about was referring to.

It was about those beings that a Wandering Vein would attract.

At that time, the humans who had the ability to catch Wandering Veins and also caused Di Wu to crash and burn, dared to let the Wandering Veins go, which meant that they must have had a way to track them.

Although Yan Xuanjing didn’t think that after so many years, those humans that committed such a sin were still alive, but there was no telling about such things.

If it wasn’t those of that time, then, there could be other humans. After all, one didn’t need to follow any Taoist teachings to learn the skill of finding Dragon Veins. For these sorts of matters, talent was far more important than any teachings.

Especially since he had heard that Qin Chuan, this Dragon Vein, had horrible luck.

“Although I don’t know what to be careful about …” Lin Mu looked at the circle of Morning Dusk planted outside, and thought that it should be okay.

After all, the Morning Dusk could even stop Di Wu, and was much better than someone half-baked like him.

Lin Mu tidied up everything, and when he saw that the little Ginseng was still having fun outside, he went into the kitchen.

“You’ll have to suffer a little today, Milky.” Lin Mu took out ingredients from the refrigerator, “I haven’t cooked in a long time, and feel a bit out of practice.”

And when he was in practice, the food he made wasn’t as good as the little Ginseng’s.

Lin Mu rolled up his sleeves.

“Not enough strength?” Lin Mu asked.

But for humans, one fruit was enough to turn them a happy little fool.

At least, if his mother had eaten this fruit, she would have passed her remaining years, even if she was not well, as brightly and lively as the memories he had seen before, just like a child.


Lin Mu squatted down beside the little wooden man, reached for his cell phone and took a picture. Then, he carefully held the sleeping Di Xiu and climbed onto the roof.

Just as the sun peeked out, Di Xiu rolled with the fruit, got up in a bit of a stupor and looked at Lin Mu.

To put it bluntly, which monster that evovled from plants would want to go into the sky?


Recently, Qin Chuan was so happy that he was flying all over the place, and felt like he had never been so happy before.

When the little Ginseng and the rest were busy working on the greenhouse during the day, Qin Chuan either rested or ran out to play cards with the Qingyao Mountain’s God, or played with the little monsters in the Qingyao Mountain.

It was the first time he could go out and let go without any worries or apprehension.

Because every time he ran out, the nine-tailed fox in Lin Mu’s place would follow him.

A nine-tailed fox, this kind of great monster, was an absolute and one-sided deterrent force against the weak monsters that had just gained spiritual awareness in the mountains.

After so many days, if Qin Chuan didn’t say it himself, those little monsters didn’t dare to ask Qin Chuan what his original form was.

In their opinion, anyone who is related to the nine-tailed fox definitely wasn’t weak. And besides, it was only playing games like hide-and-seek or catching the ghost1chinese word-based game. where the players are divided into two camps, humans and ghosts. Humans have a set of worlds, and they are supposed to vote the ghosts out using that., and they themselves were quite happy to play.

But Qin Chuan wasn’t alone today.

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The greenhouse was finally built, and the little Ginseng tugged on the edge of Lin Mu’s clothing after he returned from work and carefully pleaded with him, asking if he could take in some weak and delicate monsters that had just gained spiritual awareness, to help them with surviving through the winter.

They were creatures without limbs and nine orifices, so every single step they took to gain spiritual awareness was a matter of life and death.

At least for dogs, or foxes, or other animals, after they attain spiritual awareness, as long as they weren’t eaten by other monsters, they wouldn’t encounter a situation where they were frozen to death.

But monsters that came from plants would.

Their nature was spiritual, and after their spiritual wisdom awakened, not only would they attract other monsters, but could also die due to abnormal weather.

Just like a newborn animal that didn’t have fangs or claws, and wasn’t protected by their mother.

The little Ginseng knew several such little monsters in the mountain. They were hiding amongst the earth and rocks, and hadn’t been able to cultivate a human form yet, so they didn’t have the ability to escape.

Occasionally, even a wild beast trampling on them would kill them.

Unlike sacred trees like a Relaxed Emperor or an Emperor’s Shelter that were loved by the heavens, it was very difficult for ordinary plants to gain spiritual awareness.

To put it bluntly, which monster that evovled from plants would want to go into the sky?

Lin Mu felt that Di Xiu and Yan Xuanjing had more experience in this field.

There’s no sense of security if their feet left the ground.

Di Xiu had always taken care of the plants in the valley where he lived — although the little monsters that gained spiritual awareness in the valley would be taken away by the great monsters just in case, this did not affect the natural affection Di Xiu had for his own kind.

Except for some plants that would drift out with the wind when they seeded, those were the types that when they gained spiritual awareness, they would be able to go across using the skies and the land.

Yan Xuanjing simply followed what they did, and if something were to actually happened, he would not lose.

In the Great Wilderness, all he needed to do was to go around a portion of his elders, and he could go wherever he wanted. He would not crash in the Central Plains!

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